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Moss Sina slowly restrained antworten

> Even the past has seen countless island love action movies, already has code to the eyes, hearts Uncensored point, however, as a standard otaku, Xu Xing Lengtou Qing Xia was a real deal, no combat experience. Moss Sina was suddenly such a hand, he really is a bit off guard. Seeing moss Sina plump **, we must hit their own nose, subconsciously, Xu Xing Xia hurried back a step or two. Moss Sina how clever? Xu Xing Xia immediately perceived misalignment. Although she is no combat experience the same, there is no intercourse and men really had, however, Kent Khan mountain temple, intercourse of men and women, and even joy Zen Dharma, but they are many. As a priestess, she also familiar situation in this regard. Someone who has dedicated the temple, pointing this knowledge. She was even arrange hiding in the dark, to observe the scene before. The aim,Oakley Squared clearance, of course, is to please their men in the future, more resources for their own gain. It can be said Kent Khan mountain temple priestess countless rely on their bodies and wisdom, propped up. Powerful man on the Prairie, which is not a large group of women, if not a little extraordinary ability, but how can strive to belong to own something? And how to make them become believers longevity day? "You! What are you doing?" Xu Xing Xia frowned, subconsciously said. "You're going to grab me all the way back, do not get me to do? Now that I'm here, the most pure body dedicated to you ......" moss Sina Meiyanrusi, eyes oozing charm was simply to water came. Her slender fingers, Xu Xing Xia also catch a chest full of emotional stroking. Quietly, her other hand, is also extended to the Xu Xing summer crotch and accurate pinching eager erection, gently rubbing. 4th floor moss Sina posture at this time, it seems to be an octopus like plump body just hanging in Xu Xing Xia's body, such as the vine wrapped around the tree, such as flounder. Her body, originally very hot, especially that outgrew **, I do not know how many men had spike. This time, she's **, Xu Xing Xia just pressed on his chest, and that full flexibility meatballs, as well as occasionally beating Rufeng, let Xu Xing Xia kind of spot feeling of suffocation. Even worse, moss Sina's hand, he also constantly rub below. From time to time, but also gently flick forward. Past life, he can never enjoyed such a proactive female service, for a time, he kind of speechless feeling, as if fantastic, Yuxianyusi. A busy, he felt, almost lost. Suddenly, his mind emerges out of a gorgeous shadows. Moment, he immediately returned to sanity. Moss Sina action,Oakley Sunglasses UK, more and more intense, Flaming Lips, Xu Xing Xia even kissed on the lips. Her lips, a little rich, a little hot, honey honey, exciting moment, soft. Xu Xing Xia hardly feel anything, he came to this world after first kiss, it was so forcibly taken away. Honestly, he almost feel what that smell is. Xu Xing Xia suddenly greatly too much. He quickly pushed the force of the moss Sina, prolapse of her magic hands control. This damn moss Sina, actually resorted to such means, it really is too much. Intentionally or unintentionally, his weaknesses, moss Sina has also been caught. Suffer a disadvantage in a past life he had little experience, nor how relaxed. In fact, he is a Mensao brain can think of very rich, but it is old and sick action. Indeed, in this lake on the grass, surrounded by so many men in the case, and the moss Sina have any close contact with him by really can not. Even if this is the moss Sina active, passive with him, can not do it. No way, thin-skinned ah! If it is not in a relatively confined space, but also a little bit the atmosphere of the case, he really was not accustomed to. Perhaps the future will be accustomed to, but definitely not now. "How? One thousand adults, you despise me? You worked so hard for me to grab a hand, do not want the first time to get my body do? I tell you, my body has not received other man oh .. If you now occupy me, you are my first man, if you have no experience, I can teach you this village would not the shop, if you do not now possess me, then, maybe I'll screen In the hands of other men, you do not even regret it too late. "moss Sina easy giggling said. Her laughter, it is very crisp, like silver bells, as far from the lake spread out. At this moment, her laughter is definitely from the heart, is pure, be happy. Because, she suddenly discovered that Xu Xing Xia also has a fatal weakness, rests in her hands. She was afraid of death, this is