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07.06.2013 04:38
the injury is not light antworten

Monthly double, cast a variable two, two pieces of four pieces, beg a monthly ticket!!!! At the end of the end of the month, all want to be small explosion down ah,Coach Online Outlet, I also accounted for a new monthly chart position. After the death of Qi Jianxing, not much later a blood bead will pour out. Almost from the original ghost valley that after death the blood bead size. After all, true yuan the young warrior, strength of the gap is not great. Yang Kai gasped and blood bead up, and then in the Qi Jianxing body search. A short while, and then find a few pieces of a size not blood bead, this should be Qi Jianxing before the battle trophies, but did not take. In addition, some money and a whole body green bottle. This is all of the harvest. Everything in the universe bag, Yang quickly left the scene. Half R ì, a hillside, Yang sit cross-legged,Air Jordan Take Flight UK, taking a few of healing Dan, also changed their clothes stained with blood, remove all possible bloody flavor. The cave hiding himself out, after that Sirius who would Enslave Demon monster, Yang knew that their future actions more careful, dug caves, hiding, healing, and the entrance to the cave is sealed, so as to avoid all possible trouble. A war with Qi Jianxing, the injury is not light, not the heavy, Yang now strength and physical resilience than before has greatly increased, does not need a few R ì can be cured, and have a healing Dan. Just three R ì, on the three hole was uneventfully although not fully recovered, but also won't flow of the three R ì, Yang has been recalled and the battle of Qi Jianxing, his arrogant defeat, their careful looking for others' shortcomings, by self-reflection oneself. The harvest! Opened his eyes, the body is happy, try to battle out, let a person feel happy. Yang liquid Nishida Uchi have add, but Master Taixu in universal bag Ling left a few bottles of Yang x ì ng Dan medicine, Yang was not to worry. Swallow the sun drops a whole bottle of the pubic region is more than ten drops. Vitality J ī ng pure, now a drop of liquid condensed Yang need energy has become a lot more than before, this is a good thing. Think Yang will be a few bottles of Yang the rest of the genus x ì ng pills are swallowed down, finally let the number of Yang liquid surge. In search of a universal bag, Yang took out a green bottle. This bottle is from Qi Jianxing who found out,Coach Sunglasses, I don't know exactly what is installed. Uncover the bottle mouth, suddenly had a hot feeling hit, this let Yang Kai kindly but also can not help but moved slightly. He is clearly aware of this energy in the bottle that contains its J ī ng pure flavor, although with their positive genus x ì ng vitality of energy some similarities, but not the same. A look down, Yang Kaizhi see the bottle has a like glazed liquids in general, showing a flame Yan s è. Not much, only four or five drops. Qi Jianxing had nothing but only a bottle of liquid, be regarded as treasures, value is not low. But what the hell is this? Yang Kai observed, sniffing, secretly try, curious. "Voldemort!" Yang Kaizhao.

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