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> (0133) [today's first even sent! 】 The first day of fighting, the town of Fort Granville did not undergo a severe test. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM Xu Xing Xia powerful archery in front of the Tartars wise choice to suspend offensive. Tartars next attack will be launched at what time, is not yet known. Therefore, for the time being, the town of Fort Granville is safe. Have found Tatar cavalry retreat, Fort garrison town of Granville, are relieved sigh of relief. "Tartars ...... so retreat?" Late tiger bit unbelievable said. "Tartars do not want to pay too much casualties." Xu Xing Xia said calmly. "Is finally over for a day." Mao thirteen emotion jack. Other white army soldiers, after the withdrawal of the Tartars, have also flocked to Xu Xing of the summer side. They are well aware, the Tartars reason receded entirely by Xu Xing Xia a man to beat back the. Xu Xing Xia Tatar cavalry was shot dozens of people, other people feel bad, but to get away obediently. Turns out to be yifudangguan, Wan Fu Mo open ah! This makes the white army soldiers for battle, the addition of a little confidence. There is such a master Xu Xing Xia sits, even a large number of Tartars swarmed to the town of Granville fort will not easily be defeated. If finally be able to win the case, the town of Fort Granville can certainly legendary. And they will also become a world-renowned war hero. Words, in the town of Ningxia, has long been out of powerful figure. If the Tatar cavalry to come south, did not achieve the goal,Air Jordan 3 Sale, but let fame fort town of Granville, then they are a blessing in disguise. If the honor of recognition by the court, and even the emperor's attention, they are everyone's future, will be beautiful brilliant. "Stay alert personnel, and many others, early rest!" After a lot of patrol around the walls, Xu Xing Xia on the release of the dissolution of the command. Tense day white army soldiers, as well as an ordinary young men, are trying to leave the wall, each to go back to eat the rest. Xu Xing Xia himself back to the barracks, buried dinner. Charge the first night on duty, but led by five white hair thirteen army soldiers, as well as twenty-five young men fighting to follow. They are distributed on the walls in all directions. In addition to fixed whistle, the Xu Xing Xia also arranged and latent swimming whistle whistle, as well as patrol. This is from a military book appears, is to prevent any accident. Town of Fort Granville on the walls, but also a lot of torches lit, the surrounding wilderness, all shone very bright. Tatar cavalry want to attack, basically impossible. That night, the town of Fort Granville was relatively calm. Tense day defenders, are trying to sleep. After a few hours of suffering, most people's psychological tension, have calmed down. Most military families are able to compare the calm in the face of the fact that the arrival of the Tartars. More people courage, preparation and Tartars Sike. In fact, breaking the city is certainly a dead end, only hard to resist, only chance for survival. ...... "Damn!" "We had too optimistic!" Of course, the mood is some people do not calm. Paro Court and Suo Bude mood, it is very quiet. Day of fighting, to the two great shock. Both had painful optimism before changing ideas, brains thinking, in the end to how to act in order to win the fort town of Granville, will get rid of that damn Xu Xing Xia! Xu Xing Xia how to avoid a lever, which is the most critical issue. This evildoer general archers, has come to the point where thousands of enemy enemy people, is not a small amount of Tatar cavalry can deal with. As long as the 1st Xu Xing Xia in the walls, Tatars want to be near the town of Fort Granville, must pay a terrible heavy price. Think of possible costs, the two minds, the more pain. They really want to get rid of Xu Xing Xia Yes, indeed want to win the town of Fort Granville right. However, too high a price, but they can not afford. If you have to pay the cost of hundreds of people in order to get rid of Xu Xing Xia, that too at a disadvantage. More harm than good ah! Heller Golden Horde is just a very strong strength Tartar tribes, want to make tribal survival and development, to develop and grow, we must always pay attention to the ratio between benefits and costs. Pay a certain price, they must get some benefits. Only pay no income, or is costly, revenue is not large action must be prohibited. In other words, in order to eliminate Xu Xing Xia, so that the strength of their own tribe, by the heavy blow, it is absolutely impossible. Xu Xing Xia eradication should pay the price, must be controlled in a proportion within. For example, one hundred people, or a hundred and fifty. Once you exceed this value, we should look before they leap. If you take into account the entire thousand teams have estimated Heller gold will immediately cut them both. Plainly, the current death Heller gold tribal enemies, in fact, not Han Chinese, but the east Tumote tribes, is that called Lindan Han people. Xu Xing Xia ability again strong, is also only a passive defensive posture, unable to Heller Golden Horde constitute fatal injuries. Estimated that in the next few years, Xu Xing Xia Heller gold nor will pose a deadly threat to tribes. However, Lindan Han is different. As a big powerful tribal chiefs Tumote, Lindan Han forces become stronger, much occupied Yinshan area south of the situation. Once Heller Golden Horde was defeated, or genocide, either immediately fled to other places. The best results, is to be expelled. However, Heller Golden Horde was expelled if Yinshan south, you want to find another place to live, that it is