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> [Network Www.] Chapter 376 violated the true meaning behind China's water rights! Li's remark came out, sinus MacDonald, Gerard, and Tian Xiali three hearts are "thump" sound, while underground passage is not good. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm What are water rights? Is to safeguard national sovereignty and national defense secrets, protection of port and ship security, diversion areas for entering the country foreign ship, perform compulsory pilotage authority, also known as pilotage authority. Although this power tariff autonomy and judicial powers unlikea, but a sovereign country, this power is also very important. Originally, back in the Northern navy with a combined fleet to win, thus became the most powerful naval forces in East Asia after the great powers in China, of course, including Britain and France and the United States think of the Qing government may take over victory of the potential claim back some power. Even this made a considerable preparation. I did not expect the Qing government there has been no mention of this stuff, we would have thought that the Qing government, or that the original is still the Qing government, it is not enough to defeat the Japanese spirit, still can not stand in front of the powers spine when , did not think Li would suddenly mention "water rights"! Diversion, formerly known as pilotage or Lingjiang, from the profession, also known as "pilot" or "pilot." Modern period is emerging as a career. When people follow the saying, "Where in the designated area, specializing in a particular period and to assist the captain leading the ship sailing in and out of the region's waterways, as cited without any administrative or ship it of its affairs, serving diversion people. "pilot on the primary task is to provide security for the ship in time to lead services. On the other hand, since the harbor waterways navigable condition, in fact, a country's natural barrier, has a close relationship with the defense, which modern European countries, as well as Japan, are required to serve their citizens within the territorial waters of the Pilots, and ask import and export of foreign ships to accept compulsory pilotage services. This is a manifestation of a sovereign state water rights, belonging to the concept of national sovereignty in modern times an element can be like China has a long coastline and a large number of countries are coastal cities lost their water rights. And this loss of power, even dating back to 1843. That year, China and Britain tenant signed a "Sino-British five trade regulations", where "Customs Tariff" and "Export hire diversion" paragraph, as follows: "Where the proposed quasi-commerce to Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai other five, whenever British merchant vessels to date, accurate so that line into the water; seize British merchant trade input tax wholly finished, I want to return to the line, but also bring out the potential diversion at any time, free of delayed serve. diversion to raise the wages of employees number, shall each saliva distance away, flat insurance, respectively, the amount, that is, from the British government sent a steward discretion impartially and agreed to. "and the following year in July signed a Sino-US" Wangxia Treaty "also has similar provisions. Until October the same year signed the Sino-French "Whampoa Treaty", in addition to retain the contents, and add a little stipulates: "When the French ship diversion mortals who want to, if the three letters of recommendation from the captain, the consular officer can associate their diversion, and other countries all things. "1847 China and Sweden, Norway, respectively, signed a commercial treaty, signed during the Second Opium War in Britain, France, China and the U.S." Treaty of Tianjin, "and in 1861 China signed a commercial treaty with Germany , are all reiterated these three treaties on water requirements. These provisions, in fact, the Qing government powers to bully this power is not clear, do not pay attention. These requirements imply three points, one out of a port in China of foreign vessels the right to freely employ Pilots, two is anyone, including foreigners, can apply as Pilots in China,Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket, three are manipulated by foreign powers diversion consular hands. These provisions, Chinese water industry into a dependent development path, planted the root causes of the loss of water rights. At that time, Chinese water industry party in its infancy, very few specialized Chinese Pilots, and more from the fishermen, Funabe sideline diversion. In the foreign consuls, businessmen as well as the support of maritime forces, foreign pilot to have among the various treaty ports diversion industry. Until after the Second Opium War, the treaty ports increased, the rise of water industry is also more ports. To develop