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> More to today's first! . "Your honor, Zhu Xie Yuan has come." Wandered quite a few days later, Ming Hao finally back. Him the Scout Captain, or very competent. Xu Xing Xia brought back to the news quite a lot, most of which ruminate, is the Shaanxi provincial judge Zhu Xie Yuan came to the town in Ningxia. However, the provincial judge adults, soon after the town in Ningxia, Ningxia and no direct access to the city, and the high-level meetings of you Ningxia town, but in the various castles Ningxia wandering around the city, so that the town of a public official in Ningxia, are feeling the forehead the continuous sweating. Idiot knows that Zhu Xieyuan such behavior is absolutely true to the grid. Which trilateral Governor of Shaanxi, Xu Xing Xia not impressed. However, the Shaanxi provincial judge Zhu Xie Yuan, he was impressed. In the history of Ming Zhu Xie Yuan also regarded as a cattle people. He was military governor Southwest five provinces,Coach Bags Online, the suppression of the rebellion Chongming toast extravagant, but had trouble in Suzhou government to persuade casual workers, but also to the perpetrators, led by convincing surrender. Wanli thirty-five years, because parents are too old, he resign to return home, the parents serve a decade. Until this year, he won the affection was only enabled as Shaanxi provincial judge. Relevant information from the later point of view, this Zhu Xie Yuan, not only took a tough stance, not the nobility, which means also quite flexible. In addition to good governance beyond government, in the military, he is also quite good. He also has a very strong place, that no matter how complex things into his hands, will become very simple. This time, Zhu Xie Yuan arrival Ningxia town, there is little action, is not yet known. Most probably, Ningxia governor of the town of adults, or is commander adults bear corresponding leadership responsibilities, was removed from Ningxia town, or even be relegated to use. The Tartars led Mogi root south to the town of Ningxia caused such a big loss, as the town's two big brothers Ningxia no one shall be held liable if, how are justified. I'm afraid there to the emperor, but also unable to cross the border. The last is unlucky, it is not good to say. Of course, there may be other people pulled out as a scapegoat for the two chiefs scapegoat. If the two chiefs are reluctant disciplined, it will definitely instigated following a person, will all the guilt, all have taken the initiative bear down. As long as there are people willing to take the following bear all the guilt, even Zhu Xie Yuan, not good in hot pursuit of the two chiefs start. The unspoken rules of officialdom is hard to break. The final result is very likely that someone has some official position, but not hard enough background characters, pulled out, dismissed from their hometowns, as to the court's explanation. Most probably, is Mishina officials. Mishina officials, not so big that small is not small is just a scapegoat best choice. Whether the upper or on the lower, can explain it. As for the grass-roots following Wei estimated will not be accessible. The following erosion conditions who are unwilling opened. Opened the result can only be knocked, trouble the upper body. Whether trilateral Governor, or is Shaanxi provincial judge, are definitely not stupid, foolish Ran things they would never do. Zhu Xieyuan strong ability of doing things, is also regarded as upright, but he is definitely not a perfect saint. However, Xu Xing Xia angle, but it is hoped opened on top of this matter, the erosion of the following conditions are all made public. He is not a person plead, and no chivalrous, but for his sake of the future, he must be a group of people pulled down. No vacant position, he how host? As to how the human leveled to? Seems to be very simple, just to poke Zhenshuo Fort situation herd. Nearly ten thousand people in the town of Fort moon was to kill the Tartars killed, abducted abducted, some have also been driven up as cannon fodder. If it is not the means to the town of Fort Granville amazing, these cannon fodder, and all were killed. Such a tragedy, if by disclosing to go, let the whole world knows, Ningxia town just surrender a Mishina officials is absolutely not enough. Emperor Wanli lazy even then, such a tragedy, are to really look for. Say in the matter as long as the Emperor Wanli, Ningxia town officialdom earthquake is absolutely unavoidable. Not only the upper will change is the following grassroots, there will be a great shock. Those who have the responsibility of one thousand, commanding the guard, guerrilla, the Senate will, lieutenant, deputy commander officer of the class, and certainly have a large number of staff sacked. As long as these positions vacated his Xu Xing Xia have a chance. Paralysis, this one hundred, when too long. Of course, the consequences of doing so, is quite serious. Once the town of Granville will Zhenshuo Fort Lauderdale publicly disclosing to the tragedy, it would be tantamount to the town and the whole Ningxia against. Estimate the pressure from the top, it will be very big. Originally Ningxia town two chiefs, has already been very subject to see him, and later because of the need for exchange of two idiot, the relationship, only slightly eased. However, it broke out, the relationship, and certainly also stiff. "Yuanchonghuan, Fort Zhenshuo things handed to you to do the! Unjustly you want for those people, to seek justice!" Xu Xing Xia eyeball a turn, he thought of the matter disclosing to the best candidates. He will Yuanchonghuan called, morally said. He saw it long enough, Yuanchonghuan anything in the air, just give him the opportunity to shooting, he was definitely not let. Liao Ping