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06.06.2013 10:46
Susan directly threw a wine antworten

> "To seize those yellow people!" "I want to play in their one hundred ass hole!" "Three hundred dollars, ha ha, I just caught three, enough! '" If you can catch thirty, then I'd be a rich man! "" The mayor will not lie to us, those yellow people have three hundred U.S. dollars do? "" possession he has not, to play yellow monkey, which is as a Caucasian bounden duty! "" Put them all arrested, and then out of the United States! "" Why should seize them? those who dare to challenge our yellow monkey the city, we should kill them all. wWW, QUanbEN, cOM "" Yes, it was all those murders and robbers, and arsonists ...... we have the right of government to destroy them! "" destroy the yellow people! "...... mayor personally delivered a speech, requiring all Denver citizens to participate in the hunt, and even kill those Chinese people in the ranks. Of course, Charlotte does not directly require Denver citizens to "kill" the Chinese people, but that every Chinese person has three hundred U.S. dollars, and these people have no one is innocent, what this could mean? This is the temptation, acquiesced! The content of speech quickly spread throughout the city, and then, the entire city of Denver are moving up. Originally, the Chinese laborers who honestly stay in their own house but also by thousands of whites attacked now, these laborers not only money, but also committed a serious crime, like the police station bombing, kidnapping what Mr Mayor , white people naturally have a more justification for its "attack" ...... So, Denver citizens moving up. That night, there are at least several thousand people took out his gun, ready to act as a first call hunt army, and immediately behind these people, there are more people going to the looting ...... to say the least, even if the grab less than those Chinese people who's money, in case if you can save the magistrates and the two kidnapped alderman do? Is not? However, not all people have participated in the action in Denver. At least, in close proximity to the former laborers ghetto horseshoes hotel, boss Everett agriculture, as well as bartender Paul never had a shred such intention. "You really do not intend to go?" Susan surrounded by his hands and stood behind the bar, to the overly plump breasts with a V, with two men's eyes also followed Yichanyichan. "Enough, Susan, you're not ever experienced ...... those Chinese people how fierce you know, I do not want because of a few hundred dollars to become a corpse!" Since two look back on a great mission, Paul cried and waving their fists, is extremely dissatisfied. "But at least this time the entire Denver mobilized thousands of people, thousands of people are, you know what? Even caught a woman ...... as long as the Chinese people, will be rich." Susan a little closer, continue to "Temptation "Tao. "Get rich?" Everett agricultural disdain Pieliaopiezui, "only a few hundred dollars, what a fortune? Truly rich, who we should be like the mayor, or like those Chinese people do, it would really make a fortune. You understand, stupid woman? "" I am a stupid woman? You idiot, you think I would believe you will not go? you, but you have to owe even thirty U.S. dollars a year miser, but now they tell me you not tempted? "Susan has the same disdain Everett farmers a child's eyes," I see you is an idiot. "" If I was an idiot, then you're an idiot staff! "Everett said with no sign of weakness agriculture. "What an idiot employees?" Paul greatly dissatisfied, "you fight, do not put me also add, okay?" "No you do." Susan thrown over a supercilious children, and stand on the bar staring at his hands Everett farmers said: "You really do not intend to hunt down those Chinese people?" "Money is important, but my life is more important than money, I will not for a little money to put their lives in jeopardy! "Everett farmers straightened his face, said. "That's good!" Susan stretched out his hand, "Put your lent me that shotgun!" "God!" Paul surprised in the chest of the cross, "Susan, you're not kidding? Do you want to hunt down those Chinese people ...... the day you do not see the ferocity of those Chinese people do? them less than ten individuals who dare to face hundreds of militias, the results also successfully escaped the siege ...... mayor helpless against them. You actually also want to hunt them? do you want to live? "" Not me! "Susan shook his head," is my cousin and he wanted to participate in the hunt this time, but no gun! "" You talk to your cousin some very bad feelings. "Everett agricultural guessed. "What do you mean?" Susan asked. "Because you obviously want to kill him this!" Everett agricultural sure road. "He did not harm no harm none of your business, I just ask you one sentence: borrow, or loaned?" Susan asked, staring at him. "Loaned." Everett agricultural decisively shook his head. "Why?" Susan cried. "I do not go, then I can not represent the Chinese people and those who rely on hunting to earn three hundred, and even more dollars, your cousin, there are those willing to participate in hunt of the guys there is a possibility, since So, why should I help others to get rich? "Everett farmers asked. "You're the guy." Own the mothers, watching other people do not want to make a fortune,Nike Jordan After Game Sale, especially in their own or with the help of a fortune. Susan Everett farmers