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> More to today's first! "Guge Le how not to retreat?" In the white army here, someone asked, surprised. In the earlier battle, Tartars cavalry casualties, has been quite amazing. Their vital forces, has suffered a fatal blow. If there is no accident, they should be incapable of initiating a second large-scale attack. Taught thousands of shoes cavalry corps, even elite regiment known as the thousands of teams, the real essence of the battle, it is estimated that four hundred people. The other six hundred people, is not so fierce. If the most elite four hundred people lost, the remaining six hundred people, morale will drop to the bottom, basically not much fighting it. Generally, in such cases, they should immediately Yuandun is. Beat and run, it has always been nomadic doctrine. Suffered a significant loss in the case, but also powerful enemies and continue wrapping material, this is definitely not the wise man should do. However, the remnants of the cavalry to teach shoes,Oakley Oil Rig Outlet, there's no withdrawal, still hovering in the background. "He Zou Bude." Kai Xu Xing of the summer instead of answering. For Heller Golden Horde familiarity, Kai Xu Xing Xia many years to overcome. But lurking in his prairie Guard chief, hand holds a perfect intelligence network. Previously, most of the intelligence information, are buried in his mind, no one really care about. Xu Xing appear until the summer, he mastered a variety of intelligence, is the real handy. "Why?" Some modest go on. "If you went back, he would have never spent the rest of his life in disgrace it. Teach children respect, but for the purposes of winners for losers, they have only trample and ridicule, so that in the end, is the Guge Le absolutely unacceptable and I estimate that he would gamble and continue the attack, he would rather died, would prefer not to accept the ridicule of others. "Dickson was deep explanation. People around, there is no talking. Guge Le Mu really would not like to get away, but also to continue to initiate fighting words, waiting for him, it must be the fate of death. In front of the white army guns, godson of flesh and blood, is simply impossible blocked. Bagh are Flamini bomb hit into a sieve, how could he Guge Le exception? You know that you want to die. Should continue to rush to, do not know whether to admire his courage, or the irony of his stupidity. In fact, this is the sorrow of nomads only and not be killed. They did not fail the capital. Fails once, they hit, are very serious, nomads too little capital, can not afford such a loss. Defeat once, a long time is necessary. In order to recover. Sometimes even defeated once, and never have the opportunity to recover it. Contrary. Han Dynasty foundation, but very deep, even if successive defeat, and even successive defeat, have the ability to continue the war there. The reason for all nomads, are applicable. If applied in the Liaodong, the more simple. After Liaodong gold godson, in fact, there is no foundation. Ming army not victorious, only need to really win again. After the gold godson would badly hurt and take a long time to lick wounds. If the losses suffered too much, after the gold shoes may never be able to recover, only to death. Unfortunately, Liaodong Ming army without a real victory, has become a transportation captain, constantly all kinds of military supplies, and even the population of the land, after all gave a lot of gold shoes, will let the power of gold to teach the child , getting stronger and more difficult to deal with. Frankly, if implemented in the Liaodong Ming army invading, what things are not left after the gold shoes, even if the fight after winning gold Tartars, the speed of its rise, but also a lot slower. Battlefield gunfire, gradually died down. Filled with white smoke, gradually drift. A sky full of dust, also gradually fell to the ground. Everyone in front of vision, are gradually clear up. Clouds seemed to be gradually Piaoyuan, warm winter sun, radiation from the sky down, reflecting the entire battlefield, giving everyone brings a slight warmth. At this time, we discovered that the sun still hanging in the sky in the middle. Combat is almost noon when it began, and now is at noon. In other words, such a fierce battle, in fact, duration, less than half an hour too! Just do not think when the fighting, and now the fighting ended, the white army soldiers just think, time flies really weird ah! They also think that just fighting lasted at least three or four hour of it! Just fighting for the white army of soldiers, it is definitely exciting, but also food for thought, even incredible. Their first, felt "very easy" to rout the Tartars cavalry attack. Light Cavalry shoes or no chance, rushed partial box car in front. They were feeling, as if in the training field as simple, just keep repeating loading, aiming, shooting this kind of action on it. Such a battle, even mental capacity is not strong, are capable of. Even the most cowardly soldiers, cavalry did not feel that the Tartars have nothing to fear. Swarming up the teaching saddle cavalry, had little impact on them. This is also rifled guns and muskets of a fundamental difference lies. Musket must be shot within a distance of fifty meters, or can not constitute a real hurt on the enemy. Fifty meters distance, for the musketeers nerves, it is definitely very scary ordeal. In such a short distance, the enemy's bow and arrow, have been directly hit you. In the event of enemy cavalry brigade assault when, even more so. Even very skilled musketeer, in such a distance, in the face of the enemy cavalry rush, there will be a lot of mistakes. The usual level of training, can play a Seventy has been very good job. General well-trained musketeers up to play four. If the scratch is relatively poor practice, with an estimated three percent might have played out. Some muskets hand, there may even panic, indiscriminate firing. Rifled gunman is entirely different. Shuo rifled gun range, much farther than the musket, accuracy should be much better. At a distance of two hundred meters, they feel the pressure, is almost negligible for. Even if it is the enemy cavalry assault launched from two hundred meters away, and they can calmly face. After all, there are two hundred meters away, enough to shoot the enemy cavalry. At a distance of two hundred meters, the general rifled gunmen can play more than 80% of the scraping practice standards. Such disparities, on the battlefield, is already a very