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Wilson Marina and other antworten

> Chapter 316 wants us to fight Russia? South Manchurian Railway in future generations, the railway can be described as well-known. wwW. qUanbEN. cOm (dukanka, because this is the Japanese occupation of Manchuria railway, and even a future invasion of China's main artery, the upper hand. importance is no trivial matter. South Manchuria Railway was originally a railway in northeastern China. originally part of Czarist Russia had built south Eastern Railway Extension, That section of Harbin to Changchun to Port Arthur Port Arthur section. speaking, this is a sad thing, because, in fact, is Eastern Railway to plunder and aggression against China Tsarist Russia, the control on the territory of the Far East and in China built a railroad. This railway center in Harbin, Manchuria west, east Suifenhe, south of Dalian. in August 1897 and the Middle East rail lines start at the same time, since the Port Arthur northward, southward from Harbin while laying completed in December 1902, July 1903 opening. During the Russo-Japanese War, the Middle East rail line to Port Arthur, the Japanese occupation Gongzhuling segment, while for the management of the South Manchurian Railway, Japan on November 26, 1906 established the South Manchuria Railway Company, headquartered in Tokyo and this South Manchuria Railway Company is not just a simple railroad company but the Japanese territory in the northeast to establish a complete set of regulatory agencies an important part of the Kanto hall, the Kwantung Army Command,Oakleys Juliet Sunglasses, the Japanese Consulate tied three institutions, namely From a political, military, diplomatic, and economic and other aspects of China to conduct a comprehensive penetration and control. "South Manchuria Railway Company" first president, who had been in Taiwan, the Taiwan Governor District Executive, the doctor came, but it has been put to death in Taiwan 33000 people directly deny one percent of Taiwan's population Shinpei Goto said, "must focus on the Japanese in Manchuria railway operation, followed by development of coal mines, from the local immigration and the development of agriculture and animal husbandry. so in order to have the strength and Russia again battle, or to prepare for the full occupation of China. "directly point to understand the Japanese invasion of Manchuria Railway as a vanguard identity while later, in a series of historical events among Mantetsu indeed reflects its Japanese The importance of aggression. August 1914, the First World War broke out. Jan. 18, 1915, the Japanese Minister to China Yuan Hioki beneficial to an audience, to the Chinese that "21", requiring the Northern Government recognized Japan's inheritance Germany all the privileges in Shandong; and with intent to China's territorial, political, military and financial, etc., are placed under the control of Japan. Thereafter Japan, through the threat of force, issued an ultimatum and, ultimately, May 9 Yuan Shikai forced the government to accept "Twenty-one." twenty-one, the first is to ask the Northern Government "recognizes Japanese inherit all the German interests in Shandong, Shandong Province shall not be transferred or leased other countries." article on the South Manchurian Railway relevant Japan requested that "Lushun and Dalian lease term" and "South Manchurian Railway, the railway administration esteeming period" are extended to 99 years. these terms are intended to benefit the Japanese occupation through war jurisprudence, maximized. twenty-one cause the whole of China's anti-Japanese riots that Japan still got tremendous benefits. later, September 18, 1931 evening, the Japanese "Kwantung Army," according to a predetermined plot, near the southern Shenyang suburb Liuhu full-blown section of the track rail, go against the destruction of the railway * team, attacked the Japanese army as an excuse to attack the Japanese immediately to Shenyang, six hours after the occupation of the city of Shenyang, causing shocked the world "nine. eighteen "Incident can be said, in the" 21 "and" Nine. eighteen Incident "among the South Manchuria Railway although only a supporting role, but its role has been reflected doubt, then, the emergence of the Japanese Kwantung Army, to development, it with Iron Man has a huge associated with, because it is precisely because Iron Man, only the Japanese Kwantung Army. due to the Russo-Japanese War victory, the Japanese also obtained in the South Manchurian Railway can Unmanning 15 per 10 km name right, so, the Japanese started since 1907, will be stationed in the South Manchurian Railway has a division and six rail garrison, with a total strength of up to a thousand people, which is later swept across half of China's "Japan's Kanto Army "predecessor. April 12, 1919, off the East Room of military and political divide and conquer, based on the original Department of the Army, and the other consisting of the Kwantung Army Headquarters, under the jurisdiction of the South Manchurian Railway troops Kanto Hall is the highest administrative judiciary, the Kwantung Army commander Ministry was the highest military authority. to 1931, sharpening the Kwantung Army, after 12 years in hibernation, instigated "nine. eighteen Incident", occupying four months throughout the Northeast, troops expanded sharply in 1931 only Kwantung Army There are three divisions in 1932 reached 6 ,1933-1936 years to maintain the five divisions of troops, in 1937 reached 7, 1938 9, 1939 11, 1940 12 division. to 1941 Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, the total strength of the Kwantung Army had reached 31 divisions, the number rose to 85 million people, known as one million. Zhezhi frenzied army in China during the manufacture of a series of war crimes, including planning Huanggutun event, launched Mukden Incident, foster Manchukuo, the formation of germ warfare unit 731, manufactured Pingdingshan Massacre, ylang ylang massacre, the old black trench tragedy, under the sun Wujiazi village massacre, through the North County Village massacre Baijiabao Fushun Road, Village of massacres, so a