her Achilles heel. And Xu Xing Xia, no intercourse and women experience, or Lengtou Qing one, this is his Achilles heel. Such findings make moss Sina feel very pleasant. Xu Laomo evil rumors, turned out to be such a person. What lust, such as life, night Royal ten woman legends are all fake. He simply has not tried a woman's taste! Face their own initiative to send home, he actually subconsciously retreat. Think he just a little frightened reaction, moss covered Sina feel excited, she likes to see his frightened look. "You! Stop laughing!" Xu Xing Xia said a little angry. "Yes, one thousand adults." Moss Sina is now present moment Moment restrained smile. However, it seems in the eyes of the summer Xu Xing, moss Sina look, as if to laugh at him. Well, he just action, is indeed a bit rude. If it is for the other men, perhaps, would have pushed her to the ground, the summary execution of her. However, he is not. This is definitely not a physical problem, but psychological problems. He will moss Sina caught, not to occupy her, but to her mind intelligence. In his subconscious, he cares more about the mind that shadows. He felt that she must have been silently observing him. He did not want the shadows felt that he was a lecherous, such as life, hungry man. Moreover, moss Sina is Tartar priestess, and her intimate relationship with ** on, who knows a good thing or a bad thing. If she really, and she had an intimate relationship ** on both sides of the concubine system, it is more complicated. Perhaps, for a place, for a time, he can do non-discriminatory. Long as it is right at your fingertips, there are seven pretty, and all comers. But definitely not now. Moss Sina is to grab him that, to restore disadvantage. Paralysis, say is depressed, he actually afraid of moss Sina's this hand! Is simply ridiculous ah! Xu Xing Xia deep breath, and let cold air will become clear some of their own, slowly said: "moss Sina, tidy up your clothes! I do not want to see you like this! If you are good and I cooperation, I would not ill-treat you! "moss Sina Meiyanrusi said:" one thousand adults, I will not betray longevity day! "Xu Xing Xia meaningful, said:" I said to you betray you longevity day ? I want you to become the God of longevity day! unique God! you will command the entire prairie! "moss Sina slightly surprised. For a time, she did not understand the meaning of Xu Xing Xia. In fact, Xu Xing Xia, then literally be able to understand. Unfortunately, literally, it is too terrifying, she could not believe that all this is true. In fact, he and her current strength, you want to do as he says, is ridiculous. However, Xu Xing Xia did not feel, in their own words is a fantasy. He said that every remarks are after careful consideration, and certainly not pointless. He looked solemn, slowly said: "It is said that the God of longevity day, you can give orders to all believers no matter what the status of these believers, must comply with God's command, is not it?" These strange news, of course, there is obtained from Dickson. Because of Tibetan Buddhism, as well as to teach incoming Mecca, prairie beliefs, now a bit messy. Shamanism a single large, suffered a serious challenge. However, the control of longevity-day Kent Khan Temple Mount, is undoubtedly the biggest influence. After all, no matter how said Kent Hill is also the Tatars and Mongols Khan holy mountain, there can not be ignored. In order to revive the strength of Shamanism in holy temples, have always been God's legend. God what is the specific content of the legend, Xu Xing Xia did not pay attention. For him, God, no matter what the legend is associated with, is an excuse. The only purpose is to make the name of God, re-integration of prairie tribes, again let them return to the longevity-day beliefs in the past. Since this God so interesting, Xu Xing Xia naturally pay more attention somewhat. "Longevity day! Unique God!" Shortly after, moss Sina was pondering over. She suddenly felt his throat, a little thirsty. A prominent chest, feeling a bit swollen. This is her overly excited performance. She is definitely a smart woman, Xu Xing Xia mean, she is fully capable to understand. Even, she also quickly be one of the various possibilities have inferred a bit rough. Result, she concluded that, you can take a chance. Now prairie tribes, chaos. Mongolian side, Leaving aside, just Tatars side, the contradiction between the three tribes, it is difficult to reconcile. In this case, if there is a powerful force, pushed her to the table, so she went to compete this God, she may have no chance. Xu Xing Xia power key is powerful