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> Chapter 328 candidates for the U.S. just to get Hayes proposal Guo Zhang began to find people, it may seem impatient. wWw, quaNBen, COm can only understand the current state and the U.S. government fu Don relationship between, you will find that this is actually not in any hurry, and even seems a bit late. Because, Don states and U.S. political fu, and the entire United States of America wariness between the two sides has been a serious impediment to the interaction, especially in the economic aspects of development. Of course, this is mainly due to the rapid development of the Tang state. With Don successive states to launch new science and technology and products, and its share of the entire U.S. economy has become increasingly important, and this also is just the beginning. Slightest certain economic-minded people, you can predict the future trend of the Tang state's economy. To be sure, as long as Don could have been so successful in the state continues, it will become possible with the Eastern states commensurate economic entity. At the same time, the state also has the Tang eastern states that are not military strength. In addition to its own economic and military strength, the Panama Canal is also about to open, this is one pair of the United States of America is extremely important sea transport hub, something the United States Department of China Unicom has a pivotal role. Can this canal from the outset to be Tang hair tightly clutched in the hands of the state, the U.S. government simply can not regard fu shred may be captured. So, in order to prevent the canal in the future become a threat to their own national interests there, do not let others hostile to U.S. national ambitions or have the opportunity to master the canal, the U.S. government fu must respond to ease, or is to remove this threat. While taking into account the strength of the Tang state, the use of force is clearly impossible, therefore, that the U.S. would only take the initiative to lower profile, with Don to relieve the tension between states. Hayes's arrival, not so much who William Sampson hopes will ease the bilateral relations, enhance mutual trust to achieve the Tang state fleet into the Atlantic Fleet, or that the purpose of the U.S. Navy sequence, as it is a the entire U.S. political aspirations. And Hayes newcomer to the first fire on selected New York, New York City Police Commissioner intended to be used to exchange seats, nor is casual so simple, it is also premeditated. First, New York is America's most economically developed, visibility and influence of the largest city. Wall Street even can control almost the entire U.S. economy. Therefore, the choice here, you can attract the attention of many of the American people. Second, New York City is the headquarters of Morgan et al. And Don Morgan and other states because the consortium has a close working relationship, so in New York, they can get quite a boost. At least, the New York municipal and parliamentary never be a fu Don states sending personnel obstacles, because these guys dare not offend Morgan and Rockefeller et al. They also rely on these big capitalists to eat it. Third, poor law and order in New York City. Although this will be sending personnel Don State a big challenge, however, because of poor law and order, be possible to easily make achievements. Because, in the mess it is already almost in front of the security environment, as long as Don states to send personnel to make the slightest achievement, can be counted as a kind of progress, and this progress, there would be an enhanced state of New Yorkers Tang favor of a basis. It will almost certainly related in letters and announcements to the whole country, thus enhancing the goodwill of the nation state on the Don. Fourth, New York in the eastern United States, far away in the northwest of the Tang state where limited influence on the Americans do not worry about Don State dispatch personnel to make anything in there, do not worry Washington, New York will be the same as the original "fall" in the Tang state sending personnel's hands. It can be said,Air Jordan 13 UK, it is in accordance with the above points, Hayes and other personnel will choose New York. Moreover, Guo Zhang action is not too worried. Because, in the name of New York, Hayes proposed the moment, the New York City Police Commissioner had been destined to be a resident of the state of Tang. Nobody can change, including the White House. ...... "The White House? Are you saying the White House?" "Yes, is the White House, this is the meaning of the White House, while you, that is their choice out of that person." New York City police chief candidates have been selected Guo Zhang , he sent his own state police director. However, for Guo Zhang, this person can easily find out, and be able to easily send go, but turn to the U.S. government fu aspect, or, more precisely, in New York City over there, the problem is not so easy solved. No one can be like because they can still have kept their promises Guo Zhang, like almost dictatorial boss. "Never expect that they'll never, I would never agree." Huge roar of a villa in Washington sounded like Bear roar ...... In the face of such a roar, Brian addition to close your eyes, the way and then Wushang ears outside, but there is no good way. Because he knows very well just this guy's temper, this is simply a humanoid storm bears. The fact is, this guy is like a bear in addition to the character,Air Jordan 6 UK, ability itself is absolutely not too bad with a bear. At least, not heard of Brian which politicians also practiced boxing, but also trained well, called the master. "This is actually a good thing." "Bear roar" sustained a good while child was in the past, Brian waited for a while, to see each other only