series of dam big tragedy tragic massacre, while all of this, it can be said with Iron Man, but also on that, with the South Manchurian Railway relevant. ...... If we say that Guo Zhang to lead Red Corps also occupied the Tang Chinese American states, as we achieved a relatively equal footing after, what does not fit, that is the future of the Japanese invasion and he will not hesitate to early Intelligence Agency tentacles Japan and began to assassinate some of the most renowned in the later Japanese military officers and politicians, is a concrete manifestation of this concern. However, it is impossible to stop the killings alone Japanese aggression. Guo Zhang deeply understand this. Japan this country, wolf full, if one day he discovered China towards the surface is not as powerful as manifested, or feel that they have the ability, then it will immediately jumped, did not hesitate this is the nature of the entire Japanese nation , murder alone is powerless to change, so Guo Zhang have been looking forward to the opportunity to help China. ...... agitation Spanish war with the Americans hire bowls so far he is one of the largest planned actions and his aim is to In this battle with the Spaniards cultivate a dare, but also to confront the army with the imperialist forces, but also to train a number of small seeds and if the size of the army is large enough, he will be more happy because, not far from the Sino-Japanese naval battle, even to the time the Northern defeat, just on the battlefield with the Spaniards came down a few years it will become a force is likely to fight the Japanese army's main ...... Guo Zhang did not do The hope, he just want to be able to block the Japanese force, do not like the original history of the almost collapse without a battle. blocked even just a few months more, the Japanese that little poor finances will collapse, greatly rise against their confidence and speed but he did not think that would suddenly throw what Peter Wilson to build a railroad news. ...... Britain and France and other countries to China has long been regarded as a piece of meat can have more anxious eating a few mouthfuls from multiple just because since the Taiping destruction since two decades, Zeng Guofan, Li, Zuo other Westernization hard for this windy and rainy country Cn adorned gap, making China looks on the surface have a certain strength, Therefore, these countries were also not too Can Not long ago, Sino-French War Powers further understand the results to the fragile nature of the Qing Dynasty, many of them have no fear, so Yi Kuang wind put out the Road powers aroused great interest, while Liu Tong Fu Yuan in Beijing, Peter Wilson has any connection with several years of contacts, proximity, and soon figured out why so Woodland Marina asshole ...... The Baylor certainly not stupid enough to celebrate find a person so much a news release. railway, does have plans, but also those from the Qing Manchu nobles, where all relevant matters, Yi Kuang know Liqin Wang Shi Duo know, father of Prince Chun Yi dynasty also know, there are some other status Banners higher nobility, and in addition to these, the highest position, the Empress Dowager Cixi ...... who is impressively available in addition to these people, including dynasty, Li, Prince Gong Yi, including many of the real little knowledge of the characters are unclear. What a sad thing? But why is it so? a word: money! Russian Empire Transport Minister Sergei Vasilyevich Yuri Witt, ordered the Russian minister to bribe these guys! this It is now in Beijing Dongjiaominxiang already half open secret. Britain and France and other countries for the Russian people's behavior was disgraced, but they more is eye slander ...... because, through bribery, the Russians won the Eastern Railway construction right! may detract from the Russian Empire,Air Jordan Womens UK, greed polar bear, how could spit out a lot a lot of money to "buy" things do? they should be more willing to try to steal my son. Woodland Marina why they would like to bribe these guys? because they look to Liu Tong Fu in Beijing, Yi Kuang et al in front of that very jealous of the intimate position ...... Liu Tong Fuk this position is how did you get? bought! more precisely, bribery come through bribery, Liu Tong Fuk is Don State made a lot of immigration authority; through bribery, Liu Tong Fuk With free access to the Qing Ting Wanggong Minister mansion powers; through bribery, Liu Tong Fuk even as Don states gained employment Qing soldiers, with the Qing Empire that make almost endless manpower to fight for his country's interests powers ...... Sergei Witte, Russian Empire important process of industrialization policy makers, but also Russia's first constitution, the predecessor of the "October Declaration," the drafters, very smart guy. This who had worked in the railway system as Transport Minister, immediately put some eyes on how Far ...... this is not surprising, because the late 19th century, Russia began to enter the period of industrialization and in order to develop the domestic economy, has already begun attention from Siberia. More importantly, when the Anglo-American law and other powers are the Far East on the international stage fierce rivalry, the Siberia's strategic position stand out in order to firmly occupy this piece away from the soil of Europe,cheap jordan shoes, but also in order to implement Russia nibble Asia " Far East "policy, one through the entire Siberian railway is inevitable and indeed, as early as mid-19th century, the Russian authorities had done a lot for the construction of the railway argumentation. Sergei Witte merely followed the first Bale's footsteps before the trip. However, this time just before Chinese in Southeast Asia in the Spanish naval squadron played defeated the Philippines, it is filled when the big national morale, the Russians apparently impossible to rely on force to force in case China people again temper, hit Vladivostok, they would not be asking for trouble? Although they are not afraid, you can point the reign of Tsar Alexander III is actively promoting the Pan-Slavism, which has a strong diplomatic foreign policy