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Artisans must remove the old antworten

> (0120) [Seventh better today sent! 】 Course, Xu Xing Xia corners of a large number of nails to build the main purpose, or in order to prevent the Tartars infantry siege. wWw, qUAnBEn, CoM Tartars boots, certainly is unstoppable nail corners sharp. Want siege of the Tartars, it must dismount walking to close to the wall. Moreover, to the brave and the Tartars, the impact speed certainly will soon. Imagine an approximate speed of Liu Xiang, one foot on the corners nailed what would happen. Xu Xing Xia like even more is that these corners nails are basically built with a variety of scrap materials, which occupies most of rusty iron materials. Hey, rusty nail corners, tie into the sole of the Tartars ...... Xu Xing Xia Just think, feel a little scary. In the absence of penicillin era, the Tartars enough to drink a pot. Even if you pull out, so what? Rust left in the wound as tightly inside. Want to attack the town of Fort Granville? First ask yourself how much the price was right? Not afraid of death to come! "Well, closing!" Xu Xing Xia immediately announced. After closing, Xu Xing Xia dedicate Liuguang Liang stay, explain the four corners of the nail to create ways. These rough weapons, few words can speak clearly. It also does not require any quality, nor what process is purely an apprentice craftsman able to complete the job. The key is that it's the number to be more than enough to essentially fort wall outside the area within five feet, can be sprinkled all over again. Gate near the place, it is to be repeated Caesar. "Gunpowder things must seize." Xu Xing Xia and carefully told. "I will as soon as possible arrangements." Liuguang Liang nodded. Slightly hesitated a moment later, and a little puzzled Liuguang Liang said: "Natsuko town of Granville Fort handguns, basically no good stuff, five pounds of gunpowder sufficient, you want so much gunpowder do?" Xu Xing Xia said: "Of course there are other uses." Liuguang Liang tentatively said: "colorful big spider mines?" Xu Xing Xia shook his head and said: "No. That thing making too difficult, not easy to use." Liuguang Liang Xu Xing Xia reluctant to explain seeing , no longer asked, hurriedly make arrangements to go. In fact, the mining of saltpeter and sulfur, nor is it very difficult to have a ready-made Helan Mountains saltpeter and sulfur ore mine, the content is also very rich, pit, mined is ready, just send people to dig on the line. Why not do previously, the main emphasis is not just. Now seriously, the problem will be solved. Xu Xing Xia so much gunpowder to do? Of course, there is a great use of. He should be used to mass-produce explosives. Mines and the like, to the Tartars accurate stepped on, will only be useful, there is no packet improvised explosive force ah. Imagine Tartars swarm ladder climb up from the results above a dynamite down, bang bang, there will be little effect. Definitely more than what bows and arrows, handguns, tiger squatting guns, Buddha Lang machine guns are much more. The thing is, homemade explosives, no technical content, he will engage in this otaku. Xu Xing Xia now, only two concerns. The first is Liuguang Liang can get enough gunpowder, can manufacture a sufficiently large number of explosives. The second is the number of Tartars too. If the number of Tartars too, the power of explosives, it can not be displayed. Of course, he also had a third worry, it is not completely convertible top exploits it. No matter how much it kills the Tartars in the economy, they did not benefit it. ...... "What? There Tartars want to come?" "What? There are many Tartars want to come?" "What? We have been on top of the town of Fort Granville abandoned?" Steward meeting will be after the end of the pavilion, a variety of rumors spread in the town of Granville fort, military families' reactions, it really is what kind of people have. People who have a relationship and broad, unthinking things to clean up, the whole family comes first prisoner to the city level refuge say. In particular this general flag Leihong Guo Wei also left the town of Fort, is causing quite a commotion, he took the military families, as much as a full dozen families. Relations very wide, it will be home child away. The rest, naturally obediently stay a fort town of Granville. Later statistics show that the Tartars in the incoming message after fleeing the town of Fort Granville number of military families, only thirty thirty-four, about two hundred people. Relative to the base of hundreds of concerned, basically not worth mentioning. Obviously, the Tartars incoming messages, to the shock of military families who indeed is great, but not yet big enough to the point where they are totally terrified. Effects worse, mainly Leihong Guo this typical. In order to bring bad influence Leihong Guo eliminated, Xu Xing Xia Kao quickly appointed as the chief city of the flag, replacing Leihong Guo. Gaozheng city is high Meng's father, in the town of Fort Granville also has a relatively high prestige. A little bit less of the votes last time, the main reason was his temper temper, when drunk, just a fight, resulting in some negative impact. However, in killing the Tartars, he is absolutely unambiguous. Sure enough, the city became a