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> 4 Chinese people over there have a problem. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM continue another track for a day, Jacob sensitive found some wrong. Originally uniform marching in front of the Chinese people had suddenly accelerated, and in rapidly moving around over one hundred miles later, according to the traces left behind, they can clearly make a judgment: The Chinese forces were divided up. "They should be divided into two parts, each part numbers are roughly equal, and then divided into two separately escape jump." Militia named Bob reported to Jacob, his tone somewhat dignified. "I'm really divide our forces yet? According to sources, those Chinese people much more horses than people." Jacob Chen Sheng asked. He is a veteran, and even participated in the Civil War, combined with Chinese laborers in Denver when they are afraid of the performance of the heart, from the beginning he had no contempt of these enemies, but, more so, the more he will not dare believe what he saw. The enemy is very cunning. "This I do not differentiate out, you know, the weather is cold, the ground has been very strong, in order to differentiate from the footprints of the situation is very difficult out there on horseback." Bob replied. "Damn the Chinese people." Matthew she could not help cursed. "Is very nasty, and they came in their lives." Bob looked at this guy one, his tone was not very respectful. "I know, no need to remind you." Matthew angry road. His attitude is very uncomfortable for Bob, but he also understands that he did hid veterans "Yes, Bob is also a veteran, and is just participated in the Civil War veteran, was kind enough to be a company of Jacob. "They certainly did not divide our forces. "Jacob did not seem to see the collision between the two men out of the spark, breath thinking a bit, then said seriously." Why so identified? "Matthew asked." They did not dare. "Jacob assured:" The reason why the escape jump dispersed into two teams, which shows that they already know we are behind them, so that they also should know our number. Our numbers are far more than they are, basically close to twice that if divide our forces, then they hit us in the face when he did not even fight back. Therefore, this seemingly jump escape behavior of the dispersion, in fact, just that they induce us to divide our forces to a strategy. "" Analysis makes sense. "Bob favor of the road." How do we do? "Makes sense what is the use?'d Come up with a way to ah Matthew heart said." How do you think we should do? Divide our forces chase, chase or look for the way in which "Jacob did not tell their own decisions, but the two men asked." Of course, to divide our forces. Even divide our forces, our people more than they. "Matthew cried." How about you? "Jacob has to see to Bob." I'm just a soldier, this important issue you should ask the president. "Bob replied." That guy will not give me any advice. "Jacob sighed Bob calls the" presidential "home ...... named Abraham Miller, is in the back of his management team only baggage that middle-aged white man, he is also a battle of the year one, because with Abraham Lincoln with the same name, plus the time and everyone is fighting for the North, so Miller will have a "president" of the nickname, but Miller himself was killed is not willing to let others call him , because Lincoln was shot ............ sign this thing, whites actually quite care about, like "13" figure that many whites do not like, even when directly in the construction of buildings on the abolition of the first layer B , 12 layer, followed by that of the layers. "That we in the end how to do? ,Nike Air Jordan Womens,, Matthew could not help tone which has some anger. In his ear, Jacob and Bob dialect means simply put him out of the leadership of the team beyond ............ Yes, we are all militia, so after this battle will demobilize, However, even if only temporary, to respect what people will be dead? "Divide our forces." Jacob sighed again. No way. Even those Chinese people just judge feint to lure him to divide our forces can be sent unless the same two teams to track reconnaissance, or he simply can not judge those Chinese people in the end there is no real escape jump dispersed, and more unable to determine in the end which one is the other side of the main lies. However, as of now the distance between the two sides, if sent teams of people to scout, so he got the exact message, I am afraid that those Chinese who ran very far, maybe not chase to chase. And if you just look for the way to chase,Oakley Store, then he has a fifty percent likely nothing, that score more terrible consequences of soldiers. After divide our forces, if it is a case of a main enemy, you can also take shelter edge, still