for sex - mainly for the Balkans and the Black Sea coast this time, so that domestic primary energy into the Far East, is clearly inappropriate. available if you wait any longer, Witt and is very reluctant, because in his plans, the Middle East, the railway will Trans-Siberian Railway to become an important part of the future of the Russian occupation and even become an important step in the entire Northeast, while in addition, Witte also took a fancy to Harbin, Harbin, he wanted to become a very Russian colonies in the Far East, as they invade Northeast China's outpost ...... and the resulting one, the Middle East, railway construction has become more urgent, so grab Witt decided to start construction of the railway in northeast China after the power, but also determines the methods of action: Do not put force! but immovable force, polar bears really no good way, it is so much deliberation, finally, through the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Russian analysis of the information provided, Witt decided to adopt the same with Liu Tong Fuk tricks ...... So, after months of successive temptation, there are ten thousand-ruble investment, coupled with the threat of force, both hardware and software under Woodland Marina finally agreed. repairable rail is not just a prime Yamen can Guan Dele, but also lay with the military office Dier, but I am afraid that even the last Empress nodded ...... So, under the guidance of Peter Wilson, Witt had successively come up with more than two hundred thousand rubles, respectively, gave the world several others Qing Duo important figure, finally formed a "middle East allies." Then, in the operation of this alliance, the father of Emperor Guangxu Wilson, as well as the Empress, has been "overcome" ...... And Woodland Marina reasons to convince these people, actually is the construction of railways, can be faster troop transportation, better defense Russians, better protection of "Zuxian Long Xing land"! ...... this thing is so ridiculous, that is so sad, but Witt success and, in order to prevent the wily Li and several other guys use diplomatic means to sabotage their plans, the Alexander III's minions have been in control of the overall situation, secretly directing Peter Wilson, who kept secret ...... actually have succeeded if , end of the matter, China and Russia signed a treaty smoothly, Sergei Witte will be able to act by this time the achievements of diplomatic history as a model. problem is, something happens to the last out of the trouble. Witt did not think, to be done in the sight, he will officially signed with the imperial "Sino-Russian Treaty of East", we can immediately open the champagne to celebrate the occasion by looking suddenly Yi Kuang Liu Tong Fuk grounds, this thing to poke out. For a time, the powers flocked Witt angrily, but helpless. ...... Yi Kuang did not recognize his rubles received you be one reason or another? And the same our money Liqin Wang Shi-Duo, there are several other nobility Banners also do not admit that they had received money Russians also have accused the Russians are framed. typical niggling can be really Witt also no evidence. how to do? desperation, the Earl adults only brings his own big kill: the threat of force! while Peter Wilson, who also did not dare to irritate Russia too, after some negotiations, the pie was forced to agree to the Russians. Witt did not dare too forced, to save Chinese people driven a Britain and France over there, that time, the British and French railway won, Russia wanted to use it purely for the Road southward dream this way, in the East is one of two sections, north of Changchun construction by the Russians, Changchun south , which is the South Manchurian Railway, was used as an excuse Kuang Yi Liu Tong Fuk to win, to the Tang state. ...... "true ministers unknown Bai Qingguo Why presume." in the East as early as the ins and outs fact Bayard has adopted the path of Minister to know, Peter Wilson, who also know that our money was actually a turn playing Witte ...... just do not know such a thing secretary of state is very common in China, he just felt Wilson Marina and other people's behavior ridiculous. "First, greed, vanity nothing to reason, then there can not act cowardly and timid ...... such a thing, it is in the Qing Dynasty more normal." Guo Zhang Leng Heng . obtain Liu Tong Fuk's report, he and Lee A student, who in anger I, also Playing Chess Marina and other people's behavior conducted analysis we were all Chinese people, but also Liu Tong Fuk from Woodland Marina I there come the news, analysis up naturally closer to the truth, after all, one is really clever means of Werther, in the beginning let Yi Kuang nothing defensively bribes ...... you know, the Qing court officials powers itself is full of wary, Although Yi Kuang greed, foreigners are still not easily accepting bribes can Witt did. while later, Peter Wilson, who is his own problem. these guys took the money and began very happy, but also very vain, think foreigners should flatter themselves, it seems resurgence of the Qing dynasty, but also look at the Philippines ...... That battle, victory is much more straightforward? excitement may be short after Peter Wilson, who has become a guilty conscience. they understand, These foreigners are eating the stuff people do not spit out the bones, which could easily put the money to themselves? Although they are a start but also the meaning of the whereabouts of the Empress along Witte et al into words, and said repair repair in the East should be the more backward the more diffident , the more afraid of the Empress would react with them afterwards ...... not to mention, they are telling the whole thing dynasty, Li et al, this is a big problem, so, finally, they simply a bite, a stomping, so the thing to poke out, trying to muddy the waters. Ultimately, that is a bunch met with more failures than successes guy. "you let the government to undertake this railway, the United States does not want to borrow the name of person to talk to Russia against it? "Cleveland staring Guo Zhang, Chen Sheng asked.! # www. <

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