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> "Denver's citizens, this is your own provoked ...... war!" ...... Armstrong was a doctor, because medicine is good, with a lot of rich people in Denver can pull on the line, so barely considered in Denver is wealthy family, the so-called high society in communication, I occasionally give him a copy of the invitation ...... but Armstrong never felt that what is good, no one wants to have to be dispensable supporting role, So,Air Jordan Store, he always wanted to open a hospital in Denver, although he's not enough money, at most, only hopes that the Government will open a public hospital, but he believes that even public hospitals, with his medical skills, as well as with those Sheriff relationship dignitaries, will be able to become president of this hospital, and if it can be done, then he will truly became Denver has a head of one of the characters. Www, quanBEn, cOM So, to this end, he repeatedly went to see Charlotte mayor, of course, there are also several city chiefs, such as Angelo, Zydrunas et al. However, few people are stingy, although the surface promised well, but still do not give him any clear answer. This allows extremely unhappy great doctors, no less secretly scolded people, but also once thought that one day, these guys come to their own doctor, be sure to give them a lesson, such as: to eat a little Angelo obese can lead to bad heart pills ...... Of course, these are just thought it, Armstrong can not daring really so dry, the one, the doctor always going to talk about ethics, to take the patient's condition as a reprisal, if exposed, brandished smashed the future who would dare to? Two what he untouchables these few. True if it did, not to mention having failed in Denver, jail is yes, even his life can be saved is two said. So, he can only take the proper channels, publicity in downtown Denver, and got some joint, intended to convince the municipal membership by public opinion, and ultimately achieve their own ends. However, Armstrong had no idea how he is just as usual today, like every week, ready to do a routine in the center of a mild speech, I hope you will support yourself, to the municipal government proposed the establishment of a public hospital's requirements, but to hear so one can not believe how people, even some ridiculous event - a war instigated by your own! This is ...... a declaration of war? ...... "In the end is how is it children? Anything to provoke a war? Could it be near those gangs?" Armstrong is very concerned about Denver, here is his hope for finally lay the relationship, seeing as these days efforts, some Members have a little bored of his wordy, with the compromise plan, if for any special reason makes this process pushed back, he was never promised. "Gangsta? Doctor, what are you kidding?" Armstrong almost every week to make a speech, almost all people in the vicinity knew him, are also concerned for the health of the citizens of the doctors very good impression, listening to ask him questions, each child had positive circle of people spread the message immediately answered him: "not a gang, is Chinese people, those Chinese people ......" "Chinese people?" Armstrong hesitated, then shook his head : "Impossible. Mr. Mayor not already bring people to deal with them yet? That was several thousand people ......" "Yes, there is thousands of people. thousands of people, but it does not bring us victory." Gradually around come around more people, each person's face is not how, "they failed!" "failed?" "Yes." "What are you talking?" Armstrong called up, soon may feel a little panicked, and straightened his face, said, gravely: "My friends, this is not funny little joke, you're saying that Chinese people defeated the Denver community composed of thousands of military crusade? our person may have a gun! "" Doctor, do not you see the guy who fled to do? "a white man looked surprised Armstrong," They are so fear ...... seems to be seeing the devil! "" The Devil ? Are you saying that Chinese people? how is this possible? "Armstrong spread his hands and laughed, how he could not believe it," just a group of Chinese people who behaved lambs,Air Jordan Outlet, how could they beat so many whites? I think you must see Wrong! "" Doctor, am not mistaken, we all saw ...... "the edge of some of the people said. "You have seen?" "Yes, doctor horrible ...... those who obviously was frightened, I saw my next door Carpenter, right, is that guy just encountered God, That guy is now only say one sentence: run, run ...... "" This is impossible. "Armstrong still could not help shaking his head," I really can not believe this, today is not April Fool's Day, gentlemen, is not! "" I I hope this is not true, but the fact is this happens the doctor, who defeated the Chinese people had intended to destroy their crusade army! "one citizen sighed. "Well, even if it is true," Armstrong helpless sigh, he did not understand why these people are so devout to thousands of Chinese people defeated the crusade army composed of citizens, anyway, he is absolutely impossible believe, but he does not intend to continue to dispute this issue with these people down, "I want to know, the phrase 'war instigated by your own' mean, do those Chinese people still want us to continue to fight on do? "" We do not know, anyway ...... now Denver Li everywhere such rumors. "Another public shrugged, but also a strange look. The so-called crusade army failed, many people