Qi Xiuxiu breathing heavily, but did not want to look like hair Biao, heart also relieved. It seems things are not as full no room for negotiation, or else, in front of this guy will not continue to stay in front of their own, but will immediately after completing the roaring stormed leave, leaving him in the back looking repairman. "I know this is a good thing, but those guys Why select me? I told them what is the relationship?" Sure enough, the man just did not like the sudden fury, but his face is still very poor. "Because you are the most suitable candidate." Brian sigh of relief, "You used to be a member of the House of Commons in New York City, can be seen as citizens of New York; your energetic, talkative character active, fit with people; You outstanding ability, absolutely full of Chinese people in that place to be a good police chief ...... "" What are you mocking me? "Tude man sneered," Seattle is one of the safest cities in the nation , Don West's most famous gangster state is restricted, where the Chinese people the most honest people in the world ...... even just a pig, as long as he does not deliberately stir up trouble, too, is where you can get excellent security performance. "" cough ...... Of course I know that. however, as police chief, not just dealing with law and order, is not it? "Blaine smiled bitterly. Don is the nation's safest states, is the nation's safest place ...... this is not a state in the Tang boast, but the British "Times" as well as several American newspapers published openly acknowledged a fact. In these newspaper reports, in the Tang state inside the city, full of armed yellow, these people are very honest, but that is only appearance. A reporter who reported their first experience in Seattle, he said, which his back is observed on the streets of Seattle, where the city construction, a sudden burst of rapid whistle was alarmed, followed, he would see the most At least hundreds of people armed with rifles rushed to the streets of China, and then, he saw the two poor, as if surrounded by a group of cats as mice Caucasian ...... grab these two Caucasian Street pedestrians on the bags, but they have not run out of one hundred meters, he was surrounded in all directions over the Chinese people to blocked. These two white or cowboys, have guns, but they would not dare to use force. Because, pulled out a gun when they want to, they have been around at least over one hundred guns in sight ...... This is just one example. The reporter and later conducted this interview, he found the cost of crime in Seattle is high. Because this whole city is like a barracks. Here the work six days a week to implement the system, while the weekly weekend, all city residents should go to neighborhoods where everyone received military training ...... The training was originally used to prevent the Federal Army's offensive, in a few years, This has become a traditional training has become a nightmare for those criminals. If you just petty theft, and no use of force but fortunately, was discovered, at most, is surrounded by dozens of hundreds of people, caught up to the police station, there are not many physical pain, but if illegal after dare revolt, it may be in trouble. Here the Chinese people will not give you polite, they will be the first time to fight back ...... After investigation, reporters found several cases of armed rebellion and was killed because of the example. And without exception, those who are out of town cowboy. Of course, this is only the second. Many reporters also interviewed Corps eliminate red states gangster Don deeds. That is also the beginning of the construction in the Tang state, many western cowboys and gangsters have jumped into this piece of Chinese people's sites children, they proffer the burning and looting, the results caused a red Corps anger. In Guo Zhang, under orders of more than ten thousand red statewide Corps launched a major counterinsurgency activities, to those streams jump thugs were devastating. Lucky escape after being hit by cowboys and gangsters ran to a nearby state hiding, until the red rounded out again after the Corps withdrew to the Tang state. But they do not know, this is more angered Don Yorkers. Soon, large-scale counterinsurgency activities extends to the nearby Oregon and Idaho,oakley sunglasses online, and even to California and Nevada, red droves Corps soldiers in the western states, just hearing the news a little bit about the culprits, they will be culled while frantically to ...... do not care around the political fu response. Result, the consequences of doing so is a large area of ​​the western states criminals disappear, good law and order situation. Of course, this also makes the Tang state government fu in politics into a passive situation, however, when the Tang state almost at the enemy with the entire United States, where they will care about those? Especially just with the United States government fu kick of a war, the U.S. government can not afford to temporarily fu crusade against them, they naturally will not mention it. Moreover, Tang state government fu is not silly, states face questioning, they took off the direct push all the responsibility, claiming that those four bandits red corps actually only the individual acting alone, the state has nothing to do with Don. In this way, the states government fu natural speechless. After all, although just fought battle can be red Corps members have joined his U.S. citizenship, naturally, have a free access to state power, whether they come alone or come in droves, and no one not prohibited. Moreover, around the big kill criminals, but also beneficial to the security state, coupled with the western states was basically eaten Tang state burned, not overly provoke each other, so this thing finally subsequently disappeared. Even later still have