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between the cavalry brigade antworten

> The Dickson after years away, Xu Xing Xia will dedicate myself to the white army's training them. wWw, QuANBEn, Com whether troubled times, master of military power are the top priority. Great is how sharply say? Gun in the regime! No matter what kind of dangerous situation, as long as there is a strong army in the side, can be saved the day. Zhenyuan off after the fighting ended, the white army days, is not easy. Because, waiting for them, the Spring Festival is a three-month training and consolidation. After each battle victories are a great opportunity ZhengXun, which is summed up the experience Ronghuan Marshal. Former Northeast Field Army, able to strike strong, hit more, and regular training is absolutely inseparable. There are so many excellent experience in, of course, is copied from the summer Xu Xing. Zhenyuan summary commendation off fighting in the tenth month has been opened before. For those true warrior, Xu Xing Xia has always been not mean their reward. Leaving aside a lot of Shangyin, a variety of honor, but also one by one. Was directly promoted to officer has the minister, and they are many. So to speak, after the war, all the outstanding performance of the soldiers, basically become corporal, officer over a long partnership. [Search the latest updates all in sub cavalry in da compiled sequence is the most important duties of the centurion, and they are the most critical grassroots officers play a connecting role. In preparation sequence white army, the most important grassroots officers, corporals and partnership is long. Corporal jurisdiction five soldiers and 10 soldiers under the jurisdiction of a long partnership. They are the core backbone of the white army, all soldiers are to them for the support exists. If their quality of customs, however, the quality of the entire white army, it is impossible to cross the border. In order to enhance the corporal, the quality of the long partnership to help them grow faster, Xu Xing specializes in Montenegro summer camp, creating a military academy for the white army of junior officers, teaching basic operational theory. Military academy's name, it is called Montenegro Camp School. Military academy teacher, the very beginning, fewer than ten people. In addition to Xu Xing Xia I, there are late tiger, Zhang Quan Fu, Ming Hao, Kai was, among others. Teaching content, including war theory, practical experience, reconnaissance essentials, intelligence priorities and so on. Later, the white army captain at all levels, but the command of the army, all of the military academy is very interested, so, once again expanded military academy, the training of junior officers are no longer simple, but covers the entire white army. Xu Xing Xia accordance with the provisions, as long as the white army officers, are eligible to apply to enter the military academy to learn. Military academy's teaching methods, but also from the original unilateral lectures, evolved into mutual discussion between teachers and students learn from each other. JiangWu no textbooks, only basic analysis of various wars. In fact, for the army at the time, the basic analysis of the battle, is sufficient. White army officers, in addition to Yu Lijun other handful of people, other people are not know the word, too esoteric doctrine, such as The Art of War or something, they do not understand, you say talk is white. Only wars, wars alive, they were able to figure it out. The so-called original aim, the war is also true. You will thoroughly publicize a lot of wars, speak clearly, they themselves will be able to ponder the matter to one of the basic principles. To say that the analysis of the various wars, of course not as good as others Xu Xing Xia. Later various studies, for many wars, both analysis was penetrating, digging three feet up. Now, Xu Xing Xia research of others, have all moved out, placed in front of officers at all levels. To do so, resulting in a significant effect, that is, the white army officers, all of his admiration body cast. They may have never seen before, a person can be so many wars, both analyzes was so thorough, so meticulous, they understand it, there is no difficulty. Integration of the various wars of research and analysis, combined with the previous Zhenyuan off fighting a war is a lot of basic, they intentionally or unintentionally, deep into each white army officer's mind. Three-month teaching courses on their role, absolutely brainwashing class. After just three months of learning, they are no longer ignorant Mangfu it. And the same level compared to other Ming army officers, their discernment, to win a big slice. There is no doubt that this Zhenyuan off fighting white army's performance is excellent. Only a thousand people with the strength to defeat a full sub cavalry attack, forcing da sub remnants had to retreat in disgrace, this record can only be used to represent the glory. In the Ming army battle in the history of the last two hundred years, has never been such a precedent. Even the original turquoise and Fu Youde, there is no such a disparity in strength compared winning wars. However, if you can say it is perfect white army of it? White Army would seem invincible, invincible it? Has not need to improve it? Of course not! In fact, in this battle, the white army also exposed many problems. Among them, the biggest problem, or payable to emergencies experience a serious shortage. In partial baffle box car was knocked down after the white army response, it is quite slow. Most of the soldiers, all seemed a bit confused, do not know what they should do. They even the most basic retreat action essentials, have forgotten that the child was da arrowheads, live shot. If then their body can get on the ground as much as