deadly. With the increasing popularity of hot weapons, in the field, is not the pursuit of Chun-one killer novels] came to finishing. Instead firepower stocking densities. In the shortest possible time, put up the fire, and gradually become the consensus. One or dozens of sharp rifled gun battle may not change the outcome, however, one hundred, one thousand, or even ten thousand rifled gun influence on the battlefield is absolutely enormous. In breech occurred, the fire stocking density, but also greatly increased. "We did pretty!" Xu Xing Xia to Musketeers circle, encouraging morale of the troops. Encouraged by the musketeers, they both looked very happy. They are very bright smile. Some of them are people because of the continuing firing bullets, his face blackened, and when he laughs, revealing only two eyes, and white teeth, it seemed as if just to climb inside the mine pit out of the same. This fight does make them proud. Previously, teaching the child in front of military families who always suffer the copies. Ningxia town, do not know is how many times ravaged godson. I do not know how many military families, fell to the godson under the knife. Now, the situation finally reversed the situation, turn to military families were massacred leptons it. Just fighting, in fact genocide. No matter how brave shoes, in front of white army guns, they only die copies. To establish the confidence to defeat godson, indeed not so easy. Ningxia town all military families, almost all on the Tartars have a natural fear of the boat. This is Xu Xing Xia Obviously you can feel. Before participating in combat, some of the white army soldiers, fear of the shoes, but also not completely dissipated. However, after this battle,Air Jordan Flight 9 UK Sale, their fears no longer exist. On the contrary, now is the turn of the Tartars dreaded white army. Let Xu Xing Xia happier is that this war six Musketeers, after a real test after each of his soldiers, fighting will become the backbone. In these backbone, based on everyone can lead a novice, to help novice rapid growth. In other words, in the near future, the number of musketeers, can be extended to more than double over eight hundred people. The establishment of the one thousand range, "force is the limit, there are a lot of vacancies in it." Trebuchet damage situation? "Xu Xing Xia came artillery battalion, which he needs to focus on checking in earlier fighting, trebuchet projectile out of explosives, to teach shoes cavalry caused a lot of trouble, not only killing a large number of Tartars, but also to Tartars had a fear for explosives is estimated at night dreaming, some shoes are dreamed of explosives falling hungry but trebuchet has a bad place, is more prone to failure, especially during prolonged use of high intensity process, generally easy to damage, after all, trebuchet is made of wood, there can be so sturdy steel according to the report of the wind-odd artillery battalion equipped with twenty five trebuchet, there have been seven damaged so the failure rate, people really am speechless. half an hour of fighting it, they destroyed almost one-third if the fighting continues stalemate continues, I'm afraid the number will be more damage. Finally, all twenty-five stone machines are hors de combat, nor is it impossible. Fortunately, the shoes did not continue to rush to, but this is no way to do. trebuchet already very low cost, process is very simple, simply one of the most expensive weapons, such as Mu trebuchet also very durable, and that the world's armed forces are equipped with a trebuchet. present situation can only be let Peng when other artisans, seize the time to repair it. Fortunately, in addition to the damage to the two comparison trebuchet seriously, can not be repaired, the other five trebuchet, as long as half a day, you can basically repaired, continue to put to use. As the consumption of explosives, did not make any special circumstances. earlier battle, the main consumption loading dose is the minimum number one explosive package, then Route explosives. loading dose fifth largest explosives, basically did not use the opportunity by the sun and the moon conventional firepower, cavalry saddle shoes simply do not opportunity to rush at close range, the fifth explosives, naturally, the powerless from the artillery battalion back, Xu Xing Xia Xiang Ju to the top of the front side, his eyes carefully observe the movement outside. outside the Gobi Desert , one of the mess everywhere godson is killed or injured, as well as the fallen horse from broken bows and arrows, machetes fracture, broken helmet, armor cracking, different kinds of equipment, mess lying on the ground. lot of blood, the original gray desert, into a dark red and some low-lying areas, and even a little blood formed a pond. occasionally, came neighing horses, and personnel moan. northerly winds, the sound is particularly evident and that was not yet breathe the horses, and yet breathe godson, is a painful struggle. has some shoes to walk into the battlefield, trying to rescue companions not breathe out. their hands, and did not make the carrying of weapons. "Your honor, the Tartars to collect the wounded, and we should not shoot? "Wang Xia whispered." Shot! "Xu Xing Xia said without hesitation. Godson want to easily go back to rescue the wounded, no white army's permission, is simply dreaming. Injured his fingers, better off one means Only the dead Tartars, is the best godson . Xu Xing Xia let those injured Tartars. thoroughly become death godson. estimated that in the chaos of the battlefield, shoes with at least two or three hundred wounded, these people should all be sent into hell. " bang bang bang! "Intense gunfire immediately sounded like bombs rained Minnie sweep past. Those trying to rescue the wounded lepton, suddenly overthrown several, of silent threw himself in a pool of blood. Others Tartars, hurried retreat to the rear, to escape the white army attacks. behind the light Tartars soldiers, subconsciously want to dash forward, his companions collusion back, but shot on white army guns threatened,Jordan New School Sale, they soon did not dare Moved. "despicable Han! "" Hateful Han! "" Hu tie! These damn Hu tie! "" Hu tie! These damn Hu tie! "There continue to teach people roar up shoes, like crazy, like one of these damn Ming army, it is an outrage! They actually do not allow light to rescue their wounded man shoes! They actually Tartars against unarmed people shoot!, seeking monthly!, <

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