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> [Network Www.] Cap 353 returned 17 October 1895, the weather was fine for the Western Pacific is calm, the sky just several flower floating clouds, silhouetted against the blue sky on the exchange all the more bright and clean transparent . WWw.QUAnbEN.COm and is in such weather, the vast expanse of the sea, there is a team of ship being arranged three columns marching forward through the waves. Quintana these vessels were painted white, stretched out on the deck is not know how many majestic barrel ...... warship! Are all warships! The newly formed United States of America Great White Fleet, is undergoing its journey around the globe. This is one from the 14 battleships, 4 battle cruiser, there are two ordinary cruisers and seven destroyers constitute a huge fleet. It's just a trip to Universal proclaim to the world one thing: the United States of America has become a maritime power. ...... "I said, do you remember those little Japanese look?" The entire fleet lined up three columns, momentum noise He. The left-most one team stuck in the Stars and Stripes while its battleship headed while several hanging on a few faces bright red banner. Currently, the world's rare to red flag for their own, but not without. The most famous red, then from Northwestern ...... Chengde Gui occasionally looked up at his home banner, spontaneously give birth to a wave of pride. Once upon a time, but he also played in Denver gives unskilled laborer, who's next? Today, he is the U.S. Pacific Fleet's generals, and it is not generally generals. "Hmmm, how did not see? Hua Shan Ji funding that pale." Mate Deng has made behind him sneered. This time, Great White Fleet of global travel, although the surface is proclaimed to the world the meaning of the U.S. Navy's rise, there is a big reason may be that the interests of the Japanese on the U.S. Far East line threats. Of course, which also includes the Tang state interests. Five years ago, Japan's economic crisis,Oakley Sunglasses Store, Guo Zhang took the opportunity to lead the Philippine island of Mindanao, the Japanese at great cost, finally gaining a foothold on the island, and has hundreds of thousands of immigrants to develop. Although the Japanese hard-working, in Mindanao reclaimed a lot of land, and the business, mining, factories, however, the indigenous still caused them great distress. Especially indigenous Japanese like kidnapping a free labor for himself, but there is resistance to the crackdown killing, but also stimulate the contradiction between the two sides, so the last five years, there contain a lot of energy in Japan. While the United States do? This did not put that little Mindanao interests at heart, to the Japanese to develop just want to use the other to eliminate the indigenous rebels, but they did not expect the Japanese determination to actually so great. Five years in Mindanao to develop large tracts of land, also created a lot of wealth, even more than they control also makes eye Luzon slander. Thus, the Americans could not resist. Authorities in the Philippines began to raise taxes ...... Mindanao conflicts between starts sharpening. Japan, due to protect its people, a lot of troops in Mindanao, and the past few years, the Japanese government is also tightening their belts fu development of the Navy, with several ships more advanced warships in the Western Pacific region has surpassed the U.S. military. Therefore, the discovery of the U.S. military stationed in the Philippine authorities for their ill after a protest for the U.S. government fu, one side, then began to send warships frequently visited Manila and Mindanao. Americans are certainly not happy. At this point the United States, with fairly good co-Guo Zhang has retired Cleveland, Benjamin Harrison finally snatch the White House for the Republican Party. However, Cleveland was in office development formulated by the Navy's policy and not because of change of rulers and change. After several years of expansion, this time the U.S. Navy already has 18 battleships, together with other battle cruiser, cruisers, destroyers and other warships, one in tonnage terms, has been second only to the United Kingdom. By the office of Lieutenant Governor Don retired Navy Vice Minister Theodore Roosevelt provoked Japan in that immediately after they clamored to give the Japanese a little color to see. Roosevelt's speech in Parliament several times, he believes the United States has become a great nation, a fact that prompted the U.S. government fu exchanges with other countries in the world, the actions must be commensurate with the United States of this great nation ...... which