a national water regulations, and establish a unified water management system, water industry became further development. However, the Qing government was still lack this awareness, this lightly. This gave an opportunity to exploit foreign forces, they actively planning to develop water regulations in an attempt to Chinese industry, the management of water, concentrated into their own hands to. In 1867, the regiment stationed in Beijing's foreign minister, the official request to the Qing government to develop a national water regulations. This proposal was accepted by the Qing government. The development of such diversion regulations that have been valued by the Qing government, trust, and served as Secretary General of Customs Robert Hart. In this way, the minister Mission deliberate manipulation and Hurd under the guidance of a "Chinese Diversion chapter," Bill introduced soon, and has been the Qing government and the Minister Yamen group recognition. Trial a year later, Hurd again this Prospectus minor modifications, enacted in 1868, the Hong Kong again "trial." However, saying that "trial", the charter has been implemented up to now, had a full 28 years (real history is 66 years). "Diversion chapter," stipulates that any and China signed a commercial treaty country, its citizens and the Chinese people, are eligible to apply as a pilot on the port trade. The country's water management authority, concentrated in the hands of the Secretary General of Customs. The total tax division under the leadership under "General Chapter" spirit, each port separately enact local diversion charter, and is responsible for the specific management of our water affairs, water affairs of Hong Kong is responsible for the structure, is a subsidiary of the Customs Revenue Division Manager boat hall, its Executive for the harbor master. Thus, an Inspector General of Customs core, the Office for the Hong Kong ship management hub of the national water management system, then be established. "General Chapter" enacted after the Chinese coastal ports of trade diversion, that operate within this system, sixty years, there has been no big change. On the surface, this system is conducive to safeguarding China's water rights, because nominally, said the Chinese government a customs departments. But the problem is, first, the system was completely alien customs, especially the British control, and serve foreign China economic, political Raiders, so there is no maintenance of Chinese water subjective right motives. Second,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, the Department does not grasp the full power of water affairs and thus objectively unable to resist foreign forces in China the right to infringe upon the water. "General Chapter" provides, in addition to outside the harbor master, foreign consuls and foreign chambers of commerce in the port water management, but also has a great voice. For example, in the pilot to test election, foreign consuls and representatives of foreign chambers of commerce, representing the four votes in the two votes, as well as two tickets for the pilot on their own behalf and harbor master. Pilots representatives can also often aliens. Thus, the dominant foreign power in the case, it is possible to pass the exam to obtain a certificate, and the normal practice of the Pilots, almost all foreigners. Foreign harbor master even those who want to safeguard China's water rights, but also powerless. Moreover, they have not idea. Diversion powers both for foreign forces dominated the Chinese expatriate Pilots Pilots are gradually squeezed out. In Shanghai, from 1871, has never been to China Pilots added. The original Chinese Foreign Pilots Pilots also forced the pressure not to resign, that is, early retirement, and now has nothing left several people. Imagine, then again, China's Shanghai China may not have their own Pilots. And not only in Shanghai, has been true of other coastal treaty ports. From this, China's emerging water industry into a "international" in the industry, and anti-nationals are excluded from its outside. Loss of water rights, not only against the Chinese Pilots and shipping industry interests, but also a serious threat to China's national security. Originally, this time there are many elements of the negotiations are actually Guo Zhang Li brought to even things like special economic zones are still Guo Zhang through various means and highly alarmist rhetoric nature forcing Li promised down. However, Japan to the United Kingdom ordered five warships, as well as the water rights have things, but it is Li himself proposed. Why can not expect such a Li uncommon power? The simple reason that the old man received lessons! Profound lesson! Bloody lessons! It turned out that Sino-French War, in August 1884, Shanghai's British pilot to Thomas, the salary of foreigners holding China to lead France ** ship turned into the Minjiang River, to participate in the Sino-French