not easy. Other Tartar tribes, nor Buddha ah! Paro Court After much deliberation, have not thought of any good way. Xu Xing Xia If out of town, he'd be able to lay siege to the other side, too tired, exhausted him. However, there are barriers in the town of Fort Wei, Xu Xing Xia he wants to make things difficult, very difficult indeed. He had to helpless to Suobu De said: "prince, what do you suggest?" Suo Bude with a wry smile: "No." Paro Court frown, said: "We also continue to attack you?" Suo Bude did not respond , frowned into a group. Indeed, should not continue to attack, is a headache. During the day the fighting that continue to attack, they will certainly have to pay a higher price. However, if you do not continue to attack, they can not catch Xu Xing Xia. Grasp Xu Xing Xia, and so was the south, white dry. In the end should be how to choose, is indeed a very terrible problem. Suo Bude course anxious to Xu Xing Xia captured pieces, one piece raw him. However, if you want to pay the cost of hundreds of Tatar cavalry, in order to achieve the purpose, he really is a bit hesitant. Paro Court frowning, said: "Otherwise, we wait a few days?" Suo Bude frown, said: "We can wait long?" Paro Court cautiously said: "Ningxia other town Ming army, no fighting, understanding They are also not easily come out of the city so that it, I'll take five hundred horse archers in the surrounding guard, deterrence elsewhere Ming army, ensure that you have half the time the siege, you see how? "Suo Bude want a thought, slowly said: "Well! half the time!" He immediately ordered to stop all-out offensive Tatar cavalry, to carry on the siege of the town of Fort Granville. Tatar cavalry scattered swimming, will Granville town of Fort tightly sealed off. He felt that as long as the siege of the town of Fort Granville on half the time, inside the fort garrison town of Granville, will be too exhausted. Small town of Fort Granville, half the time not persist. Fighting began very rapidly, but the end was very sudden. Originally thought that the first day will be very bloody battle people are stunned. But it so that if the first day of the battle, it is too bloody, I'm afraid the general military families are simply not accept. Everyone needs a process of adaptation. A quiet night in the past, and there is no Tatar cavalry attack or attack action. The next day throughout the day, Tatar cavalry nor the slightest movement. In the next few days, Tatar cavalry camp, although it was swimming back and forth constantly, constantly have hoofs came, but no attack on the town of Fort Granville. Xu Xing Xia came to understand that this is to be besieged town of Granville Tatar cavalry fort, waiting for when it's right before we launched another attack. For the Tatar cavalry, the siege is indeed a good strategy. Since we can not directly attacking, then besieged by the siege, making the defenders' morale and combat effectiveness, are steadily falling. Combat effectiveness and morale of other defenders are reduced to the trough, Tatars and then blitzed in one fell swoop the possibility of breaking the city, is still very large. In fact, if Xu Xing Xia's hands, there is not enough food, and now, he must have been restless. I believe the following military families, also has emerged feeling of insecurity situation. No food for people everywhere Qiangliang certainly the. Murder and arson, but common. In order to suppress chaos is bound to use the army. The army and the people will inevitably clash. Once this happens, the distance city was broken up, is not far away. Of course, it is another matter. Now the town of Fort Granville, there is enough food reserves. Steward will also have the ability to control the city's most military families. Lao Dong offering medical doctor, patients can solve everyday. White army can maintain a strong law and order in the city, any act commit crimes will be severely punished. In addition to not to go outside of the town of Fort Granville, after being besieged by the Tartars during military families' lives, basically not much change. Fort town of Granville has enough food, can support almost a month's time, the people who actually do not worry about food shortages caused a big problem. On the contrary, in order not to leave food Tartars, guys are much eat eat much, not easily saved. Because, do not eat now, maybe later on did not have to eat it. Military families at home with the family livestock, livestock slaughtered almost every day, some of the meat they eat some of the meat is sold to someone else. Truth and food the same. Good things can not be left to the Tartars. Would prefer to eat all, does not give the Tartars left a dime. Result, this time the besieged town of Granville Fort interior touches meat constantly, a bit like the New Year in advance. Dickson was the grocery store, or business as usual, or find many guests. This guy hoarding a lot of goods are tonight, they emptied the most. Previously, military families who are rigid, every copper, are in possession of the wearer, not willing to easily put to use. But now, they are out. Because, if not now, in case the Tartars broken city, then give the Tartars when trophy. Zhu Heng Chih teahouse, the same is also business as usual, every morning on time to open the door, close the door on time every evening. But, no guests door. Even in the period of the siege, the military families who did not drink tea riches. The price of ordinary tea pot, you can buy two pounds of meat,Air Jordan 2 UK, and this account in the end how it worthwhile, military families who have a child clear. May the weather is not particularly hot. Early morning and evening temperatures, especially suitable. Even without leaving the town of Fort