desperate to escape the back, but, in addition to associated persons, the other people who did not have any sympathy for these people, or poor means, actually some schadenfreude ... Why did you want to go ... Robbers come forward? Each laborers three hundred U.S. dollars, such a good thing he did not chance to groan, what can you groan? Well now, you ran a while children, then was beaten find any, even the seriously injured ...... deserve! As to what the rumors ...... Chinese people even worse then, do they also rely less over four hundred people, and almost all of them unarmed troops to attack Denver? "I think the mayor and other back, and will definitely organize another team to destroy those Chinese people." Someone said. "But the mayor has not come back." Another man said: "I think, certainly those Chinese people are now being hunted down by Mr. Mayor, perhaps, like a rabbit they had fled into the Rocky Mount not necessarily. "" Yes. "Armstrong finally heard an inference to his satisfaction, Charlotte mayor is not yet back? Expedition led by thousands of people, if returned, would certainly be a big way, now that is not, it means Mr. Mayor definitely still out ...... thousands of people, even some attacks by the Chinese people, suffered huge losses and certainly there will be a greater part retained, those people close enough to wipe out all of the Chinese people in Denver, that's for sure. "And I talked with so many hospitals in Charlotte thing, the guy has been loose-lipped, if at this time to fight what defeats, that my previous efforts are not all in vain yet?" Armstrong case thought. "Doctor, you are going to talk about it today phase? But I think today, you will not have any audience." No one think Chinese people how to be able to Denver, or dare to Denver how. Moreover, almost all of them are that: China wins the fight, though, and on the crusade army caused considerable damage, also some of the coward terrified that those Chinese who are suffering should now mayor of Charlotte kill. After all, they just so little people! So, even for Chinese people feel some surprise victories, they still did not mind ...... unlucky but not their own! However, this idea does not exist in paralysis horseshoes Inn. "Boss, you're really going to leave you so?" Hotel backyard children, Paul tied around the waist a little apron, holding a bottle of whiskey in her hand, looks like some dismay that has always looked at his stingy boss big bag small packets stuffed into the carriage. "Of course, why I do not go, do not wait for those Chinese people scrapping over it? I do not want to face what a hail of bullets!" Everett Wang Jushang farmers are stuffed with a coffee table, hear these words immediately snappily children replied. "Do you really believe that Chinese people will come back to revenge?" Susan is also the side, surrounded by his hands on his chest, not at all meant to help. "Why not? Did not you see those hapless children? They are so fear, fear, and poor Smith, he lost a leg, is exactly one errands ...... I really do not know how he came back, hope he can find Dr. Armstrong Hurry, poor guy, the entire Denver Armstrong now only able to save him. "Everett farmers cry sighed. "Smith is indeed very poor, and I saw him now ...... looks like, but, after all, a whole city, we have tens of thousands of people, those Chinese people but only a little bit!" Paul's thumb and index finger pinching together , leaving only a narrow gap, to draw an analogy with the whites the proportion of Chinese people. "So, I'm the boss, but you're just a man." Everett farmers stopped his hand, looked at Paul, some mercy, "thousands of people, all have guns,Air Jordan 13, these people can not be able to those Chinese people how, but also suffered heavy losses, then, do you think, an undefended city can stop those Chinese people do? "" But there are tens of thousands of this city full of people ...... "Susan Road. "Tens of thousands of people? Yes, there are tens of thousands of people, you can ......" "moo -" "What was that?" Susan Everett farmers trying to refute the grounds, but suddenly Dayton down, Cezhaoerduo listening Listen, did not hear anything, also the other two asked. "It's like a cow." Paul shrugged, did not mind. Denver everywhere slaughterhouse, and occasionally come up several more "moo" or something, do not be surprised. "Cow?" Everett agricultural frowned, "we attach edges and no slaughterhouse, who took over the ox?" "May not necessarily be those Chinese people." Susan said half-jokingly, half-deprecatingly. "Chinese people?" Everett agricultural shook his head, "If that is so, I'd suggest you hurry to hide ......" "Why do you want to hide? Any connection with them we have no conflicts." Susan disdain. "So, you are not afraid of them?" Everett mocking look past a farm. "Of course not afraid, why should I be afraid of them, I ......" Susan Zi fooling, however, and soon, her eyes suddenly wide with huge hands encircling the original horror also ask on his mouth, but, even so, Everett farmers also heard her screaming: "God -" "how?" Everett agricultural blinked and saw Susan muzzled inexplicable horror, Paul also seems, like to watch their absence behind hands whiskey thrown to the ground also no sleep the way, and immediately noticed the bad, quickly turned around and looked, and then he saw: a whole body burning flames of ...... cow, crossed himself as inn door! <

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