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07.06.2013 03:04
where you can keep yourself comprehensive antworten

The original chamber immediately a utterly routed, angry roar and fists and sound can be heard without end, or a mixture of the one or two is stuffy to hum came, and little blood spatter out saying shuangquannandi four hands, the strength of Yang Kai and the people of this great difference, even by five to one, where you can keep yourself comprehensive? Often played as people move,Oakley Radar Cheap, he had to take four or five strokes of the attack. The law enforcement hall disciple is start biting, that kind of meat, although not to the Yang Kai x ì ng life, but to eat such a beating, who also had to stay in bed for one or two months. "Stop!" Good long time after, the pneumatic environmental law enforcement hall disciple suddenly gave a cry of rage,Oakley Store, hurriedly out of war, "do not hit, hit to kill people." The other four hurried back, staring at the beaten up in the Yang, some fear in the eyes of the. "My grass!" One man clutching his cheek, "he dumped a slap in the face, almost teeth knocked out." Another holding his crotch, have a lingering fear of one face: "I was nearly extinct. If not hide quickly, lie was bound to me." Even if the escape key position, his thigh root is a fire burning pain, Yang resist rolled up one foot, powerful, until up to now have let his heart cold. Five people look at me, I have a look you, all are shocked, because in such a field strength difference between the battle, although they beat the Yang, but everyone has more or less been left some traces. This discovery makes people shocked! Five face s è suddenly embarrassed, it's too bad? Only a Kaiyuan throughout the three layer of disciple, how so vicious? Just hit him also do not care about, and now think, think it incredible. "Puff" sound came, five abide prestige goes, they originally should lay on the ground of Yang, unexpectedly trembling to stand up, spit out the mouth of a mouthful of blood. His body flickering, transform unceasingly, the faintly glowing, a burning feeling come face to face,oakley sunglasses store, as if the volcano quiet tens of millions of years, even if the outbreak of general. "The energy fluctuations" the aerodynamic environment disciple face horror of the s è, "wrong." This is where a Kaiyuan environmental three disciple can with energy fluctuations? Clearly already to Kaiyuan environmental summit level, further, I went to the pneumatic habitat. "He can stand up?" The next person stares big eyes, almost biting their tongues, even their own, if like him beaten, but linking finger strength are not, how he stood up? "He came!" A sudden scream, voice did not fall, originally trembling Yang Kaijing rolled up a gust, threw five rushed. Halfway, Yang Kai's fist to become red, as if out of the iron charcoal. The man they transport the full body strength, suddenly and Yang Kai to the punch. "Bang" sound, the man could fly out, hit the wall and fell to the ground, throat a sweet spit blood, Yang Kai's body is tiny, have to find the second goal. "Wanton!" The aerodynamic environment leading disciple suddenly >

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