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> [Today sent a second more! 】 "Well!" Xu Xing Xia quite appreciated nodded. WwW, qUanbEN, cOm this Ming-hao,Coach Online Store, or reward and punishment. The start time, that totally got under the hand. Treat traitor traitor and the like, definitely not soft. If his skills are good enough kills, it should be a very good officer. I did not know that his boss, why not like him, he was exiled to this place to come. If he is the leader's henchmen, how this will be banished to a place even ghosts have forgotten to do? Estimated that he would not flattering. That are somewhat similar and their own. After thinking a moment, Xu Xing Xia said slowly: "Ming one hundred, you are doing well." Ming Hao, after all, personally kill his own men, and I feel a little bad. The Liu Guohui, turned out to be a traitor. This blow to him, is quite substantial. His melancholy, said: "Since you are willing to come to long-haul communications, I hear you command it!" Xu Xing Xia nodded, look around, calm, said: "If I were you, I would do a full range of combat readiness , waiting for the arrival of the Tartars Da Son! "Ming Hao frowned and said:" My previous works, is to light smoke signals warning. "Xu Xing Xia said coldly:" And then, looking at white child to kill the Tartars Da Ningxia town? "Ming Hao stimulated by his words very uncomfortable. Want to say something, but bad to say. His men appeared traitors, led him in front of Xu Xing summer, you want to straighten the waist, is very likely. But when his eyes and saw the face of the kind of summer Xu Xing contemptuous look,Air Jordan 4, he is still a little bear. Well young man, young and fit is for sure, he definitely will not easily surrender. He was somewhat unconvinced and said: "That can how? Want me to take more than thirty brethren, to go below and Tartars Da son desperately?" Xu Xing Xia shook his head and said: "Of course not, and Tartars Da son desperately, no need. However, think of ways to cause a little trouble Tartars Da child, or can. flames pier terrain so advantageous, Tartars Da Son even more several times'll never rushed to you even if they severely beat a meal, they also can only be endured if they blasted attack came, we can also give them cause more casualties. their horses and riding and shooting, where there is no opportunity to play ah! "Ming Hao is still shaking his head, said:" Xu one hundred you may not know, even killing a dozen twenty of the Tartars Da son, little use is not. they still will be like dust storms, like the town to Ningxia swept go again to finally nothing has changed ...... "Xu Xing Xia resolutely said: "A is a killing, killing a pair of a pair. Even if the final outcome can not be changed, at least let us appreciate the Tartars Da Son, our resolute determination to resist and they want to get out is absolutely impossible! "Ming Hao slightly wry smile hesitantly. Finally he sighed, bitter, said: "I'm sorry, Xu one hundred, I still can not agree with you, if I allowed to launch attacks against the Tartars Da child, causing the child to attack the flames Tartars Da pier, pier will eventually destroy the flames, then, The above obligations of those who will definitely count in my head. "Xu Xing Xia shook his head, did not say anything. He knew Ming Hao said is the truth. Some things seem absurd, but it is normal in the Ming Dynasty. For example, in past dynasties Every autumn, the Central Plains in the northern border, the military should count flutter burn the grass. Using continuous fire, the grass on the prairie burn as much as possible, giving fodder shortages caused by nomads and weaken their strength. If there is not enough forage nomads, just the winter is particularly long, it will be a large number of nomadic horses and sheep deaths. This is the Central Plains, it is definitely beneficial. However, in the Ming Dynasty, but prohibited from doing so. Because, the court considered that this would stimulate the nomads anger, drew their attacks. Longshan flames seemed Card pier so Tartars Da child from their eyes, and never had been active against the order. The main reason to be on top of you big brother, that if the initiative against the flames pier, then the child will suffer from the destruction of the Tartars Da. Once damaged, but also rebuilt. Flames pier construction costs are expensive, not as good as doing nothing, the flames pier preserved. Ming Hao taboo, that is coming from here. There are some bloody Hao Ming, this is a good thing. Ming army officer and general comparison, he has not completely sink. However, he was the traditional ideological influence government troops, or deep. The traditional thinking is self-preservation, never give yourself trouble. You know that is the right thing to do, because it did not get on top of permission not to do it. Or is that something, if made, may bring their own disadvantage, then do not do it. Hao Ming character caused so many reasons, often hit, is certainly one of the most important one. His knife to kill Liu Guohui, faint among some corners. But, the edges and corners, it is estimated will soon be bald. Hao Ming when young is not necessarily the case. Who are young, able Renshoudeliao Tartars Da Son from his