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Buddha Lang machine gun antworten

> Dn.rln ('original stationed cavalry skirmish pearl sea eagles, reckoned Xu Xing Xia, who has been returned to the Zhenyuan off, deliberately loosened the defense, so that these Mongolian cavalry south. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm they are clear that in Zhenyuan off, there is a big pit, waiting for the Mongols jump too! white army chariots camp, there are artillery battalions, three two thousand Mongol cavalry, not enough to see the results, these Mongolia cavalry, on the smooth arrival of the Zhenyuan off. "rush to go!" "Kill the Ming army!" [all in search for the latest updates. lzh. Lindan Han also aroused, immediately ordered. This new arrival of reinforcements, just play forward, touch up the bottom of the white army, he had taken off Zhenyuan, are his Guards, is by far the most outstanding Mongol horsemen, one by one all his baby pimple, can not easily be used to probe road. these Mongol horsemen coming back, in fact, is tribal elite, than the average number of cavalry to be excellent if it is for the other place, another time, another opponent, Lindan Han is not willing to use them to explore road, but now, only let them go up. Lindan Han believes that Xu Xing Xia led the white army, and certainly can not stop the Mongolian cavalry sharp assault for the cavalry under the command of the fighting, he was quite confident this time pursuit Xu Xing Xia, he took come, all iron lance cavalry ah! are all elite! He also self-confidence, for the use of Mangu bad tactics, the Mongols more pure than the Tatars. Tatars ginseng mixed too many things, but reduces the power of bad Mangu Only Tumote tribal Mongol horsemen will Mangu bad tactics to an extreme. called Mangu bad, that is the most refined Mongols turned around and throw archery escape by inducing with the enemy in their own back, and then suddenly turn around and throw the stone easily kill each other if the other party refuses to catch up on the perimeter with bows constant harassment until the opponent can not tolerate chaos so far. olden days, as Jean Khan and his men is widespread use of such tactics, from the East to fight Lu immediate concern has been the Danube shore for Mangu bad tactics, Mongolian opponent, always there is no way to crack. perhaps wearing a thick heavy armor, can block Mongolian Arrow anti-plated, so that can not be rushed to the Mongols, but the same, bound by heavy armor, they can not chase the Mongols, not valid on the destruction caused by the Mongols. Finally, lightweight and flexible Mongol horsemen often successfully the master of the entire battlefield to win the final victory lay the foundation. "Fun!" Mongol horsemen who cry loudly without the slightest hesitation, followed by menacing rushed up to now that they are iron lance cavalry, natural and ultimately lifted the iron lance, creating gun out of a dense forest, a strong deterrent to the enemy sense, but if you cleanse the appearance fool, the end will be miserable, because all of the iron lance cavalry rider is also cited in the iron lance under the guise that they riding and shooting, is the most deceitful so-called iron lance and spear in fact almost, but tips differ slightly. Iron lance the biggest feature is the gun is very elastic. This leads to difficulty in controlling iron lance, spear high ratio more, most people with the bad. Indeed, iron lance used well, not mention guns Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, many generals are a master of using iron lance, but later, iron lance gradually be eliminated ditch was Easy to use guns instead. Firearms occurred, iron lance status, and more decline, or even know the name of iron lance people do not much. Ming Why build an iron lance gave fifty thousand Lindan Han? This There is not some special idea? is not some hidden secret? outsiders probably know, but be sure, iron lance such weapons inside the Han army has been completely eliminated out of the ditch for iron lance the use of techniques have also been no one knows. Lindan Han iron lance cavalry, in the end is how to use iron lance, are they out of their own fumble in fact, strictly speaking, iron lance Lindan Han fifty thousand cavalry, first lead rider, and then the iron lance cavalry. their most trenchant place, still lies in their riding and shooting, especially their Mangu bad tactics. Mangu bad if you do not know the basic principles of tactics, or is itself the army training, equipment not adapt Mangu bad tactics, and the Mongolian cavalry encounter when fate will be miserable, annihilated are possible, however, happens to be an alternative white army, or in the alternative alternative From the Hereafter Xu Xing Xia, and will not know how bad the Mongol Mangu tactics? in daily training, he gave the officers at all levels of detail it clear, therefore, the white army soldiers, how to crack Mangu for bad tactics, are is quite proficient. sides met later in the sea pearls, Mongol horsemen tried Mangu bad tactics to deal with carving cavalry skirmish, the results were carved cavalry skirmish will be counted on the meter, eleven crack, but let Mongol horsemen to pay a heavy price . hair reclined offensive Mongol horsemen are lucky enough to survive. them in the vicinity of sea pearls, carved cavalry skirmish was tortured for several days, and all of a anything in the air. those carved cavalry skirmishers, erratic movements, always at their best when you do not watch out, and later succeeded Yuandun immediately, so that they can not find people even revenge. few days time down,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 Shoes, Mongol horsemen are fast to cleanse torture collapse and now they finally found the place you can vent. those nasty white army ...... in