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06.06.2013 10:22
even my father face he did antworten

"Fu home owners, Fu brother, you take care,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, we go. .. "Stay of five days time, fill the crystal sea need Haijing, sky feather a line of four people bid farewell to Fu Xiatian, Fu Junshen a pedestrian, take the crystal sea continued east. "Day, you go to the sea, for what purpose?" Changes of Ch é NgR é n Jin Jiaolong is very comfortable to lie on a soft chair, gently ask around cloud day. "I went to the sea, looking for celestial spirit branches and day beast level blood ape brain." Hands behind your head, narrowed his eyes cloud day quietly replied. "Day beast level blood ape brain,oakley sunglasses cheap, you do not want the deep forest, hunting blood ape!" "Day, I remind you, the forest overlord blood ape king strength but very horrible, strength should be equivalent to your human six fairy realm master, even my father face he did not dare to say to win, I advise you better not provoke it, and his sons, so that you will die very miserable." Jin Jiaolong serious reminder. "I did not want to further the forest to kill blood ape, but want to through auction or other means, can have the opportunity to buy the blood ape brain?" To see the strength of terror, X ì ng lattice proud Jin Jiaolong on blood ape king very fear, sky feather did not want to antagonize the terrible, said softly. "Tianyu, even buy blood ape brain you must also be careful, blood ape king very mistakes, if let him know you have blood ape brain, or would be bad for you." Jin Jiaolong again warned. "Rest assured the gold dragon, I will." The sky feather gently nodded and said. "Golden dragon, and the Dragon turtle you slowly to enjoy it, I went to practice." Although the sky feather level reached the fairy realm, succeed in opening space dream third layers of space, but he knew it was just a new beginning,Oakley Lifestyle Sale, we must further growth, to cope with various crises. Although the crystal ship sailing speed is very fast, but the East China Sea is too vast, crystal blue sea vessels in s è rapid navigation ten R ì time, Jin Jiaolong and the Dragon turtle also feel a bit boring, respectively to the two deck, huff and puff sea power practice. "Ow!" In the sky the plume four into practice, practice in the crystal sea, a roar of rage at a distance of the sea came suddenly, hear the roar, wearing a golden s è robe Jin Jiaolong immediately opened his eyes, between the forehead with a high s è. "Damn, this is who so bold, dare I sea clan fields, kill my sea clan hole master." Jin Jiaolong quickly appeared in the crystal sea ship head, saw a large black s è whale with a light and shadow guild wars. "How the gold dragon, appeared in front of what?" I heard a huge roar startled, the cloud day slowly moved close to Jin Jiaolong, asked softly. "There are people who want to kill my sea clan hole master. Day in the sea, you wait for me, I went to have a look." Then, use the teleport gold dragon disappeared, at a very fast speed in the bloody Black s è whale. "Yin!" Teleport, Jin Jiaolong immediately gave a loud y ù deaf Longyin sound, >

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