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Xu Xing Xia's eyes antworten

> Ming Nine Important to say, which one is the most bitter, certainly Gansu town. wWW. QUanbeN. Com said that there is not even the ghosts are not survive the place. As a condition of Gansu town is too hard, to the late Ming Dynasty, when the court basically abandoned here. Which is to say the second bitter, it is estimated that the town of Yan Sui. Yansui location of the town, in today's Shaanxi Yulin area. From the history of mankind since the Yulin is an important strategic location, in most dynasties, are the military stationed. However, the history, this area is quite dry. The average annual rainfall statistics later, only three or four hundred mm. Its north, west are desert areas, can be said to be very powerful sandstorms one of the regions. In most of the previous Ming dynasty, the battle lines are the north shore of the Yellow River, Yin, Daqing line, Yansui town's status, but also not very prominent. However, beyond the Great Wall Ming to give up, leading to contraction defense, Yan Sui town's position, it is very important. Yellow River shore of the Tatars, or the Mongols, are available from here south, wash swept inland Shaanxi, Xi'an house or even a direct threat. Here the court had set up a special military town, sending large numbers of troops stationed to prevent Tatars or Mongols south. There is not enough water, there is not enough arable land. There is not enough land, not enough food produced. Coupled with the growing annexation of land, Yansui town's own food production, is certainly not meet the need. Inland transportation over the food, and the cost is too high, no bear. Integrated with a variety of reasons, leading to military families belonging Yansui town, almost a lifetime in a state of hunger. Do not say that war, even if it is good to be alive. Yansui town every year the number of military families to flee, after Gansu town. Ming peasant uprising broke out first from Yansui town is not without reason. Yansui town of military families, is indeed too poor, poor to their own lives, totally worth cherishing. Hereafter is like suicide bombers, it is impossible to find wealthy people do the same. Only a person of extreme contempt for their own lives, it would make such a tragic move. Since even military families who do not cherish life, desperate time, only up to rebel. In fact, the so-called peasant uprising, is not accurate. Accurate, it should be military families uprising. Because the most trouble will start up, are some military families. Thirty-six camp leaders, most of the original military families are born. Only later the situation has changed, the number of military families have been gradually depleted, and a lot of people coming up households will constitute a household with China as the main rebel army. In fact, Li Zicheng strictly speaking, not a civilian door, he was Yizu it! Later Shaanxi rebel army, the reason why keep on fighting,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, defeated, insisted for a long time, has not been exterminated, and the backbone of the rebel army military families have a great relationship was born. After all, military families and households compared to China, somewhat basic military knowledge, but also to understand some basic combat skills, better at learning from the war war. Purely for purposes of war, than the average household is certainly safe to be powerful in this area. Because of these backbone exist, regardless of the rebel army persons had weakened to much, given the chance, they immediately seemed to snowball, in a very short time, and gathered tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, basically recover. For example, in the trunk Gap, Li Zicheng they were beaten only a few hundred people. In Shangluo Mountain, but was beaten only a few dozen people. But in the end,Nike Air Jordan 14 UK Sale, or into into Beijing Li Zicheng, beaten to death Chongzhen emperor. Here, it must be mentioned that another feature of Northern people. Yansui town of military families, the poor are poor, and yet there is a feature that is more powerful folk, fierce fought hard, all soldiers. Yansui town mentioned here, including the entire northern area, such as Mizhi, Suide, Yan'an, Yanchuan, Qingjian, wubu, stability, security, Ansai other places. People here are relatively sturdy, Yiyanbuge, we should move almost. Rereading is Mizhi people. The so-called Mizhi gossips Suide Han, that are circulated for a long time. "I was left in Ningxia Tuen Wei after the one thousand one thousand! Behalf of Ningxia town you brothers, welcome Yansui brothers came to town in Ningxia town! If you no better place to go, I am responsible to receive you! Rest assured , no one will pursue you to flee crime, and no one will dive you go back! Since then, you are the military families of Ningxia town! "said Xu Xing Xia concise. Subconsciously, he will be the governor of the town of Ningxia adults, as well as commander adults, as well as other officials at all levels are representative of the Ministry of gold. "Thank adult shelter! Thank adult kindness!" Those who