cease thereafter, the arrival of follow-on forces such as the elimination of another one fell swoop; may be if you do not divide our forces, once again the opportunity to chase the main Chinese people basically mean no the. Since people discovered you once, will give you a second chance? Perhaps the legend of those stupid, ignorant and timid Chinese people can never be in front of that branch out from Denver's laborers. "Only just escaped from the dispersion jump this trick you can see, those guys are very smart, very smart." Divide our forces! Although some regret not able to laborers who began to attack, given an opportunity to find yourself, and take measures to Jacob did not care too much. Since the discovery, then to an honest track. He did not believe those who dare to take the initiative to provoke China, here is the prairie, not Denver, as far from the city, less pasture, basically no army can be used as cattle and horses! So, even if only the militia, but also can be completely suppressed those who only took a few days guns Chinese. But soon, Jacob discovered that he overestimated his own level. Chinese people and divide our forces up. He and Matthew were led by two hundred militiamen follow the traces of the previous Chinese people for the pursuit, however, nearly one hundred miles in the track after the horror he found the Chinese people once again had to divide our forces, in front of him, once again becomes a two way. Heart, said Qiao then divide our forces? Jacob suddenly a bit guilty. He did not understand why China is once again divide our forces, just simply want to escape, or are there any tricks? Clearly, the other side has been a consistent performance should not only try to escape, then there is a trick? However, those guys and what kind of tricks do? Is that like waiting for him again divide our forces, and then concentrate superior forces to destroy him one? This how might? This military deployment is that he participated in this major war also had no idea before this, those who have just lost a washboard Chinese people can understand? But if not, it is how to do? Jacob found his heart more and more virtual, virtual help but want to have a retreat. But, fear not divide our forces, then go fear, if they escape jump in front of the Chinese people who are really the main it? Also ............ Matthew there is not also encountered the same situation? That reckless guy will divide our forces? If you divide our forces, but had those Chinese people are the main force and the same side "," Wei, in which direction we have to go? "One hundred miles is not long for this cavalry for Jacob, that is, twelve hours away, this is not a forced march, if not spare horsepower, they can not take one hour arrived. However, for the carriage This distance is enough to choke up a bit. fact that their baggage behind their team not only one hundred miles because the earlier find Chinese people suddenly accelerated, Jacob guessed Chinese people already know their arrival, so the same speed ahead This makes the original also with Abraham behind them home ......, Miller led the team baggage far behind. now, from Jacob and Matthew divide our forces in places where it is still some distance. However, this time the "President" in front of Mr. already know the situation. "how can I go? I do not want to wait on Matthew that idiot. "Abraham Miller sitting in the edge of the carriage, two legs wobbly do not have any hesitation," We went to Jacob. "" But Ma Xiuwei ............ next to someone reminded him. Although dissatisfaction can not give up fighting. "Faction Roger in the past, giving him two carriages." Miller told Road. "Yes." "Wei!" "What?" Just make arrangements, I heard someone call in front of himself, Miller immediately went back to the mouth asked. "There are several front ditch!" "Ditch?" "Really .................." I hate. "" What is this man doing a good thing? "Really there are several ditch. The hard ground, but life and life sideways three grooves, each groove are about two feet deep and three feet wide ............ such cases, people may have passed a carriage stride simply make life difficult. but also consecutive three if forced through, impossible. then look around there about three hundred meters ditch long, while baggage is precisely the team's central location in the ditch. "how would Erdaogou it? "Here is a wild, unexpected appearance three neat little groove is too suspicious. Abraham Miller crouch down and gently poke the ditch beside the weed, found some of the soil moisture was still glowing ...... ...... glowing moisture? "Everyone alert. We have a problem! "" His reaction very fast. "Seeing baggage teams whites have picked up a gun, and then whisked manipulating few carriages circle children, not far away, about two hundred meters or so, is