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06.06.2013 10:41
gold Jiao Dragon King was difficult antworten

The sky went to sit on the bottom half of the plume air restraining Jinshan, Jinshan immediately banned landed down, hit the legs are suction firmly suck the cloud day. In Jinshan is prohibited / hit the sky feather, narran Xuan appeared in behind him, out of white slender arm, printed a energy prints, hit the drop from the clouds restraining jinshan. Let the blood ape king,oakley for cheap, gold Jiao Dragon King was difficult restraining Jinshan was Na orchid Xuan printed energy prints attack, violent shiver, suppress power moment weakened nearly 80%. Only two into the power of restraining Jinshan fall down, the sky feather the force with one person on the shore of the Jinshan, Jinshan and top with Na orchid Xuan stepped out of the second step. "Chief, I feel Nanna LAN Xuan had an affair with the boy, as we use this prohibition Jinshan to destroy them." When the cloud day and Na LAN Xuan match against falling, restraining the Jinshan, a forward step by step, the Naga side, a burly, dressed in a snake skin, exposing the J ī ng muscle, full of fierce light bald man eyes y ī n cold voice said. "The hydra, do you want?" Hear the bald man proposed, charming Naga lips slightly upturned, coldly asked. "They take twentieth steps, unable to go back, we enter the forbidden Jinshan area together, increase the restraining Jinshan power, to give them the fatal blow. I don't believe in their strength, can be in power surge restraining Jinshan attacks, have life ran out." The sea monster clan elders, bald man Hydra y ī n cold said. "Yes, it is a good opportunity to get rid of them, such as good, restraining Jinshan twentieth fall, we enter the forbidden Jinshan area together, increase the restraining Jinshan power." Just the Na orchid Xuan blocking their kill cloud plume and the Dragon elders, have produced a strong killing Naga heart, and Hydra proposal Naga just once thought, but also by the Hydra proposal,Air Jordan 12 Sale, encourage, strong heart. "True Xian ding!" Relying on its own real thunder sky feather body strength and gravity the power of the ring, and the Na orchid Xuan resist five restraining Jinshan attacks,Nike Jordan 4 Shoes, was there too, the fairy is really Xian Ding offering out, everfount into virtual immortal force to true Xian Ding, Ding against prohibition control true fairy Jinshan repression. "So soon not bear?" Na Lanxuan saw the sky feather just resist five restraining Jinshan attacks, some is not a true Xian Ding offering out, said sneering. "Rest assured, I said not drag you back, we continue to move forward." The sky feather took a deep breath, looked at the beautiful can not square thing, strength is far better than their Na LAN Xuan, it said. "I hope you're not lying! If you really could not resist the restraining Jinshan attacks, nor will I save you, and so can not leave here, see your own ability." "Well, we continue to move forward." Then, the Na orchid Xuan wiping the body of Yun Tianyu moves forward, under restraining Jinshan sixth attack. "True Xian Ding, larger!" Prohibition of carrying the weight of Jinshan terrible repression down, the sky feather immediately to the true Xian Ding into virtual immortal force, control really Xian Ding constantly change, the impact to the prohibition.

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