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06.06.2013 10:16
fully restrained soul split cloud day, antworten

Mongolian king 438_ Hongmeng sage _ "day, are you okay!" Fly away fast Jing Qian as snow four see feather flying sky, a long sigh of relief,Nike Jordan 9 Sale, and asked. .13800100. "rest assured, that the soul be also won't hurt me." The sky feather confidence smile, whispered. "Day, I really want to know, your body hidden in the end what?" Looking at completely non-destructive, fully restrained soul split cloud day, Qian as snow repeatedly looked at him, curious and asked. "Given the chance, I would tell you." The sky feather smiled, mumbled. "Tianyu, that soul be terrible, do you have any good way to deal with him?" Although the sky plume strength is the lowest, but all the magical sky plume that let Fu Xiatian three people totally convinced, Fu Xiatian quietly asked his advice. "Rest assured, that the soul be terrible, but I also have the way to deal with him, but would be delayed for a period of time." The sky feather lightly says. "Really!" Looking at the surface of s è calm cloud day, big heart Fu Xiatian three people, and Qian as snow also eyes again and looked at him. "Well, you hurt not light, quickly heal you, everything to me." The sky feather with a faint smile, quietly urged. In Qian as snow men sitting cross-legged mule path healing, guardian space export soul. No attack on them, the sky feather by Qian as snow quadruple therapy,Jordan Flight 9 Shoes, heart communication of self recovery in the golden dragon. "Golden dragon, how long will it take you to recover, I need your help." "Tianyu, give me ten days, I almost can refining devour soul, returned to nine soul injury." Jin Jiaolong replied. "Well,Air Jordan 8 UK, I will wait for you for ten days, you continue to heal." Then, between sky and Jin Jiaolong plume stop mind sound, came to Jing Qian as snow. "As snow elder sister, can you give me a help, help me to kill a region that Thunder Tiger, I need a Thunder Tiger body thunder bead, further enhance the impact strength, seven stage state." The sky feather softly sound to healing of Qian as white as snow. "OK, no problem!" Already feel the sky plume from level seven Tao respect. Only one away the Qian as snow readily promised, follow the sky quickly came to a regional plume. "As snow elder sister, I go in the Thunder Tiger to the edge of a region, you help me to kill him!" The sky feather said softly. "Day, all carefully!" Qian as snow gently nodded, exhort. "Rest assured, a thunder is no threat to me." The sky feather confident smile, into a blur, broke into the space pressure greatly cloud area, looking for the terrible thunder tiger. "Ow!" The search for a while, an angry roars voice into the sky feather ears, body flashing lightning fury Thunder Tiger found the sky feather, a failure to mobilize a thunder, bombardment to the sky plume. "Gravity ring, gravity offset!" Hundreds of days of thunder heavy swell a hit, the sky feather immediately control the gravity ring offset thundercloud regional stress, and then rapidly to teleport to dodge. "Ow!" His transfer of thunder in the sky was cloudy plume dodge roar, continuous Thunder Tiger, control of the body.

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