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07.06.2013 04:25
they suddenly found a bird's nest antworten

Gradually, more and more cracks on Shimen,Nike Jordan New School Shoes, see will boom broken. But all of a sudden, a clear and crisp Eagle crying sound distance from. It attacks Shimen clouds the face s è change. "The eagle!" One person shouted "panic is that tore the giant eagle retired elders!" No they don't panic, they had Huo Xianglan in the lead, to explore hidden Island, but also harvest. A few R ì, they suddenly found a bird's nest in a cliff, there is also a not long into the chicks. Although did not grow, but also its god Jun, see at a glance is not lower grades of the monster. Huo Xianglan was anxious to display one's skill., flying up the chicks caught back, ready to feed. Which know this is got into big trouble, caught birds less than half R ì, was its parents seeking to, that is two gigantic, horrific, strength is at least six order of the eagle. Although Huo Xianglan is a master in environment, with a giant eagle probably barely able to cope with, but the two giant eagle angry she catch their offspring, joined the attack, Huo Xianglan only lasted less than half an hour, then burned up. Yu Xiuping was scared at all take et al, had been hiding in the woods again dare not, don't even say it back. When the eagle tear ageratum blue, hovering in the sky for a long time before slowly away. Originally, Yu Xiuping thought they escaped, but didn't expect the two animals so bear grudges, finally in this R ì found them. The sound of a cry from the eagle, Yu Xiuping and others will be out in a cold sweat. A moment later, and in the distance a eagle cry came, and before the sound echo each other at a distance,Coach Handbags Sale, looking, saw things on both sides, each with a black dot is rapidly toward the side close to. "Fast, fast break the Shimen." Yu Xiuping cried out in fear of "we're all dead or." Two of six order monster, with their true yuan territory martial strength could not cope with, once caught is a blind alley. What need reminds Yu Xiuping, the rest of us which is not used for n ǎ I effort against Shimen? But the cracks on Shimen while growing,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, but still stiffly upright in front, blocked their path. With the giant eagle quickly come close, there is a real element throughout the master cannot withstand the die pressure, hurriedly start step toward the bottom to escape. "Back! Zhang Shidi back!" Yu Xiuping yelled "work harder, we will be able to break the Shimen, can go away, you are to escape, can escape to where go to?" The teacher younger brother which would also like to leave? The soles of the feet of wind, hard to run. All this will not see any hope, is this a shock, immediately have one person played drums retreat, while rapid way: "or run away, this Shimen one thirty will fear is not open, run away now, there is a slim chance of survival!" With this, he hurried towards the run. People are not enough, all of a sudden two fewer people, more do not see hope. Other people also hate a stamp, quickly spread, fled for their lives. Yang Kai hid himself up, did not dare to move. Quietly lifted up his eyes and looked, the two giant eagle figure soon saw the sky, even after hundreds of feet distance, the eagle looked God also pretty extraordinary, majestic-looking. True >

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