the red cross-border hunt for culprits Corps thing, state government fu also an eye, close one eye, right when I did not. And then as the state's economy for years to Tang leading western states, the Corps crossed the red thing is the states are almost ignored, and even sometimes the initiative with some of the other siege restless guy. As a result, not only Don states, western states are good law and order situation. And as the red Corps districts, Don State is become restricted to those criminals. Because, in the Tang state crime, whether you're fled to Canada, or fled to neighboring states, will be subject to the state's crazy to kill Don, rare escapees, Barbara children have to grab life, recklessly spend ...... to now, in Don states, even if it is off the beaten track you get to the outskirts, basically can safely walk, in addition to the possible need to worry about the road beast. 'Go and tell those people to interact ...... Don states this is indeed a very good idea, however, I speak what they have in common? Did you want me to talk with you study history? "Hear Brian, then Qi Xiuxiu asked in another person. "This is a good idea to you but the famous historian, President of the United Historical Society on the history of western development has a unique and profound insights with those Chinese people will be able to have a common language." Brian laughed. "Let's joke of it, James talk to those guys talk about history, will only make them laugh at me." The man's momentum slightly muffled a bit, "the history of the length of those guys a few times but our." "That So what? It was just the history of their ancestors, but not their own history. their own history was only a few decades, and even can be said that less than a decade. "Brian laughed," I think you can borrow The opportunity to go in the United States writing a history of the Chinese people, it is certainly possible to further solidify your academic status in American history. "" Do not refuse to do it? "The man shook his head, did not talk on the history of Blaine aspects to argue, after all, and not have to go write history when Seattle police chief. As one of the nation's most famous historian, he is now, but Benjamin Harrison, one of the campaign, and Benjamin Harrison also promised him that, if elected, he will be transferred to civil service bureau took office, although because Spanish-American War of reasons, Cleveland situation is excellent, allowing Benjamin Harrison has been suppressed, however, did not in the end, who knows who will ultimately win? After all, Congress is controlled by Republicans. "Of course you can refuse, but if you refuse, I fear it will become Cleveland's an excuse to attack us." Bryan Road. "It was a joke and I refused to go to the Chinese people as police chief and himself, what do they attack me?" The man mad road. "As long as willing, we will be able to find the reason for this is politics." Blaine smiled, "And you should know that Don states now America's status and influence ...... those guys a miracle, especially in this war They drew clear in people's behavior is to let very many American citizens agree. everyone feels this is that China's behavior in the past, to make compensation, since the arrival of the Qing people, we have at least a few thousand people less casualties , might be tens of thousands, and, carefully and think we do not have too strong navy, no organization how powerful army, but easily accounted for in this war an overwhelming advantage, which thanks to the Chinese people. they provide to the best of our battleships, the cheapest and the most resistant to battle army ...... Now we are negotiating with the Spaniards, the war may only need less than three months on end. Enhanced with us Don understanding and mutual trust between the state, has become a pressing need. again even after we are still at war, is also true. "" Well, James, in fact, you need not be so high-sounding, we all know, The reason why there is such a thing, the reason why you want to make political fu and Don enhance mutual trust and understanding between states, in fact, the main reason is not the will of the American people. "the man snorted," will present these matter the reason is that some people want to make Don State to come out, come to the American people in the middle ...... let Tang states can have a more broad range of activities, while the reason for doing it because those people have a state with Don huge common interests. ...... I do not wrong, right? "" So I say you are the most suitable candidate. "Blaine smiled," Yes, you are right to say little reason why there are now these things, the real reason is that the wishes of those big consortia, but I must say, this is a miracle ...... Can you imagine? In the beginning, those Chinese people firmly put those consortia and their own tied to together, they paid a huge interest, or even his own children worked hard on the site occupied by the interests of a ceded to those big guys, but their efforts were not in vain, and now they start to harvest The season ...... for the greater good, those big consortia magnates must first master their own market opening up, open to those Chinese people. "" If one day I am elected president, I will make those nice guy and I would definitely put those monopolizing our national economic lifelines guy to break up, dismounted and I let them know that this country is not allowing them to manipulate the object. "the man Hensheng said. "You have this ability. But before that, to the Tang state police chief to do, in fact, is a good accumulation of political prestige and experience of the road." Blaine said, smiling. "Really?" The man looked at him, asked. "Of course." Brian nodded, "You'll be highly anticipated, Theodore Roosevelt!" ...... <

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