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raising his hand is a stone's antworten

> (0101) [today sent a fourth more! 】 Chen Hai overjoyed, quickly turned away. wWW. QUanbeN. Com However, he just turned and walked a few steps, I heard inside the mountain in the Helan Mountain, there came the sound of hooves. Xu Xing Xia Chen Hai turned and saw that the eagle nest from Helan Mountain peak direction, even out of a dozen horse thieves. Yes, that rustlers, horse thieves to carry weapons. "Horse Thief!" Zhang Quan complex immediately screamed. White army soldiers hastily clasped arms, combat readiness. Chen Hai sharp-eyed, found in the back of a horse Horse Thief, sideways a corpse, it seems that Wang Shoulu's. His heart, suddenly confused them. Does that mean that the summer did not kill Wangshou Lu Xu Xing, Wang Shoulu indeed die in the hands of rustlers? How could it be? Xu Xing Xia Wang Shoulu how might miss it? GAO Meng rode forward, snapped: "What people? Stopped!" Horse Thief on white army, clearly that is not cold. They may not even know of the existence of the white army, and will not think that the white army appear here, the name of the banner is to suppress them. Horse Thief, someone shouted: "leave your money, weapons, equipment, horses! Put you a way out!" Gao Meng shouted sternly: "You bastard! Actually dare our idea!" Those who do not care who you are rustlers , unceremoniously rushing, their weapons, but also all held up. It seems that they really arrogant accustomed simply not very looked down on the Ming army. In fact, Ning Xia Zhenming military combat, you want to get the respect of others, and is more difficult. Who would respect a useless rubbish it? Basically, every time the Ming army and rustlers meet, but also most of the Ming army suffer. "Kill!" Xu Xing Xia cold voice shouted. "Kill ah!" Late Tiger, who has long been impatient, and immediately rushed out. The rest of the white army soldiers, but also cry loudly, to rustlers aggressive pounce. Xu Xing Xia has not shot, but in the back watching. Deal with these sporadic rustlers, he did not need to sell. He believed that after this period of wringer, men gang soldiers, there should be some fighting it. If they are positive against the Tartars cavalry, could ability incompetent, but to deal with sporadic rustlers, but it is enough to grasp. If you are unable to deal with even the rustlers, it shows the level of the white army is indeed sucks. Sure enough, the metamorphosis of training torture quickly either adult-shaped white army soldiers, within the heart are fiercely hold in a big breath, you want to let it out. They suffered together and rustlers, horse thieves who immediately became the object of their vent. Damn, I worked hard day and night, but with the Tartars as a target. You guys stink rustlers, Is there Tartars cavalry powerful? "Whoosh!" Late Tiger first throw. "Poof!" One Horse Thief push the prices down. "Whoosh!" Mao thirteen, who also refused to yield, raising his hand is a stone's throw. "Ah!" One Horse Thief Menheng soon screams rolled down from the horse. Other white army mounted archers, all have throw, a piece of sharp arrowheads, whistling away to Horse Thief. White army faced rustlers, but a little psychological disorders are not, everyone's riding and shooting ability to play almost all the seven or eight percent or more. It is already quite powerful level again. Result, a face to face, there sixty-seven rustlers fell down. Other Horse Thief, suddenly felt bad, hastily flee. "Kill ah!" High Meng, Liu Chuang, who shouts loudly, in hot pursuit. They not very good for riding and shooting, the focus is melee skills, must catch up in order to kill each other. These collapsing rustlers that kill their targets. There is really rustlers were chasing too embarrassed to try to turn around, and high fierce fight, the result, the body has not completely turned, GAO Meng has crossed knife, cut into two parts of his lazy waist. The Horse Thief knife hacked to death after fierce without the slightest stay high and continue to move forward to chase. Other white army soldiers, but also courageously forward chase. Remnants of several rustlers, trying to escape separately, the results have been split to catch the white army, all killed. No chance to wear white cloak of late tiger, hunted down the most ferocious, one person shot and killed three rustlers, became the first white army killer. Mao thirteen came in second, killing two rustlers. Finally, the inventory results and white army shot and killed a total of fifteen rustlers, seized fifteen horses. Xu Xing Xia checked the bodies of these rustlers and found their equipment, the Ming army are all standard equipment, even what are the saddle. It seems that these rustlers, either in the Ming army and some people are closely linked, or is robbed of a unit of the Ming army, will get so much standard equipment. Unfortunately, the Horse Thief equipment is good, but there is no money. They estimate that is ready to go looting, who naturally do not carry money. This is more or less let Xu Xing Xia feel a bit disappointed. Now,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars Shoes, he is not interested in the equipment for the rustlers, horse thieves were only interested in treasure. It is said Horse Thief wealth, quite good. Wangshou Lu's body, has also been taken back. His body, more than several incisions should be rustlers left. These blade, intentionally or unintentionally masked stick touches the