enough, can suppress the other tribes. If you can, she will be able to successfully host. Xu Xing Xia now forces strong enough you? Of course not! Not even close! However, the Bodhisattva Sina mind, absolutely would not be so stupid. Her fancy, will not be Xu Xing summer now, but Xu Xing Xia future. Xu Xing Xia now how much? Only less than two years old, even the women have not yet tasted. But he is now the power, they can already make a Heller gold tribal genocide. If after ten years Ran, Xu Xing Xia forces, would grow to what extent? Yes, this is speculation! Risk speculation! Perhaps Sun people do not understand the reason, but it is understood moss Sina. You want to get good returns, you must at great risk. This is the same as married priests and women. Your choice of men, if it is already strong, and you get the benefits, not a lot. However, if you choose to have the potential of men, being no significant mountain dew, after his rise, the return will be particularly lucrative. Moss Sina walk between the various tribes, what is the purpose? Not choose the right man? Many tribal leaders, or a powerful figure, all want her. However, she did not see on a few. In her view,Oakley Sport Sunglasses, their status, are almost coming to an end, there is no room for further improvement. The only worthy of consideration, only Lindan Han. Unfortunately, she was Xu Xing Xia Hengdao away, and Lindan Han between naturally impossible. In fact, things to such a point that she can rely on the only, only the strength of the summer Xu Xing. In a sense, she was Xu Xing Xia alive from the moment of her fate, the fate of the summer has been and Xu Xing, closely linked. Xu Xing Xia's life easier, better follow her natural life. If Xu Xing Xia had a hard time, she naturally follow a hard day. If Xu Xing Xia demise, she would certainly have become a cup of loess, disappeared in the earth, and will not leave any traces. See moss Sina's face constantly changing, Xu Xing Xia heart smiled coldly. Obviously, moss Sina is a bit tempted. He knew that this moss Sina is not a willing lonely woman. If she is willing to loneliness, it would keep Hill in Kent Khan temple, serve longevity days instead roam out of it. This woman, as long as bait down, she would easily pounced. This bait is power. "You lied to me!" Moss Sina suddenly shrill said. She's biting his lip hard, let yourself wake up from the illusion. Xu Xing Xia, then, is not without the possibility of realization, but, in the middle of the road, it is too tortuous it. Her rough calculation, found himself there are numerous hurdles to clear, this is simply impossible. "I have this necessary?" Xu Xing Xia undisguised sneer. Moss Sina hesitantly. She has been biting his lip, his eyes wandering. Just so, so much questioned, as it is about the outcome of her performance. Xu Xing Xiati to God, no doubt, just hit her heart. Her ambition to grow up in an instant. Her **, and instantly swell up. She suddenly realizes that he falls Xu Xing Xia's hands, perhaps not a bad thing. He needs to rely on himself to succeed, they would just rely on him to get benefits. This is mutually beneficial relationship. In particular, no matter when something yourself, you can tease about each other. I often think about here, moss Sina found it very interesting. She'd like to see, he can Shoushenruyu to what time. She secretly made up his mind, be sure to let him ** on their own. Well, what kind of a man, a woman can withstand the temptation? Unless he's certain aspects not! However, you just have to touch, that part of him, in fact, is quite normal, no problem at all. If not let him **, that he is too failed! Ideas and this, moss Sina has become Meiyanrusi, fascinating and charming together. Tease Xu Xing Xia, has subconsciously become her pleasure. She stuck Xu Xing Xia body, breathing, such as blue, and looked ambiguous, said: "one thousand adults, do you think, should we look to deepen understanding of it? Tonight on Long Delicate, Yuemingxingxi, is the day for the executioner Heart Yuehua Jian, her exuberant hand, and quietly out into his crotch, skilled rubbing his erection, she can be sure that he was in Physiology, absolutely no question of his own reason for refusal, it must be There are other reasons which make up a good strong moss Sina, she can not believe that he's flirting, will that are not useful! Xu Xing summer in order to further stimulate **, she intentionally or unintentionally, his black dress, Open a deep openings from the opening dress look into it, you can clearly see that she's **, is so full, so strong. has just had her bath, milk white