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were taken against Hunter antworten

> 066 "homesick!" Do not know if I can ever return home. wWW! Quanben! CoM laborers who do not know what melancholy, but they are feeling is real. Home, one seems to have been very distant words, although often hear, and never the moment as they are now provoking their heartstrings. Because, they are now just a group of Rangers. Originally, they still are a home in Denver, and he was merciless destruction of those whites, but also their own to burn, and by their own to burn, and now they homeless. "I hope that soon children to Canada, buy something to children, so, we will be able to build a house." Hou Nan so everyone cheer. "Yes. At that time, it is our own home, stay there, we no longer have to look at other people face to live." Qian Shi Germany also roared. "Good day waiting we do!" "I hope so ......" "But the cold north." "Nevada mountain you have spent time, afraid that something cold?" "North too is a kind of wheat, and I had only planted rice ...... "...... this kind of ideas flowing among the laborers, but in general we are rather optimistic, can sit Guo Zhang has been watching all this, and then quietly rely on to Lee A raw side," life brother, you are a knowledgeable, you say ...... we can do well out of here? "" ...... "Lee A student looked at him, fell silent, while Guo Zhang because they were pushed to the side and face a bland color Zhaoda Chang is looking for a change, lips moved, after all, there is no words to say anything. Leaving it smooth? But they just burned a city, but it is still a state capital is the state capital ah. Camden Town is located southwest of Denver, about three to four hundred miles or so, small town, only about two hundred people, this was in China at most they can only be regarded village level, but also a small village, and is rare with the outside world kind of exchange. However, in the case of the U.S., with a total population of just over thirty million however, Colorado is a relatively small population of a state, so the town of 200 people is already too small, to some extent, this town Even more important is a staging post, many from the southwest to Denver who have passed by, and add the baggage. These include most often passing postman, small groups of cowboys, wanted criminals, and gangs. It can be said, here is a Longshehunza place, confounding even wanted to stand in flagrant arrest warrant under his paintings looked like no one would bother ...... because this thing is too much, if even this should be concerned about the town's people are just too busy to also flies relatively tight, so we would prefer a more relaxed lifestyle. However, in recent days, the town was no longer as usual to maintain a calm and relaxed state, only one bar in town occasionally pass out enough so that everyone could hear screams of horror, that sounds really too miserable "ah ......" "I have no patience fast, boy ...... tell me, Where is the money?" inside the bar was filled with people, everyone's eyes aim at children in the same person. It is an approximately three-year-old, red-brown hair, keep the white man. This name white men at this time the situation is not good. My body is full of blood, his face clearly printed an article whip marks on his arm bandaged, he was tightly tied to a chair ...... but even so, I heard questioning, which whites still only slowly shook his head slowly with a hoarse voice replied: "I, I really do not know what you're saying-what ...... any money, I do not know." "Do not know?" questioning is a tall white man, full bearded face, a long time did not care too look, dirty, plus one of the alcohol, as long as a closer could not help but disgusting. How can these people apparently did not care about their image, he one hand and the bottle in one hand and suddenly caught that name to the white man's hair, tugging on Henhendixiang, "Hunter, I used to love you, but because The word, I am now getting hate you, you understand, my friend? "" I, I really do not ...... no money, you are mistaken. "Tied people called the Hunter, from the words of bearded Lane will be able to hear it, but this is a red-brown hair keep the man is clearly more hard gas, although already badly bruised, but still more than shaking his head. "Do you think I'm a fool like you do?" Big beard hair caught Hunter's hand sucker was a tight, "Without the money, then why did you run away? Did not get the money, see me after Why do you like to see the cat as mice? you're afraid to see me? "" I, I ...... cough, cough,Crossbodys Coach Online, water, give me water! "Hunter dry cough twice, sounds more significant dry. "If you want to drink?" Big beard sneer, hand and tightened some, "Tut tut, want to drink can, but I'm here only wine, you want some? Like some potent?" "Water water ...... "" Fuck you M of water, me for money! "" pop! "bearded hands suddenly took a bottle hit the Hunter's forehead children, suddenly and bloody. "Boss, you'll kill him so." Wai seat at the side of some people to see Hunter wrecked by big beard that once fainted, could not persuade the road. "Then how do you let me?" Big beard suddenly turn too far gone a fierce stare, "two days, we have to seize this guy two days, what torture is so over,Nike Air Jordan, but he would not open ... ... you let me how to do? "" Perhaps, he really no money! "someone whispered. "Shut your mouth shut." Beard he took his glass on the table next to smashed in the past, "if he did not get the money, why not go back, but even more run farther? Do not move you idiot mindless do? "" But this guy has not been said, we can not really kill