penetrating injury. If outsiders are not carefully examined, it should be not apparent. Of course, Xu Xing Xia also not afraid to see it. Some things, you knew who did it, but there is not enough evidence, you can not do it. Chen Hai tightlipped He said: "King one hundred lead, courageously fighting alone rustlers, ah really my role model, etc.!" Chen Hai felt his mouth muscles constantly twitch, like a cramp same. He dared hundred percent sure, Xu Xing Xia Wang Shoulu must have been beaten to death. Xu Xing died in the summer, if not the hands, but also by Xu Xing Xia forced encounter Horse Thief. This Xu Xing Xia, it is too horrible, too cold cruel. Against him who does not have a good end. Fiends yourself or get out of this is wonderful. No matter how the future top command, killed himself not near Xu Xing Xia's side. Xu Xing Xia Chen Hai look and found him dead will face ashes, you know Chen Hai indeed frightened by their own. Such a person, but to kill boring. No need to create more Shanie ah. He randomly said: "You go, by the way will go back Wangshou Lu's corpse." Chen Hai hastily turned the horse, with Wangshou Lu's body, find any go. What happened today, for him, is simply a dream. Zhaoer Long miserable fate worse than death, Wang Shoulu died unclear, only he was still alive, he really want to thank God bless. Of course, also like to thank Xu Xing Xia spare. Tiger by up late, something more to say, said: "Your honor, we are now into the mountains you?" Xu Xing Xia nodded, awe-inspiring, said: "immediately into the mountains." Clearly these rustlers from eagle nest peaks, evils, and of course they all want to destroy it. Xu Xing Xia not want to have residual rustlers thinking about themselves,Air Jordan 2 UK Sale, secretly on their own attacks. He also thought the Horse Thief's lair are all turned over, will have to find their fortune out for themselves. If rustlers who really have wealth, seemed like a way of making money. A pedestrian starting immediately, ran to the eagle nest peak. Mountain course, is quite difficult to walk, rode very slow. Part of the road, must dismount to walk. Along the way, one should always guard against roadside possible rustlers. In case there rustlers on the roadside ambush them, the situation is more worse. Fortunately, all the way no accidents. About two hour later, they finally reached the peak eagle nest outside. This time the eagle nest peak,Nike Air Jordan 3 UK Sale, is already whack it. Eagle nest peak terrain, it is quite advantageous. In the eagle nest outside peak has a cliff, you must put down bridge to the past. Bridge has been pulled up into the path eagle nest peak, is completely blocked. Eagle nest peaks rustlers number, in fact, not a lot, it is estimated that twenty or thirty people. After fifteen people were killed, the other rustlers, have been blocked at the peak of the eagle nest inside. "Surrender, spare you die!" In accordance with the requirements of Xu Xing Xia, GAO Meng shouted. However, after several consecutive shouts, eagle nest peak inside, without any response. Vaguely, can be seen behind the fence, shaking like a figure should be rustlers on the move. It appears that they are ready to ditch the rustlers. They just pull up the drawbridge, there is no way people outside the past. This is the largest rustlers who rely on lies. Xu Xing Xia bow Nock, raising his hand is a stone's throw. "Whoosh!" Black Yu Jian whistling away. Pulling rope suspension bridge on the left is black feather arrows off drawbridge suddenly tilted down. "Whoosh!" Xu Xing Xia is a stone's throw. Pulling rope suspension bridge on the right is black feather arrows off, the entire bridge will come down. "Punch!" Late Tiger et al Kuanghe heard, the first peak into the eagle nest inside. Eagle nest peak inside the rustlers, did not expect the arrival of the Ming army, actually so aggressive, even the drawbridge can be shot down, suddenly floundered up. Tigers took the lead late, continuous shot several rustlers. GAO Meng, Liu Chuang et al to be outdone, broke into the eagle nest after peak immediately slaughter. Some rustlers panic to find a place to hide as a result, the white army took the opportunity to shoot them. Eagle nest peak area small, soon to end the fighting. "Four Soso!" Xu Xing Xia waved, Chen Sheng said. White army soldiers, and looked away, carefully nest looking up in the mountains. Soon, they found the abducted some military families, a total of twenty or thirty people. Inquiry, it was found that they were not the town of Fort Granville, but from Ningxia city. In addition, also found some young women were captured. They are being arrested for rustlers to vent their vices, and all of a devastated die. These women feel let Xu Xing Xia tricky. Prevailing social climate, a man can be extremely **, three wives four concubines, and even Sannomiya six homes seventy-two Princess, but a woman's chastity, but it is very valued. These are horse thieves looted the women, back then, I'm afraid is to be discriminated against to death, there may even be drowning. Wanli twenty-two years, Wanli thirty-one have suffered too many tragedies like it. [Continue seeking recommend votes ~ ~ ~ Recommended votes brother, please vote for me ah ~ ~ ~ The next chapter is a VIP, and hope to have the ability Subscribe friends are genuine subscribe to it. Thirteen cost of living, we had to rely on generous ah! Is to eat or porridge, to see you all! Thank you! 】 <

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