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07.06.2013 02:42
Phooey lift a small claws antworten

Zhengzhou Zhongyuan f tower, since Song Xiaoyu left, it ushered in the new master, this group of people have been here more than a month on. Three men and a woman, are strong. "Come, what is that?" at the top of Zhongyuan f tower window edge, a thirty-something beard man down high-powered telescope cried, waving to him. Not far behind him stood a table and a few sofa, two men and a woman were playing cards, they heard the beard man words are put in the hands of the cards, go to the window, in which the young beautiful woman also said the sentence: "how big beard?" she was very young, very beautiful, but the chest is very flat, very flat. You see. Beard said from the next picked up three telescope, to three people. Three people picked up the telescope to look, immediately become a shocked expression. "What is that? UFO?" one of the men said, he looks thirty years old, not tall,oakley sunglasses sale, left eye with a black s è goggles. "Does the alien?" another man then said, his age looks more than 20 years old,Air Jordan Store, looks very thin, can see clearly, have six fingers he took the telescope right hand. "" what do you think? "Asked the six men. "Should not be aliens, if it is, then they enter the earth before the major bases will be aware, the Internet is not possible without any messages." Platysternon woman replied. At this time, in their telescope. The aircraft saw is impressively a gladiator. "Meow" Fu four small claws fluttering, unable to break Anna's hand, suddenly a pitiable look, big eyes hushanhushan looked at Anna. With tears. Look how poor is poor. Anna suddenly laughed, fingers gently knead make a Fu the hairs on the head, smiled and said: "fortunately Gang don't cry oh,Coach Bags Store, I found that I have been loving you." Then, Anna will be a Fu on the ground, wings fan behind two suddenly turned into black fog into the body, Anna upper body back clothes have been broken, exposing the white smooth back. Can't see any abnormal traces. "Meow" Fu was put down not to go, Anna turn around two laps, finally on Anna's left ankle, small head rubbed. To lift up head to continue to use the poor Baba looked at Anna. "Xing Gang you?" Anna squatted down to look at ah fu. "Meow" Phooey lift a small claws, refers to a barbecue Anna on the other hand, a small head and Anna in the ankle Ceng Ceng, revealing a smooth. "This?" Anna picked a shake, barbecue will be lost Fu: "to you. After good oh." We hold themselves than the big barbecue is rolling on the ground for two laps, with a barbecue swiftly ran to Song Xiaoyu. Anna went to the nearby to pick up those high heels, to wear good, high heels and twisted her small waist and went to the aircraft. The mouth is also facing the crowd said: "I get dressed." They had been watching Anna, until Anna came into the aircraft to recover the line of sight. The vampire. This strong magic s è Cai biological actually exists, for the creature. Are you there.

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