know much about the character, although the answer is very unhappy about this, but also not surprised, "long expected that you would say ...... Well, we can pay, buy your gun. "" Buy? "Everett farmers staring at a woman's chest severely cut out one," that how much money are you going? "" Twenty dollars! "Susan stretched out a hand in front of the old man shook. "You think I was a beggar?" Everett farmers yelled "You must know that although Denver and a lot of guns, after a speech at the mayor, gun prices are soaring straight ......" "Well, thirty U.S. dollars ! "Susan gritted his teeth, said. "I see or forget ......" Everett farming shook his head, like I want to go for. "That's how much you want? This is the highest price we can out of!" Susan fire road. "I want to ...... one hundred U.S. dollars!" Everett farmers held out three fingers. "Why do not you die?" Susan was furious. "Boss, you're out! But you still owe Susan and twenty dollars to pay," Paul also some stand it anymore, "and, although the intention to participate in the pursuit, however, is not necessarily a cousin Susan able to hunt down a Chinese man, if he fail to recover, equal pay higher price vain your gun, and his loss will be great. "" That's not my thing. "Everett farmers do not care: "I only know that the city of Denver's gun is very tight, sell my shotgun that can be very good for my hotel just had withstood make certain to make up for the loss ......" "things are those Chinese shop people, there's militiamen broke, why do you bother me? "Susan cried. "Because I did not find those Chinese people and the militia to fight those bastards have to be compensated." Everett agriculture spread his hands confidently said. "God," Susan her hands to her eyes, "You can not find them, they come to me? You what dog feces logic? Me why you will encounter such a jerk boss." "I think this is God's arrangement! "Everett agricultural proudly smiles. "...... Fifty U.S. dollars!" Susan did not care for him, and closed his eyes, a resigned look. "Susan?" Paul was shocked, "Are you crazy? You'll bankrupt!" "Is only likely to go bankrupt," Susan took a deep breath,Coach Poppy Collection Bags, "but just caught a Chinese person, I can get it back." " fifty U.S. dollars? No, no, at least a hundred! "Everett farmers apparently also for Susan's" generous "taken aback, but the eyeball a turn later, still no answer. "Fifty-five U.S. dollars." "Ninety!" "Susan, do not buy you caught a Chinese person is unlikely, you know, tomorrow morning, at least there will be thousands of people go hunt, you did not even have much chance. "Paul anxiously urged. "Sixty dollars, which is the highest price, and if you do not agree, then forget it." Susan ignored Paul, but still staring at the Everett farm. "...... Eighty!" "Sixty, the highest price!" "Seventy, you just then a ten U.S. dollars on the line." "We're only 60." "Okay! Sixty U.S. dollars!" Everett farmers like seems helpless, but also some excitement rubbed his hands, "pay now?" "I have to get the gun!" Susan Road. "Well, I'll go get them for you!" Everett agriculture and do not care, while walking to his bedroom, while forget to go back, "Susan, in fact you earn! I That was a good gun ...... rub every day, maintenance is very good, just like new. ...... bullets I count you how to blow one U.S. dollar? "" Whoosh! "Susan directly threw a wine bottle. "Hey, you mad woman, this is the money." Everett farmers scramble to catch the bottle, but still shocked, "Do you want me to put a bullet two U.S. dollars a sell you do?" "Everett agriculture, you are a bastard!" sixty U.S. dollars a gun had been cruel, and now actually have bullets so expensive, this old guy just damn ...... But how I initially had not reckoned on the bullets it? Susan extremely upset. Obviously, this is the reason why the old guy promised reduced the price to sixty U.S. dollars, simply premeditated want to sell bullets ...... this is simply trying to give her drained. Susan shortness of breath, trying to find some weapons from the bar, good farming altogether killed Everett, bar the door, but suddenly there came a sound of footsteps, and then, two hat down low, blocking his face bore a large, wearing worn horse tack boots, an authentic cowboy dress, just build some "little" people left to come: "two U.S. dollars a bullet? expensive? Everett agricultural Sir, you are still so stingy!" "Who are you ? Do I know you? "Everett agriculture are nervously preparing for Susan's anger,Air Jordan UK, to see two people, and they hear the words, could not help but hesitated, however, as the hotel and bar owner, his reaction or quickly: "Haha, do not know whether we recognize that you do is to stay in? Or to drink? I guarantee you will be satisfied with the hospitality ...... Paul, Susan, you two slacker, not Sign entertain guests? "" You're welcome! "One of a cowboy smiled, then slowly opened a stand in front of the hat," We did not come to dinner and we come to you ...... yes, Mr. Everett agriculture ! "" God! "Paul looked aghast at the chest of the cross, and then nervously looked Susan one. "I do not buy a gun!" Susan is more bachelor, first toward Everett said a farmer, and then raised his hands look innocent. "Everett agricultural Mr.?" Answered the cowboy and glanced toward Everett agriculture, smiles. "God, how dare you come back? ...... Why did I?" Everett farmers felt close to tears! <

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