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the enemy will not know how antworten

> Today's fourth [more sent! Find ten monthly, there is wood there? There are wood? 】 However, want to improve the steelmaking process, that relate to the program more. Www, QUAnben, CoM most fundamental solution is to build a new steel mill, to adopt a new steelmaking ways to radically improve quality steel production. However, these large steelworks, the foot must be built in the Helan Mountains, near the place where rich iron ore. Need to spend money, but also quite amazing. Obviously, Xu Xing Xia is currently impossible. The main pass in the Helan Mountains before being closed back, can only be made by the barrel welded to the system back to the heart, however, since it identified the moon and back made pistol braking process, Xu Xing Xia heart can Dading it. Even if only a day five moon blunderbuss production, add up, power will slowly reflected. As long as the sun and the moon set the lock back together, up to a certain amount of lethality is quite substantial. After the town of Fort Granville, even if there is a mighty force to kill the enemy, do not be afraid of it. He was the first place need to use the sun and the moon gun, the most likely to get on and Tartars Da sub substitutions when the heart is no doubt, in the distance, the sun and the moon is definitely against the Tatar cavalry pistol weapon, especially given Infantry in use. One hundred of the sun and the moon gun, the first volley, it can be three to four people Tatar cavalry destroyed a second salvo if given the opportunity, but also destroyed the other twenty or thirty people relative to the bow and arrow, this type of the power of it is absolutely fatal. "Or think of ways to raise a lot of artisans it!" Xu Xing Xia said finally. Unable to build a large steelworks and can not fundamentally change the quality steel production, and that only by taking soil solution, so that more artisans to repeatedly beat wrought iron, in order to get more welded up. Of course, this is not a permanent solution. But, now it must be so. "Your honor, please be assured that we will work hard." Liuguang Liang et al fervent heart moon blunderbuss answer emergence, and so was in front of them, rolled out a Strip, after a good day, just waiting for them, they do not Xu Xing Xia dead for their lives on the strange. Such loyalty is definitely not an ordinary person can move back to shake. Previously, they are very painful they have been assigned to the fort town of Granville, now, it is very fortunate to be assigned to the town of Fort Granville. Ping Krupp City, Ningxia City and other castles Carpenter households continues painful it! If you do not Xu Xing Xia, where they have the opportunity to be free from suffering? "Well, moon gun thing, for the time being so arranged and now Carpenter workshop to discuss the separation of things." Xu Xing Xia nodded, stagger the topic, methodical said. This is his workshop Carpenter becomes the first step in research centers. The original Carpenter workshop, is a hodgepodge, what kind of things are entered, and installation. Between artisans, only a simple division of labor, in fact, there is no real separation. Artisans what should understand a little, but what are not very proficient. Seems Guofu whole, Zhaomeng Ji, Liu Guangliang so are more proficient in one aspect, the other aspect, but also not too down. Obviously, in such a way, for the training of new artisans, is very unfavorable. In accordance with the concept of future generations, designed back more detailed division of labor, the couple is more easy to use. Moon and back made pistol braking process, if the process is divided into thirty, the novice will be familiar with the extent of both the quality the faster the heart of production efficiency, can greatly enhance the heart of Xu Xing Xia advice is to Carpenter workshop efforts in this direction , took the lead in the division detailed oriented. Meticulous division of labor of the future, there is a huge advantage is that it seems Guo Fu Quan, Zhao Mengji, Liuguang Liang such big craftsmen, are available from the daily production of a free hand to carry weapons back control equipment research, pondering more advanced return devices equipped with weapons, rather than the limited time and energy are wasted in a specific production process. Xu Xing Xia planning 'the first step is to research centers and production centers separated. Research centers are only responsible for research, responsible for improving, is not responsible for the specific production. Production Center is only responsible for countersunk production, technical things, basically to ignore. After this separation, each craftsman, can be next to Ao no heart, more specifically back to the industry. From the perspective of security,Nike Jordan SC 1, you only need a good system control