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Guo Zhang is the kind antworten

> Chapter 336 killings in Zhili Governor's office, "What did you say?" Just still immersed in Hua Shan Ji-owned with the content of between about Ito Youheng hearing aide's words, horror-stricken. WwW. QuAnBeN. cOm was surrounded? Ran into the Northern Navy ambush? "It's impossible!" The same reactions as well Hua Shan Ji-owned. Combined fleet to attack this time is to surprise, a surprise hit Northern navy, which control the Yellow Sea naval supremacy. Can now actually someone told him that they would have to raid the object is ready, not only ready, but also turn ambush them? They are navy ah. Ocean, Chinese people how they might know the route, how can we do in such an environment where an ambush? "Official military orders, Commander, this is true. Lookout also found will be far and Zhenyuan, do not believe you can watch!" Adjutant face heavy pointed out the window of the command module. Ito Youheng and Hua Shan Ji-owned refers to the direction he immediately looked down, and soon found the few pillars of smoke. The plume is very light, if you do not look carefully differentiate does not come out even. However, in the sea plume represents what they are clear enough. "There are spies!" Hua Shan Ji-financed black face down. Such a major military action, want to attack others, which in turn hit the target but was ambushed, but also at sea ...... no spyware, no weighty enough to spy for the Chinese people to offer their routes, the Northern navy simply can not be done this point. However, the combined fleet operations and clear the route, and then Laos and Laos only a few people, who are all senior officers in the Navy, how could betray empire? "Now is not the time to consider these." Ito Youheng look suspect powerhouse catch his breath, "since it has been met, you can not retreat. ...... Adjutant, heralds fleet, prepare for war!" "Hey!" ...... " Ito Youheng! "two fleets getting closer and closer. "Given away" was the command module, through a telescope to see the Japanese fleet began to accelerate, Liu Buchan equally gloomy face, but his gloomy face and not moving in the opposite Japanese warships, but facing in the command module,Oakley Hijinx Online, he is playing with his young people with an iron box. Young people also stood beside a cap, rear cap still stuck along a thick and long braids. "Unbelievable ah. Telegram can actually wireless transceiver ...... Tang states in the end how many cards did not let others know?" Liu Buchan mate Lu Yuying standing around, watching the young people held hostage headset constantly receive telegrams, could not resist exclaimed. "No matter what cards they have, and now they are our allies." Liu Buchan sighed, and turned to look at the extravehicular: "Towards Ito Youheng has come, we are ready to go to war now. Announce Zhu ship , this war in order to sink the enemy ship as the main operational objectives weak ...... be sure to grab before the arrival of the fleet in the Tang state, I put these pirates sent to submarine! "" chirp! "...... Northern Navy with a combined fleet Yellow Sea battle finally began. Although the Sino-Japanese big naval battle than the original after a period of time to be reduced, however, this world's first 336 chapters of a historical figure. ) Night, Liu Buchan suicide, sacrifice for justice. 12 morning, Ding Yu committed suicide. It was at this day, the Northern Navy capitulationists white flag, approached with the Japanese surrender matters. At 10:00 on the 17th, the Japanese combined fleet formal occupation of Weihai Port, captured the Northern Navy "Zhenyuan", "Ji Yuan" and "Wide C", "Town" and 10 warships, the Qing army and navy by 5054 people surrender , of which 2040 Army Navy 3014 people. Since then, the dragon flag falling, the Qing Dynasty's Northern Navy to up and disappear, Li was forced to support the decrepit body to assume all the responsibilities, the Japanese got "Treaty of Shimonoseki" compensation for two hundred million taels of silver, and Taiwan, since out of the economic crisis, and thus jumped Chapter 336 East Asia was very arrogant hands behind and shouted. "Bold!" The guard was furious. Li what kind of people? Not to mention one does not know, but the guy did not Liubian Zi's baffling is that kings and ministers come, they have to honestly say Meet ...... this guy actually dare to let the old man came out to greet? "Where's the uppity stuff, ran wildly Viceroy. Want to live?" Several guards rushed down according knife, reaching toward Guo Zhang to catch the past. Just at this time, Guo Zhang behind a brawny sword toting a stride suddenly stand in front of them. "Court death!" Gall dared argue? Guards are even more furious, have saber out of the waist. However, do not Choudao Fortunately, draw knives, did not react, they saw a bright eyes, he could feel the breeze, and then I felt a pain in his wrist, the hand can no longer hold on to things, "bang Lang