naval ponytail. Results, because Thomas's lead, France ** ship has run, hit Fujian Navy a surprise. The campaign, the Qing Fujian navy annihilated, the French army was almost no damage. Although the war was blamed everyone Fujian Navy's major generals Wei Di fight shy, abandoned ship and fled, making the Navy rudderless, fighting each other. However, foreign pilots betrayal also really severely beat a slap Qing. This is entirely a group of supercilious look wolf ah! But, obviously displeased enemy alien pilot to conduct such aid, the Qing government but still nothing. So, with Guo Zhang beat Japan to discuss how to help the opportunity to get back some national sovereignty, not too exciting when great powers, Li Hong inter thought of such power. Unlike tariff autonomy water rights as sensitive, unlike extrajudicial so difficult to get the right to rule, while the Northern Navy now has been made absolute advantage in East Asia, as long as tougher, powers should not be too upheld. Of course, in addition, they also took the opportunity to be Heard eviction. This guy, in the 30 years of the Secretary General of the term, activities related to the various aspects. Not only developed a set of management by foreigners, the Chinese customs systems to control the Chinese customs revenue, and interfering in China's internal affairs, military, diplomatic, and swept the Port, Maritime Affairs, Post and so on. Tongzhi four years (1865), Hart and Yamen prescribed in the tariff revenue under banknote boat aside a 6 percent as a trading port in the vicinity of mining surveying, establishment of navigational aids and Port equipment fund. Then, on behalf of the total tax division orders, ordered the shut up the sea and Works Branch, grab on China's sovereignty and national defense secrets, ports, shipping, aids to navigation, surveying, tides, meteorological and hydrological data. In addition, Hart holds the Chinese customs, China's financial situation has a deep understanding. Whenever the Chinese war powers,Totes Coach Online, ask for reparations, it also will not forget to Hart consultation. For example Tongzhi five years, that is, in January 1866, Hart handled by the British and French tariff settle all claims 16 million two. Although this has been appreciated by the Qing government, in the view of many people, British law requires that the amount of compensation must have Heard of a force. Even, if not this guy Qing court to the British and French governments to provide financial intelligence, maybe Britain and France would not ask so many claims, after all, in the first Opium War, the British demanded reparations, but 2100 silver dollars, equivalent to only about 15 million two silver. Can then China is still the unified state, and not the Taiping naughty ...... if not Heard, excuse the South being downtown hairy, the Qing court should be perfectly possible to significantly drive down the number of this indemnity. So, although there are Prince Gong Yi? Such people that "Heard although the Department of foreigners, observing its nature, is still tame, language resembles the recent ceremony ..." there are a lot of people think that Hurd but "Yingyi spies Bukebufang. "And Li although very close with Hurd, even in the pacification of the Taiping Rebellion, when Hart had been chaired by the strong support of the Customs and Hart has personally participated in Changzhou, which is chaired by his battle to overcome, appease too because he renege army and furious killings drop Gordon, however, Li still trying to take down the other side. My race, its heart will be different! ...... "Water rights for a nation's sovereignty is an extremely important, but according to" Chinese water diversion General Chapter, "what we do not seem to be regarded as violations of it?" Sinus MacDonald carefully asked. Chinese people should begin to recover their sovereignty over it. Although this is just a small step, but it should also be only the beginning. Although he thought from the heart in a very tough stance destroyed Li's idea, however, then just think of what those already mentioned the development of the mine railway stuff, sinus MacDonald really could not get too much clout . "The court's actions certainly know all countries are just under the" China Diversion chapter "the requirements from, so we have not twenty years I have been the Qing water rights violated countless times what the facts indicate, We just will the blame on "Diversion chapter" of the makers, Robert Mr. Hurd. Qing court as I am an employee of his actions, even if not for the plot, also dereliction of duty, so the court that he should have resigned this. just read Mr. Hurd also really worked on my many years of playing the Qing, meritorious lot, this would negotiate with the minister and see how can we let him go respectable. "Li Stern Road. "Decent? Mr. Hurd commitment and dedication to China's Customs thirty years, so you put him away, but also