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07.06.2013 04:54
take many pure from fan light antworten

Time flies. In a blink of an eye, over the past ten days. Yang slowly opened his eyes, trembling under the stiff body, a fried bean like explosive from the body to convey, all up and down seems to hold the inexhaustible strength, body true dollar surging, state hitherto unknown. Really yuan throughout the four layer! Meditation for ten days,Oakley Scalpel Cheap, plus take many pure from fan light Luo white silkworm chrysalis of energy, in one fell swoop for his breakthrough to this extent,Nike Air Jordan 4 UK Sale, reap great. The two look, Yang looked up, seeing that the lazily on the wall, a pair of beautiful eyes complex toward him at. Yang Kai was shocked, really can't help the body element operation. Fan light Luo Jiao smiles, nibbled lips: "I want to kill you, he would have, you have a few people are not living." Yang Kai was a man, I thought really can this, present the manner also relaxed, hey hey smiled a sound, to embrace a boxing way: "thank sister doesn't kill of grace." Fan light Luo shook his head: "I didn't want to kill you, you come and spoil of unwillingness." The speech, not from lightly coughed a, micro pale complexion emblem. What about you. Yang Kai frowned at her, the sirens now a breath than before to be weak many, but it seems to have hurt. "It is not a good thing you do!" Fan light Luo teeth nibble, a pair of Danfeng eyes bitter look. Yes, I am. Yang points to himself, a face of confusion, some feel at a loss. "What you do to me?" "Didn't do anything." Yang Kaimi stumbled. "That is why my body energy is you take many hours?" Fan light Luo Hende gnash the teeth in anger. Yang Kai was a stay, think back to before the encounter, knit the brows a way: "I ran into a fairyland, and you Dian long Dao Feng, big sleep, and then run a set of skills, from the vision from the" fan light Luo face is small red, looked at him strangely: "with me?" "Well, you are very active, very bold." Yang Kaimeng nodded, remember the sweet bed light Luo fan, not a one's blood boils with indignation. "Too bad!" Yang sigh deeply, some chagrin. "The little asshole!" Fan light Luo light pshaw, face flushed red. "Does it have any effect on you?" Yang Kai frowned and asked. "You say?" Fan light Luo took a deep breath, plump chest heaving, red clothes had been burst, "I'm a breakthrough point, one energy is you" Oh, you have no effect?" Yang immediately feel shy: "not? I have no idea. "If you knew, I'd kill you." Fan light Luo hate hate to look at him, "which will leave you now." "You didn't break?" Yang Kai's eyes flashed. No. Not only did not break, but also by the work itself, power market! The next breakthrough also don't know when, you said, this is it right? You!" "This how can you blame me" Yang pinched nose, but listen to her own strength to drop, look more relaxed many, great significance and looked at her, way: "that you now what level" "really yuan a layer,Oakley Store, you satisfied?" Fan light Luo didn't answer, coquettishly Chen Yang to open eyes. "As early as saying!" Yang laughed, only a cautious and careful.

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