fled the military families who are grateful, a hanging heart finally come down. Along the way they come here from Yansui town through the middle of the Gobi desert, water and food, and has long been exhausted. If you can not get shelter in the town of Ning, estimated that they would starve to death on the way. In addition, within their hearts, is always pressing a large stone that runaway crime. Military families to flee, no matter in which military town, is a felony. If caught, ranging from jail, while in the spot beheaded. They who do not know, after the town fled to Ningxia, Ningxia will be how to deal with the town's senior. Say they do not feel fear, it is absolutely impossible. Now, Xu Xing summer, they can finally breathe easier. In the summer under the guidance of Xu Xing, who fled military families, have transferred to Montenegro camps. Xu Xing Xia et al, then back in those military families, serving as a guard. In fact, does not mean that a simple warning, but try to find more military families. Xu Xing Xia hope Yansui town fled over all military families, have all entered their turf. "Your honor, there are circumstances!" Ming Hao suddenly hurried soon. "What happens? Have more military families coming?" Xu Xing Xia casually asked. "No, Peng Feng, Zhang Qiuqing." Ming Hao whispered point names of two people. Xu Xing Xia immediately alert, subconsciously look around. These two guys have any grudges against him, have been thinking to do for him. If given the chance, he did not mind to kill each other. Cut the grass does not dig up the roots, spring revival. Men keep people, definitely not Xu Xing Xia character. And his grudges against the people he wanted to have a thorough exterminate. Like television drama series, good as kindness, leaving enemy dog ​​life, but is his last injury. This parody, Xu Xing Xia is absolutely not do. Previously, Peng Feng and Zhang Qiuqing two, has been nest in flat Krupp City did not come out, he has no chance. Now, the opportunity came, he certainly can not easily missed. "They hurried to the south Heart Ming-hao detailed description of the situation. Original, Peng Feng, Zhang Qiuqing other people are with their own armed retainers, as well as the bulk of the black soldiers fighting in the south east coast of the Yellow River not far set up checkpoints to intercept Yansui over from military families fled the town because of military families Yan Sui town, most of them are fleeing to the direction of the city of Ningxia, where there is a main road, which they intercepted a significant number of military families is estimated that thousands of people Their intercept is really blocked. fled over Yansui town military families if they caught him valuable things have all been robbed, and then were back expel you if it does not go, then the spot killed. There are many military families to flee the spot arrested, divided by a wide variety of torture. many people's heads are hung up, a warning to others, if a young woman, but also directly taken away, with the rogue absolutely no different. "summer can dance! Go! Let's go and see! "Xu Xing Xia categorically said he now needs a lot of labor to enrich Montenegro white army camps surrounding areas to provide adequate productivity and combat these Yansui over the military families fled the town, it is the ideal object if they were PENG Feng , Zhang Qiuqing they catch the light, kill him a big loss. these two guys, heinous, just off the old account with the new operator. Dragoon army with soldiers, Xu Xing Xia quickly came twenty miles south Sure enough, in Here, there is a major ferry, is the gateway to the city of Ningxia, one of the main roads, there are usually more ferries between Peng Feng and Zhang Qiuqing, is with their own retainers, aggressive blocking the arrival of military families. many to flee military families have been arrested, two almost tied, lying on the ground motionless and there were brutal retainers, holding a whip, constantly beating them the worst or those young women, were retainers were arrested, one by one forcibly taken away in pushing each other in most of their clothes were torn, revealing shining white body and some young women, somewhat pretty spot on retainers who suffered insult one time, women who's crying, home, wings update group updates the fastest. Ding their mutual mixed together. probably retainers are too invested so stealthily white army soldiers have not noticed., which are aware of the situation wrong retainers , it was too late. "Stop it! "Xuxing An snapped coldly." Who? Shut up ...... "Zhang Qiuqing is not yet aware of Xu Xing Xia immediate concern, subconsciously scolded them for he is a fancy two young woman, soft white soft white, is preparing to go back when their own concubines caught it, did not expect to be heard Duanhe destroy the mood. exasperation under him immediately blurted cursed, but he just spit out the words, the throat as if suddenly being pinch, and the rest, then never do export. Xu Xing Xia! Xulao Magic! He is also, and Xu Xing Xia dealing with the highest number of one of the officials of the Xu Xing Xia voice is naturally familiar with very. words