is the main question, big country dignity, not to be provocative! Thus, in the Roosevelt's vice minister of various efforts, the Great White Fleet appeared, and last year, that is 1894, December 16, from Virginia Hamilton naval port, along the south Atlantic, began a trip around the world. Nearly a year to between this huge fleet visited Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and has recently reached this trip the most important stop: Yokohama, Japan. The Japanese White Fleet's visit very seriously, sent to Secretary of the Navy, led by Hua Shan Ji-owned welcome team. However, although there have been psychologically prepared, can be witnessed more than a dozen vessels ton battleship mighty huge line comes when the Japanese look is still very bad. ...... "That guy there, Roosevelt's proud of." Chengde Gui lightly for a moment on the Major collar insignia, and road. "Of course, proud, this time aimed at intimidating the Japanese, to show the world the strength of the next Secretary of the Navy estimated that he's got." Deng has made road. "It can be hard to say." Chengde Gui shook his head, "I heard Gold said, this guy is doing the president of the material children. ** Ten, not to confine myself to him sooner or later the army inside ...... politics!" "Politics? on him? "Deng has made memories for a moment, only to find that special state concern Fleet predecessor Don Don Lieutenant Governor in their own minds, but boxing is a favorite with kids frivolity, there is loud, the guy was close boor, Such a person to be president? "I also do not think it is possible. Available since Gold said, and I think that far. Moreover Anyway, the guy is indeed very welcome by the people." Chengde Gui Tao. "This is not nonsense it? I also like gold medallion. Told him we can make those whites standing upright in front of it quite respectable? If not him, m, and I have in this life is a bachelor's life are hybrid mention what the Captain. "Deng has made laughed. "Flattering is not it? Gold Medal in now may." Chengde Gui white at him. "Hey, do not do that is a bit lower rank? Zhao Dachang one order higher than you, it is difficult to estimate the future want to promote, you like him more opportunities." Deng has made seems clear Chengde Gui thinking about, heard laughter Road. "There is an opportunity ass Roosevelt such an engaging, easy to provoke the United States who would dare? I was Navy, no battle to fight all day, so you have to stay on board and so rusty, which help with the batch of turtle eggs trouble Zhao Dachang yet? whole day in front of showing off what I veteran ...... m a Palestinian child, and his war, when I do it free at the side of children watched? Lieutenant cattle get hold of God, what stuff? "" That he does not think about it, if not the original Gold Medal to learn what you have to arrange the Navy, which still have him any thing? hit Canada, how a man child we also shot ah. Huan 'Lightning'? also just in our brothers behind eating ash material children. "Deng has made laughed. "Go to your right, your statement is made not by a heart." Chengde Gui sighed, and looked plaintively over the red flag fluttering in the deck: "You say how I do it so unlucky? So many opportunities, But Zhao Dachang grab it when, m is actually also a small roof and Zhu sixth week that both the thief Westerner to catching up ...... "" They are the Army, the business more thing. "Deng has issued" Hey, "straight smile," Otherwise, you go to the top to make a report, transferred to the Army? "" ah, and then let your kid became a squadron commander, and then raised one rank, became a Major General? "Chengde Gui looked at his teeth. "How will?" Deng has made Shanxiao Zhao shook his head, "the colonel upward, that is, a brigadier general, from the worse one you do." "I give you the first one!" Chengde Gui leg will kick, but Deng has made faster response to ducked sideways: "Hey, did not accompany you kicking ...... buddy complaining, bye then you na." Why do you go? "Chengde Gui not angry,Oakley Radar Sunglasses, just asked." Who ...... heard that brought wine. Don Li to state the year when we sent, decades of aging, I stole wine to go ...... "Deng has made road." Steal? ...... Ah, that, stole took over. If you dare pocketed, I do not blame you're welcome! "" I know. "...... October 19, 1895, but also by two days of sailing, with" Washington "Dreadnought battleship headed by Great White Fleet in China's Shandong Province, has finally landed. Weihai Guards Harbor. Beiyang Navy Admiral Liu Buchan face standing purge port, stared intently into port slowly huge battleship. 