high positive total flag after the town of Granville Fort morale of military families are lifted. High is the city every day, carrying a machete in the streets of the town of Fort Granville stroll, we must look menacing Tartars fight. Of course, there is no Tartars, his machete only Pipi air. However, his actions, or let the town of Fort Granville military families have felt the footsteps getting closer to war, no matter what you do, seems to be on like clockwork. Xu Xing Xia, white army, steward will, five hundred stone grain, repair walls ...... these series information, let military families at Fort town of Granville, on the fight against the Tartars, a lot more confidence. Before the adoption of the battle, Xu Xing Xia has been in the minds of our military families, the initial build a myth of invincibility. They believe that this time, Xu Xing Xia can still lead them safe through. There optimistic military families, or even think that they would from this battle,oakley sunglasses sale, or perhaps some benefits. As the situation in the town of Fort Granville, suddenly became tense, Xu Xing Xia naturally impossible to guard sent Dongzi learn. Have had to tow a trailer. Fortunately, after all, is to go to school all year long thing, nor the lack of these days. Fortunately, Zhu Heng Chih teahouse, or business as usual, Dongzi and niu, great nan, Xiaonan every day to hear the book, the idea is interesting. Zhu Heng Chih teahouse, in addition to Xu Xing summer outside, it seems no one has been inside for tea. Of course, Zhang Qiuqing not. But many of the children, which appears in the teahouse. They are directed at the daily morning and afternoon free storytellers go. This two day when Don dust seasoned storyteller begins on bumbling, sanctimonious look. Listen to a story, the children naturally happy. Military families in the town of Fort Granville's minds, Zhu Heng Chih not offered tea, but specifically told the children the story of the place. Zhu Heng Chih gentle pretty girl, he became a goddess Guanyin sitting lotus virgins before the incarnation. As Don Dust Road, Fearless is a bit like, some people call it as Don Fearless. Xu Xing Xia's father Xu Fuqing, these days are on crutches, in various parts of the town of Fort Granville emergence cheer for his son. Daddy made the world, regardless of any time, are to be backed for his son. This, Xu Fuqing but doing anything, dying already. Every day he visited the place, and even more than that Xu Xing Xia Huan. Should know, he's still not free his legs to walk, we must rely on two crutches, ah! Xu Fuqing on this walk, music is not he, do not feel tired. Although he can not do specific things, just quite difficult to walk on, but he can also speak, but also to other military families she encouraged other military families do things. Other military families to see Xu Fuqing appear taut nerves will not help a bit, the momentum to do things, but also to increase somewhat. Others a disabled person, all this effort, you are a good guy limbs, dare not lazy? ...... That day, Xu Xing Xia came to the southwest corner of the town of Fort Granville. Here is the most powerful fort damaged walls, but also the most likely Tartars attacked lots. Fortify the wall's primary task is blocked this gap. Artisans must remove the old red brick, re-assemble the new red brick. Brick and red brick middle, with lime to connect. After completely brick Qi Hao, in the middle and then compacted loess. Such walls, it is quite sturdy. Lin bovine tissue military families, are here to work hard. Apply a posterity, then it is time, heavy task, and even had to work at night. However, this situation is not very satisfactory to Xu Xing summer. How do you say? Fort town of Granville military families, there is no momentum coming out desperately. Part of the military families, or a little perfunctory ideological, labor does not contribute. A tall and strong big man, is tasked with transporting bricks as a result, each hand holding a red brick only, sloshing sloshing back and forth handling, if not at work, but in the stroll. This allows Xu Xing Xia feeling very annoyed. Damn, she looks to kill the Tartars came, the town of Fort Granville would jeopardized, there are people dare to make hay,Oakley Fast Jacket Outlet, really let Xu Xing Xia hated teeth itch. Do you really think I was the Buddha do? "Lin cattle, watch your man!" Said Xu Xing Xia angry. Honestly, past lives Xu Xing Xia,oakley for cheap, temper is still relatively good, there are certain conservation effort, furious rarely the case, but now, the Tartars coming under tremendous pressure, and his mind, that there exists a little grumpy signs. Found on the site actually has hay thing, he could not help immediately. Xu Xing Xia Lin Niu found really angry, did not dare to neglect, do not know where to come up with a whip, facing lazy military families, Doutou is the whip. Military families is that military families, soldiers belonging to the ranks. At that time the military, can be no corporal punishment is not allowed. Superior to subordinate punishment, basically Kill. They do not play any death, even if it is labeled as disabled, there is no big deal. [Seeking monthly! Today updated twenty-three thousand words, seeking monthly! 】 <

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