five years if he say, what if he did not dare to say? "Your honor, you wait for it! Matter of days if it does not listen on, I will not call Yuanchonghuan a!" Sure enough, Yuanchonghuan answer is very indignant, simply do not consider the consequences of explosive cauldron. Refugees who were tortured badly battered, he hated that bastard of those cities in Ningxia. They have the opportunity to remediation, he will never let go of. In the future, he dared not to the emperor's edict, directly cut a commander's head, showing some of his character, there are indeed different from ordinary people. He is definitely not the kind of careful thinking, step by-step person. Wanton murder he dare, RBI What kind of small report? He could not wait those guys are sent directly to the guillotine. Before Yuanchonghuan have to find time, and Ningxia parties contacted the city, hoping to accept those refugees in the city of Ningxia, proper placement of them. Result, Ningxia city there, simply do not when one thing, he will be sent in a few words back. It was also unscrupulous will Yuanchonghuan humiliated. You are not a company official lifts, went to town to find fault in Ningxia, you think you are a few old ah? Yuanchonghuan gas ah, we can imagine. Xu Xing Xia now give him the opportunity fired, he scruples? The best time to do half o, Yuanchonghuan was written up on the day listening to memorials. He was feeling anger, getting a God, is eloquent thousands of words, the causes and consequences of Zhenshuo fort, as well as the ravages of the Tartars, miserable people are rendered penetrating, tear-jerking. Xu Xing Xia will Viewed memorials rough pure again, can not help but also a little worried. Paralysis, the Yuan sunspots, writing articles is really sharp, what would all say, this memorial to go broke if the estimated Ningxia town to rummage day,Oakley Scalpel Sale, trilateral Governor are unable to control. However, Xu Xing Xia definitely not timid person, you Yuanchonghuan dare to write, I do not dare to send? No such truth! Unfortunately, I did not face St. qualifications, otherwise, directly to the case before the emperor Laoer! How to send? Certainly not sent directly to the top. It was sent to the above Yangruhukou, right time. The best way, of course, is sent overseas Shaanxi. This year, money talks. Xu Xing Wang Xia Xia will be recruited, gave him five hundred and twenty silver, let him leave the horse in Shaanxi Province, specialized in Shanxi looking for some people who do the dirty work, responsible Yuanchonghuan memorials, copying a few hundred copies, in Taiyuan government, Datong Prefecture, declared the government and others, distributed everywhere. Also find another person, paid directly to the capital inside. Where are you up to, where to get aboard. Dignitaries house, you can also secretly threw several. Hey, not a Guard and Dongchang do? This kind of thing, I'm afraid no hiding the eyes ah plant Wei! Yes, indeed hiding. In fact, Xu Xing Xia simply not thought to conceal plant health. As long as the cause Dongchang and Guard's attention, this thing, even if it is to go broke. Learned of the matter Dongchang and Guard, the first reaction is what? Nature is on the up days listening. Yuanchonghuan purpose is attained. As for the hearing on the up days later, what will happen, Xu Xing Xia do not care, do not bother to intervene. The things that are high, there is a long time, only feedback. And so there was a reaction after the top, do not intend to late. He now has something else to do. Sun Dakun Laicui him. Had promised to give him a leopard skin within three months, and now have not given it! Look at fifty thousand Liangwen Yin's sake, Xu Xing Xia decided to take a trip to the Helan Mountain. From the town of Fort Granville short distance to the Helan Mountain, with Xu Xing Xia Liu Chuang, came to the Helan Mountain, plunged into the deep forests, look around for a good leopard trace. Consequently, he's pretty good luck. Into the mountains two days later, Xu Xing Xia on the accidental discovery of a leopard. Overjoyed, he hurried bow and arrow, an arrow shot. "Woman!" Black Yu Jian whistling away. "Woman!" Is this time, in addition there are a arrowheads, shot from a distance, the same toward the leopard roaring away. Results from two different directions arrowheads, almost the same time, shot in the not far leopard. Other end of the leopard, body shaking about, throwing himself. "Who?" Xu Xing Xia immediately alert cried. "What people?" Almost simultaneously, there was also muffled cries. Subsequently, never far from the jungle, out of three people. An obviously wealthy son dress, delicate, dignified, should not ordinary people. The other two are his servants. The two servants age is not small, the body is quite tough, also toting bows and arrows, it seems it should be archery players. "Who are you? This leopard is my first discovery!" That wealthy son said, frowning. He talks, it's not particularly hard, not too strong domineering feeling, but has not the slightest concession meant. See, he's pretty good personal accomplishment. At least, did not let Xu Xing Xia very offensive behavior. Xu Xing Xia exclaimed: "What's your name?" Wealthy son look somewhat proudly said: "Ma Shilong!" Xu Xing Xia vaguely seem to think the name somewhat familiar, like where heard. However, all of a sudden but can not remember. This is the kick through those disadvantages. Many things seem to have the impression, seems to have heard, but to suddenly think of it,oakley eyeglasses sale, but not so easy. Ma Shilong aware Xu Xing Xia's face is different, understand each other clearly heard his name, but can not remember a time, in turn a little proud, said: "I come from an iron pillar Quan Ma!" <

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