him, so if we would only receive nothing. "beside some people said. "I'll make him say," big beard turned to the Hunter looked glances, took a deep breath, "you find some salt over!" "Boss,Nike Jordan 5 Shoes, he probably could not stand more tortured. "someone said with displeasure. "Stand up to die," the bearded sullenly, "but rest assured, I will let him know that before dying he confided everything out." "Do you want the way then told a doctor?" Approaching table, a slightly younger whites looked a Hunter, asked aloud. "Suit yourself ......" bearded snappily children waved, he took a dig around the bottle on the table, mouth-to-mouth filling up. Just that whites want to call the doctor looked at him like this, trying to persuade the two, but to hear the bar spring door "pops" to think twice. "Excuse me, here there is no hard liquor?" Came in two relatively short stature some of the cowboys, wide-brimmed hats, coats, scarves, boots with horse tack, cowboy standard with no shortage of almost the same, of course, pistol . "No!" Boss behind the bar is obviously no good mood. Since these bearded man came, his shop are just spending has been no income, the wine? These guys have more than twenty feet, even if only a bottle per person per day is enough his subject, not to mention these guys do not drink a bottle. But even so he can not help. Other numbers too much, he even had a gun untouchables, also did not dare touch. "Forget it." Two cowboys has covered her wide-brimmed hats most of the face, the side could not see their face, to hear the answer of bar owners, they did not say, will turn out. However, they just turn on when the door suddenly burst into the bar to a person, just like they hit together, and this is the consequence of two men knocked off a hat, revealing one of the cowboy appearance. "Go!" They did not dare to stay, and quickly rushed out of the bar, but just after the moment, people in the bar also reflects over. "Yes, he is his ......" is going to call a doctor that whites suddenly jumped up, "is that guy, that guy who blew up our police ......" 67 according to Guo Zhang laborers were beginning to develop program is secretly evacuated Denver took the money, and then all the way south, in the southern United States by boat north, from the sea to Canada, and then where to buy the land, re-settle. Originally, the feasibility of this scheme is very high. Canada, unlike the United States, where the sparsely populated land cheap to almost negligible, not to mention Guo Zhang robbed $ 300,000 worth of stock, that is only tens of thousands of dollars, I am afraid it enough to buy a lot of land ...... and to laborers their encounter, they will certainly choose some one less traveled areas and settled down, but this way, the land will be more expensive, dozens of hectares are small, Guo Zhang even imagined each bought directly the last ten thousand acres of eight children. This is not what is myth. You know, that's in Canada, even into the 21st century, the population of the entire country has only thirty million barely succeed, and yet this country has the world's second largest land area, on average, per square kilometer population was only three or so, plus most of these people live in some cities there, then bent to go to remote areas of farming laborers were able to have the option of how great? Mu ...... small Cai Cai friends. Let alone three hundred thousand U.S. dollars, to be able to spend one hundred thousand U.S. dollars when I am afraid that belong waste. And they also have to worry about to settle in Canada will invite the same exclusion. Canadians are now less and less because of the extent of more than Zhu Yu later more serious, more than 400 people to settle in remote areas, there are ninety-nine percent could become the majority in the local population, and as long as we can unite their population but also how rare whites? How dare they like? That was remote areas oh ...... Unfortunately, all this wonderful moment all because Liangzu should stop myself made in order to smoke. Dozens of Chinese laborers died so that we broke out again as a result, Denver losses, casualties are also a lot of people, in this case, we can escape except the United States, but also nothing much friendship with the United States to flee the country Otherwise, there is no guarantee that will not be re-whites to catch up. After all, Denver is the capital of the state of Colorado! Whether for the face, or for various other aspects of considerations, the U.S. government is no reason to miss them. Guo Zhang is the most aware of the seriousness of the situation. Unfortunately, his fear would not give other people said. After the thrill of limited retaliation, as well as lack of awareness of national strength, Chinese laborers were also working in a relatively excitement, though all know that Americans are certainly not ready to throw in the towel, but feel just run fast , ran out of Colorado, there will be no big thing. He did not want to give us anything at this time poured cold water poured cold water because even he can not guarantee that someone will be able to understand, maybe even a nuisance. However, such is not always the way to keep on going. Guo Zhang After much deliberation, finally decided to reveal an exposed bottom: explicit remarkable ability to convince their own laborers, and then gradually revealed we may have to face the situation. But how significant it? Swing in Denver whites do battle with deeds? This is indeed quite remarkable ability, after all, he is absolutely vulnerable in the case of the people brought out, and also let whites suffered a major loss, but do not forget, everyone