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splashing into the companion's antworten

> (0305), "our mission!" Delicate Xu Xing Xia Wu back side, calm returns. WwW, QunabEN, coM "good." Xu Xing Xia nodded and did not say anything. His sight, is not moved. For Hari Naohai head, and he did not fancy one. Carving cavalry dispatched to eliminate a small Tartars centurion, in his view, hardly anything. If Delicate arms out, you can not annihilate each other, that is the priority. Hari Naohai death by this effect, all of the Tatar cavalry, are a bit restless. They just silence, contributing to the current agitation. Anyway, just things that are so Tatars feel very ashamed. Hari Naohai somehow also Tartar warriors among one of the strongest. Unexpectedly, he was eventually carved cavalry skirmish died in the hands. This damn Xu Xing Xia, hands in the end some kind of powerful weapon? "Damn! Attack!" "Offensive! Eliminate these damn Hu tie!" Break Day London, could not, two glowing Nusheng roared. Themselves under the command of the bravest, the most outstanding soldier, and it was destroyed, he certainly can not continue to cool it. Blindly calm, will only make the morale of troops, more depressed. Since the battle alone, you can not take from cheap white army here, and that only by taking human wave tactics, sacrifice, desperate to white army launched a surprise. "Attack!" Heller Kim also cried bitterly. No matter how offensive will pay a high price, he has no choice. If you do not attack it, just carving cavalry skirmish of these, we can let them all die here. Taking advantage of the morale of the troops now, has not been a fatal blow, he must act decisively. Wealth insurance requirements for their own future, for the future of tribes, only to fight it. As might be very costly, at this time, temporarily unable to consider them. His only hope is to kill Xu Xing Xia. Leaders in their respective commands, all the Tartars cavalry, have begun regular exercise. Their offense, of course, not a single direction. They are prepared from several different directions, while the white army attack to spread the white army guns firepower. From a tactical point of view, the Tartars of this approach is entirely appropriate. However, due to topographical constraints, the focus of their attack, they are still white army to the north. At least four thousand teams Tartars cavalry, gathered here, ready to attack. Four thousand Tartars teams, each crowded together,Totes Coach, the density of each other, but it is still very terrible. Most of the time, between the left and right Tartars cavalry distance may be less than two meters. Such densities, for the cavalry speed movement, there is a greater impact. Case in front of the Tartars cavalry fallen behind the Tartars cavalry, there is no chance of a detour, only brutal trampling the past, or is it simply been tripped. In addition, this tight formation, but also bring a serious consequences, and that is the white army of explosives came down, almost no wasted lethal place. In such a density of a white army explosives down, you can enveloped ten to thirty of the Tartars cavalry. Basically, a loud noise after an explosion,Jordan 14 Shoes, these Tartars cavalry, are not to continue fighting capability. For this, the Tartars also a hazy understanding. However, there is no way the Tartars. They must be chosen such formation. Because, once their team, pulled too loose, then those carved cavalry skirmish, but also give them bad. In front of the white army guns, the Tartars have a quick fix. The longer they delay, the more favorable for white army. Put the guns are not any effort, but the Tartars cavalry itself, but relies entirely human action. A long time, morale and combat effectiveness is being reduced. For a time, the Tartars of two tribal leaders, turns out to be a dilemma, which is quite difficult. White army barracks, a circular structure, surrounded by bunkers constitute partial box car, the middle is you can quickly mobilize troops cross the road. This structure, no matter from which direction the enemy kill over, can be quickly mobilized strength. From a scientific point of view, the circular force is most uniform. No matter in which points were under great pressure, the other point, you can quickly share in the past. If subjected to oppression in all directions, then the round will continue to become smaller. The more smaller, the greater the pressure to rebound. "Da da da!" Tartars cavalry getting closer, hoofs grew louder. Partial box car from behind looking out intensive Tatar cavalry, just like the surging tide, the white army barracks swept. Black tides, constantly beating the earth, forming waves of intense shock. If you are standing barefoot on the ground, then certainly you can clearly feel the earth shake. Because too many Tartars cavalry, horseshoe stirring up dust, the sky, intertwined with each other, far look at the past, it seems to be an earth-colored monster, being aggressive toward the white army barracks. Despite being carved cavalry skirmish combat, most