back to the research center's staff,Air Jordan Store, they do not need to worry about a leak. Specific production processes, each responsible for a small artisan only one step, it is impossible to infer the entire production process, even if someone spying information will not be a great harvest. In this case, even from outside the town of Fort persons K, also possible to arrange the production line operations. Xu Xing Xia to R & D centers set task is to continue to improve the performance of Sun and Moon blunderbuss, continue to improve the quality of propellant, so that the sun and the moon gun more powerful, longer range, higher accuracy. At the same time, lower cost and easier to operate and easier to repair heart in the center of all to the moon and the request for the gun, all other weapons production equipment return devices are suspended. With rifled guns in the future, the significance of armor and the like is not very large. Da Ming army muskets hand, are equipped with armor, mainly on account of musket range far enough, you may suffer from other archers shooting, in order to protect the safety of hand guns Da, was equipped with armor. However, from a practical point of view to use, it is very easy to prevent armor Da hand operated guns. Xu Xing Xia not ready to give their guns Da hand with armor. Da hand guns on the battlefield, most need to do what? Is as fast as a bullet fired. Obviously, any armor will operate to bring hand guns Da obstacles. White army muskets Da hand, this flexibility must be to maintain the best condition. Therefore, guns Da hand or with simple uniforms on it. Of course, this is to be re-designed uniforms, can not continue to use the Ming army unlined. Xu Xing Xia decided to Dickson was called up to design a new uniform, specially equipped for hand guns Da. Hereafter Wu Da police uniforms look very good, as long as the tip slightly modified later, is a very smart uniforms heart when evil, British red uniforms. There Frenchman's blue uniforms, German gray uniforms, is also a good reference object heart bows and machetes, temporary or not lost. Moon gun power, is indeed powerful, but, in many cases, have the power to save riding and shooting. In fact, the sun and the moon on the gun is not suitable for use on horseback directly on the heart to destroy the enemy on horseback, or to rely on bows and arrows, or a machete, saber, melee weapons like spears heart Xu Xing Xia development rifled gun purpose, the beginning is to give the infantry use. Infantry, cavalry and horse riding are two completely different concepts. Cavalry is always fighting on horseback. Riding infantry, but it is rushed through riding battlefield, then the next battle horse w hand. For the nomads, the cavalry number little more. For the Han army, infantry riding a little more. Han and Tang Dynasties, known as the hundreds of thousands of cavalry. In fact, a considerable part of the infantry are riding. For example, the Tang Dynasty street knife team is riding hurry. However, to the battlefield after they are definitely lined dismount operations. White army muskets teams, and also take the same street knife team built curse way heart rode, dismount operations. When necessary, the horse is the heart of the shield wall of the body relies on horses, continuous shooting, should be a good warfare tactics heart when Zhu Di invention is the middle of artillery bombardment, killed on both sides of the cavalry. There is no white army artillery gun on the moon instead of using the effect should not be very different. With the sun and the moon lock, Xu Xing Xia's military expansion pace, you can faster. The original white army recruits enrolled when riding and shooting requires a certain foundation. Now, the foundation is not required to riding and shooting, and only needs to be riding,Cheap Coach Bags, healthy heart which can suddenly let other military fort town of Granville I have seen the army's hope the public they are anxiously waiting, white army next military buildup in the end is when. Operating moon gun, not very complex door a normal person, after a day of training will be able to grasp the basic essentials. Of course, to do movements are clean, practice makes perfect, curried, it is not once sword thing. In particular, to achieve, in the chaos of the battlefield, guns Da hand can. As a rock, cool shot, more is not easy heart musket Da Ming army hands inside the team, able to skillfully operate guns, shooting people, definitely not a minority. However, why they are always defeated by the enemy? The reasons are complex. However, there is a reason for existence is certain, that is. Reasonable quality, but hard. Peacetime training! Training can also be looked at, a diarrhea on the battlefield. Indeed, mixed scraping of the battlefield, Flesh, smoke filled the air choking, screaming everywhere, everywhere, screams, groans, mutilated