dressed in a hay hiding in the bushes Zhao DCH could not help but curse. "His reaction was quick but also how the di" Jane Wang lying on one side, could not help but sneer heard a cry, "Come, and he could not walk. "" Doing it? "The two side, Qian Shi Germany has been firmly fixed in front of the baggage team, see each other as expected, as has been put on a barrel with a defensive front carriage, immediately that cold smile:" fire! "Fire! Grassland, dry grass everywhere" Once the fire from that bashing day cover. Two hundred meters distance from ordinary people to run thirty-four ten seconds, the fire although not necessarily faster than this, but it will not be too slow, especially in the case of wind. "Quick, horse of the surrounding grass is cut! Full cut, quick!" Fire together, Miller knew an ambush by the plan, but again, he also feels for the other to pull off a heartfelt chill "They are baggage team, but this does not mean that their baggage just beef and bread, or what five hundred tents, they have ammunition! full half-car ammunition! Once a fire, simply do not have the opposite enemies to fight over, they all will be here the flying meat! so they must as soon as possible to deal with the surrounding hay clean. However, in the militia want to go out of carts protection when mowing , the distance also timely pass over gunshot: "Bang! "Everyone immediately and shrink back. Gunshots close, this time mowing, is tantamount to take their practice to the enemy when target shooting. However, not mowing, burning up, how to do? Seeing the fire head getting closer , a large car dodging the militia's face could not help but pale one ............ "Traffic gun surrender! "Opposite Suddenly someone shouted." Never expect! "Miller is very hard, but the gas and roared roar finished he regretted. Around the militia are eyeing him, and, attempting getting closer! However, very lucky, Miller just regret it less than a few second, it was found that the fire has been gradually close in a distance of about one hundred meters stopped, just fire all of a sudden a lot of busy. "how is it children? "Anyway, not God bless Miller first made a more reliable judgment, and frowning look to the surroundings. They have been surrounded by a ring of fire around within about 100 meters on both sides, are the flame, and attempting enough to have twelve meters high, clearly what is the point of a flammable items, could not see what ambush in front Fortunately, because of three small ditch plugging in the front, even if it is on fire also burned, however. ditch inside only the soil, it is not combustible items As behind dense bushes behind some shadows loomed, and as these shadows looming, there is always a lot of grass down to the ground "seems to be that these people are in What a lot of space for transporting things. "Listening to the people inside, and you have been surrounded, if not want to be baked into yellow ham, lay down their arms, hands in the air surrender." Fire came outside and cry. "What are you people?" Miller cried. "We are the Chinese people!" Shouted another opposite. "Chinese people?" "They should not chase being Maj. Jacob ran the place you" "We became a." "How to do? We were surrounded." Chinese people's words came from this group of militia Denver deterrence is obviously not small, the sound one, baggage team's militia immediately "buzzed" ground chaos into a group. "Gave me to shut up." Miller very unhappy to roar loudly. Men who are afraid to let him out of the table is very unhappy. "Is a group of Chinese people do not? What's so great? We have to do a cover wagon, simply do not be afraid of them, as long as they react until Maj. Jacob, you can also complementary, completely all these Chinese people back home." "But we is now surrounded. "someone shouted. "So what was surrounded? They dare not rushing." "But they dare to fire!" "Now the fire did not spread over, are not you?" "That is because they want us to surrender. They just threw two further toward the side a torch will burn up immediately. "" But if you surrender their weapons, those Chinese people will not let us. ah want those people in Denver casualties ............ those Chinese people are very cruel, "Enough , Wei. "A militia disdain sniffled," Do not think we do not know anything. Those Chinese people just want to leave Colorado, they even have put a mayor, all prisoners being killed and no one, they are not barbarians. "" But they attacked Denver "That's because Denver citizens first destroy them." "I heard the mayor sent the militia began when it killed many Chinese people." "Is so they will revenge!" "I also heard .................. "Denver thing many people are clear. After all, the army out of the city of Charlotte Organization for Chinese laborers crush on when, in the edges of the city on the first encounter many laborers of the body, which first of all can not be confidential, although the lure of U.S. $ 300 per laborers, as well as for laborers We do not care about life, so that was the Denver public decisively abandoned in this area of ​​doubt, this moment was expected to ............ then who will have their own life is in danger? As previously, five hundred troops to chase those Chinese people, when we are also not expected to be any danger. The problem is that now with ah! "You gave me to shut up." Miller once again roared, "You sort of good faith? Those Chinese people is not so terrible that we can beat them." "Wei ............" "listening to the people inside We now give you a minute to consider, one minute later, if you do not lay down their arms, hands in the air, which tied for the team to come out from the team surrender, we will put in the area where you just that voice and hay ............ rang abruptly. "I said, they will fire. "Just to say that the Chinese people dare fire that militia called up." Look, behind also burned up. "And it seems when one refers to the direction of the militia, there, do not know when there has been an even became a piles of hay, and with both sides of the fire en-up." Wei, how to do? "" Do not be afraid. "Miller's face at this time has been extremely ugly and he had no idea how, the confrontation with the Chinese people actually own baggage from the team first started ............ Why is this so? Jacob and Matthew in front of shit of it? how these Chinese people have not found around the team behind? "crossed the ditch in front of three, we can go out. "" They certainly have an ambush. "" No, they are not so many people. Most of them must have been sent to Maj. Jacob attract their attention, and we certainly not many people around. You think about it, if there is enough manpower why they use fire? As long as all rushed out, we do not only surrendered a way yet? "Miller forced calm," So, we certainly do not have much Chinese people around, crossed in front of that three minor groove, they can not do nothing got us. "" But how to do in case of an ambush? "" Then you stay here and die well. "Miller angrily, he regretted. Zaozhidaojiu should not bring any baggage lazy team, here are all cowards, usually one will only bragging that he met Chinese people happen to pick up how to be true in case of all became soft egg situation. "There twenty seconds! "Peripheral voice sounded again." How to do, Wei? "Baggage militia and tense." Follow me! "Miller teeth and this time he did not dare to hope in others the body, looked at the front that three minor groove, Batui abruptly jump from the cars inside out:" red! "" Charge ............ "" pop too ............ "intensive burst of gunfire, was playing in the minor groove of the front side of a road dust splashes! Miller quickly and shrink back, accidentally , also fell into a ditch foot Wei! To be continued ... If you like this work, you are welcome to start investment recommendation, monthly, your support is my greatest motivation, "I said, here is Denver, Kerr sprang almost wanted to bite this guy one: "My dear Mr. Mayor, do you think the city which need legal advisers do?" "This ............ yes ah, here is the Denver summer Lott came to understand, but can not help but smile a cry for the Kerr. one before, but tens of thousands of people of the city, across the pastures and slaughterhouses, contaminated with a strong western culture, using legal means to solve the problem is not an example of almost visible. Who needs what counsel? "You do not necessarily need to stay in Denver. "Fei Hana help to worry about competition from Kerr in the future," you can go to other places ah. "" But I have said previously, I'm not a good lawyer. "The woman is not good to get angry, Kerr consider themselves still have so little grace," the fact that, ever since I got the lawyer's license that day counting, I took a total of only seven cases, and without exception, all the losing ! "" So you have to keep the office of a judge? "Charlotte asked." Yes. I absolutely can not lose this job, because without a job, then I will have nothing. "Kerr replied solemnly. Work, all to work." But you know, I really can not do anything now. "Charlotte spread his hands," Even With your help, I can not do anything. You after all, just a judge. "" Yes, I was a judge. For those of you politicians, we help small. However, this time is not the same. Charlotte, I brought you a chance. A chance against the governor. "Kerr took a deep breath," a great opportunity. "" I do not like to joke. "Against the governor? Charlotte suddenly felt his heart almost out of the chest. Revolt governor" These days, he was nearly overwhelmed by Grant children came. Either from a young age to remain propped breath today, he