Granville, the problem is not large. Overall, the fort was besieged town of Granville life, it would not be too sad. Town of Fort Granville day, in addition to closely monitor the Tartars sent the movement, the white army also carried out normal training, in order to stimulate the morale, Xu Xing Xia people get a kickball, in accordance with the rules of modern football, and lead us to play football. Tartars siege do not want to? Let it play kickball now! A month's time, just a World Cup final cycle, we have come to a good World Cup in the town of Fort Granville. Kickball the sport since the Tang and Song dynasties, on the popular army welcome. But, in general military families, naked, hungry, what thoughts do not naturally play kickball. But things are different now. There are eating rice flour, there is enough meat every day, they are interested in kickball, naturally strong a lot. Every afternoon, Xu Xing Xia will be held in sun valley soccer field. Participating teams, which can be the official organization, it can be military families themselves organized. There's even an adult team, youth team and the junior team of the points. Dongzi took part in the youth team. This time, the town of Fort Granville is the busiest time,Air Jordan 2 Sale, every household, streaming to watch the sun near the threshing floor. Watched entranced, I can even forget the fact that the Tartars siege. Those responsible for monitoring the Tartars on the wall movement of the white army soldiers, do not worry about missing a show. Their high walls, the same can be seen sun valley floor fierce fighting. Whenever there kickball is launched into the goal, when the city under the city, and have a loud cheer. Excess energy of the people, as if using their own roared to vent excess energy. "Inside the town of Fort Granville What happened?" Whenever I hear coming from inside the town of Fort Granville cheers, Suo Bude out to be the face of suspicion tent, raise the amount of help, looking at the town of Granville Fort Gate orientation. His best hope is that the inside of the town of Fort Granville military families, kill Xu Xing Xia, surrendered the initiative to open the door. If not open the door to surrender, as long as Xu Xing Xia's head thrown out, Suo Bude to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, every day cheers came, but did not wait a day Xu Xing Xia's head. Touches Baonei cheers came, so a lot of the Tatar cavalry, feel a little dejected. Listen to the sound, the city defenders morale, not at all reduced ah. The purpose of the siege, apparently not reached. Battle, and finally in the end what the outcome, I say now is not good. Xu Xing Xia metamorphosis think archery, some Tatars, have begun to back off. "Xu Xing Xia, you are worthless ah! You should seize the time to train the white army to enhance their combat effectiveness, rather than the day they play kickball with you this is desperation ah!" Chu Chih-heng said to Xu Xing Xia frown. "You're a baby girl, know what? Besieged when morale is more important than fighting Without morale, but where's the fighting? Full day training, morale, getting lower and lower! Hum! Pretend to understand!" Xu Xing Xia he exclaimed. He had a preconceived idea that Don Dust Road in the loading force, joint feel Zhu Heng Chih also in the loading force. His most annoying is loaded to force people. Yuehua Jian, not the slightest scruples. This does not, some words down, completely criticize each other. "You're the baby girl! You just pretend to understand!" Zhu Heng Chih frown said. Every time she upset when the Organisation eyebrows are up, this is the most obvious feature. Xu Xing Xia to her this feature, have been accustomed to, is completely indifferent. Zhu Heng Chih although sometimes very unhappy and would like to refute, but really want to get angry, but unable to pay. She had self-comforting themselves, and Xu Xing Xia this yokel angry with ** were, or forget it. This quirky psychology, she did not understand why estimates. If in the past, so if someone annoys her, she would have to be each other's good-looking. But Xu Xing Xia ...... hey, he is a freak, but also a yokel, but why some of his behavior, letting her feel very fresh. From time to time, she wanted to talk with him and see what he was weird place. This ambivalence, always let her in two of the dispute, can not help but give in retreat. Xu Xing Xia suddenly excitedly said: "Otherwise, I'll teach you to play kickball?" Zhu Heng Chih frowned and said: "I would not, so rude sport, not for me!" Xu Xing Xia said with a smile: "Cut! Kickball But the most elegant sport, how it might suffer side with rude? your girls to play, you can also gentle thing! Anyway, you have so much time, do not read books all day, and one day sit still bad for your health, I say, you just organize a women's kickball team, I prioritize your game! I can guarantee that every time you play, the audience is the largest absolute number of people ...... "Chu Chih-heng ignore him insane and crazy language, stagger topic said: "hey, I said, reinforcements when they could come? This is how many days? less there seventy-eight days, right? how little movement of reinforcements or not? do not is really not to the bar?" Xu Xing Xia exclaimed: "You are silly or stupid fake ah, how could so reinforcements coming to? slowly so on it!" Zhu Heng Chih frown, said: "The number of Tartars, that is just thousands of you Ningxia town, 70 000 government troops, it also could not reach a thousand Tartars? prepared for so many days, it is not ready to play to prepare? even seventy thousand pigs can also be a thousand Tartars ran to the arch the. "[seeking monthly! 】 <

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