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06.06.2013 11:00
Mayor how they came antworten

> "This in the end is how is it children? That this should be locked up in prison in the yellow monkey do?" Finally, Borg off the obvious Xiehuo simmering a stomach, and a look of the city you want to kill Mr. Long, began questioning only around a curtain that three police officers ...... Jack Foley, Carden! Originally, Mr. Sheriff sent these three guys want to come back, and then labeled as disabled,Coach Handbags Sale, and then traced his property was placed in the police station where to go to get up, but now, these three guys obviously not roll his leave the property, but also shoving the police burned murderer, because from Charlotte mayor's words, how to listen, the suspects are supposed to be staying big prison that yellow kid. WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM "Sergeant, can you give us to find a dress? Now cold ......" November, and Colorado has some of the cold, again in the evening, three police officers have been frozen light whistle pig trembling. "Less with my nonsense, fast says otherwise, I am now makes up a fire, the three of you go all the shelves!" Borg roared. "Sergeant, that, the yellow man, he ...... jailbreak!" See the Borg made Biao, three police officers did not dare mention any requirements, only carefully huddled together, and then replied. "Well ...... I know." Borg bitterly took a deep breath, and looked at the three grinning: "But I do not understand how he escaped? You are not looking at him? Three strong whites, as well as weapons, actually also see live an empty-handed yellow monkey? do the three of you are idiots? "" I, we thought of that guy actually opened the prison ...... he is simply a natural thief Yes, that is a thief, yellow people are thieves! "keep a tan bearded Foley could not help shouting," We all thought he was in prison, not an accident, and he will while we slept opened the cell, and then, and then ...... "" Then how the? "Virgin took off his coat to his cast, by the way asked. "And then? ......" Foley trembling wrapped in his coat: "God, that was a nightmare!" "Nightmare?" Virgin somewhat bewildered: "You ...... What a terrible experience?" "Of course Yes, but ...... is terrible! "there are two onlookers police took off their coats and handed over, Jack and Carden quickly took to wear to the body, and then, together with any connection Foley you made me a language The re-restore the things they have experienced tonight ......: the way it is. Outset criminals escape,oakley sunglasses outlet, a very simple jailbreak! Criminals, that is, that yellow kid, that laborers Guo Zhang, I do not know what to put the lock to open the cell ...... But this guy actually did not spot ran. In the three hapless police officers mouth, Borg, who knew this kid doing the next thing is to take advantage of them when the rest, secretly seized their guns! Police tonight ...... Since almost all police officers went to the ghetto laborers to carry out surveillance, therefore, the police, only three of them. This also makes Guo Zhang actions become very smooth, almost no risk. "So when the three of you woke up and found that he had been caught up yellow monkey?" Virgin could not help but ask. "I do not know if it is caught. Actual situation may be worse than that!" Carden look scared to take over the Buddist Foley: "We woke up, the clothes had been stripped, and only, Only ...... "" I do not care about you only what I want to know that you have been caught up yellow monkeys, why would involve the mayor? "Borg Nusheng roared. "Because ...... the yellow kid went to the mayor's house, also there ...... give ransacked again!" Trio has been no answer, Jack whispered. "Ransacked the home of the mayor?" Virgin shocked: "After his escape, there is no escape, also thought to rob the mayor?" "The fact is this." Foley Distressed, "and he is not a man to go. He also took away the three of us! "" God ...... how dare you? "Borg tears, his men involved in robbery actually have envy mayor? "You do not know that these three idiots Charlotte Mayor in Denver in the end have much energy?" "We do not want to. But ...... that guy in our body bundle full of dynamite!" "......" " fried dynamite? "" Yes, that is dynamite! police Collection those! "Jack wrapped coat crouched down and began Chouchouyeye:" God, you do not know what we were experiencing in the end ...... dynamite! And All are potent explosives even if there is a spark, we are likely to be danced meat ...... you know the kind of feeling of dying how awful? even walk in the door of hell is not so terrible! "" That yellow ...... kind of person is this kid went to the home