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Look at their attire antworten

> (0153) [to] more of today's fourth one would have thought, the Tartars would actually appear at this time. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm a time, all around the city of Ningxia, feeling a little off guard. Those palace guard, very well equipped,Oakley Squared Outlet, but not as good as the white army reaction yet. Xu Xing and late summer tiger, GAO Meng, Liu Chuang, who have to react, and they do not know how silly response. "Late Tiger" Xu Xing Xia stern shouted. "Understand" late Tiger immediately took the white army, rushed to the front. Few escaped Ming army cavalry, was white army stopped, personally ask a few. There are terrified Ming army cavalry, crossed the white army tried to queue, ran back to the city in Ningxia. Results, late tiger pull machetes, they immediately ordered directly Le truce horse. Disobedient, on the spot to catch up, paid the weapons directly press down on the ground. In this process, the white army these days to accept the brutal training, fully embodies the values. Perhaps they face the Tartars, it can not sweep. However, in the face of the Ming army cavalry general, but it is gangbusters, a breeze. Those few stragglers Ming army was soon packed. Without them yelling scene tensions gradually ease down. "Driving" Xu Xing Xia Qing palace rode toward the convoy. He Xiaojun Zhu on horseback, directly thrown into the Dickson-year horseback. Qing palace guard, found the Tartars struck, there has been a panic. Fortunately, the white army first shot, the collapsing Ming army cavalry, as well as to catch up to the Tartars, are blocked in the front. Shortly after, Qing palace guard, before they recovered, they quickly turned the pier, trying to back out of Ningxia city. However, Su Xiaoxiao carriage, How you can quickly move? Is a U-turn, is quite difficult. Some Qing palace guard, even cropped up on his forehead sweat. Some people subconsciously seek retreat opportunities. Obviously, their personal ability alone may well be battle but it is not, especially in such a chaotic situation tense. And the courage to fight the Tartars, it is not. Encountered such a situation, the best option, of course, most people go up and fight the Tartars, a small number of people cover Su Xiaoxiao retreat. But they did not so dry. "Dangdang When the" this time, the city of Ningxia alarm sounded fierce. Burst then burst of dull bells, everyone will be outside the city, and bring them some kind of stress and anxiety. Even worse, with the continuous alarm sounded, the gates of the city of Ningxia, there are rapid closure trend. A large number of soldiers from the barracks inside out, rushed to the wall above the alert. Qing garrison commanders have rushed to the palace of the convoy near shouted they immediately withdrew to the city, otherwise, we should close the gates. If in peacetime, Ningxia city garrison, not whether the situation outside, took the lead in the gates closed up again. This is a matter of survival, does not allow the slightest hesitation. Ningxia inside the city's elite too, if so Tartars rushed to the city, it is completely finished. But today, the defenders know, celebrate Princess is still out, they did not immediately close. This is the case, the atmosphere, it is already very nervous. More strange is that those who do not know where the Tartars drilled out, actually all around the city to avoid the flames of Ningxia pier is simply incredible. Prior to this, Ningxia, the flames of the city did not receive any warning. Do not know the Tartars in the end is to cock broke into the city in Ningxia, or carefully planned route. If the latter, things are serious. Ningxia city can not afford such an attack. Xu Xing Xia Qing palace guard rushed to the front, Shua bang, pull out the broadsword, Bao He soon: "all standing here, who also Freeze" There is a security guard did not listen to his command, and turned back, Xu Xing Xia will machete knife strokes, directly from the horse knocked him down. The other guard, saw Xu Xing Xia glances, stunned did not dare move. They also know that just this vicious guy that counts fame Xu Laomo it. This is an untouchable guy. Xu Xing Xia stern shouted: "There are weapons, ready to fight without weapons, to back" those who guard subconscious pull out weapons, a little nervous waiting for Xu Xing Xia commands. If other people, they may not be obedient. They celebrate the palace guard, who can command them? Even the presence of Li Mao Hui and Li Guozhen, they can not listen to the command. However, Xu Xing Xia's hands, but with hundreds of head of the Tartars, he's the bane of the Tartars, which gave them a tremendous sense of confidence. Perhaps, along with Xu Xing Xia, really be able to kill a few Tartars. Both in public and in private, if you can kill a few Tartars, are beneficial. Leaving aside what Shangyin, at least is a good opportunity to oneself. You see Xu Xing Xia, in the past, who knows what he trees onions? But now, a lot of people know that out of a town in Ningxia XU Laomo. Xu Xing Xia rode beside the bypass from the carriage, waving gleaming scimitar,Coach Store, the Qing palace ladies, what eunuchs are all deported to the side