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> (0022) [today's fifth more sent! Only military families] systems, in order to master the military power at the same time, but also to grasp the purse strings and personnel power. wWw, quaNBen, COm because military families have their own land, have their own sites, there is an independent personnel system. Outsiders, even if it is civilian, are difficult to intervene. This system is unique to military families, war soldiers do not have the characteristics of the system completely. In Ningxia town, military families fields, accounting for more than 80% of the whole Ningxia Plain. Ningxia town has ten Wei, fifty by 1000, more than fifty thousand of military families, together with their families the population, with a total population of more than five hundred thousand. In other words, more than half the population of the town in Ningxia are military families. There are people, there are fields in order to avoid civilian management and control exists. PENG Feng full of joy, it seems, like to eat honey, smiling, said: "Yes, yes. Xu Xing Xia, I am now totally convinced that, with your magic archery, killing seven Tartars, it is easy to do. We Krupp thousand household level, out of people like you, I'm glad it really is not it pours ah! Hey, the old black, not angry, not angry, I pay you three good horses, three horses. "Wu Peng Feng bulk do not ignore it, stormed away. Xu Xing pawns being cut this summer meal, where he was face to stay there? Since adults garrison gone, his command of the war soldiers, naturally followed the left. PENG Feng carefree mood, Xu Xing Xia patting shoulders, satisfactory, said: "Atta boy, yes! I really do not know, let flat Krupp 1000, there are people like you! After the Tartars want our site raging on, we must weigh the good. "Xu Xing Xia was very modest, said:" one thousand adults flattering, this is the result you fight hard colleague and I Xu Xing Xia just followed everybody fighting together, killing more than luck Several Tartars only. one thousand adults should recognize it, but the other defenders pier horns, they are the good kind, of course, but also some black sheep. Liu Jinbiao On the negative side to avoid war, in order not to play, but also self-mutilation . "Peng Feng rage, Nu Sheng shouted:" What? self-mutilation? there is such a thing? "Xu Xing Xia calm, said:" Liu Jinbiao self-mutilation is true, one thousand adults can be sent for verification. Chen Qi was also in scene, after the whole incident, he is witnessed. speaking, self-mutilation thing for Liu Jinbiao, Chen Qi also very angry, and just to eliminate the Tartars matter, it has no time to deal with. "Peng Feng frowning, people like to eat wolves. His dark eyes staring at Chen Hai, coldly asked: "Chen Hai, Liu Jinbiao how is it?" Chen Hai felt his scalp, a little tingling feeling, as if something was dragging himself to fall. Subconsciously, he hesitated and said: "This ......" Of course he realized, this is Xu Xing Xia Liu Jinbiao want to lay violent hands. At this moment, Xu Xing Xiati to Liu Jinbiao, framed Liu Jinbiao self-mutilation, is to borrow PENG Feng's hand, will completely get rid of Liu Jinbiao. Damn, Zhenhen ah! This Xu Xing Xia, Liu Jinbiao play disabled will not stop, but also to take this opportunity to Liu Jinbiao life. Speaking from the heart, Chen Hai Liu Jinbiao certainly do not want to kick in. After all, one night couple hundred days grace Well! He used someone else's ass for so long, we can not toss it off. However, at this juncture, where he dared to Liu Jinbiao plead? Look PENG Feng's face to know that this Liu Jinbiao is dead. Also, changed himself Peng Feng, in this happy moment, suddenly heard someone self-mutilation to avoid war, it will also furious. Horn pier as a glorious collective, as a role model for military families, it is absolutely impossible for such scum. No matter from which perspective, this Liu Jinbiao, are dead. PENG Feng Chen Hai prevarication found immediately said impatiently: "Chen Hai, I ask you, Liu Jinbiao negative avoiding war, in the end is it really? Answer me!" Chen Hai had nodded helplessly, bitter, said: "Yes ...... really." Peng Feng suddenly to gas up. Originally happy enough, but out of this one discordant voices. Others are struggling to kill the Tartars, there is a son of a bitch,Oakley Sport Online, self-mutilation to avoid war! Damn, really a mouse droppings, harm gruel. Fortunately, the bulk of Ukrainian gone, did not see this scene. Otherwise, do not be laughable? Although, every Tatar cavalry coming,Coach Handbags, we are accustomed to avoiding war, but, I really should pay attention to a few people out of public display, it is also necessary. Especially at this moment, he can not let this scandal spread out. He immediately shouted: "Come! Go horns pier! Liu Jinbiao will bring out the summary execution!" Several Rulangsihu retainers, and immediately rushed to the horn pier to go inside. Liu Jinbiao do not know how it happened, it was caught horns pier outside. His hands and feet are paralyzed, people fainting, there will be no opportunity to argue. Several Rulangsihu retainers, is like a slow death like a dog, dragged him out. Xu Xing Xia Liu Jinbiao a coldly looked back. He wants is the