of the Tartars cavalry, morale is still relatively high. Before the white army of skirmishers who only affected a small part of the Tartars cavalry. After all, this time a total of nearly ten thousand people together Tatars south, massive. If it is for the former, the whole Ningxia town, you can come and go up. Most of the Tartars cavalry, still optimistic that even if you want to pay a certain price, they can still wipe out the front of the Ming army. Comparison of both forces is indeed too poor. "Fire!" Cloud odd wind immediately ordered. A large number of Tatar cavalry coming in, it is a good time to freak artillery battalion. "Whew!" "Whew!" "Whew!" One by one explosive package, constantly being ejected out, messy fall Tartars cavalry middle ranks, the fire broke out in one round. Originally intensive Tatar cavalry, with the dropping explosives, suddenly becomes sparse cluttered up. "Rumble!" Every sound loud, are accompanied by a large number of Tartars cavalry fall. Artillery Battalion The launch explosives, the 1st, the 3rd, the 5th, all have, from far and near, the formation of a strong blocking line. Five hundred meters from the farthest to the nearest fifty meters, are likely to suffer explosives attacks. Tartars cavalry want to be near the white army barracks, we must first break through the cordon of death formed explosives. Only survivor, will it be possible to continue to attack. In other words, they have to pay a heavy price. In fact, although the number of Tartars cavalry lot, you want to blast through the formation of one death spiral, but it is not an easy task. Nobody knows where explosives would fall from his in the end how close the explosion, when they will spread to their own. This kind of thing, instead of relying entirely personal force, or is brave, or is skill can decide. Is able to survive, relying entirely luck. Even if it is not dead Hari Naohai, encountered such a situation, only pray for longevity-day bless. Some consider themselves horse controlling technology, very good Tartars cavalry, trying to manipulate their own horses, in the most flexible way to avoid the explosives attacks. However, in the chaos of the battlefield, to do this, really hard. Front, there may be companions of the body. Back there to keep up with peers. On the left, it may be crumbling companions. On the right, it may be an explosion crater formed. No matter which side, are not free to gallop. Many of the Tartars cavalry, are directed directed, it was a powerful blast, directly from the horse knocked down. In the process of high-speed gallop, was abruptly fell off the horse to go, even die, at least is the result of disability. Not expect to stand up and fight, it is absolutely impossible. Did not cause too many broken bones, is already God bless it. Many of the Tartars cavalry, even to death, still do not know how it was. More minority Tartars cavalry, in the center of the explosion, and it would be a direct Zhenfei to the air, and then fiercely Zala down, a nearby companion, but also all give Zadao. Some Tartars cavalry, the body was completely shattered, splashing into the companion's body directly, thighs, arms or something, directly into the companion's body, became a deadly weapon. Basically, every explosion explosives, should result in a large Tartars cavalry confusion. "Damn!" Amount of days Dun pale gray, angry, anxious muttering. "Finished ......" Heller Kim's face, the same gray, intonation feebly. White army firearms is so fierce, it is too contrary to their surprise it. In front of the white army firearms, Tatars is fragile like weeds, broken at any time. With their knowledge, simply can not believe that the white army able to produce such a terrible weapon. They do not know, the white army use, and in the end is what kind of weapons. They only know that such a weapon, for the Tatar people, it is absolutely fatal. All along,Oakley Sunglasses Sale, Heller gold concern, are Xu Xing Xia individual archery, firearms against white army, but did not care enough. This can not blame Heller gold, you can not blame the other Tartars. Even Mo Xu Xing summer day roots are in the hands of a disadvantage, they Chi Diankui, then what? Xu Xing Xia individual archery is indeed too good. His outstanding performance on archery, completely overshadowed his other talents. When all eyes are on the fall when Xu Xing Xia archery, no one has found, firearms, is the white army best. Guge Le south of the time, is to eat the white army burned by firearms. Remains so today. Four thousand teams Tatars cavalry, in front of white army firearms, or suffered a major loss. Heller gold even dare statistical own forces casualties. Because, he knows very well that he forces casualties, definitely not small. At just the moment, there are five or six hundred casualties as much as possible the. Over a thousand casualties, just a matter of time. [New Year, Happy New Year to everyone! Wish everyone in the new year, sleep whenever he woke up, count the money a few hand cramps! 】 <

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