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one wounded rummage Tartar antworten

> "One thousand adults!" White Army officers at all levels, have saluted hello. wWw, quanbeN, cOM Xu Xing Xia jumped down from the horse, hands salute, then pointing out and said: "Do not worry, those Tartars Da, demeanor are not normal, estimated to be stoned." "nibbling Clearly, tiger and the late Zhang Quan Fu, do not understand what the word meant. "just as ...... eat something, nervous not normal. "Xu Xing Xia explained only in fact, Tartar Da in the end is not stoned, Xu Xing Xia can not conclude, however, Tartar Da n god this state is obviously not normal. Gang on horseback, Xu Xing Xia noticed this a little of these Tartar Da collective fear Sia! Tartars Da afraid of death, not without, but certainly not every Tartar Da not afraid of death. Given normal circumstances this is not possible, it is only starting to consider the situation from the exception a. either, is that these Tartars Da, there are the backbone of a particular religious belief. either, is eating some special things in addition to a particular faith, or is it some special things, other Any way, it is impossible to make a collective into a collective mad mad unconsciousness ah, that in itself is a very strange thing. According to Dickson in intelligence, in the prairie, or is in the Tatar people inside, like a religion Faith, not particularly powerful, although there are certain believers, quantity is not particularly large, the Tatars inside position is not particularly high. Originally, the Tatars and the Ottoman Empire, that is, against each other, defeating, Nature can not allow the spread of religious freedom Mecca, if allowed to teach the free dissemination of Mecca, and that is their own sets demolition of the Tatars. touches milder Buddhism, as well as primitive shamanism, in comparing the status of the Tatar people high, especially Buddhism, expanding rapidly these years, many nomads level, are beginning to believe in Buddhism, it would be a new trend savannah same day, mentioned here Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, basically, also commonly known as Lamaism. pair Xu Xing Xia, the Tatars, the ancients believed in Buddhism, either Buddhism, are definitely a good thing and this thing is not that people will become Buddhist compassion, become tender, and change Instead, the lack of aggression would have wasted a lot of money Buddhist devotees. put a little cruel, Buddhism is actually parasites, will be a substantial erosion of the forces of the body belongs. built temples, donated merit, are enough to be full of ancient kings and their savings Taoguang, so that they lose the potential for war. ~ ~ ~ ~ then the powerful Tibetan, is one such decline. and Buddhism compared to the original native prairie Shamanism, longevity day of the class, but relatively strong aggression and these primitive religion, vague and mysterious,Jordan 9 Shoes, at some point, they will always play a role in some of the unimaginable. Shamanism in the Eastern Han Dynasty when it appeared, to the Ming Dynasty, has existed for 1400 years full of the time no matter how big the original vicissitudes of castor seed, how the city of the first king of the flag, shamanism has survived, there is always a large number of followers, showing its tenacious vitality. Indeed, some studies show that later, Tartar person's witch doctor, that is, their faith Shamanic indeed have some magic with í qualitative material for manufacturing these materials and wine together, can make people have a strong effect í magic in some time, these í Da magic, but also by the Tatars of the ancients as an n Da powerful to use, is said to very good effect, you can count the night Royal nv, golden spear. certain nomadic cavalry, in fact, not so afraid of death. many cases, they are being stabbed up wine n, strictly speaking, spirits itself is a hallucinogen. liquor n, the higher the concentration, the stronger hallucinogenic effect. drank high people rush up, always special brave if their horses, and drink a little alcohol, it would be more serious in the battlefield, how are definitely not brake seventy yards. In fact, the Han army, often also rely spirits thorn guts. before the war, swig spirits practice in the Qin army when there is a. subsequent Each dynasty, during World War II began, the army officers and soldiers have swig some, then battle the enemy. much is bold and imaginative, as it is the use of wine n thorn role, people become more courageous, more defended not afraid of dying, so that a greater chance of winning some of course , in front of these Tartars Da definitely not drunk so simple no matter how strongly tipsy, Golden Horde came from Heller Zhenyuan off, have been awake almost the same. drunken waking who happens to be the most frail, almost no any decent fight. ordinary brawny,Nike Air Jordan 11, take a broadsword, will be able to cut them up. estimated Tartar Da not do such a stupid thing. As they drank something in the end, Xu Xing Xia too lazy to pursue it. anyway, No matter what they