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06.06.2013 10:30
motionless cloud day finally control antworten

"Twelfth days, Tenba also did not wake up in practice, estimate the home master should wait to leave. .. "Has been Dharma waiting Qian as snow to see the sky feather still into practice in the state, silently in my mind. After a day of time, like stone,Purses Coach Cheap, sat motionless cloud day finally control the weather source granule phagocytosis did rule strength contains rules photosphere. Devouring all the rules in force, the sky plume many weather source particles reaching saturation, have split the new weather source particles, and the origin of new weather particles split contains rules force is far better than the earlier particles. Soon, the number of particles in cloudy weather plume origin reached one hundred and forty, his own strength also touch a fairy peak level. The number of original particles weather growing, constantly in mind the deduction rule forces Yun Tianyu to rule with a new understanding, but to understand, also need to deduce. And in the sky the plume is completely absorbed in the rules in force deduction, and waited for three days, do not wait until the sky feather three days five elders, finally impatient, decided not to wait for them to leave, rushed to Tianxin town. "You feel shy, because my reason, you wasted so much time." On the way to his city, said five elders. "Five elders, you do not blame, R ì in meeting the three men, I'm going to make them look good, let them know me home is a price to pay." Said a face anger a white-haired old man angrily. On the day a pedestrian cursed sky feather three occasion, flying in front of five elders perceptive suddenly in front of a dense forest in the sensed the danger, immediately stop all. "You be careful, I feel in front of the jungle is in danger,Coach Madison, we in the west around the past." "Sou sou sou!" In the five elders of a pedestrian choice when, suddenly a air friction sound came to their ears, followed,Oakleys Squared Sunglasses, hundreds of light arrows at breakneck speed sh è out of the jungle, to attack the five elders of a pedestrian. "Is not good, really have ambush, we do not go on fighting, quickly as I break out of an encirclement." Hundreds of light arrow attack, five elders and others have been to mobilize the power of heaven and Earth Defense, and then to break out of an encirclement. But in five elders to mobilize the power of heaven and earth, twisted light arrows broken a hit, the light arrows, suddenly filled with a strong restraining force, blend with each other, the five elders and others trapped in the prohibition. "Blasting character, banned!" Trapped in the prohibition, five elders immediately took out a contains powerful blasting force character, printed on the restraining surface. "Rumble!" A loud noise, blasting symbol exploded, strong blasting force will diffuse light arrows in restraining blasted a gap. But in five elders of a pedestrian passes through the forbidden gap, found more than 20 men dressed in black appears in the sky, is surrounded by oneself a pedestrian is stuck in the middle. "Day peak, obediently will you trade treasure to pay out, I can decide to forgive you." A long a pair of silver s è eyebrows, face angular, give a person a kind of threat feel middle-aged man empty stands in midair, >

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