of the carriage, Chen Sheng shouted: "You get in the carriage outside, who also Freeze offenders, Unforgiven, "Yuehua Jian, he will hand broadsword, waved down fiercely. Those palace eunuchs or something, suddenly silent, and hurried around the carriage surrounded. Princess Suxiao Xiao Qing inside the carriage, and there is no sound. I do not know to be scared silly, or quietly do not want to say anything. However, Xu Xing Xia touches not want her to say anything. As long as she does not say anything, here is his greatest, he wanted Gansha just do it. He likes to feel that way. At this time, Xu Xing came late summer tiger rode in front, whispered: "Your honor, the number of Tartars not much unlike the Heller Golden Horde Tartars. Estimate is from the west of the Helan Mountains intruder, I do not know how to bypass the flames along the pier, near the city of Ningxia. those government troops were scattered, is in charge of guarding Yellow Gap. "" They thought a long time since the Tartars from Yellow Gap haunt, and on carelessness , a group of people have come out from the Yellow Gap, went zhenbeipu go wandering, the results met the Tartars attacked and their one hundred were killed, leaving only a small flag and a few soldiers. zhenbeipu there is also chaos, and actually not a little from the flames ...... ah, the flames came. "Xu Xing Xia nodded. He also saw, in the direction of zhenbeipu, rising from the billowing black plume. This is a belated warning. Plume number, a total of four, appears to be about forty Tartars. In fact, the Tartars suddenly appeared, indeed only three to four people. However, they have a feature that will carry a shield. Heller Golden Horde Tartars, is basically no shield. Moreover, Heller gold tribal Tartars, nor detour from the Yellow Gap intruder. This fully shows that these Tartars, not Heller Golden Horde, but they belong to other Tartar tribes. Heller Golden Horde Tartars had just suffered heavy losses, and other tribes killed over the Tartars is really a wheel war posture. Said to be really sad, and now the Ningxia town, just like a broken fishing nets, mesh top everywhere. Wherever the Tartars, can easily break into. Helan Mountain, is simply completely undefended. If the flames pier can not play the role of an alarm, the Tartars always be able to direct immediate concern Ningxia around the city. This scene, indeed let Xu Xing Xia feel more depressed. Paralysis, the former imperial state, actually reduced to such a point, it is sad. Thirty or forty do not know where the Tartars, would dare to come here wildly, really is a town that is their own private plots in Ningxia do? Come and want to stay away most appalling is that Qing palace guard, and equipment is the best treatment is the best, suddenly encountered the Tartars, or so unbearable. Utterly speechless. For fear of the Tartars, actually to the point yet? As Zhu Heng Chih said, whatever the outcome, the town government troops in Ningxia, there are three million people, even thirty thousand pigs Tartars busy enough, ah this time, chase away the Tartars, are also stabilized footing. They did only thirty people. Look at their attire, and Heller Golden Horde Tartars, slightly different. In general, the color of their clothing, tend to dark red, body armor seems to be stained with blood through the same. The Golden Horde Tartars Heller, costumes are partial black. These Tartars, but also carries a shield and spear, this is indeed relatively rare. Tatars from the entire population, the number of shields and spears, and of course, no less. Even riding and shooting talent has Tatars, not everyone has the opportunity to become a ride shooter. Not good at riding and shooting, the only person to practice spears or machetes, and the enemy at close range melee unfold. Lindan Han soldiers under the command of the iron lance is wearing heavy armor gun ride. Tartar army mobilized, guns and knives ride riding number, in fact, a lot. Genghis Khan's army there, there are a lot of guns and knives ride riding. However, the town came to harassing Ningxia are basically action light and flexible, strong mobility bow riding. Because only bow riding, have a chance to win with fewer, playing left. It shares the Tartars number inside the bow to ride, but not a lot, only less than one third. Arguably, the Ming army encountered organized resistance, they should avoid is. Positive impact, in fact, is not afraid of the Ming army. Ming army most looking forward to the things that Tatar cavalry rushed to fight, as a result, even if the employer Hai Ming army tactics, but also to get rid of all the Tartars, even if the costs may be several times the Tartars. However, it shares the Tartars have been attracted to the carriage Su Xiaoxiao. Knowing that they may be dangerous, but always not willing to retreat. No way, idiot can see,OP Art Coach UK, there is such a carriage ride identity, certainly not ordinary people. Just grab some success, they made a big profit. They worked hard over the desert south, not just to plunder the wealth of the Han Chinese do? Now, a lot of wealth in the face, how they are willing to let go? [Seeking monthly ticket] seeking recommendations. . More to the address <

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