skin, in the moonlight shine, glow charming and moving the pan. moss Sina confident, as long as a man, may be tempted to reach out, touch her. ** see Xu Xing Xia somewhat callous, and that did not respond, just take the moss Sina from his hand on his chest, right on the middle of a deep cleavage as long as Xu Xing Xia willing, either left or right, you can enjoy the rub, if his hands are not impress, and rub on both sides and is totally possible, she has completely ready, she felt, could be Lengtou Qing Xia Xu Xing, do not know Lianxiangxiyu, start perhaps be heavy. Unexpectedly, Xu Xing Xia response, actually or last as break free from her arms go through his hands off the moss Sina, two steps back, frowning, said: "moss Sina, you repeatedly so that in the end what to do? You do not think this is offensive? As a woman, you decent little good? So cuddly, Whatever next? "Moss Sina Meiyanrusi, and looked Resentment, said:" one thousand adults, you really misunderstood me. I was really from the heart, willing to give you my body. If we do not have the most intimate relationship, how can I believe How about you? One thousand adults, do not say that to my face, actually do not enter your discernment? You despise my beauty do? "Xu Xing Xia said, frowning:" They care about your beauty, but I was not mind. "Moss Sina look, more and more of Resentment, somewhat unconvinced:" I moss Sina on the prairies, but also face the top three on the list, you so despise me? "Xu Xing Xia nodded bluntly said:" I Daming beauty, far more than ten million? Thou thirds beauty, which is little known on the prairie, on our side, there is nothing. The more you do, the more I despise you. "Yuehua Jian, he subconsciously remembered the beautiful shadows, her beauty, her dignity, her elegant, his mind is really a woman in this Winalite Delicate, Yuemingxingxi night, if we can, and She sat on the lake, talk about life events, that this is what kind of fun ah! Unfortunately, her distance himself, is indeed far away. moss Sina look a slight movement, said softly: "You determined on Too up? "Xu Xing Xia recovered, snappily said:" talkative! This is what is your relationship? "Moss Sina chuckle, seems to feel himself caught Xu Xing Xia's handle, smiles tenderly said:" No wonder you refuse me every sacrifice that you would already have a sweetheart. You just look at the expression, do you want her? "Xu Xing Xia exclaimed:" What's wrong with you? "Moss Sina slowly restrained smile, and looked serious, said:" You just look, a little melancholy, I can see that. If my guess is not wrong, then you and her, certainly very far apart. Perhaps the distance you very far apart, or is your identity very far apart. In short, you can not easily together. "Xu Xing concubine said coldly:" You'd really know how the wind blows Well! "Moss Sina slight sigh, crescent-shaped eyebrows Organisation quietly together, seems to have feelings, said:" We are women, has always been to rely on men to survive. Reaction to men, of course, observant. Try to figure out the exact man's psychology, is that we get a man beloved basic Dharma. You say, in order to live better, I can not do wind blows Well? "Pico meal, moss Sina mouth side has emerged out of a trace of a sly smile, meaningful, said:" In addition to good wind blows, I am very proficient men and women of the road, I promise, as long as you promise me Wushan ** I do not need you to do any action, it never lets you get pleasure! Yuxianyusi! "Xu Xing Xia said coldly:" Do not you think, the more you tempt me, you are in my mind, the more humble you? A normal woman, who has such a means to seduce a man? Tatars priestesses, all of you like this? "Moss Sina Not angry, but smiling, said:" It seems that you are on your little sweetheart, very loyal thing! If I were your little sweetheart, I will die of happiness! In this world, you are still able to stop my first temptation of man! "Xu Xing Xia exclaimed:" This only shows that we are not a group of people! "Moss Sina chuckled extremely brilliant smile, she suddenly stuck Xu Xing Xia's ear, said softly:" That may not be! I must get your little sweetheart before you, so that you ** to me! I want you to be my first man! "Xu Xing Xia frowned, did not say anything, turned away. Moss Sina inevitably a little disappointed, look unhappy to himself:" It's interesting, funny, Xu Laomo actually do not lust, but also Shoushenruyu. Hey, I have to lure into his! However, his little lover, in the end who is it? Just let him so loyal? "6000 words Dazhang! Early nine, seeking Subscribe!, <

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