possible, as much as possible close to the ground, da son arrowheads, is not so easily shot them. At that time the situation is really quite critical. If not, those slaves born white army soldiers risked holding explosives, go and die da sub cavalry, the consequences will happen, really hard to predict. Perhaps, da sub cavalry really rushed, and white army soldiers launched melee. Once close melee unfold, white army muskets without adequate power play, calling, we must collapsing it. In fact, before the fighting began, Xu Xing Xia is not without a plan. According to his plan, if the child cavalry da baffle box car crashed through the side, the hub when they came up around the musketeers, should be a breakthrough in the direction of the shot, the first attempt to break into the da sub eliminate say. In addition, the artillery battalion should respond quickly, priority will be a breakthrough in da sub kill. However, in the actual program implementation process, still half a beat slower pace. On the one hand, it is estimated we have not thought of, da sub cavalry impact velocity actually so fast, the intensity of the impact will so big. da sub cavalry to break open the side box car of the baffle, continuously launched several suicide assault, a white army soldiers caused a lot of psychological pressure, so that their reactions appeared slow, there has been a malfunction. On the other hand, before the fight, did not carry out this exercise, no advance exercises and found the drawbacks of this plan is one big mistake. The plan is actually on paper, the real execution up more difficult. Something a little exercise, you can find one of the drawbacks. Also, if there are exercises, then, the soldiers reaction would not be so chaotic. Was ready and not ready, the effect is very far away. In this process, which, as the supreme commander of the white army, Xu Xing Xia itself is also a great responsibility. For emergency situations, Xu Xing Xia themselves lack of knowledge. After all, he is not a professional military commander, in considering the issue of things, some details of the place, it is easy to ignore. At that time, he felt very simple, relying on long-range guns and explosives powerful package, can stop da sub cavalry attack, do not need to worry about da sub cavalry would really break into. Thus, for close melee combat, he did not have much to consider. How to block a breakthrough in terms, nor very tight plan. In fact, a large force of cavalry attack, attack power far beyond Xu Xing Xia unexpected. Zhenyuan off the battle, once again proved that simple guns team, it is absolutely impossible to stop a large force of cavalry assault. Fortunately, he had prepared a sufficient number trebuchet, equipped with a sufficient number of explosives, Kankan to complete the task. If you do not trebuchet, no explosives, estimated that he has now been sub cavalry captured. To compensate for their own fault, Xu Xing Xia decisive decision immediately rebuilt Zhenyuan Off. The aim is to let the child cavalry da sea tactics, no room to play. Just shut Zhenyuan build up, da hit sub cavalry come to think, it is not so easy. No matter how aggressive horses, nor broke the fortified walls, right? How high does not need walls, as long as ten meters, enough da child self-mutilation. If there are fifteen meters high, all da sub cavalry, should discourage it. Xu Xing Xia designed Zhenyuan off the walls, a full five feet high. For the vast majority of da sub cavalry, this is an insurmountable heights. Take his head, banging on the walls to solid estimated da sub chiefs head, no brain damage to the point. Unless it is a place of defenders, is indeed too crippled, can a hit on the break. However, with the white army fighting, never stoop to such a point. Now Xu Xing Xia, is a typical eating a cutting wisdom. After the end of each battle, he will seriously draw lessons. Absorbing good experiences, improve their own deficiencies. He constantly sum up experience and lessons, as much as possible to make up their own shortcomings. He also continued to own all kinds of knowledge learned in the Hereafter, and this era specific reality, trying to find more efficient and more effective to do, let the white army's rise detours. Of course, to be perfect, is not easy. Future generations of experience, is not a panacea. In fact, most of the later knowledge, in this day and age, do not have access. For example, his best computers, networks, typing something, in this age, there is powerless. He can really do is make their own efforts, allow yourself to become stronger, better foothold in this world only. This spring, the white army ZhengXun focus, mainly soldiers of the basic qualities. Forces of reaction speed, from somewhere? Of course, is the basic quality of the soldiers came from. If the soldier's basic quality, reach a certain level, do not increase the quality of troops all day. Without a certain degree of overall quality, rapid response forces, they can not do anything. Soldier's basic quality improvement is how? Of course, is through repeated monotonous training comes from. Heaven, there can be fighting fall. Either in ancient or modern, scientific and hard training, the soldiers are fighting to get the most fundamental way. Even a rigorous training are not enough troops there fighting impossible. In the next three months, large-scale war, should be temporary no. This three-month period, the white army's only task is to train, training, re-training, has been trained to a combat mission so far. From the amount of day ...... London's hands, get one hundred and two thousand of silver, there are a large number of slaves force, Xu Xing Xia thing to do, of course, is recruiting again expand the size of the white army. Gun in the regime Well! Not a sufficient number of troops, fart no avail. Heller