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> (0023) [today's sixth more to! 】 "The heads of a Tartars, full wages twenty-two." "Tartars clothes armor set, full wages fifty-two." "Tartars scimitar bow set, full wages fifty-two." ...... Zhang Qiuqing with a few individuals, eleven inventory specific exploits, Zhen Fu Yu Lijun voices, one after another, self-assured, full of appeal. Ming army exploits, usually by the official responsible for discipline records. In the Wei army, there's no special discipline officer, between the flag and the one hundred total between Zhen Fu, it is assumed that the functions. Previously, each battalion level Krupp Zhen Fu, basically doing nothing. Army discipline, they can stop. We even have enough to eat, how can we talk about discipline? Not sudden murder and arson things, even to face it. As for the registration of exploits, it is almost none. One of us touches the casualty statistics, have to spend a lot of effort. To inspire morale of the troops, the Ming army at work inside there is a special member of the gas is generally sufficient ZIPP officer served. They figured out exploits, in a very excited tone, far spread out. This meritorious soldiers, it is a great inspiration. For others, it is the great stimulus. Because the lack of personnel, Krupp battalion level and no specialized staff at work, Yu Lijun will simply assume this role themselves. He exploits the statistics out, read out one by one broke. He's in the air this Fǔ, pretty enough, sounds far spread, horns pier surrounding wilderness, only to hear his voice at work. "Xu Xing Xia, a total of seven heads of the Tartars, the total fine silver one hundred forty-two." "Xu Xing Xia, a total of seven sets of armor clothes Tartars, the total full wages thirty-five two." Xu Xing Xia, a total of seven Tartars machetes, bows and arrows seven, for a total fine silver thirty-five two. "...... Yu Lijun Xu Xing Xia finally read to exploits, even if he had managed to control his emotions, without becoming too excited, however, to read to the end, Yu Lijun voice, still obviously some changed a lot. No way, Xu Xing summer exploits, is indeed too sick and he had a strange feeling, perhaps, later, he would read to a more perverted exploits. "lovemaking! "Peng Feng smiles lead applaud everyone around, immediately followed by applause, applause like the tide, as in the wilderness spread far apart. Liuguang Liang three sons, it is to shoot your hands almost rotten. Xu Xing Xia this exploits,Nike Jordan 3 Shoes, so prominent, is certainly to be a meteoric rise, soar up. a general flag officer, is absolutely captive. Alex, since then, it is necessary wealth of this for Liu, is also greatly good thing. exploits read in full is completed, is a specific incentive measure. PENG Feng happy mood, the action is pretty agile and he has been sent from the flat Krupp city, will reward versus needs, as well as promotion Gaoshen required instruments are all brought his matter to be fixed as soon as possible will become a certainty facts so that the bulk of crying while Ukraine go the heads of the Tartars, Tartars horses, Tartars bow or something, all together, it should be three twelve one and sometimes more generous, but also sent to fifty-two a person, of course, certainly now only thirty pieces of silver, a point will be no more. horns pier garrison, killed twenty-three Tartar Son, that is six hundred ninety taels of silver. PENG Feng yet generous to their own money, issuing additional incentives. arithmetic, of course, is Xu Xing Xia reward the most, seven Tartars, that is two hundred twelve silver. basically the equivalent of a small two deer. Relatively speaking, or kill the Tartars rich rewards, but the risk of killing the Tartars, and much better than hunting Malu Jiang. Such exploits are the envy of most people can not afford to The The money, of course, not PENG Feng out, but out of the town in Ningxia. Accurate, finally out of the court and this award provides that the court originally enacted, however, Peng Feng glad that he first pad funded Why? elated ah! Just think black stud's face, which is less than seven hundred and twenty silver, he went out too willing. "Now, please meritorious soldiers, arranged in a good team, turn up the reward. Please one thousand adults to reward meritorious soldiers. Everyone else, etc. Please meritorious soldiers applauded! "Yu Lijun finally announced loudly in the warm applause, Peng Feng enthusiastic standing on a slope on the side on a shelf installed a silver white bag, which is used exclusively awards white bag, is the court in accordance with the Ministry of War unified specifications customizable. sack surface is writing a dedicated awards text. saying this bag, flat Krupp in 1000, do not know how long idle, and now finally have the opportunity to come in handy. horns pier garrison soldiers, one by one, up from Peng Feng's hands, will take over the heavy white bag. someone quietly looked toward the inside of the bag and found that fine silver fineness, is actually quite good. rare is actually No how deductions. This is a rare thing. seems, on top of this, it is indeed very happy. Indeed, Peng Feng indeed very happy, so, before the customary deductions, ah, off-color silver and the like, are he stopped his silver hair down, are genuine, weight is also in line with the rules, he is to make everyone else in Ningxia to see the town, we flat Krupp 1000, this is the