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> [Today sent a third more! 】 Before Suo Bude and Paro Court two army southward, the result was Xu Xing Xia repulsed, giving Heller gold tribal cavalry, causing more serious damage, Guge Le took the opportunity to launch an attack that will take this tour errands coming. WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM if not mistaken, one hundred thousand taels of silver ransom, Gu Gele should take a large part of. In Heller Golden Horde inside, Suo Bude, Paro Court in fact not the most war. Best fight, but this Guge Le. Castle in the big front, and the battle Lindan Han confrontation that he was responsible for command. This time, he personally led the coming redemption of silver, was a little too ordinary. Perhaps, he wants more than just money that simple. He may also want to Stealing from Thieves. If the money is taken away, people did not redeem, then in big trouble. Frankly, for the redemption of two counseling package, Xu Xing Xia had no interest. If the Tartars Da Son kill them two, he'd save a lot of things Xia Xu Xing. Such a waste, even if alive, that is a waste of food ah! However, the ransom errand, he Xu Xing Xia bear, he must be two counseling package brought back safe and sound. Otherwise, the prestige of which he is a great influence. In addition, the Guge Le want Stealing from Thieves, Xu Xing Xia then why he do not want to Stealing from Thieves? He now has a lot of places to spend money to be Da, which one hundred and two thousand silver is absolutely impossible to give the Tartars Da Son. Not only that, he wants to be the leader of the Tartars Da son, also taken hostage. The Guge Le, also estimated the value of a lot of silver. He just think of ways to buckle down, you can extort money from the Heller Golden Horde. Honestly, compared to other ways of making money, the extortion of money indeed to the fastest straight away ah! "Location change it?" Xu Xing Xia said slowly. "Unchanged, or in Zhenyuan America." Dengru Bo Chen Sheng said. Xu Xing Xia thought for a moment, the heart made up his mind, self-confidence, said: "As long as the same place, this tour errand, there would be an accident. Everything is carried out according to total bashing it!" Dubious Dengru Bo said: "Do you really have confidence ? "Xu Xing Xia calm, said:" I have confidence. "This relief Dengru Bo nodded, long sigh of relief. It seems that he is quite big pressure. Guge Le incoming messages personally, so that he was worried about the substitutions. Originally, he thought coming, either Suo Bude, either Paro Court. The two men's hands are Xu Xing Xia Ping defeated, understanding their substitutions,Oakley For Cheap, when not to do too many hands. Did not expect that it is more powerful Guge Le. This guy is likely to be in substitution when irregularities. Li due to some reasons it is impossible to hold back the juniper and Li Guozhen personally redeem their son. It can not even let too many people know, everything must be in the dark secret. They put this secret handed Dengru Bo to be responsible, Dengru Bo Xu Xing and secretly hands over to the summer. Say Dengru Bo no pressure, it is absolutely false. If it screws up, he was in Ningxia town is definitely having failed. Dengru Bo said slowly: "Since you have the confidence, I can rest assured the day after tomorrow, I will personally escort silver and then come back here waiting for you." Xu Xing Xia, intentionally or unintentionally, said: "They are two families come you did not?" Dengru Bo shook his head and said: "No, no, and the person of their identity, can not occur if someone asked say that they are my own, and want to share those two bosses adult if someone track down all the responsibility, both by I Dengru Bo commitment. was my boss adults carried out without the knowledge of two, and two completely unrelated adults superiors. "Xu Xing Xia mouth edge disdain gently smile, casual, said:" then congratulations grown up. "paralysis, really are two cunning fellow, both want to save his own son, do not want others to Zhuadaobabing, had to Dengru Bo launch came. Their wishful thinking, it touches played very subtlety. In case of any accident, they will definitely all liability, are pushed to Dengru Bo's body, on top They can not find any handle. Dengru Bo certainly will be very fit, all the guilt,oakley eyeglasses sale, all bear down, of course, there are risks to Dengru Bo do such a thing, no benefit is impossible. They certainly Dengru Bo is secretly promised. This promises to attract Dengru Bai such people must be very heavy-handed. If there are no accident, then, in that two counseling package to be redeemed after Dengru Bo sure to careerism, at least also have Zhi command. If there is an accident, certainly there will be a corresponding compensation. Dengru Bo slightly wry smile, said: "Ming did not say in front of the dark, then the specific facts, you know the rest. Everything depends on you. Everything goes well, we both can take a step forward, if not smoothly, estimated ...... "Xu Xing Xia understatement, said:" guaranteed everything goes! adults rest assured! "both of them to discuss some specific details, after determining there are no problems, just leave