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> [Network Www.] Chapter 337 marching orders to drink that go later time, even if it is just a small worker Guo Zhang, also know artillery fire control system is needed, let alone what that infrared-guided, satellite-guided and the like, and even cars, has gps navigation ...... So, when he actually knows this era artillery artillery relying entirely by their own experiences after the operation, they immediately think of the development of a fire control system. WWw! QUAnBen! Com But, these days technology is really limited, not to mention what the high-end guidance system, and even the most basic computer can not find a hair. In desperation, through the hands of some experts with the discussions and learn from, they had to use a mechanical computer, the two ships position and relative motion data, as well as a combination of natural factors such as wind speed calculated to arrive at shooting data to inform turret mounted fixed rear sight. However, simply saying, I really need to do it is not so easy a. Starting from the concept proposed fire control system, and then to come up with results that they have an outlay of more than four years of effort. And even so, this fire control system is also just stay still in the experimental stage, not a real ship practical too loaded. Of course, this is because the state has not Don warships own sake. This may Guo Zhang fire control system in the end it is clear how great value. Not to mention with Hawaii, and if the British knew that he had such a system has been basically mature, take Australia together as children in exchange for a site is not impossible. You know, It was with the British Navy as now dare to ride roughshod. And they developed fire control system, although this has not been practical stage of the test, but has been able to present almost certain large-caliber guns effective range from less than 3000 meters to 7000 meters to push, which the British people must not a good news. Because, if he is a determined effort to bring this system to the French or German, or even just to Italy, it is enough to shake the British supremacy at sea. Warships and more powerful warships what's the use? You could not beat the enemy, the enemy was able to play with you, more, then strong just die in envy. With the strengths of the British maritime dominated the world's most extensive colony, gained tremendous benefits annually powers coveted so long ago, if you have the opportunity to wrest from their part, or even all, of these powers is certainly a metropolitan rushed front. Especially in emerging German, who succeeded to the throne of the new William II of the outside world is full of broad **, once you know these, certainly will do whatever to get this fire control system. That is, a fire control system, enough to shake Britain's international status. This is not a joke. But Barbara could happen. This is why I dare to direct Guo Zhang invaded in Canada to fight the British in Canada, and even to advance to the front edge of central Canada enemy. Because he knew that once his bluff, the British only eat Yaba Kui ...... While this can certainly each developed their own such a system, but it takes time, but before the results come up, the British never dare to go to war. His desperate, Britain over the world are enemies. With this gun range can be extended by two to three times the distance of the fire control system, France, Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary, and of course the United States, and certainly not grab the Englishman shot before the deal means for their respective reap maximum interests. These benefits will obviously based on the loss to England. Because, it is not ah. Therefore, the UK can not afford this disaster. Even if it is "Japanese empire", but also can not afford. But, now is not the time to the showdown. Moreover, Guo Zhang also really do not want to give such a valuable system knows ...... new technologies around the world, only a monopoly in the hands of a few people when the only value. Can be handed over to the Americans, because Don states now in the United States, they must consider the "landlord" idea; may be handed over to the British, because the British have is the boss, and there is no this system will not be much change . But if handed over to other countries in addition to allowing the British headache, let suffer huge losses, the other end will also desperate "John Bull." Britons will certainly retaliate, that time, Don states before I am afraid we must first Englishman unlucky bear huge losses. This is just Second,Oakley Sunglasses Sport Cheap, even if the British anxious to protect themselves, they failed to retaliate, facing child seats and seize territory over the world have come to the great powers, which stars Don states are counted onions, is not it? So, Guo Zhang give this killer move to stay at the appropriate time ...... Englishman now forcing him more anxious, to the time, in order to get the system, will have to pay higher price. ...... "We make a fortune!" Theodore Roosevelt intelligence to the White House for the first time, got the news, the Secretary of the Navy and the Atlantic Fleet Commander Sampson Whitney while on leave, despite the threat actually full meaning of the Royal Navy on the U.S. east coast cruise, get on the train went straight to Seattle, and originally intended to work together as a war minister Sidi Cote grabbed the two men did not, had sent his assistant to do the two of followers . However, even has made a very unusual reaction, Cleveland and relevant cabinet members are still immersed in the irrepressible ecstasy. A fortune! Not just Cuba, not just in Hawaii, this time they can knock from the hands of the English to more benefits. Moreover, an exception of Britain will surpass all other countries world navy has basically appear in their eyes up ...... "Give Guo Zhang transmitters, transmitters state to Don to ask him all about the system developers ... ... we can pay a big price! "has been sent out of the Navy and the Atlantic Fleet, as well as assistant secretary of war, can Cleveland still can not suppress their feelings. This is simply a dream come true, their navy, their warships will lead this world an era! "In my opinion, this system can do major R & D personnel generals, even if it is, will also fully!" Fantastico Cote on the president's "stingy" looked very unhappy. Truth, only within the range of the cannon! Territorial waters, only within the range of the guns! This is the whole world knows the truth. Now, the set of fire control system developers have made the results beyond this age, Cleveland actually just say what you want to pay "big money"? This is money you can afford to pay? Don states do not have the money will be? If on average, those Chinese than any one state across the United States have the money. The researchers Guo Zhang for generous early Nikola Atlas when it has been proved now that science geeks already a millionaire, but still kept the wealth "Cengceng" rise, people will thin to be a fire control system research and development personnel? Only honor, only more noble thing than money, only those who could pull over from the Tang state. (In 1916, the first British ship loaded with ship fire control system and practical, inventor Bradley Hyères that a lot of people, but the cottage of research, the final is still above the rank of retired) "Now there are two problems, one is Don states would not be willing to give us this system; Second, with the negotiations between the British and then by the Tang state alone can not come forward, we must stand up in their place ...... "Secretary of State from the joy of the earliest Bayard Among pull the plug, and tell their own concerns. "Yes, we too optimistic, although Guo Zhang to Theodore Roosevelt revealed that, we also believe that this guy has definitely developed a results, but we're not sure this guy will not be such a crucial inventions to us. You know, this is not what the AC and the like, it can in the shortest amount of time into fighting! "Fantastico Cote also sober him, looked sullen crowd. "This is the one and two, two and a problem, although the guy did not say anything, but I'm sure, since he is willing to reveal the news about the fire control system, is necessarily want us to come forward, and as a Consideration will be given to us this system, otherwise, why did he have to tell Theodore Roosevelt? And by us to come forward, apparently local governments than they did a fu more justifiably, again, this is also more threatening to the UK. " Vice President Hendrie Trask nodded. "Then we come out better." Cleveland immediately stand down, "immediately ordered the ambassador to Britain, so he went to tell the British we stand!" "Okay, I'll get." Bayard nodded road. Americans also made Biao. "We strongly protest against the British government fu fu Tang state political provocation. Threat of force if the UK continues to Tang states, threatening the United States of America where government fu, fu harm our legitimate interests of local government, then we will make a strong reaction that time, all the consequences, will be executed by the British government fu solely responsible! "U.S. ambassador to Britain, the British Prime Minister Salisbury ultimatum after coming out in some way,OP Art Coach Outlet, those who are glued to the two countries were keen on pleasing the powers Some of the children were dumbfounded. Americans actually play really? These cowboy Implying really changed temper of? They should not have been hiding in the Americas when the "home country" do? Implying, because beating the Spanish meal, grab Cuba and the Philippines, as well as Guam, Puerto Rico, allowing Americans to become confident. So now with the world's top-seeded England dare pinch each of the countries in the world for Americans ...... reactions are very interesting. Of course, this can not be regarded as an accident. After all, the British put pressure on the state to Tang hair Biao, in some ways it's like not to give the Yankees children face, the face of the Americans in the fight, the Americans a little tough also normal. But, Americans are really like family when Don's a state of their own? This is said to be furious Salisbury, on the spot put to his ultimatum issued by the U.S. envoy to the blasted Downing Street. But it does not end. Just through diplomatic channels to the British expressed their stance, the United States government fu immediately recruited twenty thousand troops marched Cuba, then,Oakley Active Sunglasses, had also helped the U.S. military to maintain order in Cuba, the 71 Qing idle down, and was quickly shipped to Colombia ...... As a result, the Chinese people in Colombia's troops reached nearly eight million people, plus Colombian own troops, the British once its aggression, more than 100,000 people will have to face the troops . Thousands of people and this is not the Second Opium War, when only holding a sword spear washed up old arms, Qing has been real, Colombian Defense Forces also mostly through formal training, and integration in a unified defense minister Santos under the command, with a unified command, the poor, only the baptism of war. The most important thing is that once the British invasion, the war will likely just remain in Colombian territory, already has more than neighboring countries is likely to force the Colombians took the opportunity to fight the fire to neighboring countries. And as Latin America's largest creditor and "business partner" to the time lost will not be limited British battle front. Americans this trick cruel. Even knowing that Cleveland can play what is thinking, Salisbury Americans said there is no way to protest. Canadian troops invade Tang