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07.06.2013 02:50
until he woke up can ease off. antworten

Put the little boy, Yang did not hurry to leave, after all that night the boy gave themselves a dry food, their total want to wait until he woke up can ease off. Orion into a busy busy inside, not nervous, not much is medical center physicians to boom out -- that he was too noisy. "Chu said, thanks to the timely processing, or a really dead, benefactor, your great kindness I Zhang Shan no thought report, if in this life, whatever." Then, when the head Yang got down on my knees. Yang Kai didn't help, just smiled and said: "brother Zhang, below-knee gold man, you this kneeling will have also been kindness, don't miss R, and I also eat you son of a dry food, calculate come down or I owe you." After that, it will be the Orion Zhang Shan up. Zhang Shan moved, make a pitiful plea: "benefactor you really good wow!" Just then, medicine center doctor came out from the inside, on a mountain road: "uneventfully, don't worry, but he had lost a lot of blood, I will sleep for a while, and wake up is good." Hearing this, Yang and Zhang Shancai laid down the heart. The mind relaxed, Yang will feel tired, it is now R ì too stimulating, but also by a number of injuries, a lot of blood flow, although at the time of excitement, of itself or some damage. This relaxation, you asleep, sleep until dawn. Early in the morning, the peak tower. Many students have got up early, excited, gathered together in one place waiting. They are longing eyes, elongation neck, irritable mood, like a woman waiting at home, waiting for many years now finally to return her husband, is so focused, so look forward to. With the passage of time, those of us gathered here are more and more, we all are eyeing a direction. In that direction, is Yang Kai's hut location. Today,Air Jordan 8 Sale, it is can challenge Yang R ì! This is almost equivalent to pick up with white point, how can let the presence of tower disciple? Also some people not to have the heart, compassion Yang encounters, after all, every five days to be burst on the meal, is really very sad. But think carefully, also be of no avail is his sympathy, so much to play Yang Kai idea man, himself not to challenge Yang Kaizong to challenge others, he is to be beat,Nike Jordan Play In These 2, rather than your own. I think so, cable x ì ng also come together to try his luck. Well, if I choose to, I have to start some light, lest he played hurt, many people find excuses for himself in the heart. Before this time Yang already up to sweep the floor, but this is very strange, his disciples and a long time did not see the figure of Yang Kai, a pad tiptoe toward the house that looked, but always can not see people. "Yang Kaiza? Is it right? Sleeping? How not to come out." "Don't know, said the R ì did not seem to see him." "It has left the tower?" "Impossible, Yang the cow temper and you don't know, killed him and he could not walk, to go, a few months ago was reduced to the time trial disciple went,Nike Jordan 9 Shoes, how will be delayed until now?" >

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