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07.06.2013 04:32
Yang Kaiyue is aware of the experience antworten

Short five hundred days journey, in peacetime, to such a group of people's feet, only two hour can be arrived at. Fugue environment master flying up, without the need for half an hour. But in the gloom in the mountains along five hundred miles, but it took two days time had not yet arrived. Encountered en route and dangerous attack, far exceeding all expectations. "Yan Xiaofeng, you spend palace every ten years will enter, after all is so dangerous?" Once the rest of the time, Ling is asked, when he came here last time was fifty years ago, at that time, although there are wicked way, have no the frequent. The old woman mused: "no, this time I don't know why. I'm afraid ghost mountain is what mishap, some small beasts were rushed to the periphery." Listen to what she said, and Li Ling is slightly discoloration. "Here should not stay long, or continue to go." The old woman also perceived wrong, immediately said. A group of people once again set foot on the journey, semidiurnal, finally near misses to the destination. There is a huge lake, the water is clear, glittering, but the calm surface of the lake was wearing a strange smell, faint let Yang Kaiyou a nervous feeling. Far in the distance, I saw the lake at the edge of the gathering stacks and stacks of people, these people are the Han forces carried throughout the master disciples came to experience, the number of more or less, many have only seven or eight people, less three or four. These people are separated by about thirty feet or so away, around the edge of the lake. After seeing Ling void this pedestrian horse, all with a faint not happy and alert. Summer palace woman glazes is nodded,Air Jordan Shoes, then led the company and the four girls in a lake to go. This line of the Ying Yanyan's men appear, immediately attracted many young men's eyes. The girls are accustomed to seeing such a scene, not much emotional fluctuations, just started to follow the old woman behind him, found no one stops. Li hazily glazes is a smile, but also has profound meaning glance yang. That Kim is cold to hum a, Chong Yang made a commit suicide action, that in my lead, and the summer palace people back to. "We are looking for a place!" Ling Taixu said, leading Yang Kaizhao Lake near. Lake side most locations have been the first to the occupation forces in the universe,Nike Jordan 3 Shoes, Ling and Yang Kai two people to walk for a long time did not find can stay. But after a group of people, Ling too will be quietly sound, told him that this group of people belonging to forces,Air Jordan 6 UK Sale, is evil, how to participate in the trial of strength of the disciples, beware of what the Pope door. Yang Kai secretly in mind, calm on the surface. Have been half way around the lake, I only found a place no one took place, Ling too obviously relieved. Stay down, two people sit cross-legged, details of Ling too more carefully about the size of the forces for Yang Kai lake, yang side intentions in mind, while secretly observation. The more you know, Yang Kaiyue is aware of the experience of the dangerous. These forces are Han belongs to, most are one or two Pope door, also some three Pope door, every home >

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