eyes after that he does not dare to fight back scenes? Anyway, he Xu Xing Xia is certainly intolerable. The overall image of the Ming Dynasty to future generations, is too conservative. This domination from the south to the north of the dynasty, there is always this kind of defect, it seems that women with bound feet, as light is light, and the pace was always lumbering. From the Yongle Emperor Zhu Di later Ming Dynasty external expansion pace, basically there is no take over. Even Zhu Di, also deficiencies, has a powerful fleet, there is no sense of hegemony Southeast Asia and other places. Emperors, are particularly fond of exploiting the boundary, Qin Shi Huang, the Han Dynasty, Emperor Taizong ...... all efforts outward expansion territory of the master. In their hands, today's Xinjiang area, basically rests in the hands. Their descendants, are also more enthusiastic this. Wu Zetian, Tang Emperor, Emperor is a typical case, the Battle of Talas has been a focus of research historians, two empires of the collision, is absolutely amazing. Only Ming emperors, is not enthusiastic about this thing. Since after Yongle Jing Nan Ming court basically no big initiated the war. Civil fort of the change, simply cups. Town National General RAYS is simply a joke. The emperor not to force the minister to give the following force but to no avail. Even as advocates recovered Tumote plains, Xia Yan Emperor Jiajing also find a pretext to kill, mostly suspected his eventful. Later Emperor Wanli, staged a three generations particularly famous sign, in fact, look at the fastest phone from the bones, it is also a multi-less attitude guy. Unless it is forced to, otherwise, it would not take the initiative to combat. Anti-Da Day Peninsular, the Japanese hit the door, and had to fight. Two other characteristics, are internal insurgency only. Look Ming territory, we know that outside of Shanxi, Shaanxi, outside, Jiayuguan, there are Tibetan plateau and other places, are active Ming army gave up. Judging from the ground Ran, Liaodong fingers so that is a big place. But why is this place, the Ming court also working, finally returned to the wild boar skin Tartars Da Son to destroy the country. Really sad reminder! Wu Wen light due to heavy serious imbalance, a large Ming bloody, have been castrated depriving almost the same. Occasionally twelve bloody literati, simply can not change the whole lifeless situation. This situation is reflected in the Ningxia town, naturally flattering. Tartars Da Qiangdian things not related to the child, as long as they robbed after leaving the line. Anyway, robbed officials are not honored, calendar life and death of the people do not need to worry about. Card Longshan flames pier once more fifty or sixty people, it really is a bit crowded. Fortunately, the flames of the original pier was prepared in a hundred people, the number of beds of what they do just fine. Barracks after finishing some, or you can continue to live. Old little empty playground, were white army soldiers occupied. The original card Yongsan garrison training is not required, but it is as long as the white army have time to be trained. Xu Xing Xia, who have to carry dry food. They carry dry food, mostly meat pie, only a small part is Hu cake. Meatloaf and Hu cake By comparison, naturally meatloaf taste better, more resistant to hunger. White army soldiers great physical exertion, Hu cake did not top thing. If not meatloaf storage time is not very long, they will carry more. Meatloaf before eating,Jordan SC 1 Shoes, if able to roast a little, it would be more fragrant it. Smell the fragrant smell of meatloaf, Ming Hao and other people's eyes, could not help a bit envious. They, generally Ming sergeant car, or the bottom of his soldiers, food packages or something, where there is the white army good? Meatloaf taste, do not know how long not tasted it. Hao Ming can hold their own even if did not show it, but could not help the other soldiers. Xu Xing Xia random, said: "Ming Hao, Yamashita has a lot of supplies, could have been sent to the Tartars Da Tuoba Su Son. Reckon there are a lot of meatloaf. If you like, send people to go and get it! On when the gift is for you! Yes, the way to help us settle about horses, your horses here are hosted in what ah? "Ming Hao repeatedly thank personally immediately bring people down, carrying supplies, housed horses. Card Yongsan flames pier, there is a terrible place, is stocking horse stables, very far away from the flames pier, a full five or six miles. Where there is a mountain nest can hold horses, there is a special groom custody. Almost outsiders do not know. Ming Hao settled other horses, in turn supplies back to the time, Xu Xing Xia they have had enough. Suddenly, Xu Xing Xia looked up at the sky. He is very keen hearing, the feeling seems to be coming from far away to hear the thunder. Waves of muffled thunder, flames pier from the west came vague. Western sky, indeed, a little overcast. Ming Hao frown, said: "how is it?" Xu Xing Xia said slowly: "It seems ...... thunder?" Ming Hao look at the sky, then at the west pier flames, his face darkened slowly, stressing each syllable said: "No thunder is Tartar hand coming!" <

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