17,564 tons displacement, in the Far East is simply incomparable giant. Unfortunately, aboard the battleship is not China, not even China close relatives, members of the Tang state fleet, it is the United States of America's largest battleship. "After this line, even if the British Empire, probably have shocked Americans a powerful force at sea. "" The first Frenchman known onshore, offshore Second, you can see this if the Great White Fleet, probably have not been Horror. "" This is all Dreadnought battleship. Department of the Navy by the British Empire, the analysis of the general battleship combat than tripled, did the same small can? "Liu Buchan is behind all the Northern Fleet officers, such as Lintai Chang, party Pak, who were both in the multitudes many have studied at the Royal Navy College, also once had served in the Royal Navy, is not never seen the world, however, looked slowly approaching strong fleet, they are not in the hearts of the earthquake but no terror. "U.S. troops, although strong, but I'm not much better Qing. You gave me out of Manner children, and do not let the Northern Navy lost face. "Liu Buchan right behind the broken pieces captains language greatly dissatisfied. More strong face, the more one should not lose confidence in contention, he then studied in the UK for the Royal Navy's sermon very much appreciated. A fighters should like, no matter what the face of the enemy, no matter how powerful the enemy, just met, they rushed to beat them ...... Great White Fleet is not the enemy, the more can not be afraid and worried. Otherwise, how Americans see themselves ? letting those few surface warship red flag sticking out how people see themselves? "Liu door by which Great White Fleet, United's strong ...... you can see that we can catch up when the Qing? "Liu Buchan high prestige in the Northern He a loud, immediately let originally talking about the Northern navy captains officials have closed his mouth, but that figure stood beside him some extra baggage, wearing two items Lions missed dose, but not how care officials, but mouth asked. "governor adults in my power of the Qing, becoming nothing more powers but a matter of time. At this time, although the rival, but the United States, although strong, but with me across an ocean, which is remarkable prestige, can Naiwo? "Liu Buchan saw a man, said. As Northern admirals, one high-ranking officials, he has always been proud and arrogant, but just this Shandong governor is not free to show off his arrogance object, because this man named Yuan ! A few years ago, led the expedition to Cuba Qing one of the four generals, a few years later, this person has any Mukden Xunyue Shi, the formation of a strong army in the northeast, the development of industry and commerce ...... a few years time, almost the entire Northeast reborn. Among other things, just the population, from the original 500 million to the now nearly 10 million today, while just to the Tang state representatives Liu Tong Fu Yuan Shikai was transferred to the governor of Shandong heard after almost sent Road cut his children ...... because the attraction of the poor Northeast greatly delayed the Tang state immigration, so that Liu adults in Tang Zheng fu internal states increasingly bad mix. "Hey, the United sparsely populated, of course, does not we will be anxious to get angry Qing ran to manifest what prestige. My concern is that we Qing ah. ...... Westernization Westernization, engage in a two or three decades, and is far less people than ten years of the Tang state results. This in the end is how is it children? "Yuan sighed helplessly. More trouble to do more, go more places, the more we discover great Qing Dynasty lethargic. Either Mukden Xunyue Shi, he had thought he soon developed the Northeast can be even was supported by the great Don State aid, he still could not complete their hearts desired, although making Northeast has been some development, the population nearly doubled, can be expected from him in a very weak level at least, than Don states since the living standards of those backward several times, but unfortunately, because of the growing strength in the Northeast, the Qing court worried that he became the second Li, a paper transfer order, put him in the Bohai thrown from Mukden, thrown into the Shandong. Though young, became governor ruled a Fangjun Zheng, also Fengjiangdali class people, but he still felt a big loss. "eh, Westernization hard line ah. Adults in this regard than the governor Liu to be much more understanding. Then why ask me? "After listening to the words of Yuan Shikai,Sunglasses Coach UK, Liu Buchan can not help but sigh. Northern naval development is also very difficult. Past few years, but also added a new cruisers