export, he immediately realized that Xu Xing Xia immediate concern to his side. surprise under He did not dare to speak out? then subconsciously look around, his face is one of the ashes in their surroundings, all white army of musketeers ah, one dark muzzle, facing them too! Zhang Qiuqing next PENG Feng, also suddenly shocked, he is careless, and was surrounded by a white army have not noticed, but this did not do, who would have thought, the white army will suddenly come to such a hand? But this is not the most scary. most frightening is that Xu Xing Xia suddenly immediate concern, which is what the? This guy is now necessary to rebel do? see him looking at hundreds of white army guns almost, not to attack where it? Now Xu Xing Xia , and Ningxia town other Wei relationships, very delicate because of the white army strong, almost no garrison, dare admit Xu Xing Xia was their man. even Ningxia left Tuen Wei, did not dare admit Xu Xing Xia is their man Although, from the affiliation speaking, Xu Xing Xia indeed left Tuen Wei after the battalion on behalf of one thousand. bit is left Tuen Wei Wei command to make, dare to Xu Xing Xia orders, find fault with you? In Xu Xing Xia kill Guard people Later, they and Xu Xing Xia relationship, the more subtle a lot of people think that he labeled rebellious sin, deprived of everything. Soon, Xu Xing Xia court will be declared as usurper, to send troops to suppress. However, the curious thing is that, Ningxia town's senior, seems to catch his meaning is not a time, everyone in the face of Xu Xing summer time, do not know what to do would be usurper as Xu Xing Xia troops to suppress it, this simply seeking death. Xu Xing summer white army is what kind of combat, they are not clear. thousands of Tartars corpse was sent after the city of Ningxia, almost no one dared to Xu Xing Xia knife or a gun, have you Ah ability and then a big, talented too few dry Tartars cavalry? do you think are the Tartars eat cooked rice? Xu Xing Xia face the trouble to find you are too die fast enough you own? However, if you do not make it work, it seems not ah! you do not get involved, Xu Xing Xia might also hands. Xu Xing summer if they fall on the hands, over the estimated life is not very good. trouble following military families will be up soon, their own life was not guaranteed ah! Xu Xing Xia certainly below those military families maintain interests though he was not the kind of being beaten on the Lord, if he was really getting mad, maybe Ningxia directly sent troops to attack the city. do not think he can not make such a things you can not do, wings Update Group fastest updates, or dare to do it is because you do not have this ability is not so guts while Xu Xing summer white army, just have this ability! Xu Xing Xia I also just happen to have the guts ! Actually, this is nonsense, he dared the Tartars of a tribe to fight no more, but also dare to broad daylight, rush attack, killing two one thousand Guard this world there is nothing he does not dare? Xu Xing Xia rode forward, swept the two a, Chen Sheng said: "These people I asked for! "Zhang Qiuqing was a little anger, could not resist paper tiger,Oakleys Active Sunglasses, said:" They are fleeing the town over Yansui military families! Must go back and dive Yansui town! "Xu Xing Xia two an oblique, coldly:" No matter who they are, where and why to come here, and I, Ningxia village guard left after 1000, to receive them. "Zhang Qiuqing was angry face while blue burst of white, want to say something, but bad to say. Xu Xing Xia was so cold blocking back, he certainly feels very uncomfortable. Xu Xing Xia his hatred, have been very intense. At this time, a naturally more intense, but with his strength, want and Xu Xing Xia fell out, it really is not, before, he will not be capable and Xu Xing Xia fell out, now more powerful white army, where he also fell out of the ability? PENG Feng does not feel right, weak dollar force, said: "Xu Xing Xia, which is on the peak of the command! "Xu Xing Xia sneer, bluntly said:" I do not care who's command! You do not need them, I need! Top up if asked, that they come to me! "Peng Feng had to shut up, but quietly to the back and he is still very TIPS ordered the captured women, looting goods to have gold unit thrown away, quietly bugger he smarter than Zhangqiu Qing, Xu Xing Xia understand not provoke, provoke not more than before and if he continues to stay in here, then there will be fatal disaster fix This is not Xu Xing Xia stronger, nor is even more difficult to deal with the white army, but his more reckless , have you thought, he did not even kill a Guard people there who did not dare to kill? once chop two Guard of 1000, what is this concept? The idea is that if Xu Xing Xia chop him the one thousand , Zhang Qiuqing this vice 1000, estimated no one cares. ordinary garrison of 1000, and the Guard of one thousand compared to the slag are not as ah! "Brothers, I was left in Ningxia village guard battalion after the one thousand ! My name is Xu Xing Xia! I was instructed to receive you! Welcome you to the Ningxia town! Since then, here is your home! Each of you will here find you dude! You can