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Chunlan and Qiu two antworten

> (0139) [second more to today! 】 Passing teahouse, when Xu Xing Xia Zhu Heng Chih just saw pouring out. She wore a light yellow dress, look slim and slender body, and barefoot, his white feet to, giving a fresh and elegant feeling. In fact, when she wore ladies, very nice indeed, under the dim moonlight, really seems to be pretty natural standing fairies, there is a natural implication seemed to be from the secular world. Xu Xing Xia mind nerves taut full two weeks, now relax, for the immediate beauty, but also a little more attention. Such a beautiful woman, that is rare in the Hereafter, to seize the opportunity to look at them, even seductive. She just passing through the town of Fort Granville just do not know when, but also wind gone. He had never felt such a beautiful and elegant woman, will belong to the town of Fort Granville. Xu Xing Xia found himself being observed intently, Zhu Heng Chih cheeks slightly red, Actually, I'm how angry, just frowned and said: "berk duck, what do you see?" Xu Xing Xia did not mean a little ashamed, still intently staring at her, in all seriousness, said: "I am looking at you in the end how the United States can be made so many young men, for you to jump through hoops, expense and now look, I finally understand. This material should only be in heaven, People rarely heard several times. roots of troubles, it really is the roots of troubles ah! "Zhu Heng Chih face slightly flushed, illuminated by the moonlight, even more tender and beautiful. Her word for the roots of troubles, and nothing seems to contradict the psychological, or is accustomed to. She did not get angry, is a gross understatement, said: "Xu one hundred, when you have learned to please the girls up? You also know to apply the poetry? Well, good thing!" Xu Xing Xia Hey smile, audacity, said: "Arjuna girl but do not get me wrong, I'm not talking about me, oh we governor adults and commander adult son, I heard that there is a fort town of Granville Exquisite beauty child, really is beautiful, beauties, shame spend close, hurried army came, beautiful children want to give a big surprise, I did not expect, half-way in the Tartars ambush ...... sad ah, what a pity, ah, funny ah! Now, the two estimates are Tartars son captured. "Zhu Heng Chih suddenly shocked. Even with her identity, Xu Xing Xia also brought the news to overawed. Governor adult son, as well as commander adult son, have been captured by the Tartars, that terrible? Next, I do not know what happened to get downtown. Tartars do not just be defeated? How a blink of an eye captured two embroidered pillow? Even worse, in the middle do not know how many shady deals going on. She knew nothing about war, but for private transactions dark, but it is very well aware, eyeball a turn, they think a lot of key things. She'm sure that the Tartars will not kill two idiot, will use them in exchange for benefits. This is inside the door doorway road to more. See Zhu Heng Chih no response, Xu Xing Xia inevitably lifted a bit disappointed. He also thought that he brought the news, it will make her exclaimed. Unexpectedly, she actually little reaction at all. Cut, also told me berk duck it, I think you are the berk duck. He gave her a thumbs, do not know what the expression meant, he turned to go. Zhu Heng Chih long time to react, quickly shouted: "Xu Xing Xia, you have nothing to say!" She wants to Xu Xing Xia stay, asked a little more detail. However, Xu Xing Xia did without looking, swaggering go. He clearly heard the call of Zhu Heng Chih, just do not look back. Zhu Heng Chih fiercely Duoduojia besides, it seems there is no better way. Could go to catch up? Is this not become a young married woman sent home? Summer back home ...... Xu Xing, a person is very happy to speak it. Flowers hall sat several people. At this time, Alex has been moved to the original sub-one thousand house, which is Zhang Qiuqing old house. Relocation of the past, when it is Tartars besieged fort town of Granville, when there is nothing natural celebrations. A people pack up, to live down. Vice one thousand home conditions, of course, Alex is much better than the original, the house or something, all very much, Alex is only a few mouthfuls, Xu Xing Xia and long-term are not at home, the family lived together, inevitably some open at night still a little thrilling feeling. Thus, Liuguang Liang a, has also been invited over, with Alex live together, finally have a point of popularity. "Summer children, eat sweet potatoes!" Discovery Xu Xing Xia came back, she had hurried up, took his son seated. Said mother worried about children traveling thousands of miles, Xu Xing Xia war on the home front, Wang are very, very worried. But the woman has also understand that Xu Xing Xia great responsibility, it is impossible to run home all day. Xu Xing Xia back rare natural to greet some good. Small Floral Hall in the middle of which stood precisely a tub of cooked sweet potatoes. One person had sitting together, listening Dongzi story