to get involved and it was his, but also so dead dozens brothers ...... So, so dry is not acceptable. Can addition, he has nothing to show off? Only the knowledge that he wants everyone to admire his knowledge, and thus, the use of this era of the Chinese people has always been convinced that intellectuals are more psychological, heart likely lead us on the right road. Planned fairly smoothly. He did not think Zhao Dachang Read poems ...... actually will say that the first sparrow limericks beginning is also scared him a little jump, out of caution, he was tempted for a moment Zhao Dachang, the result leads to the song "great" " Qinyuanchun? Snow ", allowing him to find the beginning of the opportunity. The next few days, with the pretext of someone never existed in this world were to spend the same boat lifts Pacific, he has gradually approached the laborers minds "Advisor" seat. He thought in the past when leaders. Do not say HOU south still, Qian Shi Germany also still alive and kicking, Chu four, Liu Tong Fuk, even Liangzu someone than he should look, Li and Zhao Dachang A student could not agree more. In fact, until now, really recognized as will support his only Jane Wang a shame that even Jane Wang buddy children loyalty only because you really want to pick out the election Boss, I am afraid not hold this kid Qian Shi Germany live child ...... This is a look qualifications so he can only consigliere, the legendary "White Fan" But fortunately, he actually makes this self-knowledge relationships with other people their own good Many, especially in southern Hau Lee A born after the helm of the most powerful candidate who is also pleasing to see him a lot, even Zhao Dachang usually rarely say anything crooked any more. Like this one, passing Condon town, a group of people intend to add more baggage, Lee A gifted offered to go with him. But he did not think so, but is going to buy a few bottles of spirits for a rainy day, but it will encounter an acquaintance ...... the big beard, it had put him in jail in Denver Sheriff Borg, while That guy was beaten not a human form he is familiar with, and that a red hair that he had been forced stuffed ten thousand U.S. dollars after the escape road stock Mayor bodyguard, like what is called Hunt. ...... "Do not run, you get away ......" Virgin is the first to react, Guo Zhang's hat was knocked the moment, he spotted right ...... in the United States, it is too little to see the yellow dress Like with the Cowboys, while the face is these days he has been dreaming of the object. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in the railway company's stock ah, even the usually yellow looks in their eyes these whites are the same, the money also allows him again carefully analyzed, both inside and outside the pores even look at it again. Although they caught Hunter, but he never thought that Hunter could have much money. Really big head, it should be is in the hands of the yellow race. However, according to the clues provided by Hunt, the guy did not leave Denver far, but Charlotte had to Borg period was only three days ...... three days long past, the original target is caught Borg Take the money that Guo Zhang after running, did not even thought back to Denver, then to Charlotte mayor has always been the habit, it certainly can not miss them. Therefore, they can not go back, can only be kept pressed Hunter, let this guy into the hands of that money to spit it out. They worked as a policeman, but also occasionally guest a few back culprits were taken against Hunter was given this freedom is unwilling to return to Denver guy has instinctive behavior doubt: without considerable benefits, why do not you go back? But also an escape fled to Camden Town so far, then this guy is not the same as playing with them also the idea of ​​it? "Chasing, fast chase!" Borg never thought there own pace so fast. But that is the Gold Medal? Guo ah! These days, he has been obsessed with the name, and the name represents more than ten million dollars in the railway company's shares ............ "M, really his M unlucky." One bar the door, Guo Li, A gifted chapter Batui start flying, prompting some residents of the town could not help but look over here glances. However, those who are merely glances and himself, in the eyes of the residents in the town, these two poor little cowboy is certainly not accidentally provoke a bar to escape the group of people, this is too normal. Since those guys came to Camden Town, immediately became a force in the largest town, full of deterrence, even close to the famous bully "fast gun" Jack came even after a trip and then not come, not to mention is so two children have not seen even the surface of the small cowboy? "Fight with them." Lee A group of students certainly do not know the Borg in Camden Town hehe prestige, but do not know what is called "fast gun" Jack's bullies, just one came out from the bar to hear the voice behind the chase , could not help but wanted to pull out a gun. "Freeze." Guo Zhang quickly grabbed his hand, "they did not dare shoot." "How to do?" Lee A student cried. "Run, run back to camp." Guo Zhang loudly. "Are you crazy?" Lee A child born almost on the pace and stopped, "but they are the police!" "Fart police! Even the mayor all packed up, afraid of what they are?" Guo Zhang also allows a bit awkward to accelerate the speed, also one's spare time looked back, the cops are looking desperately towards his chase, the lead is Borg, with the difference between him and has only a distance of about twenty meters, "anyway, are the enemy, just pack up together ! "<

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