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07.06.2013 04:43
the heart is also want to take my x ì antworten

Walking in the jungle, Deng God s è complex looked at Yang Kai figure. Several y ù talks again, but I do not know what to say. Silent quiet lingering in between two people, Yang just in front of running and jump, and from time to time to stop for a while, frowning meditation, looked around, and then suddenly departed again. Deng is just like a tail, follow closely behind Yang Kai. A day later,Cheap Oakley Radar, Deng always stand the silence, pique, a stationary body. Yang Kai has run out of several hundred feet, it found wrong, hurriedly and rushed back, saw the new still stop in place, is micro raises the smooth chin, coldly stare at him. What are you doing. Yang Kai frowned, God s è rather unhappy. "I also want to ask what you do." Deng, ups and downs, a hard words thrown out, the sound can not help but put soft many, "in fact, you do not need to." "How to do?" Yang Kai glanced at her. "Apart from those people ah, together with them, you need not fear for their own safety, now in this place, except you and me and the group of people, also is only my brother and Wu by instrument two master, to their strength and the number of no fear my brother and Wu take the instrument, so you tell them apart, it is not wise!" Yang Kai looked her over, the corners of the mouth slowly blooming out an ineffable smile. "You do not think that, because I was afraid of your situation, so with that group of people apart?" Yang brows. New s è reddish face, looking at yang. Asked: "isn't it?" "You are starting to see themselves." Yang contempt smile: "you are wolf warrior, before the last R ì, we still life and death is not the enemy, even if your performance is good, the heart is also want to take my x ì ng life, you heartless, I do. I what you live stem." Deng was furious, bosom a ups and downs, grind teeth a way: "since you control. What I do is not good? I know you are good face, also stubborn, but don't say so ruthless?" So it is time to kill these bi. Although he was making to him before complete contempt ridicule, but many also have a part to his head. But the man who does not admit, Deng be clever and sensible, what nature is what he said, do not go out, let him pull not face. But now, he also said so. Face so important? "We love?" Yang Kai smiled, walked up his arm around the new waist, a hand not hesitate in the tender skin stroking. Deng to reach out, stop in Yang Kai's chest. Upper body bend backwards, the waist flush feeling came,Nike Jordan Take Flight UK, she can not help some cold cold heart, frowning at the sound of a: "what are you doing." "You say me, I love you to have a look." Yang hand more aggressive many. Let me go. Good God s è cold down. Yang Kai grinned. Also no longer free, free and easy to be released. Deng hurriedly stepped back, and he opened the distance between the face of J,Nike Jordan Flight The Power Sale, its ng alert and prevention. You said it. Suddenly Yang Kai nodded again, "and they separated, really.

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