everywhere, everywhere flowing internal organs amines, dark red pool of blood everywhere, everywhere flowing bright red blood. . Faced with this scenario, even though yes. Strong ability to withstand reasonable people suddenly encounter will panic and can not play a normal level of the heart to do training courses and battlefield training Rosary are consistent, no shortcuts, only hard training, day after December mechanical training. To put it plainly, is to train you to have no consciousness, no ability to think, and all movements are totally unnecessary through the brain, it can reflect the completion of all the conditions, even trained out. To that point, no matter what happens around, you are not affected. GAO Meng, Zhang Feng, detachment commanded by Butch ride, the first requirement Phi moon blunderbuss heart they are all equipped melee players, power is relatively large, so powerful melee time, except the lack of, is the long-range attack capability . Now, the sun and the moon appear locks, just to make up for their deficiencies. Equipped with a gun in the sun and the moon after Butch riding became the most lethal unit. To say is funny, Gang began, two high Meng and Zhang Feng, as well as other members of Butch ride, all of them equipped with guns too cold heart customary to think that the power of small guns, bombing bore chances are high, it might as well fight. Until Xu Xing Xia gun at five feet with a moon outside, shot and killed a horse, two people stunned accepted. Knowing that the power of sun and the moon after the gun, both in love with this great power weapons. From the beginning in early June, we will continually have produced standard moon blunderbuss, and equipped with Flamini bomb squad began riding equipment to Butch. Xu Xing Xia Jian forces training immediately curse! Training the mind about front-loading gun firing exercises, Xu Xing Xia seen a lot of movies, this is not new. He took the sun and the moon lock also practiced for some time, the action has been quite skilled. In fact, guns firing of basic training programs are similar, nothing more than loading, aiming, shooting three links, one to become familiar with a link on it. As for the three-shot, the principle is very simple, nothing more than a mixture of queues and commands. Only need a few days of training, the soldiers will be able to master the basic. Of course, these are the most basic training method, basic principles, this is definitely not complicated, but really want to achieve uniform, practice makes perfect, or a little difficult. The more simple things a lot more difficult to improve the heart of the white army soldiers, at the beginning, it is just a simple filling operation, you need a minute. If it is on the battlefield, the enemy will not know how many times he was shot. In order to better increase the power of Musketeers, queuing shot is almost inevitable. This means that the white army in the future, must be lined up against the gas. Truculent enemy of the heart to kill up white military establishment, is fifty people a team, which happens to be a queue heart three teams combined, just a three-shot array. Clearly, in the face of the enemy cavalry when the Musketeers could calm calm, is a very important part of the heart, after all, the enemy's cavalry Rulangsihu killed over the Horseshoe was constantly riding the earth tremble, as if muffled hoofs Like rolling, people are generally very difficult to bear. Once someone psychological breakdown, turned backward run, the power line shot, would decline. In fact, the power of muskets in within 50 meters, is good. Line up shot, then five hundred muskets firing together, enough to block the mouth of the majority of the enemy even after the gold Tartars Da murderous son, once musket shot at close range hit, also wounded or dead, simply not have the ability to fight another day. What his body a few bombs, can continue to fight, are generally Novelists. On the battlefield, you really want to be hit several bombs, are far from dead. Flesh and blood, how could resist the power of guns? The problem is most of the Ming army guns Da hand, you can not stick to the enemy into fifty meters of range, then after another shot, and go to waste a musket lethality only. Have not yet entered the effective range of the enemy, you'll shoot, naturally have little effect. In order to avoid the white army repeating the mistakes of other Ming army, Xu Xing of the queue summer training! Practice, extremely strict, any errors are the meal swearword, even for severe chastisement. In order to exercise the white army of courage, even in the face of the enemy crowd, but also to fight to the death to subside and he will shoot sound Army cavalry troops and transferred to the Butch riding warrior, constantly crying for shock, and even waving saber in their passing around. <

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