states invaded Costa Rica is Don states, occupied or Don Hawaii State ...... ** this state has the right to self-diplomatic, as well as the right to declare war! In other words, their actions, related to the U.S. government fu does not matter. Don states can is a U.S. state, playing Don states, is to play the United States. So, if the U.S. government fu want to control, you can, because Don states have the right to ** autonomous diplomacy should be responsible for their actions; like tubes, also, because the state is indeed Don part of U.S. territory that had not ...... the provisions of the face we all thought it was the U.S. government fu To Hang Tang state, in order to deal with the future state of being dedicated Don left a "handle", so did not seriously children, making it a fait accompli. Well now, this trick is that they actually Englishman to hit. Of course, these diplomatic side of things, better said. Americans think of reaching, at most just do not agree with the British invasion of the Tang state. Salisbury can actually also did not think Cleveland Qing Cuba also sent out. This is the real deal seventy thousand troops. Even the British Army more strong than the Spaniards, no one wins and twenty thousand is not outspoken. After all, this is the veterans fought, and equipment is not bad. He wanted to protest, no! People just fills the mercenaries returned to training bases, as to when the Qing will not war, it is a question of mercenaries themselves. After all, people are not U.S. troops die. So much deliberation, Salisbury to breakthrough into Hawaii. This is because things Hawaiian sky, as long as Hawaii to account, and took him outside Don Yorkers, he was the winner. As for the reaction of the locals who do not care ...... Don states, dignified Kingdom of Great Britain also need to care about it? Thus, the original is still cruising the Atlantic Ocean west of the Royal Navy squadron campaign was started traveling south along the coast, will undoubtedly expose operational intent. And almost certainly, plus Zhezhi Royal Navy squadron, plus the original has been sent to Hawaii that support Australian Squadron, Tang states like light With a battleship on the possession of Hawaii, is simply seeking death deal is off. Therefore, the situation becomes unfavorable Tang state. However, this problem is still difficult to live off. In the Royal Navy squadron swaggering along the coastline south shortly after Hawaii Princess Lydia Wang Guoshe government suddenly announced: Invite Japanese Navy visit to Hawaii! ...... "What do you want? Did you enough for the present situation is not enough chaos do?" Guo Zhang's behavior so that more and more people baffled. Especially just arrived in Seattle Whitney Secretary of the Navy, it is difficult to understand the purpose of doing so ...... Guo Zhang Hawaii is the U.S. Navy into the Philippines and Guam, an important transit point, is supposed to be against the British and the Japanese insert here hand. Originally, Japan had to go there for a lot of immigrants to the U.S. forces in Hawaii poses a great threat. Finally, Tang state first hand, put Hawaii to account, but also allows the U.S. Navy in the future, but also points to several terminals, but now this guy actually has the honor to face the Japanese to please come? "Yes ah, Jin Zhang, did not you say you want to prevent the Japanese? Now again the Japanese, please come and you are not afraid of God, easy to allay it, please?" Lee A life is difficult to settle down processing states of affairs, has recently been consumed In Guo Zhang here. "Ha ha ha, 'God'? Japanese What kind of God, demons nothing." Guo Zhang laughed shaking his head, "And who says the Japanese came off the difficult then?" "Even if you are away, how can the Japanese like? they dare to offend the British do? "Sampson old man smoking a bag, for the practice of Guo Zhang dismissive. Little Japan, dare to offend the British braved the danger to Hawaii to assist in the fight? "Do not underestimate the Japanese greed and aggressiveness. Received this invitation, no matter what good will, they will come, because they will feel good, and, just to get a look at the development of the country, Once a rare opportunity to go abroad showcase military might, how could they miss? Orientals This is a common problem, I deeply than you know. "Guo Zhang laughed. "That's just in case they become a vassal of the British to help the British to fight us, how to do?" Sampson has asked. "They did not dare." Guo Zhang smiled, looked puzzled crowd, "because we have Alaska." "You mean ......" Sampson shines. "Yes." Guo Zhang smile, "the Japanese toward the Hawaiian fire if you dare, I dare seize his Kuril Islands. Owns Alaska, and even Canada's west coast such an expansive rear, since the formation of the Japanese just that support the Navy, They can not stop. Moreover, they have in mind is not only one of our enemies, and with his current strength, certainly not, nor the guts to take on a two-front war. "" That's what the Japanese and help us? no benefits they will not tell against the British. "Lee A student shook his head. "As long as the British do not know on the line Imagine being operational when floating around but a strength is not weak, destination unknown fleet, they dare to feel free to do? Even the Japanese do not tell their own hands, they will believe me? probably will be more nervous now. "Guo Zhang laughed. "Well, even if your prediction can be achieved, then the Japanese came, how can you dismiss them? They have a large number of immigrants in Hawaii, if you take the opportunity to put forward many demands, how do you do?" Whitney Shen channels. "That's what is difficult? Spend a little money to go to Japan to Northern navy 'access' trip on the line." "......" ...... This section of books published by the network Www. <

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