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06.06.2013 10:46
then I will accompany them to play." antworten

"Tianyu, US." Flying to the crystal sea, Qian as snow to see the sky the plume does not start slowly crystal ship, softly said. "And so on as snow elder sister, and there was a man didn't come, we'll set off when he comes." The sky feather gently shook his head, standing in the crystal ship deck, quietly waiting for the green appears. After about half pillar joss-stick of time, but also a figure than the Dragon turtle has appeared, when the four fairy realm of Qian as snow and tortoise, feel the flavor green body, with its ng s è J. "You don't be nervous, green is one of their own." "Well, people here, we set out." Then, the sky feather launched crystal seagoing vessel, control crystal ship ride the wind and waves,Oakley Store, toward the direction of the Jin dynasty. "Snow Dragon, sister, you come along with me the cabin, I have good stuff to you." In Qian as snow and the Dragon turtle curious green and Yun Tianyu relationship, the sky feather will they two people shouted to the crystal sea luxurious cabin,Jordan 4 Sale, took out two pieces of fairy. "The two fairy is I get in true fairy cave, will give you now." The sky is very generous in the feather fairy sword and axe for autumn purple to green as snow and dragon. "Fairy! Thank you. Qian as snow one face is surprised to see the sky plume hands, sends out the moon light sword, said excitedly. Qian as snow never dreamed, their whim and Yun Tianyu went east tour, not only break through to the four fairy realm, also understand the two immortal technique, is a very suitable for their own fairy. "Thank you, son." There is no sky dragon turtle with feather polite, took the very suitable for his purple axe, rapid blood to recognize the main, in vivo refining. To Qian as snow and dragon two fairy machine, the sky is absorbed by the oceans, feather and found the gold dragon with practice, fairy breaker ray gun for the home town of treasure nine beast tower. For the nine beast tower, Yun Tianyu returned to his cabin, out of Yue Jinfeng two piece of landscape painting in the painting, prepared from the implication rule forces of landscape painting, deepen their master the rules of. Quiet night passed quickly, the s è daybreak, dozens of huge ships appeared in front of the crystal sea, surrounded by a half arc to crystal. "Childe, ahead of us there have been dozens of seagoing vessels,Air Jordan Big Ups UK, are we approaching." Release the strength of soul in the sky feather, penetrate into the landscape painting, landscape painting and calligraphy along traces, to understand the rules of strength, speed up the weather source particle splitting speed, dragon's voice through the door into the sky feather ears. "It seems sword, they still did not give up, must hit on me." Hear the Dragon turtle voice, comprehend the night rule strength, number of particles in the body to weather the origin Yibaijiushiyu star, can immediately achieve the realm of bottleneck, attracting four heavy thunder rob cloud day slowly opened his eyes, in the heart meditation road. "The Dragon King last night back, day knife, blood ape king should not risk, as long as they are two not out, to the strength of the US, they don't hold us. If they want to play, then I will accompany them to play." To drink a big fairy R ǔ, accelerate the day >

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