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> Chapter 307 Morgan hand, "Idiot, idiot ...... all the idiots in the world are together, it would not be able to match these idiots Qing. WWW. QuANBen. CoM" in order to "force" Liu Tong Fuk appeared, Foreign news release Marina Wilson actually, say they want to build a railway ...... this approach is simply "insane." You know, this time not just to build the railway railways and has,Air Jordan Store, within a considerable distance along the railway land to the railroad companies generally zoned for development. As Prime Minister of the Qing Yi Kuang States Secretary of State, he put out, then it will only cause Liu Tong Fuk attention? "Liu Tong Fu said he almost mad, he is out to attend a party, saw what the Shang Dynasty bronze tripod, these guys even deceives a railway Cubs sell out ...... God Tianxin hurt, he can be pain almost vomit blood. "Seattle, Guo Zhang Rong Lu, who once used to receive for himself villa, living room inside, Guo Zhang, Li A students, as well as an almost entirely bald, white mustache keep positive side seat talking together ... ... conversation was that whites caused because the whites wanted to Guo Zhang Qing relationship they scored lengthy piece of recent much Feifei railway ...... actually not a big investment, the key is that whites feel This is a very good, you can put his hand to the side of the ocean timing. Ah, this white man called John Pierpont Morgan! But hopefully come, Morgan did not expect to get such an answer is: "You are saying that the railway is actually not the Qing dynasty's plan, but that's what the royal family in Woodland nonsense? '" Why else do you think we say that the guy was an idiot? Just to let you see the joke? "Guo Zhang a white guy. He knew the guy in front of me not, future generations is even more well-known financial emperor, took control of almost the entire American presence. However, he did not know this guy back in the 1880s had such a cow broke off. Morgan now has is the king of the U.S. financial industry. Not only that, he not only from the Rockefeller acquired the nation's largest iron ore mine detection soby also invested heavily in the marine transportation and energy, set up an industry cartel. In addition, he also reformed the financial system, making the bankers are no longer limited to provide funding and advice, but directly into the company's business leadership, so that financial and industrial boundaries are blurred between the original to a dangerous situation ...... "It's terrible, but that railway, how those guys can not just put the news that came out? Should not they afraid of causing national protests do?" Morgan shrugged, said. "If only protest enough. Question now is, the powers already on the construction of the railway in China is full of interest, Peter Wilson heard this, then Prime Minister countries, which are not clamoring on? Even the Qing had no such ideas, they will find ways to force them to be launched. Even, those guys also help them set up the repair which railway, the railway through which areas should the ...... "Lee A student sighed. "This is normal." Morgan smiled, "powers consistent style." "Is your usual style, is it?" Guo Zhang glanced at him, asked. "I understand you can leave me compliment you on?" Morgan smile a cry, and my heart does not know flitted over the feeling of what it's like children. Been a long time no one dared to speak to him, so that there is no such U.S. President guts ...... but he must admit that not only have the strength Guo Zhang, also have this qualification. And thus, he also increasingly admire Capitol Hill lawmakers successive efforts: Sure enough, the warlord is a free and democratic country there is the most need for vigilance. Unfortunately, at the moment sitting in front of him, it was a warlord, but also a terrible warlord. As he set off to Seattle, because the red record Corps in Colombia, Washington is a heated debate, the debate is not need to re-expand the size of the federal army. And all of this in order to prevent a sudden this guy in front Biao. "As you how to think. Anyway, I do not believe you to Seattle just to a far away as China's railways, as I do not believe that Peter Wilson just to persecute our representative appeared on the same promise to repair a railway The world is no fool ....... "Guo Zhang replied. "Really? That guy that Yi Shi Mody put words to what is it to repair a railroad?" Morgan ignore Guo Zhang for their satire, but asked, grinning. "Money, or what other things, who knows. Anyway, for those of Qing officials had never been able to act in accordance with the means to carry out normal reasoning ......" Guo Zhang Tao. "Tut tut, my God, those guys Qing But your partner, but also full of goodwill to you if they know what they turned out to be in your mind such an impression will be very sad." Morgan laughed. "Their grief is my source of happiness." Guo Zhang sneer, "but compared to the Qing sad, I am more willing to see you sad ...... because it makes me more a sense of accomplishment." "I'm for you This sentence is proud. "Morgan smiled," Of course, just proud you better not bother me, I can not afford to be magnanimous to those under you elite soldiers ...... Capitol Hill now, but for their quarreling . "" That's because they always put us as the enemy, and always thinking destroy us. "Lee A student