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07.06.2013 05:06
A cold Shanmei eyes bright antworten

"Yes, or not. Also, cold and kindly reminded, in case if you are evil entangled on how to get out?" Tao Yang is wrinkly eyebrows way: "brother Yang, this is give." "I have!" Yang light head "'I practice skills and attributes contain these evil spirits' they will not make me." 'but, if that two girls do not understand the situation, you are not white run?" Shen Yi or some not trust,Air Jordan 14 UK, a face of dignified shook his head slowly, now the situation is very dangerous, really element can effectively restrain evil Yang was, if he had any accident, all defensive efforts will be greatly reduced. Now the tower demons seems also no threat, but who can be sure they will not suddenly and violently attack? At that time if the words of Yang Kai, even desperate, kill, also not without vitality. ', or let them come." The girl Zhao Rong suggested air. Everyone looked at her with a strange. How. Zhao Rong was puzzled, Yeba blinking eyes. Tao Yang said: "a group of people over there has a grudge with the two girls, so they are not likely to come." 'I'd go,' is the sincerity." Yang determined, "and,Oakley M FRAME Sunglasses, their strength is not weak, if we can draw them to join us, we will guarantee more!" Also,'." A cold Shanmei eyes bright, "if you could please move them, I promise not to embarrass them ghost Valley is, anyway, happy in several people to die and we have no relationship." Shen Yi listened and nodded, solemnly said: "the brother Yang you must be careful, if it cannot be, immediately return!" 'well." Yang should be a sound, form a longitudinal, directly toward the side ran. See him so bold art expert, they can not help a good admire. Suddenly, is charged for dozens of Zhang, near the rapidly towards the two women to rest on the Shitai. Aware of Yang's arrival, there two women suddenly stood up, a real element is surging, the beautiful MOU with cream, ready to attack. Yang Kai's side pushed really yuan, exudes pure hot strength, side to avoid flying in midair evil spirits,Cheap Oakley Scalpel, but now those edges of evil evil spirit under the temptation is quite large, so there is no trouble. After a moment, Yang Kaicai looked over loudspeaker shouted: "two girls don't get me wrong, I just came to inquire about the situation, he has no meaning." The voice came, there two vigilant alert woman suddenly was a loose, surprised cried. They do not know what the situation, in order to avoid each other too nervous, Yang also can live body, Ling Li in midair, sincere way: "the two of you," "if not finished, immediately responded:" the opposite is Yang?" Some voice trembling, the tone is full of can't believe, surprised and surprise. Track, '"," Yang stunned, across the sound a little familiar with, can't help mind jumped out a girl's face, looked over there to see, found the Shitai Qiao livings, and stood two girls, and mind the impression of perfect coincidence. These two people, have the general appearance, regardless of expression, body have >

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