what kind of decent?" Sinus MacDonald looking gloomy, but my mind was secretly fat coke. Unlike the old guy as aggressive and importune Guo Zhang, moving hands tepid, than Guo Zhang also difficult to resist the Qing ...... Heard is my employee, not in a hurry to catch him away are our own thing, you Who would be useless. You want from those relating to water rights of sovereignty big thing to make a fuss, I chosen to ignore that try to turn things into a small neighborhood. Hurd is very resistant, but he supposed dereliction of duty ...... can you? Strong again, the then strong to not just dereliction of duty, and that is a conspiracy! Heard a time or to pick up people, and there is no way you not only the UK, but also bear the moral blame for this. "Naturally, I am with friends or old, but Mr. Hurd, also worked together in the Changzhou outside the city led by General Gordon watched 'invincibles invaded the city., How will drive him away? But also the meaning of the court away from the old lady seemed ... ... We mean, to come forward by the Minister President, let Mr. Hurd active 'retirement', after all, is over sixty years old, over sixty years old man proud. "Li said. "We're very difficult to agree." Sinus teeth and said MacDonald. "Is that right? Would be a pity." Li stroked his beard, "it may make the court discontent, thereby affecting our future cooperation with the British Empire ah." "Yes ah, jazz, Mr. serious consequences, you can To think clearly. "Guo Zhang also while laughing. "Damn." Sinus MacDonald secretly bite. Once upon a time, or their representatives of these powers forced the Qing government agreed to their conditions or requirements, now booing, turn, turn Li oppressed them. Yes, that is oppression ...... the old guy, relied on a few projects soon to start, and gradually opening up policy in should immediately implemented, it has also become emboldened up. But even knowing that so he can not help. He can not give up such a big opportunity. Can be the same, Hurd control of the entire Chinese customs, such an important job, and if so returned to the Qing Dynasty, he will also lose points at home a lot. "Mr. Hurd led customs are very clean and highly efficient performance than any of the Qing government departments under the jurisdiction must be good for countries to trade with the Qing state has played an extremely important role and if you put Mr. Hurd rush go, then, who can take over? him to ensure that the future Customs also like that right now? "Tianxia Li suddenly asked. "Hart to replace hall adults only said, as other customs officers, it is never moving, so this country's trade with the Qing should not have much impact. Simply, if for Hurd's departure And let customs affairs in disarray, this problem is big, because it will only prove that the Qing government to replace Hurd correctness! "Guo Zhang laughed. "...... This I need a good talk with Mr. Hurd, to report to the London area." Sinus MacDonald see Li is already bent. However, as is currently the strongest in the Western Pacific naval forces who control, Li does have this qualification. That being the case, he is not willing to more waste of breath. Heard he was not a good relationship with the Qing court do? Let him go Event look, maybe three two after what thing are gone yet. "Now, Mr. Sir said so, then so be it, we ...... call it." "Call ......" No two people from the Guo Li to hear the "next question" sort of discourse, the three ministers are children can not help but sigh of relief. Today, too much talk about the big thing, almost all kind of people overwhelmed, it seems busy and some time after, as the original purpose ...... this juncture, who Guan Dele Japanese life and death? ...... "The next twenty years there will be war in Europe really?" Three ministers finally gone, Li and Guo Zhang stable but still within the seat in the living room. "Yes. European is the accumulation of contradictions, ten to twenty years is bound to have a war, while only one battle begins with powers of nature, is bound to find allies in their war, that time, Europe has more than 80% of the possible will be a mess, even into the overall setback ...... and that way, in order to support the war effort invested, or in the post-war reconstruction, the investments in China, they are bound to be recovered can be how to recover? only sold at cheap prices ! that time, China may account for a great deal it! "" If you cheated the old lady, the wife is the mischief will not spare you. "" If my predictions are not allowed, inadvertently lied to you, I did not reason continue to live up ...... but do not worry, even if Europe does not play, we do not have Don states do? strength of the Tang states now, and then with the domestic exchanges, hum, a hundred years later, I want to make North America Mainland Chinese are everywhere! "This chapter book club released by the network Www. <

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