front, as long as the rush to kill them, all grievances will be able to vent anger are all out, the dead will be able to companion revenge. mind stirring, the one they are in the heart cries aloud: "White Army, all all go to hell!" "release!" cloud odd wind loud shout. embattled artillery battalion, and immediately threw explosives out. several sizes of explosives and accurate flying in the middle of the Mongolian horse archers force "Rumble!" "Rumble!" "Rumble!" several consecutive loud sound came off around the entire Zhenyuan are one of the mountains shake, dust shrouded. a black plume of different sizes in the Gobi Desert, rising into the sky, obscured half the sky. everyone's vision becomes blurred in an instant explosion produce dazzling fire, but also hurt a lot of people's eyes. frightened horses running around, whipping master constantly crying, causing more confusion scene With loud cries of those Mongolian horse archers, suddenly bombed pieces, and continue to fall from the horse for those unfortunate Mongol horsemen who, do not say bad tactic is to play Mangu want to be near the white army are impossible and many of the Mongolian cavalry, there is no figure out how it is, it has lost consciousness. occasional twelve to have been no bombing sight stunned, not knowing what to do. white army artillery battalion in the lessons taught at the time, learned a lot of new things. they fired explosives, medium and small readily available, all the enemies are all covered in them. their long presence in the mirror far off, every battlefield positions are labeled, calculate the angle of 20 degrees and only in accordance with good numerical measure projectile explosives can be. Later this approach has been designed to calculate artillery idea of ​​Moroto. unprepared Mongolian cavalry certainly suffered a major loss. they never suffered explosives attack,Air Jordan UK, apparently unable to cope. lot of horses fell to the ground, a large number of people lying on the ground, the impact of the Mongolian cavalry formations, immediately cleanse disrupted. was because of the line of sight is not good, can not see the situation around, plus scared, inevitably scurrying around, constantly losing the direction of the Mongolian cavalry hit with each other, causing more confusion. "bang bang bang!" "bang bang bang!" "bang bang bang!" white army of musketeers , have also shot up. dolphin Flamini bomb whistling away near Zhenyuan off Mongolian horse archers, suddenly fell one after another. finger-sized Minnie bomb, for high-speed gallop up the horses, it is absolutely fatal Its lethal, even worse than the black Yu Jian Huan human body strength, where the power of comparable gunpowder? horses as long as Flamini bomb was hit immediately is kneel consequences. horses kneel, horseback people generally will be severely thrown to, I do not know life and death for this set, white army and down, are familiar to no longer familiar with their eyes closed even have to know how to respond. For them, where the largest number of Mongolian cavalry, which direction they shoot their shots, the pursuit of the hit rate is generally not necessary to precisely targeted in the battle, they need most is fast. refilled quickly, aiming fast, shoot fast, in order in the shortest possible time, launching the greatest Flamini bomb, to obtain the most favorable killing effect, however, for those Mongol horsemen, they completely beaten Mongolia. white army guns In front of them, constitute a cordon of death have had previous combat experience, the white army platoon gun shooting, more accurate, more efficient, more brutal. regardless how fast their horses, whether they action, how light, waiting for their final, are the consequences of injury or death. "withdraw to!" "Kuaiche back!" Lindan Han found wrong, screamed his entourage around, quickly sounded the gong , beat a retreat. received evacuation orders residual Mongol horsemen, Fan Shen hurried retreat backwards, but they retreated, white army guns, but did not stop shooting meant a result, the withdrawal process, and There are at least twenty or thirty of the Mongolian horse archers, pour in the white army guns down As after landing, Horseshoe trampled to death by their own companions, and how many people, who do not know. Finally Lindan Han sent a rough Statistics on less then half stick of effort, they killed a hundred people, in addition to hundreds of people wounded. "Damn ......" Lindan Han was about to drop of blood - so short a sudden impact , he killed hundreds of people paid the price, there are more than a hundred wounded. white army guns, how so powerful? scythe of death is also far better than sharp ah! fortunately is withdrawn quickly, prolapse of the white army gun artillery attack range, otherwise the number of casualties will be more of these white army, almost one by one are perverted ah! their guns, how it will be so powerful? elsewhere Ming army, guns can do so much? The idea behind the so Lindan Han surprised if somewhere else Fang Mingjun are so powerful, he is a prime sweat, do not become afraid. Han Chinese armed forces so powerful that he can unify prairie on the strange every one powerful Han dynasty, it is impossible for all laissez-faire prairie tribes are unified into a person's name, because what follows is bound to be nomadic cavalry massive attack on the Central Plains. five random China is a typical example. Fortunately, His careful deliberation, feel Datong Town, the government declared the town of Ming army, can not be so powerful. least, at last, the two military town of Ming army, are not equipped with such a powerful guns. Perhaps, Xu Xing Xia received only the white army only how powerful guns, right? Does he even invented a different guns? more powerful, longer range? Xu Xing set this, it really