opportunity. Keep Liu Jinbiao, he felt always a scourge. Have the opportunity to completely get rid of him, Xu Xing Xia is definitely not hesitate. This is to remind people of all horns pier, I means that you have seen. Then, do not be thinking about me on! PENG Feng Liu Jinbiao resolution does not give the opportunity. In fact, Liu Jinbiao it is impossible to distinguish. He has been in a coma passed, but also how to distinguish? He estimated that the wronged dead, to the front of Yama, do not know how he is dead. PENG Feng Nu Sheng shouted: "decapitation!" Retainers picked up a broadsword, knife cut, Liu Jinbiao's head, it is rolled in the grass, was cut off the neck, pouring a large share of blood, the surrounding meadows are All stained. Retainers were let go, Liu Jinbiao corpses, threw himself on the grass in the. Around the horn pier soldiers, suddenly heart a tight, subconsciously with frightened eyes, watching Xu Xing Xia. They all understand that Liu Jinbiao life, Xu Xing Xia is the way to go. Xu Xing Xia offended fate, it is. Unprovoked white stabbed, no place even vengeance. This Xu Xing Xia, what time, become so terrible? Coincidentally at this time, they heard Xu Xing Xia quietly said: "one thousand adults, a little advice ...... under the Liu Jinbiao, is heroic battle, unfortunately died in the hands of the Tartars ...... also requested duly pension his family ...... "Peng Feng slightly surprised a moment, then said:" Well, so be it, good for him! "he most worried about is that Liu Jinbiao self-mutilation to avoid war things spread out, so that the bulk of this black people Zhuadaobabing, sudden storm coming. Xu Xing Xia proposals to solve just such a worry. Although this proposal cheaper Liu Jinbiao it. Yes, Liu Jinbiao is courageously played, unfortunately killed in action. Someone asked them, everyone said so. Each horn pier soldiers are good kind. Presumably open, flat s battalion naturally everyone is the good kind, including his one thousand PENG Feng included. Chen Hai heart, can not help but twitch again. This Xu Xing Xia, really is terrible. Not only understatement to the Liu Jinbiao's life, but also Conspire cloud cover for rain, sold PENG Feng good. He killed Liu Jinbiao, they themselves do not need to take any responsibility. Because, with this proposal, Peng Feng will never allow anyone to trace the true cause of death of Liu Jinbiao, which relates to the battalion level prisoner's face problems. Chen Hai is his, and they will no longer dare to mention this matter, otherwise, the first hit is definitely him. Xu Xing Xia designed to kill Liu Jinbiao, whether or not the fact that superiors will not be pursued. Because, in the dazzling exploits aura, any blemishes are PENG Feng tolerated. Any settling old accounts of behavior, will be considered to be someone ordered Peng Feng, the purpose is for him the one thousand adults. Without looking at the bodies of a Liu Jinbiao, Peng Feng gloomy face, slowly unfold, full of energy, said: "Well, since the matter has been dealt with, they begin to reward on merit it! Zhang, deputy 1000, You come to proclaim it! executed in accordance with the old rules. "reward, is actually very simple, are clearly defined. As long as there is the real deal exploits, on top of some way to make money, naturally did not drift lowermost few corners reward. Ningxia town even further short of money, will not lack such a point reward. Tartars kill a reward, only thirty Liangwen Yin, throughout the year, the whole town in Ningxia soldiers to kill a few Tartars ah? Ready to thirty or forty thousand ounces of silver, simply send endless. Moreover, as long as there exploits, they, the officer can fish oil and water, much more than the soldier. Although Emperor Wanli emperor was stingy and want to get some money from his hands, it really is not easy. However, for the exploits of the reward, Emperor Wanli still is relatively generous. Within his private treasury, but also have enough money to a reward. As long as he pleased, just reward three thousand two hundred to get on top of the head of the Tartars. In fact, what reward are small head, the key is forage. Court forage, then point, given this side of town is made, given that side of town is the hair, in the end sent a little more than what side of town, and not very clearly defined. Generally, there are exploits side of town, the forage will definitely get a little more. In other words, as long as there are exploits in the fight for forage areas, there are advantages. You took the heads of the Tartars for forage, on top of it is not willing to give? Side of the town of forage, frequently hundreds of thousands of ounces of silver that is, a few million stone grain, just as long as the interception point, much better than the emperor's reward. This level fell by one thousand, forage is not a small number. Court forage,Air Jordan 3 UK Sale, usually once made three months. 1120 in accordance with a one thousand military families are calculated for the three months forage that tens of thousands of ounces of silver, hundreds of thousands of stone grain. This is the real bulk of the ah! [Seeking collection, find recommended ~ ~ ~ Today more Liangwan Zi mad ah, I fight it ~ ~ ~] <

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