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07.06.2013 04:59
but Le Yu is different antworten

The level of Dan medicine. "You can't?" Le Yu Yizheng, that is not common knowledge of God Dan medicine, but repair strength, a Dan value, compared to other metaphysical level bottle to expensive, at least Jishiwanliang silver. Xuan level. Dan medicine isn't casually to refining things, the Han Dynasty alchemy refinery Xuan level Dan medicine division of no more than thirty people, he is not at all, this kid looked so high? "Not interested!" Yang Kaichen channel. "!" Le Yu eyes suddenly a cold, a real element of fierce burst out, "I have no interest in you, is I watched, you have to play, not play have to play!" The speech, stand, ground fracture, stone dust swirling. A dark purple s è evil light from Yu body emerges, as the strands of invisible energy toward Yang hit in the past. "Le Yu you dare to hurt him you're dead!" Biluo turn s è, screaming. Although just Yang electro-optical flint beat several really yuan environmental warrior, but also show the powerful strength, but Le Yu is different, he is a great reputation in the pale cloud of evil, although is not much to look at, but power is very tough, the younger generation few people can play with him. Moreover, Le Yu this killer x ì ng, where he played and the people are all dead, clean,oakley sunglasses, no one alive. Biluo did not know whether Yang Kai is his opponent, where will not worry? Yang Kaizhen, if something happened, fan light Luo there how to account? In her fright, Yang opened a real element also majestic burst. Burst by the respective really yuan condensed out substantive attacks collision together, each other equally autumn s è, invisible attack Yue Yu is to resolve the clean. Have not had time to catch his breath, Yang suddenly see Yue Yu mouth with a triumphant smile. S è change, rise directly to a high position, jump jump. Thorn large underground party suddenly sprang a evil light, almost pierced Yang Kai's feet. "Hey." Le Yu eyes with a flash, Yang Kai did not expect such a j its ng sleep, can avoid the sudden blow. A fire broke out through the air, the whole people like Yang is burning fireball. Really positive vitality was pushed to the limit, by brush, such as Eagles cleaved the sky., with destruction of X ì ng power. Aware of the overhead to heat and pressure, Le Yu dare not up big, palms up, to hold the potential to meet the tripod. Bomb really yuan violent as waves collide together, every collision with a halo. Ripple outward diffusion. In such collisions, Le Yu tower - body unexpectedly slowly towards the ground subsidence. Not his strength as the Yang, but the earth is not withstand such bombardment. Le Yu stood, with him as the center, has opened a crack moire. Yang Kaiyan cold in the more concentrated. Be without scruple the ground sway really yuan, potential to Le Yu into the ground. Aware of his plans,Oakley Scalpel Cheap, Le Yu a roar,air jordan outlet, as mad fierce beast, a muscle after another, exhausted body strength, suddenly hit a fist. Half a fragrance City trembling, the surrounding shops is the fist scan be reduced to fragments, the inside of the guys together exclaimed. To far away from the. Even the Lotte medicine Fang also could not avoid. Yang Kaishen s è dignified, no >

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