Golden Horde have sent more than 30,000 horses, do not need the money to buy a horse, and only needs to put up notices to recruit a large number of troops on the line. And before those slaves came back, this time to be released back to the Han Chinese slaves, for the army, is quite positive. They da son of hatred, is simply not to use any language to describe. Add the white army, there personally kill da son, for themselves and for their families, for their loved ones the chance to revenge. Such an opportunity, who missed? Result, recruitment notices posted just go out, there is a large number of slaves were eager to join the army. Finally, the white army received a total of more than 8,000 registration requests. Among them, more than 90% are to be released back to the slaves. Xu Xing Xia final decision, only screened from slave soldiers. Other candidates for registration, have been excluded. After a rigorous screening later, there are about 3,000 slaves into the white army participated. The military buildup of scale, much larger than the last. In addition to carving cavalry, tank battalion, artillery battalion, the White Army Corps under the other nine are all expanded into five teams, under the jurisdiction of 250 soldiers. Plus the officer, then each army has about three hundred people. Nine army together, there are nearly three thousand people. If you add carving cavalry, and artillery battalion tank battalion, then the total strength of the white army more than five thousand people, basically close to a full strength of the guard. Xu Xing Xia currently only one generation of 1000, in accordance with regulations, only 1120 people commanding troops. However, it has a full command of his 5,000 troops. This is a serious beyond. However, including Xu Xing Xia included, no one think there is anything wrong with that. Perhaps in other parts of the town of Ningxia, someone will feel wrong, but none of them had to point it out. Now Montenegro camp, really become a huge barracks. All the main white army troops are stationed here. Because completely re-planning, each unit has a wide resident, for future expansion, set aside enough space. At first, when the camp of Montenegro in the planning, but to set aside a full white army barracks of 50,Oakleys Sport Sunglasses,000. Now the white army, only five thousand people, only one-tenth of the planning. And the other armed forces are different, the white army from top to bottom, are all equipped with horses. There are a small number of main combat units,Women's Nike Jordan, each equipped with two soldiers and even horses can be rotated, can also help a lot of camel negative supplies. The total strength of the white army, only five thousand people, but have a variety of horses, a full ten thousand or more. Equestrian, is the basic white army soldiers training courses, while also easily trained subjects. Ningxia town's military families, as long as the conditional, all know riding. Those who have been released back to the Han Chinese slaves, most of them have a good equestrian foundation. After they enter the white army, at least a little training, horse controlling technology can cross the border. Even riding infantry, marching speed, but also much faster than the pure infantry. This is the great advantage of the white army. For example, from the town of Fort Granville Zhenyuan off to walk, at least to the time of day and night. But the horse galloping, then up to two hour. If the horse is fast enough, an hour will be able to arrive. However, this advantage is also a fatal injury. What is this fatal? Is communication. Between infantry brigade, you can also use the cavalry to communicate. Much faster speed than infantry cavalry, infantry to catch up, it is quite easy. However, between the cavalry brigade, and can only use the cavalry to communicate. Once the cavalry at full speed on their way, and then use the cavalry communication, we must greatly behind. Such means of communication, the consequences, that is, an order issued by Xu Xing Xia, can not be too dead to avoid binding the underlying resilience. Meanwhile, those brains too dead people can not play the chief commander of the armed forces. Otherwise, encounters unforeseen circumstances, they do not know how to react. Only those who can work independently, or is capable of independent judgment of the officer, to serve as chief. Due to the impact of this, those children born Ranger officer, generally occupy relatively large advantage. They are doing Ranger children, it often is acting alone. No matter what kind of emergency situations, must make their own independent judgment. Now, proceed to force later, the fundamental nature has not changed. Different but after judgment, affecting more people only. Instead, some troops born officer, it is more a disadvantage, because they work independently of experience is indeed too little. Like Zhang Quan Fu, GAO Meng, who, before all flag officers, had never dealt with separately affairs. After the upgrade the post, there is no chance of doing things alone. Ranger child was born, and those officers compared to their course of action is definitely a conservative bias. Four words to describe, is: not there, but they try too. Of course, not to say that those children born Ranger officer, grow up to be better than the army officers outstanding. Two different origin, has its own advantages and disadvantages,Crossbodys Coach Bags, complementarity is the most important. Xu Xing summer camp academy opened in Montenegro, is a complementary hodgepodge. Different officers studying here, the exchange of experience, just to make up for their shortcomings. When the end of their studies, can basically inclusive of. [Today, more to the Fourth! Grand thousand words! Seeking Subscribe! 】 <

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