use your own hands, hard work, to feed yourselves, to feed your family! In addition, I hereby solemnly promise, no one will hold you escape guilt! You can be sure to live! "Xu Xing Xia sitting on horseback, broke into, said his talk, suddenly desperate military families who recovered the fastest wings updated set of updates. The look they originally thought, this is absolutely ruined himself, fleeing military families get caught, but behead sin ah! did not expect, in their most desperate time, Xu Xing Xia suddenly appeared. huge psychological contrast, so many military families to flee the spot tears, burst into tears The most cried, of course, are those young women were taken almost a. they saw he was going to fall into the clutches of inhuman treatment, did not expect the sudden appearance of the summer Xu Xing, will save them from the abyss out from Those retainers anxious look, they can be judged vaguely, Xu Xing Xia this is definitely a strong character. Perhaps later followed him, no longer bullied by others, no doubt, at this time, they are grateful for Xu Xing Xia To such to the Buddha but also much deeper. "all away! "Xu Xing Xia waved his hand, no doubt said. Dragoon Army soldiers approached, those were arrested together Yansui town military families, cut the rope, restoration of liberty, took them away. Those detained together as women , has also been freed, and their loved ones together to advance in the direction of Montenegro camp this sudden, Dragoon Army soldiers, they took more than 3,000 people, can be described as very productive, but Xu Xing Xia not satisfied. He took Dragoon army soldiers, continue south along the east bank of the Yellow River, all the way to the constant search for military families to flee over as long as someone is found here intercepted immediately is tough eviction. Later, summer can dance Dragoon army command number is not enough, turn Liu Xia Xu Xing Hu cavalry commander deployed cross over, join the mighty army swept all the way south, all the way to clean, did not speak sensibilities. Hewei name to White Army, but also There Xu Laomo nickname, those temporarily stationed east coast of the Yellow River, Ningxia town responsible for intercepting task forces, where say what? naturally dingy withdrew. occasionally a few unconvinced officer, is Xu Xing Xia lift hand arrow, shot their horses, they also had depressed to go soon, the entire east coast of the Yellow River, it becomes white army in the world. Yansui all over town to flee military families, under the guidance of the white army , came to the region of Montenegro statue, became part of the white army jurisdiction. few short days, we accept three or four people. "adults, a little situation. "Ming Hao came up from behind, whispered report." What happens? The guy who did not have eyes, with my theory? OK, take them over, and I carry on with their theory theory! "Xu Xing Xia casually asked." Your honor, is Zhangqiu Qing, he placing an order. "Ming Hao meaningful said. Xu Xing Xia's eyes sank slightly, strong intention to kill, immediately showing came. Zhang Qiuqing alone, this is really a good news for this is his own court death, and I have nothing to do ah Xu Xing Xia! Him followed Ming Hao, walking five or six miles, it really is much to see that Zhang Qiuqing with dozens of people, escorted to grab something, ready to return to the flat Krupp city. "summer can dance, kill him! "Xu Xing Xia said without hesitation. His hands were clear evidence of the sheets, the fastest wings updated set of updates. Autumn celebration, and the Tartars had colluded wanted to use the Tartars hand, kill him Xu Xing Xia. solely on this point, Zhang Qiuqing on Siyouyugu, Sibuzuxi As for the other charges, he did not bother to calculate, and this guy did a bad thing, it is too much. Anyway, today met, he was Feisibuke summer and can dance immediately mobilize an army Dragoon squadron will Zhangqiu Qing surrounded, directly storm the bastions. fierce gun ring, constantly heard the screams of people, horses neighing. caught off guard Zhang Qiuqing, of course, not the military Dragoon opponent. about half the time of incense after the gunfire subsided gradually, Dragoon army soldiers began to sweep the battlefield soon, summer can dance up quietly, quietly said: "Your honor, the battle was over. I carefully checked, a total of thirty and six men are dead thoroughly. Zhang Qiuqing body, was hit two hair Flamini bomb, die can not die. "Xu Xing Xia nodded, indifferent composure, said:" You Dragoon Army continued to patrol the coast, the town is responsible for receiving and guiding Yansui military families soon. If someone blocking your actions, do not hesitate to resolutely fight back. "Summer can dance look stern response:" understand! "Xu Xing Xia nodded, turning launched, with Liu Wang, who returned Montenegro camp a long way to go north, and suddenly there are situations Ming Hao report. Moments later, Xu Xing Xia found in front of brigade troops soon. Sides Bulletin identity, Lin adults shocking caravan she turned back from Lindan Han's Guihua 【seeking Subscribe!] <

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