can not be underestimated ah! For nomads Cavalry say that they are most worried about, in fact, not Han Chinese army artillery, but the Han army guns, after all, on the battlefield, artillery power, is quite limited, can not be a decisive impact on the entire battlefield. artillery number very limited, one hundred points are less than ~ Ming army artillery. artillery field mobility difference ...... basically impossible to use. these are artillery shortcomings. nomadic horsemen need only address these shortcomings, we can effectively to avoid possible injury artillery, but guns are different. musket is absolutely can not avoid the Ming army used guns probability is too high. Nine Important Ming army gun fire penetration, has more than seven percent. Fortunately, the Ming army currently used handguns, generally have a range of only fifteen ten feet or so, the effective range than the Mongolian bows, but also almost. This is very critical because it means that the Mongols in guns beyond the effective range, took the lead in archery, shooting Ming army musketeers If the Ming army rifle range, far higher than the bow of the Mongols, the situation will be turned over, Ming arms gunmen riding in Mongolia between throw shooter will they shoot can be said that to two feet feet distance, determines the outcome of two basic combat troops. earlier fighting white army musket range, significantly more than the Mongolian horse archers bow and arrow range, even beyond three or four times more than. rough calculation, the effective range of the white army muskets,Oakley Hijinx Outlet, at least 78 feet! many of the Mongolian horse archers, and even the bowstring are not yet opened, was shot and killed. imagine, If such circumstances are so staged in each battle, the Mongols do well to stay alive? dare to initiate combat it? "No ...... will not ......" Lindan Han muttered consoled himself. etc. white army sound of the guns have stopped, the Mongolian cavalry sent their wounded and dead bodies are all dragged back. Lindan Han to carefully check, the Ming army guns, in the end how a powerful method as a result, have checked these wounded and body condition after Lindan Han increasingly feel that their bone ridge beam, a little chilly. Fortunately, these just-arrived Mongol horsemen, launched the first wave of attack, otherwise, waiting for them, it would be a worse fate . might, his side Guards, must die half musket killed or wounded by the Mongol horse archers, better said that they suffered fatal injuries, all from sinking finger-sized projectiles. come from nature said the white army used guns, and other guns used by the Ming army, should not make much difference. The only difference is that the white army muskets, longer range, more powerful because of the kind not seen the sun and the moon gun , Lindan Han naturally can not judge, the white army muskets, in the end how much, but that was blown to pieces kits fried Mongolian horse archers body, a little sad it. five pounds of explosives loaded, definitely not a joke. There Mongolian cavalry, and even bombed completely crushed. Rao is used to see the big scenes Lindan Han, also had to break out and go. those around him Mongolian horse archers, but also secretly scared. Zhenyuan off inside this small , actually encompassed such a powerful weapon? Lindan Han and Ming army of good relations, the Ming army's equipment, but also the more familiar he knew the Ming army in border fortress, are equipped with cannons. pass the more important fortress, with the greater the number of artillery, of which the largest number that the Buddha Lang machine gun, but the Buddha Lang machine gun play out, and are solid projectile, even if people were hit, it would not be such a terrible effect. white military use, and in the end is what gun? "Who can tell me? how is this going?" Lindan Han asked people around. Nobody can answer most of the people around him are not from just the shock awake yet. Rao is resourceful Narisong is a kuai dazed, he vaguely guessed to something, but can not describe the specific As for the English exactly, it is constantly feeling the sweat on his forehead and he Song is Tumote tribal warriors, and actually also scare cold sweat. Xu Xing this summer, it seems to be quite trifled ah! If you have just launched their assault, death is them. wonder sea Lucking tribe, in just one year, it degenerated to the point where you want to genocide. turned out that they actually met such a terrible opponent. in terms of the power of the white army guns, not to mention the three streams Heller Golden Horde that they encounter Tumote tribes are not good to go ah discuss! later, they meet again if and white army, God knows what would happen? For a time, a huge shadow, shrouded in the head of each of the Mongols. "Xu Xing summer!" "I will not let known!" "I will make you tortured to death!" Lindan Han teeth cursed. spate of strikes, let Lindan Han a little hysterical. Suddenly, he pulled their own gold broadsword in his arm severely cut the knife, the blood suddenly turning out. This is blood Ming, than on the day of solemn vows to much more of the knife down, and so was he and Xu Xing Xia room, with implacable hatred, only one died before digestion. "withdrawal!" "Go back Guihua!" Lindan Han bitterly waved, bowed his head, turned away, he is forced to go. continue to stay here, only white suffer casualties, he can not let his men elite, have died here. Guihua must go after, then think about As moss Sina, no way, she had forgotten it! her Xu Xing Xia has been the property of the! (To be continued ... If you like this work, you are welcome to ----, investment recommendations, monthly, your support is my greatest motivation, support, and supporting genuine reading. ) <

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