probably could not have long to sign a statement so, then became governor loyal lackeys, and one day no longer be that guy kicked open . However, Kerr is just a place to judge what he went against the governor? "Minuteman!" Kerr know Charlotte did not believe their abilities, so it does not sell anything off the child, directly put dig out their own answers. "Militia?" Fei Hana puzzled, "and how the militia?" "In accordance with the law, Colorado militia are unified by Grant governor commanded." Kerr sneered, "however, is that these governors' command, militia, brutally murdered dozens of Chinese people, and it has been such a stimulus because those Chinese people would Denver launched a bloody revenge ... "So, the governor must be held accountable! ".................. 3" according to reconnaissance, those yellow people moving to southern escape jump. Target might be Gunnison. "In Camden Town after a day of rest, Jacob led his militia once again set off. Still slow action, but has been told he was no longer doing the right Maxiu Yu previously so as always against him, because Jacob told his own tactical objectives: that is so rough with slowly behind, until those Chinese people off guard, thinking no one to chase back the time, and then suddenly attack, in one fell swoop destroy it. Matthew right This agrees, because, in Camden Town when he asked those unlucky, they pursued the goal is not to know a group of naked guys, those Chinese who have at least more than two hundred of the gun "five hundred pairs of two hundred, seemingly absolute dominance, however, does not want to pay too much, Mr. Wei casualties. "They're not going to Gunnison, at most, just to go around." Matthew heard the report of Jacob replied casually. "How do we do? Still slowly followed?" Matthew asked. "Yes," Jacob Road. "Then keep up to what time?,, Matthew asked." Not too long. Those Chinese people have just escaped from Denver a few days, as a general human psychology, they are now certainly is both excited and nervous. But never relax their vigilance. Because they know the environment in which they are right now ... "Jacob smiled," They are everywhere around whites, at any time, you may encounter a variety of attacks. "" This I agree. "Matthew nodded," But I still want to be able to complete the task earlier. After all, Mr. Governor still waiting for our results. "" Let him go and so good. Their lives and not him. "Jacob disdain Leng Heng said." ............ Matthew shrugged and said nothing. Jacob discontent against the governor did not hide from the outset, and never afraid of people know, he said nothing else. "It seems I guess right. They have been let back in with superfluous." Colorado militia in the steppe like slow moving real fast, and always with the team in front of Chinese laborers to maintain a certain distance. This distance is about one hundred to two hundred miles between some seemingly far away, but for all the cavalry of them, but that is only a few hours of forced march, there is nothing. However, including the military, including Jacob experienced, all white militia did not expect, on their side of the trunk, about two miles away in a bushes, is someone secretly looked at them. ", And not go on like ah," So I put it diverted northward. Just note something, they half past one would certainly think, we will also be able to distance, then get rid of them gave chase. "Is still Guo Li A student chapters. Although the two wrong way, you can detect this sort of thing but still able to escape the fate of cooperation. Guo Zhang is really worried about other people's character and abilities are just a few days ago a group of laborers, Which know what needs to be reconnaissance, they need to scout what? And Lee A student is worried Guo Zhang, although to see this guy is not pleasing to the eye, but he must admit that sometimes Guo Zhang is everyone's backbone, no matter what the situation, this guy can always come up with way to while this guy take advantage of people do not pay attention if the case ran, their battalion team composed entirely of Chinese laborers will definitely mess up, to the time, did not this come up with ideas, it is difficult to say what the trouble and he Zhang Guo afraid to say something casually reconnaissance, then in order to achieve "ulterior" purposes ............ After all, this is a cunning peasant style. trust you, it's all unconditional trust, do not believe you, You're picking up pieces from the ground soil nook, he would wonder if there is not a good thing hidden. "also northward? Do not say that the case was discovered, it would be tantamount right time? "" Then how do you say now? , Lee A student opposition has long been expected, Guo Zhang bother care about him: "This group of whites have at least four or five hundred, we are more than twice, if cross-fire to our wins and basically is zero . "" What are they afraid? across a two hundred in place, we just full speed, they do not shake off the line? "Lee A Health said. "Let me see the money again, or tert-come with me." Guo Zhang white at him, "You can speed up, people will only innocently behind dawdling?" "Discovered, then what? Let Xianpao!" Himself wrong? Can not? Lee A student is not convinced. How himself in front of Guo Zhang said nothing right? "Xianpao is Xianpao, how can you go first? And, as long as we a speed that these whites as long as not a fool, will immediately know that they have been discovered and you say, they will do so slow ? put it plainly, this is tantamount to forcing them to you as soon as possible with our fight. "Guo Zhang asked. "Grips grips, thousands of people have packed up, afraid of them that four to five numbers?" Lee A student angry road. "You're not afraid, I'm afraid." Guo Zhang and poke the bushes looked away, "We have so many people died, and I do not want any further damage to the brothers.", "How do you say ............ to do? "Yes, his brother's life premium, can not be so reckless. Lee A student reaction over soon. When in Denver,Coach Bags Outlet, more than four hundred brothers; out Denver, leaving more than 200, there are more than seventy of death has been determined, it is then not afford any casualties. So, with these whites can not fight, you can not fight. "Go with the money they talk talk talk t." "Talk? Discuss Gesha? Quickly ran." Came behind with a white militia, twice the amount of their own. Guo Li A student chapters back, this is terrible news immediately spread among the laborers. In fact, they do not spread, it is so little people, big voice was a little rough, we all know. Result, everyone tense up, the same, most people are also more determined to escape the idea of ​​accelerating the south. And this idea is also very natural to get the money SUMEEKO, as well as Guo Zhang's strong opposition. "Can not just escape." "They're not too close away from us, go ahead, the total can all share." There laborers so called. Results, speak no feeling who was once thought like him Jason Lee is somewhat blush. However, although some embarrassment, Li A student still out for the man explained: "can not escape if we accelerate fled south, it will not be long before those whites found. Others are cowboys, horses manual labor than we cooked, twelve Barry away simply nothing. they have four or five hundred people, as long chase in the back, we will immediately have drowned. "" how to do? "Zhao Dachang frowned," do the authors have to play with them battle? "" not play. "Lee A student shook his head," playing it, we can not speak of wins, even if the win, then what? casualties they have many brothers? we can afford to lose it? "" right justified Let 'These people managed to escape from Denver, it is again not afford a loss of. "Hou Nan sadly said. I did not experience the Chinese laborers who perhaps did not feel so deep, however, they, personally seen that over seventy companions bodies with nothing but a few people know the kind of bite what it is to feel the heart of children. "Neither let those whites found not sorted them ah ............ how do? This is not a difficult man?" Jane Wang cried. "Gold how do you see?" Qian Shi Guo Zhang a German glanced, asked. "Way back, I told Arab students together for a moment, we are now about three way." Guo Zhang held out three fingers, "the first of the, what I said earlier, stop south, diverted northward, surprise , get rid of tracking! "" This said, we do not speak first, second it? "Liu Tong Fuk asked. "The second, to divide our forces. Everyone is scattered and fled. We now probably have nearly 400 horses, but only over two hundred Keren number, so send a small group of people, holding an empty horse with you Bingfen two road, in order to lure those whites divide our forces. making their scattered strength, it is difficult for our whole pose any threat, but this one also has a disadvantage that even the enemy forces were divided, too, fewer people than we. Moreover, this do also much more likely to find the enemy, in case regardless of whether they are aligned with one of our first conduct a pursuit, we still difficult to escape. "" That I do not choose this. too dangerous. than North also dangerous. "Han tiger cried. "Article III do?" Swine four asked again. "Article III ..." Guo Zhang looked at the crowd one last stop to look at the Lee A student face: "A raw, you say." "I ..." Then Lou refuse to work, what did not he! Lee A student can not help but stare Guo Zhang wanted glances that so many people are staring at her, he had no alternative, only the opening: "This is a third way, that is ...... <

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