sneer," So, they ignore our instincts Corps red number ...... twenty thousand people, it is possible that more than nine million square kilometers of the country doing? '"is not twenty thousand people, is twenty-six thousand people, according to my knowledge, that support the Colombian Red Corps to you does not seem to be included among the official establishment." Morgan Road. "Now there will be some retired veterans, soldiers in Colombia will substitute for them, and so they are all finished off the bench, still remains in the red Corps size of twenty thousand people, because we could not afford more . "Lee A Health said. "Really? This is probably hard to believe." Morgan shrugged. "Believe it or not is your thing, anyway, we did not make any in the United States is not conducive to American thing ...... if Washington would like to pick a quarrel on the war from Colombia, we will fight." Guo Zhang said dismissively. "Oh, do not be angry with me." Morgan quickly waved, "I promise, Washington do not have any hostility with you means You know, a large proportion of them have eaten your loss, but know your strength ...... they would not created for itself. At least they're still on the seat now, it does not seek to provoke you, violate your bottom line. "" Then you can go back and tell them that in the United States of America, including the Greater Vancouver Regional District, Red Corps troops will never exceed the "Washington Treaty" under the cap. "Guo Zhang Tao. "You're sure this sentence so that everyone can rest assured that a lot." Morgan laughed. "Surface worry?" Guo Zhang and white at him. In the territory of the United States and Vancouver will not have over 20,000 troops, saying that is fool about those ordinary people. Those gentlemen in Washington certainly will not be the assured, after all, not too far from the United States of Colombia, really want to make up, there is bound to become a red Corps Jones, always able to threaten U.S. vital. And as many members backing or control of Capitol Hill's Morgan naturally worried about the same thing ...... his headquarters in New York at the beach children may do. "Oh, regardless of the surface, or the actual fact, I believe that the state did not follow Don fu hands of U.S. political meaning, also did not threaten anyone's idea like this one, if not the Spanish attack, that support your troops will remain to guard the name of the canal to remain in Panama ...... "" Do you want to say in the end what? "Lee A student some impatience Morgan's rambling. This old guy, actually ironically they Ming at large, to steal? "I'm just a businessman, but only to convey what the wishes of some people ......" Morgan smiled, "some people in Washington, they hope that in the next war with Spain in the fight for Cuba, it is best to have red Corps figure, of course, if you are willing to act as the main force, it could not be better, they are willing to pay a big price. "" This is what guy's idea? "Guo Zhang asked. "One, as I have heard a saying that the idea of ​​brain-dead guy." Morgan shrugged his shoulders and replied. "Indeed there are enough brain damage." Lee A student sneer, "let us go when the main? Why not let him talk to the Spaniards direct federal troops fights?" "Oh, of course, there is a reason." Morgan did not be detected After the humiliating feeling, "just as you would be worried about the federal army troops took the opportunity to end the lair, like those guys in Washington are worried about sending federal troops would be too much swoop ...... you know, so far, Show your Corps appears to have been a powerful fighting the biggest nightmare of many people's minds. "" I am proud of our soldiers. "Guo Zhang reach for the glass, with Lee Jason touched, and then drained. "I said ...... you can not be so directly, it does not give me too face up." Morgan depressed road. "Blame it you pathetic federal troops, who told them he did not live up to expectations? If they have that kind of fighting our soldiers, Washington also need it so worried?" Lee A student laughs. "Lee, I must admit, your words are very reasonable," Morgan patted the hand, "I actually come this time, there is a purpose, which is ...... hope to send federal troops to the Tang state officers trained, ah, there are Many still outstanding students at West Point. "" Really? that we not be more proud of this little? "Guo Zhang replied without hesitation. "That is your own thing, I just want to know, can you promise?" Morgan asked. "Of course. To train outstanding students at West Point, and I was proud." Guo Zhang laughed. "Really?" Morgan stunned. He did not think Guo Zhang actually promised so readily. You know, a strong army, it has been able to proudly state of Tang in the United States of America, a large fundamental. Similarly, it is also dread the red Corps combat, the U.S. state has various fishes Tang feel afraid, very afraid persecuted, and even now even dare to force to force the ...... So, before coming, he would have done Well, prepare to be rejected. Guo Zhang can now tell him, you can help the federal army training officer ...... Are these guys do not fear their tactics by those officers learn to go? "Guo, you know, this is the real training and teaching, not casually teach two strokes can pass on the federal level meant that the army, in the Tang state after completion of their studies, at least to