Lang" sound, the saber of a land swap. "A good knife." Stood Guo Zhang Shence Sun Lutang could not help but praise loudly. Broadsword is heavy ground weapons, the king used five weighing more than thirty pounds more, most people do not even playing are playing up to the total Shun Yuen Escort Young Master was able to use a sword in the hands of such a small means, And fast and accurate, no wonder some in Beijing ancestry huge name first. You know, Beijing as the capital, Canglongwohu, master clouds. Even one of his master Cheng Tinghua Sun Lutang mixed life it was there. "Sun brother laughed." Wang five care smile, and pull back. He hurt not good, just that little under Fortunately, if true go to war, or rely on Sun Lutang this Steller less security. "We dare to use force in the Governor's office, you wait ......" I know hit hard stubble. The guards did not dare to wanton hands, but did not dare this slip away. One of the children ran into the door to the messenger went, a few panic and pick up his sword, and strive to stand in the doorway wearing a shelf. "You do not nervous, I talk of the town with a friend, do not play into the." Several guards looked nervous look, Guo Zhang laughed shaking his head. His voice faded, coming out of the door where it Lengheng, then a Tsing Yi Zhou Fu came out: "Mr. Guo certainly would not come in, but you now even without moving any connection to play in. What's the difference? "" This is ...... "Guo Zhang did not know who had looked at the side of the trunk Liu Tong Fuk. "Oh, Mr. Chow, but you just tell us who get involved, how to listen to what you mean, it seems like our fault?" Liu Tong Fuk hollow laugh or two, but also rely on to Guo Zhang ear, whispered: "Week Crawford, one of Li's henchmen, in Shandong worked militia, and later quit, came back to Li's shogunate. "" Oh, is Mr. Chow. "Guo Zhang Baoquan toward each other hug. "I do not deserve." Zhou Fu and snorted, free but also a ceremony, they turned around and glared a few still holding a knife mounted gallant guards, "you blind? Did not see that Mr. Liu came? stopping ...... gave me actually dare to pick up twenty Jungun! "" Yes ...... "The guards were stunned at first, then one becomes dejected. They also thought that Zhou Fu came backing it can do for them, you know, one of the henchmen but Lizhong Tang, in general, are see official big one, and can be referred to the last leader actually make them stick ...... Liu? Liu how the? Yamen which previously had not commanded the children do not allow this man the door? "It does not dare tell people crooked mouth, looking for those of us little trouble." Guards were tempted in the heart Niwai road. ...... "That, Mr. Chow, I was able to go yet?" How to dispose of the guards Zhou Fu Guo Zhang to do with the thing, you can see the sun, so he is not willing to stay in front of other people just standing, so he to Zhou Fu asked. "Of course." Zhou Fu grin hollow laugh a little, "Mr. Guo Zhili Governor's office that we can, that's let us Yamen Punta shelter brilliance ah, how can you stay outside the door too? Come!" "Thank you!" Guo Zhang nodded, took Liu Tong Fuk people move onto the steps. However, when he and Liu Tong Fuk precedence walk, turn Sunlu Tang and Wang five, when Zhou Fu hand stopped suddenly two men. "Two Wait a minute." "How?" Guo Zhang back to asked. "Wang Shun Yuen Escort Young Master is not it? Earlier heard your sword into my bad ...... but would like Viceroy, or please pay the knife again." Zhou Fu did not care for him, just staring at the king said five . "Li afraid of a sword?" Guo Zhang asked, laughing. "Of course not afraid hall adults sword, but this sword followed Guo behind, it is inevitable to make people feel a bit guilty conscience." Zhou Fu dry chuckle. "This is a compliment or an irony?" Liu Tong Fuk asked, laughing. "Of course a compliment." Zhou Fu Road. "That I not even thank you? ...... Um, Pharaoh ah, you see it?" Guo Zhang and look to the king five. "District and had a knife, mention the road Kazuya?" King five smiled, drew the sword from behind, walk away and then threw a guard. Results, which were caught sword guards though, he was machetes and knives who brought the weight of the power of the series with a few steps backward until it hit the pillar came to a halt. "Well." Zhou Fu could not resist snorted. Of course he knew it was the king five demonstrators. But he can not be bothered with this Beowulf fuss. Little one-source Escort, if not spoken Guo Zhang Bao a bit early because the king five acts of confrontation with the Guards to destroy by Rong Lu, want to go to the Governor Yamenkou to Shua Weifeng? "Knife has been paid, and now you can go now?" Liu Tong Fuk and on one side asked. "Please come with me." Zhou Fu and scanned the crowd a cold, turned lead into the judgment hall. Liu Tong Fuk Guo Zhang looked, but also move followed. ...... "Lizhong Tang it?" By Zhou Fu took into the living room. Seating is available inside the deserted, even individuals are not. Liu