yet. Dongzi say the story, it was the Three Kingdoms. Positive Speaking Zhao Zilong, in ChangBanPo seven into seven, with fools Deus Ex. Hear niu, large-nan, Xiaonan other baby girl, there Liuguang Liang's two daughters, a little preoccupied, one holding a sweet potato, have forgotten skinned. In fact, Dongzi story, but also from the inside to listen to the teahouse. Tang Xu Xing Dust Road in front of the summer, each seems to be in loading force, but in front of his children, storytelling, when it very kindly. Dongzi memories are strong, strong ability to imitate, how Don Dust Road, said he also followed how that really is everybody's heart, are all put up. Xu Xing Xia suddenly came back, if not, we should say the most stressful Dongzi Liu Huang Shu fell fools, and is estimated to lead to a lot of screams. Since Xu Xing Xia back, you can only be continued, please listen next time decomposition. A group of little baby is not fun, anxious to know the results, it is surrounded by Dongzi, we must continue to listen to the book. Niu coquetry skills, is getting stronger. Xu Fuqing let them go talk to the side of the hall, big people were kept in the small drawing room inside. Great place to live, that is, there is such a benefit. Adults busy adults, children playing children, and non-interfering. Wang concern asked: "Summer children, Tartars really all receded yet?" Xu Xing Xia hands peel the sweet potatoes, smiled and said: "I think it should be so. Anyway, they are afraid to come temporarily harassment town of Granville the fort. "Xu Fuqing seemed very happy, good mood and said:" The Tartars died hundreds of people, is estimated to decimated the Let 'fort town of Granville, had never had such a record ah this battle, directly on the backbone of the Tartars interrupted, so that they no longer hard not up. child his mother in the evening to get some good food,Jordan 14 Shoes, reward it Natsuko This is meritorious ah! I'm wondering, other end of the battle After Natsuko definitely have to be at the commendation. "so happy to see his father, Xu Xing Xia not revealed, said the governor and commander adult adult son, there is likely to be captured to the Tartars, the battle is still far from over yet. If Xu Fuqing know, and will definitely be scared. A guard command to make it enough to let Xu Fuqing know what to do, not to mention that the governor and commander absolute level? Rare old people so happy, little things that sesame garlic skin, needless to say. Wang laughed and went to get together dinner, Chunlan and Orchids two went along. After two people live together, there Chunlan cousin,oakley sunglasses outlet, Qiu cousin to help, Wang touches a lot easier. Work not so tired, she had to face, but also a little bit better, not so dull it. Of course, you want to really get better, you also need to rest longer. Liuguang Liang's two daughters, a husband is not very good, her parents are not very be see them, they are mostly too poor at home. Liuguang Liang also hurt the child who will simply take back the two daughters are living. Slowly, Chunlan and Qiu two, go back to her husband's home number, they become less and less, both sides of the relationship, almost always broken. Dinner, Chunlan and Qiu, flirting, are secretly staring Xu Xing Xia. Xu Xing Xia certainly would not think she both are interesting on their own, after all, is a married man, and there can be no other thoughts. He was curious and asked: "two cousin cousin, you flirt,Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses, furtive do what?" Chunlan shy cousin, said: "We are entrusted by the people to act as a matchmaker's with you." Hear say pro, Xu Xing Xia suddenly on the head. Saying that since he Xu Xing Xia with the "hard work", "young and promising", "promising" of the kind words linked after the matchmaker who began emerging. In the eyes of the general military families, Xu Xing Xia is later potential of stocks ah, it is worth investing a great effort. In addition Aunt, there are other door also a matchmaker. Especially in Alex moved into the mansion after, especially. Fortunately, Wang Xu Xing Xia said before still remember the words, his marriage to themselves, for others eloquent, has not agreed to. Thus, some matchmaker, they begin Quxianjiuguo, Xu Xing Xia from other people around to start with. Chunlan and Orchids two, has also been entangled may not work. No alternative but to open it. Of course, they are the result of the opening, is to be Xu Xing Xia refused. Matchmaker This road is completely blocked by him. Orchids unhappy cousin, said: "Cousin, what kind of person you want children do?" Xu Xing Xia thought, what kind of person I want children? Really is hard to say. Brother basic requirements, they have outer beauty and spiritual beauty coexist. If both of these are best, then so much the better. But, in the end how to describe out of it? He suddenly a flash, think of a model. He exclaimed: "Arjuna girl with teahouse about it?" [Seeking monthly! Seeking recommendations ticket! 】 <

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