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06.06.2013 10:54
Jin Yantian through the defense antworten

"Old crane, through three heavy thunder rob, you have a weak period?" He spent three heavy thunder from the sky, feather immediately appear beside him, care about asked. "Son, I have no / weak period. Now I just want to have a fight." Cape Tianya slowly stood up, looking at to appreciate all his cloud day, heroic said. "Well, then we will go to the Royal monastery to a fight! Let the whole Daikin Royal know I came back." Yun Yu nodded, with a crane flew in the void, et al, the defense large array over the Royal monastery. "Gold Yantian, just you not lofty, how would this turtle indented defense large array." The sky plume releases powerful sonic, shouting. "The sky feather, you do not proud of, and I Daikin Royal oppose, sooner or later you cry day." Jin Yantian through the defense of large arrays at the empty stands in the air, Yun Tianyu et al., y ī n cold said. "Cry? Maybe not that day!" The sky feather mouth slightly Shangqiao, the home town of treasure nine beast tower offering out,Coach Crossbodys Sale, everfount into virtual immortal force to the nine beast beast control tower nine, tower becomes larger and larger, the heavy bombardment in the defense of large arrays,Oakley Sunglasses Sale, a loud y ù deaf blasting sound in the outgoing defense large array surface. The sky fairy feather control device nine beast tower began to attack, Jin Jiaolong and others quickly looked is respective to the Royal monastery, attack defense large array, weaken defense large bursts of medium strength. Although the Royal monastery defense large array East Huang mountain spirit vein for the array base, defense force extremely terrible, but Yun Tianyu and others all have the fairy, golden dragon, green is six day beast, in a fierce attack, the Royal monastery defense large array in insist on more than a hour later, the surface began burst out of cracks. See the cracks appeared in the sky, Jin Yantian heart instantly fell into the trough. "Why, how they attack will be so terrible." Crack crack spread continuously, looking at the sky, the Royal monastery into a panic. "Big elder, the emperor bestowed the gravity quickly removed,Air Jordan Spizike UK, once to protect hill large array was broken, the use of the delay time of gravity." See supporting mount large array was immediately broken, forehead emitted a layer of cold sweat Jin Yantian ordered loudly. "True Xian Ding, nine beast tower, impact!" Yun Tianyu to suppress the attack in the nine beast continuous control tower, and will be true Xian Ding offering out of control, two fairy device continues to impact cracked defense large array, accelerated defense large array crack velocity. With Yun Tianyu's attack is more and more fierce, the Emperor Ling Hill pulse has been greatly affected, many absorption mountains treasure have to wither and die, the Royal monastery of Reiki is becoming increasingly thin. "Boom!" A loud noise in the sky, feather a pedestrian sustained attack, a large array of protection of Donghuang mountain disappeared, a terrible power diffuse in Donghuang over the mountain. "Gravity sands, stop!" Defense large array was broken, the Royal monastery elders immediately took out a golden cloth, out of the glare of the numerous, diffuse in the air, Yun Tianyu and others close to stop. "Gravity sands, it's good stuff!" Yun Tianyu had seen in the past. "

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