Liledagong it. our reward is the real deal, not a discount. If you jealous, wanted to create exploits it! Ningxia Nine Important town is one of the Tatar cavalry has been in the forefront of fighting, troops equipped with still relatively strong , just direct jurisdiction of the garrison there ten which ten were avant guard, guard, Samori, Zhongwei, Umori, the former village guard, after the Tuen Mun Wei, left Tuen Wei, Tuen Wei, right, Tuen Wei etc. In addition, there are Qing palace guards in case of emergency when the Qing palace guards, but also to be mobilized war. every guard below, and under the jurisdiction of five by 1000, all together, that is, five ten thousand households, each one thousand nominal number of military families is 1120, if all the garrison are full series of words, just under the jurisdiction of the number of soldiers, to more than 56,000. coupled with officers at all levels, more than six million people. if coupled with war soldiers, troops prepared Ningxia town, there are more than 70,000 people, of course, these are the numbers on the book, the actual number of soldiers, may be less than half the book figures, but in any case two or three million people in the army, or some in so many soldiers inside, able to kill the Tatar cavalry, a few? average, certainly not more than one hundred a year, and sometimes even a year are only twenty or thirty. horns pier soldiers, in a battle, it wiped out the town of Ningxia year to eliminate the number of Tartars, he the one thousand, specify whether you want the careerism A guard Zhihuiqianshi of jobs, it is absolutely not escape. later if there are exploits, then maybe, you can replace Dengru Bo, a command to make the avant-garde in Ningxia Ningxia number of the town's garrison, why so many? there is a reason for that. Mongolian cavalry when rampant Xixia Kingdom by the Mongols destroyed, the population is a lot of killing. surnamed Li Xixia royal family, killing almost all were clean and as long as is surnamed Li, are mercilessly killed by the Mongols. Mingguo established, Ningxia The population is very rare, the whole Ningxia Plain, less than five million people. Obviously, this is for a solid border, is very unfavorable. emperor to take it, but Lao Fazi,oakley for cheap, is to simply move over the army, in the Ningxia Plain Mita. His Holiness stroke of the pen, it was established ten breath guard. lot of military families, from all over the country, to move to a town in Ningxia, where root and offspring can be said that the present town of Ningxia, is in this ten Wei developed on the basis of the most beginning, only tens of thousands of people. After two hundred years of development, there are already millions of them, more than half of the number of military families. Unfortunately, the emperor did not think , he single-handedly created the system, after two centuries of continuity, is already existed in name only. Ningxia town, the same is true in Ningxia town, Wei shelf, or the presence of all, there are indeed ten Wei, fifty battalion. but each by 1000,Oakley Holbrook clearance, in the end how many people, then there are the devil knows. seems flat Krupp as the preparation is 1120 people, in fact, exist, and certainly less than seven hundred others, the basic have fled on this or that person Peng Feng, somewhat ability to stop military families to flee the case, in order to do so. else by 1000, fleeing the situation, than the flat Krupp are also serious stationed in desert areas such as Ningxia guard, some one thousand of the remaining number of military families, has been less than four hundred people. Rao is the case, relative to the other side of town, the town of Ningxia military families, is still relatively good. Ningxia town After all, in the Ningxia Plain, the Yellow River passes through, there is enough water irrigation, have blocked the Helan Mountains sandstorm, the output of various crops pretty good. coupled with well-developed animal husbandry, Ningxia town income, relatively speaking, it is quite stable as long as the military families who own efforts, eat or can. Relatively speaking, Yan Sui town, Gansu town, Guyuan town of the military, are not so lucky. they are in place, are the desert areas, Under the influence of the Little Ice Age, more and more arid climate, the winter temperature getting lower and lower, which lead to land for food production, is getting lower and lower, are increasingly unable to sustain their own lives, the number of military families fleeing More. Yansui town seems somewhat by 1000, less than three hundred people. Gansu westernmost town some 1000, and even less than two hundred people. Tatar cavalry were rampant, and the Ming army troops emptiness, is also a great relationship. carrying more numbers, then what is the use? hundreds or even dozens of Tatar cavalry, fleeing dare wash swept inland, not without reason. Later Jin Tartars when the rise Ming State court, it takes millions of troops are unable to deal with the Tartars, and often puzzling fact, plainly, is not hard to understand. this so-called army of millions, are the words on the book, the actual troops there How much, God knows. As many soldiers can fight, estimated that even ghosts do not know. [sixth more, and more than 18,000 words, and there is a more up to 20,000 words. brothers, with the recommended votes in favor me! I To hurricane of the ~ ~ ~ ~] <

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