out Dengru Bo. He had gone, Xu Xing Xia began preparing it. This is a can not let too many people to know, all the preparatory work to be conducted in secret. Fortunately, there are three days of the time, you can do enough preparation work. According to Deng Rubai say, one hundred and two thousand ransom money, will be installed in the fifty boxes inside, inside each box is equipped with two thousand two hundred silver. So the weight of the box, a partial box car, can only install two. In other words, he Xu Xing Xia need at least partial Xiangju twenty-five to be all one hundred thousand taels of silver, are all finished loading. Fortunately, the White Army tank battalion, just have so many side box car. As both sides with three hundred people, that is nonsense. Xu Xing Xia if believed, is the year-old youngster. He sure, Guge Le definitely more than with three hundred Tatar cavalry. Some Tatars credit, not as Han ourselves. This is typical of Stealing from Thieves occasions, the number of Tatar cavalry, if fewer than five hundred people, he dared to cut off its head. Since the Tatars are not prepared to comply with the requirement, of course, will not do the white army Shamao, will limit the number of their own within three hundred people. In the range of five-six, the number is how much can go. Unfortunately, the white army must Zhenshuo town of Granville Fort Lauderdale, they left a squad stationed to prevent the Tatars attack. In case Tatars substitutions are false, behind the attack is real, and the town of the town of Fort Granville Moon Fort, there will be danger. This kind of thing is definitely not careless. In other words, Xu Xing Xia able Fiction ~ on out, in fact, only six rifle corps and tank battalion. Artillery battalion is temporarily unable dispatched. If not a tank battalion of soldiers, indeed only about three hundred people. "Come! Put Ming Hao called!" Xu Xing Xia stern cried. "Your honor, please tell!" Ming Hao Xu Xing Xia soon appear in front of you. "Give me Dingsi Zhenyuan off the surrounding area, there are Tartars Da Son of any movement, are immediately reported to me!" Xu Xing Xia causes and consequences of the matter, the general told the Ming Hao, the last especially commanded said. He was a little worried, Guge Le addition to its own Tatar cavalry led outside, but also in the vicinity of Zhenyuan off, laid an ambush. It is to be cautious. "Understood!" Ming Hao promised, and turned to go. "Come! Put Chenshou Wang called!" Xu Xing Xia and cried. "Your honor, tank battalion are ready!" Chenshou Wang soon. Xu Xing Xia let Chenshou Wang sat down, and his detailed study of the preparations for war tank battalion. This time, the tank battalion deployed twenty-five breath partial box car, the scale is quite large. Fortunately, and exercises when different war camp Mou arrive at the designated location in advance and do everything combat readiness, to wait at Plaza. But this was the first time combat, soldiers ability to respond to the level of actual fighting, in the end how the two hearts, are not very bottomed. Everything had to say after the actual test. This substitution will definitely become actual combat. Stealing from Thieves Tatar cavalry did not even intend, Xu Xing Xia themselves have. Thus, a fierce battle is inevitable. How can in the shortest possible time, the Tatar cavalry defeated, this is a very real problem. Overall, the white army must be in the shortest possible time, the most Flamini bomb fired. This is for every musket Da hand, it is a great test. In the evening, Xu Xing Xia will be white army senior officers are all called to Alex,oakley sunglasses cheap, secret research substitutions various matters. After a careful study was to investigate the night, eventually developing a more comprehensive solution. Program clearly provides that in addition to Zhang Quan white army cavalry led military complex, late tiger shot sound led military, the other Musketeers are all arrive early Zhenyuan off, and with the tank battalion, the combat drills. Two days later, Dengru Bo quietly again soon fort town of Granville, sent fifty large boxes. Xu Xing Xia are open to each box, carefully check to make sure there are all shining white silver bullion. If you look closely, but also found that these silver bullion, all major banks in Shanxi number produced, and Ningxia, the town does not have any relationship. Even if someone tracing the future, it can not be traced to Li Hui and Li Guozhen two choke him. "Paralysis, really rich ah! One hundred and two thousand silver, easy to Take out! Ningxia town's wealth, estimated to have focused on both of your hands!" To see so many silver bullion, Xu Xing Xia forbearance live inwardly bitter curse Li Bie juniper and Li Guozhen two. Qing prefect said three hundred thousand silver snowflakes, two men one governor, one commander, in the end amassed much wealth? In the end how much to drink the blood of the soldiers? "Paralysis, who do not keep up I grab!" Xu Xing Xia severely pinched a five twofold silver bullion, silver bullion more firmly to these are all left to their own determination. Whoever told I Robbers, I have not killed him is not available! <

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