drink, waiting for them, have only white army guns. "Kill! One does not leave! "Xu Xing Xia command is very simple, very funeral expenses correctly. Disturbed the dinner, he actually nest a belly fire. These this' l Bushitaiju ...... the Tartar Da, of course, does not have the slightest feelings If there is a chance that he would one by one they all chopped up, thrown into the Helan Mountain and then go inside to feed the wolf. commands by Xu Xing Xia Li, white army guns, the more violent. "Rumble! "" Bang bang bang! "A thousand Tartars Da's team, in front of white army, is clearly not enough to see. Half an hour later, the fighting largely over. Remnants of Tartar Da, finally willing to retreat. Hallucinogens, no matter how powerful, can not stop the fear of death in the white army guns roar, the role of hallucinogens, is rapidly dissipated when they realized that death hovering in the head after the remnants of the Tartars Da, almost screaming fleeing. sound of the guns gradually stopped. white army defense line in front of the Gobi Desert, leaving about five six hundred Tartars Da corpses, as well as a large number of dead and injured horses which a dry land, thick with blood soaked again Many depressions have formed in the blood of the pond. part Tartar Da wounded, in a pool of painful struggle, occasionally sad reminder groan issued are likely to die at any time. those injured horses, it is constantly sent waves of pain scream,Classic Coach, constantly beating everyone's nerves, but the white army taut nerves, never relax. muskets Da hands are still very wary of staring outside shooting can be opened at any time, they believe, has just been repulsed, but the striker is Tartar Da forces behind them, there should be a large force Tartars Da, more intense battle, certainly lie ahead. Yet, surprisingly, left to wait in vain for Tartar Da large forces occur. white army scout, has been moved to the end of the line of sight, still no new Tartar Da soon. What if Tartar Da n seek, seems like. How much sacrifice of hundreds of people n seek? several hundred cavalry, for the nomads, it is also a very heavy loss. general Tartar tribes, all can not afford such a loss. Tartar Da, in the end ā playing what kind? Gao Meng whispered, said: "HSBC households adults under go out and see? "Xu Xing Xia nodded, Chen Sheng said:" Good! Be careful! Note scout alarm if found wrong, liters back! "Soon, GAO Meng took his squad hundred people, go out of the battlefield, a careful search. They are divided into three groups of back and forth searching. Their purpose, but grab a few Tartar Da tongue Detailed ask back, which in the end is how the case if the Tartar Da large force in the back, how many people, what is currently in place. they went out, outside of the battlefield, is naturally one of the mess of the earth is are dead and the dead horse, the blood can almost drown knees in some places, one foot down, that is a deep pit. their dead inside the reactor, one wounded rummage Tartar Da No dead Tartar Da, have been arrested, interrogated information. Unfortunately, these Tartars Da are groggy, the feeling is the same as the depth of drunkenness, and what information is to ask out. Zhang Quan complex has set worried, said: "one thousand adults, Tartar Da will From the Helan Mountain Pass over other? Slightly large, to steal? "Xu Xing Xia calmly said:" carving cavalry and other information. "In all the Helan Mountain pass road, has carved cavalry skirmish on the alert if there Tartar Da another pass from Helan Mountain reached, and will definitely get the alert. Strangely, from fighting broke until now, have been no people came to report that only two possible One is indeed no Tartar Da appears. another, it is all carved cavalry was Tartar Da kill. much deliberation, the second of which might not be great. "Ming Hao! Send a few people and carving cavalry contact! "Xu Xing Xia cool commanded." Yes, sir! "Ming Hao hastily promised, sent to the result, soon had scouts return, saying it was carved cavalry, that has found no trace of the Tartars Da. Helan Mountain Pass each pass, are currently firmly by the white Army hands. carving cavalry skirmish who actually look forward to having Tartar Da appear, so that they show what n quasi-long-range strike technologies, but unfortunately, Tartar Da always no. their hopes dashed. Xu Xing Xia only can conclude that this is the amount of days Dun tribal Tartar Da, since the action, perhaps, the amount of days Dun Da Tartar tribes, before the fight was not over the white army, would make such a reckless move that sent a thousand team troops, will be able to break through the white army of defense, reached the town in Ningxia. saying this idea, it touches people. was this time, GAO Meng excitedly back, shouted shouted: "one thousand adults, we caught Tartar Da's centurions! He is still alive! "Xu Xing Xia suddenly overjoyed, hastily exclaimed:" bring him back! "F [...... [Chapter 295] Tartars Da son, in the end what is playing tricks? ---- Net text updates fastest ......} @!! <

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