those guys fighting You reach fifty percent red Corps combat! ...... if you just want to just teach them two, annoy gang soldiers, although I know and you will not be afraid of them, but anyway, this You are not a good thing. "" Do you think I will do so no goods? "Guo Zhang asked. "Will." Morgan nodded solemnly, can not wait Guo Zhang angry, he then said: "You're definitely the kind of benefits for groups that can make any guy despicable things." "You mean ...... words in "Guo Zhang turned a supercilious child, this guy is praise him or damage him? "Praise, absolute praise." Morgan said quickly. He may not want to offend the entire United States of America can fight ** team warlords, it definitely is a high-risk behavior. Indeed, precisely because dread the red Corps of deterrence, he gave up the ambition of the steel industry in favor of investment to Carnegie, Carnegie dominate the nation's steel industry support, otherwise, he will set themselves up as a steel company talk to Carnegie for competing; Similarly, it is precisely because of the presence of the red army, he states in the sphere of influence of Tang are only willing to take the normal business channels to conduct commercial activities, or, with his keen observations on business , how could let Tang state what those auto plants, power companies unaffected? Plug hand are light, he will find ways to put these guys into their pockets ...... sac "But then again, if I use those tools, too, can swallow bigger and bigger piece of the Tang state cake, even cooperation with the Rockefeller afraid it is difficult to do it. "looked a lot a lot of money earned by others to go, which Morgan is a painful thing. But may be sensible to tell him, even without the protection of the red army, he also states that it is difficult to Don profitable industry caught ...... do not say the rapid development of the electricity company, is the rise of the automobile industry, the past two years, do not know how many people to him and grab. Moreover, Tang state money is not just these two sectors. What like that rubber, fertilizers, agricultural machinery, motors, cables ...... are very to the money in the industry. Otherwise, the last time the state held what Don "Seattle Commodities Trading Fair" would not have attracted so many customers off. And so many profitable industry, once there is no force to protect the Chinese people, I am afraid it will immediately attract the nation's wealthy gave to that time, is sure to be a fierce competition. "In fact, you can rest assured that I am not interested in acting by playing with Washington, they can send someone to be trained, and the red Corps nor will they conduct any confidential but we have the conditions." Guo Zhang naturally do not know what they thought Morgan , but even know I'm afraid he will not care ...... as long as the Corps is still red, who also can not take away Tang Fengyun bright red fruit states. "What are the conditions?" Morgan really such an expression, solemnly asked. "Our federal troops must purchase a large arsenal of weapons ...... we need in the coming years to get their defense orders." Guo Zhang Tao. "I'll tell them this condition, but I think this will not be a problem." Morgan thought, replied. This time in Colombia's war, the Corps used the red light machine guns and mortars, as well as the latest model of Maxim machine guns so many people are surprised ...... Many people think that it is precisely because this Several sharp but light weapons, they can order one thousand people trapped Campos ten thousand people, but also to fight five times in six thousand people a few Spaniards. Upload obtained battlefield intelligence down after the federal army officers who for the first time on Capitol Hill submitted to the economy of these types of new weapons, equipment, application ...... although this is very awkward, but these soldiers really do not want to lag further behind in Chinese people. However, whether it is light machine guns or mortars, heavy machine guns also, or marks secretion are present throughout the U.S. arsenal can not be made for at least a short time is not made out. In this case, the order to the Chinese people is not a choice unacceptable. Because, not only can get much-needed federal troops weapons, but also to show good will toward the red Corps ...... You see, we can not even buy weapons to you, you are not afraid of dirty tricks from, and more trust you? Of course, the Red Army Corps willing to sell arms to the Federal, which is also a good-faith performance ...... we are not afraid of you with advanced weapons to fight us, and more trust you? "Is not a problem just fine So,New Arrivals Coach Sale, this time you have something to do?" Guo Zhang Morgan then satisfied. Since there are asking people, we must show sincerity, always an appearance airs only people disgust. They are not cheap leather Manchu. However, in Morgan's identity, this guy is definitely not only for business purposes, this guy is the real purpose, certainly still a private matter. "Oh, I know that hiding from you." Sure enough,Oakley Active Online, Morgan laughed, the financial king gently with your fingers tapping arm of the chair: "I want Chang'an Bank became Colombia, Venezuela, and even the largest banks, of course, If the issuing authority can have the better. "...... <

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