Bale can be in this world is full of construction or improvement of their warships, to make larger battleship era, but still only Northern "will be far" and "Zhenyuan" That's two old ironclads in charge facade. For this, he petitioned the court more than once, you can add new requirements every time he petitioned ship , the transformation of the old ship, the court's response is just one word: money! money? these things can be kept who won? Who does not know the Tang state for immigrants willing to spend a lot of money? heard several ten million U.S. dollars a full ah, the money even to use a lot of places, not much can be left to the Navy, you can even set aside only two to three million dollars, but also for the Northern Adds twelve battleships. although only lightweight, but also better than No good can the court is not promoted. ultimately, it is intended to do everything possible to squeeze Li Hong part of the funds out, and refrained for them to get to the cruisers. speak on this, one of the two cruisers or others to send Don freighter state transformation . "Tan Bi of the believers in power, only sigh nonetheless. "Yuan also could not help but smile. Lushun Port is an important port on the Northern Navy, Northern difficulties, how could he not know?" Military door to hall adults. "" Ah? "Getting more and more upset, Yuan and Liu Buchan have lost interest in talking, simply no longer speak, just looked at" Washington "dock slowly, then start down the ramp. They about to meet her, but suddenly estafette Liu Buchan ran to report. "Chudo? "The hall is only able to Northern Li Can this old man two years has been in Beijing, and on a back, Great White Fleet northward from the Philippines, halfway visit Shanghai, when this old man had already ran one back, and this time there is no intention again, ah, how suddenly went to? Is there thing? Yuan and Liu Buchan are surprised, "What time is? "" Arrived! Has come. "Messenger replied." Lintai Chang! "" Yes. "" You wait for me here to greet U.S. military generals, party Pak, Deng Shichang, Lin Yongsheng, Qiu Baoren I went to meet with the hall adults. "" Do not greet friends. The old lady has arrived. "Liu Buchan was about to make arrangements to meet separately, was surprised to find four bearers carrying two Xiaojiao is rapidly toward the side over the front of that Xiaojiao Jiaolian already open, exposing the inside of the old man, that they may not Northern The total chieftain Li Li Hefei? "See hall adults! "There are no outsiders, even Yuan, Li is also nominally promoted up, so one saw this old man appeared, the crowd immediately Shuai Xiu knees." Are free of it. This height is to meet an old friend, we do not have much ceremony. "Li in the servant's arm out of the chair, waved toward the crowd, motioning everyone to stand up, and then he followed that palanquin on their own people who had come down. Saw this person could not help but somewhat surprised Yuan: "Liu, how do you have come? "" M, and either I have a lot of brothers and tipped in Seattle, it was a surprise hit that bastard ...... Unfortunately, if we know that, and also not seen for so many years, always good not to come. Otherwise, if let that guy know, I can not produce good fruit to eat. "Liu is naturally Liu Tong Fuk, Yuan Shikai During these years he played with a lot of dealings, heard replied." You say is ...... Chengde Gui Cheng generals? "Great White Fleet in the Tang state people, and there is a good while several battleships, commander named Chengde Gui, an important raw red Corps generals, who heard about the status of a war is not fame Zhao Dachang under these very Yuan clear. "Chengde Gui? Cut, Who was? On the status, he had to go to Beijing to call I ...... "Liu Tong Fuk disdain waved." Who is that? "Yuan asked." See for yourself chanting his down! "Liu Tong Fu pointed to the crowd behind him, and said." Who is that? "Hear Liu Tong Fuk, then, Liu Buchan, who hurried to turn too far to go, just to see a team of people along the" Washington "ramp to go down. Lets Liu Buchan, who would have thought that at the forefront, is actually not the The last time in Shanghai who saw Great White Fleet commander Major General Thomas, but another man dressed in civilian clothes. And see Thomas et al's performance, this person actually extremely admire, and even dares the line parallel thereto, but is not the most surprised them the most so that they think of is that this man actually was a Chinese! However, in the time they want to open inquiry, Yuan's screams have solved their doubts: "Guo Zhang! ? "...... This section by the net book club released Www. <

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