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07.06.2013 03:13
don't touch it with other parts antworten

Since the beginning of the palm of the Feichen hit Yang Kai, doomed his defeat. Yang clearly know to want to kill the master, unless you can restrict his freedom, or by virtue of their summer Ningshang two people's strength now, there's not much hope. Long Hui has that kind of subtle step, as a true master of the Feichen yuan territory and shall not? Once he saw no escape, until daybreak, and summer Ningshang is finished. But want to limit such a master is so difficult? Even if he has sealed most, also not to do things. So Yang Kai only danger! With his body, he hit hard by, seize the fleeting opportunity to bind him! This is a great game, Yang took her out into the Feichen, which can not be both? His hands were destroyed, the Feichen as a being stripped of stab hedgehogs, empty have a strength did not play any. With the breaking sound full rhythm screams and bones, the Feichen in the Yang hand almost suffered the most chilling torture. A few short interest Kung Fu, the Feichen cries grew weak can not smell, breathing is also has not come out, the whole people such as the mud like a flat on the ground. Xia Ningshang was watching the shudder with fear,Coach OP Art USA, as if to first know his brother. Observe him more than two years, the summer Ningshang ever seen him so crazy bloodthirsty, wild violent? Three dark Yin suddenly from the chains of Feichen body flew out,Coach Online Sale, at the same time, the other five chains Yamase Uchi scattered with fly, away in the void. "Brother, he was dead!" Summer Ningshang gently pulled yang. Yin chain flew out, would mean the Feichen vitality has vast! "Dead?" Yang gasping and panting,oakley sunglasses online, this just slowly straighten the waist. "You are you all right?" Summer Ningshang voice brought some cry cavity. She found herself the teacher younger brother now state that something was amiss, filled with evil, signs point to run amok. Yang Kai knew what she was worried, he miserable smile: "don't worry, this is a martial arts I, just look intimidating." Summer Ningshang eye watched him red, found his eyes although horrible, but have a calm in the current surge, nor breathed a sigh of relief. "People have died out, we find the mystery of Ning yuan lu!" Yang Kai also did not forget. "Can you support? You are so heavy!" "Okay, later I would support not to live." Yang Kaiyi pulled up summer Ningshang hand, rushed toward Chi sink source rushed. The night will die, the whole valley Yin has been there is not much left., presumably by nine coagulation element lotion absorbed. Rushed to the place, the baby was still, and no two battle hundreds of feet away the. At this moment, the buds are almost completely open stemmed, bud, like a drop of liquid, is sending out the faint light. "How?" Yang Kai asked. Summer Ningshang softly: "bound it with Yang attribute vigour for you, and then put it in your mouth, and the rest I will do. Remember, don't touch it with other parts of the body." >

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