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07.06.2013 03:18
hand in a pile of bright stone and antworten

Soon to be squeezed out of the monthly list, subscription base is too low, but I won't give up, book the first month,Coach Bags Outlet, total want to earn earn! Please support!! For a time, the five are some shortness of breath. Blue butterfly Dao: "have a look at the beginning of the first around there is no danger!" She is calm, know this unusual place, so lots of wealth in here, perhaps is a trap. Five quickly spread, check up in the vicinity, and after a while together, is nothing. At the beginning of blue butterfly is still not trust, alert to launch several palm, hand in a pile of bright stone and Shi Yin yuan, also without any exception, this just nodded: "no danger." Five people to see one eye, quickly go up, a lot of thinking that a bunch of bright stone and female stone. Other people are all two fishing, Yang is not the same, he only picked up the bright stone collection. Picking up picking up, blue butterfly suddenly laugh wildly at the beginning of a smile, and then straightened up, some not to look at their own hands the stone with a sigh, and then cast it down. "How blue sister?" Nie Yong wondered looked up and asked. "Don't pick it up." At the beginning of blue butterfly light tunnel, "if we took a big stone on the road, not only to consume their own strength, if the danger it probably will become cumbersome, so as to throw." Hear this word, several other people this just the reaction come over,Classic Coach UK, just suddenly at the sight of so much wealth some excitement to it, so as to forget this layer. Blue first butterfly saw public eye, continued: "and we just came here to find this a heap of stones, if I estimate is good, this stuff is minimum value exist here! In other words, these are just petty profits, real treasure behind waiting for us." "Blue elder sister said." Nie Yong agrees, left an also slightly nodded. Du Yishuang looked at his hand on a stone, with some not to be lost. But only the Yang, still in the bulkhead picking, and seemed not to hear the words at the beginning of the blue butterfly, this so that the latter can not help eyebrows a wrinkly. "Oh,Oakley Polarized Sale, really in danger again not late." While Yang Kai picked explains. "As you." Blue butterfly does not stop at the beginning, light way: "but we do not because of your delay, you pick up enough will catch up, don't be greedy for too much." "Well, you go first!" Yang Kai nodded. Blue butterfly no longer delays at the beginning, go over this heap of stones toward front, left an even more scornful look yang to open eyes, Nie Yong is more direct, spit on the road: "never seen the world's poor! Sooner or later you will lost, a waste of time and effort." "I wait for you." Du Yishuang was kind enough to let down. "No, you go ahead!" Yang Kai said that he took off his coat, is looking to pick up wantonly. See he insisted, Du Yishuang did not insist, nodded and then to overtake other people. After the four unmanned, Yang is not so subtle, so Yang Jue crazily transported away, the side quickly draw bright stone of energy, while the coat made of wrapped in. A short while, the pubic region inside many twenty drops of Yang liquid, wrapped with full to the brim. Almost, although there are a lot of bright stone, but Yang Kai has no need to collect them all, one should not >

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