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07.06.2013 04:48
Is as bad as the next moment antworten

Waiting in the full half a stick of incense time, Yang Kaicai quietly operation vitality,Jordan UK sale, traction gas mouth, be forced to between the eyebrows. To an outsider, Yang brow, the more obvious a faint black gas. Qin Ze suddenly wonder. This clearly is tested to sign will appear before the last moment, playing hundreds of alchemist, only Wang Qiren and Dong smoke go to this step, but the former work not completed successfully, the latter. How can a guard can do? Don't is a suitable Liandan wizards! Qin Ze nervously, deep look at the Yang, a heart in his throat, flute teacher but tell myself, this time the test, as long as they can find a suitable successor,oakley sunglasses sale, his old man's house is to one's heart's content. Now, smoke has passed through, if a teacher his old man's house not to laugh? A cloud Yinfeng will not only have qualified successors, may also carry forward. When Qin Ze heart nervous, Yang Mei Yujian that touch of black gas you vanish. Qin Ze on the spot to hold breath, eyes stare a circle. Is as bad as the next moment! Of anxious waiting, Long Yang no reaction,, Qin Ze eyes stare acid, but see Yang Kai's forehead and the emergence of a black gas. What! Qin Ze is really stupid, the boy's reaction in front, not like the king of Qi that mouth spit out a black blood, also not as successful as Dong smoke out black smoke, how the black gas back and forth on his forehead appeared? With the uncle said before is not ah. Is full of doubts, that black spirit is gone. Before he settled down,Outlet Coach Bags, black gas resurfaced. Qin Ze heart with a black gas and arrest is uncertain, this not wait for the results is too painful, especially between the various manifestations of success and failure in each other's wandering to and fro, more let a person hard. Black air and at least a dozen times before, the boy suddenly mouth a, a thick Zhuoqi spit it out. With this unit the Zhuoqi spit out, young people seemed weary the whole lot, Yan tou Da brain, lost countenance. My grass! You finally spat it out. Qin Zean scold sound, I thought if you toss a few times, I this heart is probably a bit unbearable. But how could such a thing? Qin Ze brow in thought, it said that this boy can can only reach qualification Shishu set the standard, so it is so difficult to pass the test? I think so, makes some sense. "Qin brother" Dong smoke looking at Qin Ze, hesitate a way: "how is he?" Qin Ze had answered a God to come, laughed: "well, good, although compared with sister your qualifications to the difference in line, but the force is through the." Through? All the audience was this sentence hit dizzy. To so many people before, do not have a success, even Wang Qiren are agonizing spit black, but now, there is a first class product and the alchemist by, this just, goods order she alchemist are very low, it is the daughter of home small chalk sister Dong, Dong a potential force is not small, can cultivate this talent people can also accept. But the guard? It's just people Dong Xiaoe sister. "

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