Tong Fuk also be a frequent visitor here, you can every time he came over Li have been sitting here waiting for it. Now booing, his boss came, the old guy actually gone? "The troubles of you wait. Nave immediately to adults." Zhou Fu Li Liu Tong Fuk no doubt, but also towards Guo Zhang arch of the hand, turned away. "Hey, Hey ......" "Well, do not call out. Li old man just being me wanted to air dry, his heart there is a fire!" Guo Zhang just keep riding on a left-hand side Chapter 336 smiles replied. "Good for him?" Liu Tong Fuk smile again and again: "will you have the nerve." "Then you may wrong. My nerve, in our line is fairly thin. Did not say others, bawl," Guo Zhang North Theme empty Nuzui efforts on "the master here than I have a thick skin and more. than others, and I this is just trivial." "talk less these useless and you worry about when I first came,Sunglasses Coach, guessed you come to no good, can you actually say looking back I pretended wife? hum. "Liu Tong Fuk and rolled his eyes child. "I did not lie to you, I really was looking for his wife come." Guo Zhang hands cried. "Come to your place, even if the Tang state again missing woman, still less your bitch child?" Liu Tong Fuk and glared at him, "I say your kid to leave Seattle certainly something big. Okay , not even the hands of the people gave mobilized troops and horses, you Niu, Guo commander! "" flattering flattering ...... "Guo Zhang submissively towards him again and again, triumphantly. "That ...... Guo, Liu said just what?" King five and Sun Lutang sitting Xiashou, has been Grossly, nose, nose view of the heart. They know that although there are two efforts, but around these people are real big shot, just a few words can cause bloody kind VIP. So they just want to do bodyguard duties, and did not want the other. However, Liu Tong Fuk just said those things is far too Madden, Guo Zhang actually mobilize new Northern Navy and Ding Yu Huai? Is not this Dier Li housekeeping team do? "In fact, did not say anything, I was carrying a Li old man put his pride and joy are those thrown into the battlefield. Gee, are qualified ah, the enemy is strong, one is not careful, some of them may come back. Li old man's family property should be paid with children maybe half. "Guo Zhang laughed. "Ah ......" No wonder that name up on the week so cold expression. Wang Wu and Sun Lutang understand. They can come to understand after a while his heart was stormy. Twenty years, Li Megatron China, even the royal family also felt threatened. Can such a figure, Guo Zhang actually dig up other people's healthy children? "It seems that a little later Zhibu Ding will desperately ah." Wang five two hearts secretly smile. But both Actually, I'm too nervous. Nor are they desperately desperately, that chapter and Li Guo thing. Besides, this trip come true if there is danger, Li may get involved, Guo Zhang would not put together the four devils bodyguards also brought over? Recognizing this time, they can not feel how Guo Zhang is the kind of adventurous character. That, after all, only Li ah, which Guo Zhang weekdays Qiaode and agreeable, the next fight to be really cruel ...... they secretly thought, and coincidentally the eyes to the back door of the living room their children ...... 've heard a slight sound of footsteps. "Peidiao I most have healthy children, Well, Guo Zhang, since you know that this most likely paid with my family property, then this account that how we count?" Sure enough, as soon as Lengheng, wearing a yellow jacket, head wearing ruby ​​Dingdai, all white hair appeared in the living room Li inside. And we met the old man on the murderously look to the Guo Zhang. "How to count? Hey, if you hear his kind, they kill me ah." Guo Zhang grinning,Coach Handbags Sale, muddy care. "Do you think the old lady did not dare?" Li Yin voice asked. "Not that, but OK." Guo Zhang shrugged, "Li, I admire you, but I also despise you. ...... Can Qing dilapidated complex situation so confusing to hang on until now this point, your ability This ...... "Guo Zhang put up thumbs," but you can face the enemy can only step back, fearing that this fear is always good to be marked with a dare, so this courage, you is this ...... " "To courage, why do not you go to General Tso?" stared fiercely put up a little finger Guo Zhang, Li could not help Nusheng asked. "Sooner or later go ...... but I guess I'm still better than you go." Guo Zhang Stern said. "You ...... slick and you are not afraid of lose your identity." "I have what capacity? Flathead people a while already ...... that, in order to apologize to you, how you see a show like?" Zhang Guo Li smiled toward , suddenly raised his eyebrows toward Liu Tong Fuk. And Liu Tong Fuk look at him, but could not resist this turned a supercilious child, and then pulled out a gun from behind ...... "What do you want?" Li looked a cold. "Do not do, kill people!" Liu Tong Fuk gun held up ...... "Bang!"! # <

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