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06.06.2013 11:03
male and female oriole antworten

"Magic matrix!" See Yun Tianyu suddenly disappeared in front of the emperor, Daikin eyebrows is lightly wrinkly for a while. "Daikin Royal master orders, give me against this magic matrix, which gave me a broken." Daikin emperor dignified, irresistible command. "Is the emperor." Tens of thousands of Daikin Royal Army Chorus,Nike Air Jordan, powerful sound roar into the sky, and chill in the air in the sky slowly floating clouds all the earthquake scattered. "Jin Jiao, cow, dragon, exquisite, come quickly to help me out." Start the Huan, male and female oriole,Nike Jordan Take Flight Sale, old three black trapped in the matrix, immediately notify the sky feather Jin Jiaolong four five level of Taoist immortal master, into the magic matrix. "Phantom scatter!" Jin Jiaolong and so on four big master appears, the sky feather immediately C ā O control magic matrix, to disperse the powerful illusion, don't let the illusion of Jin Jiaolong people. Jin Jiaolong four big master without illusion, male and female oriole, three black man in front of the phantom disappear immediately, but when they see the sky the feather around the Jin Jiaolong et al, a surprise s è. "Jin Jiao, we deal with the male and female oriole, green, the three of you against the three black man, in the Huan was broken before they hit, as far as possible." Although the sky feather cloth magic matrix is powerful, but the sky Yu know a magic matrix simply couldn't resist long Daikin Royal offensive, told to a sound. "Li li!" Yun Tianyu and the change of cost of the pedal disc named Jin Jiao Longfei in mid-air, male and female Oriole immediately sent the fierce Li long whistle, into two golden light attack over. And in Yun Tianyu et al in the Huan center fights, an enormous energy bombardment in the magic matrix surface, shook the whole magic matrix shiver, many array based magic stone power transient depletion, reduced to ashes. "What a terrible force!" Feel the magic matrix can only adhere to cloth wick sweet time, the sky will be the largest feather immediately their cards currently available no front sword out, amplitude speed launched a fierce attack on the female oriole. When the sky feather chop out a simple Jianmang throughput of attack to female female Oriole oriole, immediately feel no front sword terrible, raise body fast, its golden s è wings,air jordan sale, interleaving debut golden, attack Guzhuo Jianmang, dodge with no front sword attack. "Well, this female Oriole has reached level six day beast levels." Feel the female Oriole interweaves with great power, the sky feather immediately identified female Oriole is absolutely a breakthrough level. "Gravity ring, gravity compaction." The female oriole's strength was determined, the sky feather immediately control the gravity ring releases powerful gravity pressing female oriole's body, then a Shan body appeared in the female Oriole side, ten groups of needle of all sh è to its body. Although the female oriole's defence is very strong, the feather as low grade fairy machine golden s è, but groups of needle has a fairy in strength, in groups of needle sharp attack, the female bird body immediately injured, a lot of blood in the body running out of it. "Li, combat form!" The body is the sky plume control groups of needle injury, female Oriole immediately change into a satyr combat form, woven out of tens of thousands of root golden feathers, swept to the body of Yun Tianyu. When >

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