of the mayor with you? "covered with explosives? Squatting on the ground quivering watching Jack, Borg also felt some tingling scalp ...... that yellow kid actually so hard: "Is he afraid of dynamite explode?" "Of course he afraid that if captive,Nike Air Jordan, he tomorrow it will be sent to the gallows if there is no money on foot, he will soon be caught killing ...... anyway, are a dead end, he has nothing to fear? least, was killed by explosives, but also die vigorous, not so useless. maybe it will spread throughout the United States, so that all white people are a little careful, you know Chinese people trifled with, know they are anxious to provoke later, will also make some outrageous things! can also be insulting to those who suffered the Chinese people to do a role model! "Foley looked Borg one, eyes faintly some dissatisfaction. "Example? God! ...... This is that guy told you?" Virgin asked. "Yes." Foley nodded: "That's what he told Mr. Mayor!" "Mr. Mayor at home should not have bodyguards do? How would ......" Borg asked again. "Those bodyguards are idiots, they are sleeping on the first floor, but that kid can start to climb the outside floor, grabbed the mayor!" Jack replied. "God ......" Borg cover their faces compassion. No wonder Charlotte mayor so angry, been robbed before actually also grabbed ...... That was the mayor! Denver most powerful, but also the most powerful man, the yellow kid actually dared to even such a big man caught ...... and followed, looked a three men wrapped in coats, and his heart is shocked: "difficult, is it, Mr. Mayor himself ......?" "Yes, Mr. Mayor is also tied to the explosives, made the ...... people suicide bombers!" Foley understand Borger ask what in the end is immediately it replied. "Human bomb?" Borg efforts to control his own heartbeat, suicide bombers ...... the Chinese people in the end what they thought? Suicide bombers, how can he expect such a cruel trick? Does he think this is enough vigorous dead do? "On ... God!" Borg heart almost jumped out of the cavity son, and Virginia, as well as those around the police also could not help but draw up a cross on his chest! Look to the eyes of children and even Borg have some mercy. This disaster is too great ...... no wonder Charlotte mayor wants to kill the one that is one way. Ren Who was sleeping when suddenly broke into his home, but also caught himself, and in his body full of dynamite bundle, I am afraid there will not be any good mood, not to mention the mayor still in power? This is the edge of life and death were born ah! "...... That, that Mr. Mayor how they came here?" If caught, they just kill thing. Why are you even put a man, people to send their children here Biao? Do not know if this is a bad thing if the control will be dead do? Borg could not help teeth, straight hate teeth hurt children. That yellow kid doing thing too authentic. However, Foley left him three next words did not know what it meant to the worst, only worse: "That kid kidnapped Charlotte mayor's wife and son!" "Boom!" "Sergeant!" " Sergeant? "" No, I am free! "shook his head, trying to be calm for a moment almost too huge bad news hit the heart stopped beating, leading scorer in Vail, Borg and slowly look to Forli three people: "Also, what else? I hope the three of you can say it together, do not test my patience." "That guy ransacked home of the mayor and I see him home safe from the mayor, but also There are a lot of documents in the office away, there ...... "Foley said. "What else? Say!" Borg cried. "Stocks!" Jack interjected: "I know that stuff is stock ...... Pacific Railroad stock!" "Pacific Railroad Company ...... stock?" Heard these words, all the listeners are suddenly filed simultaneously spirit, including positive Anger ecstatic Borg sheriff. "There are several full stack, at least there are more than a dozen Da! Hundred dollar denominations are!" Jack's eyes also filled with longing. "Stack of one hundred is ten thousand U.S. dollars, a dozen Da, it is not ...... is more than ten million dollars?" Virgin began licking his lips. No wonder the mayor to send Biao, his wife and son have been kidnapped, and worth hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stock, no, it should not be more than ten million U.S. dollars, after the opening of the Pacific railroad, railroad company's stock on the fast rise, a dollar denominations stock now only worth a dollar, even more money! "Immediately prepare horses, I want to personally go to the guy caught!" Borg sheriff seems to have come of the spirit of the fear of deserting and already missing, her body seemed filled with indomitable vigor: "He run far! "<

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